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“I Just Want To Be Skinny!”

“Nutrition is hard, diets are hard, why can’t I just eat what I want and be skinny!?”

This has been said to me on several occasions by various people, but what they seem to miss is that nutrition is as complicated as you make it.

I have always been a strong proponent of eating large amounts of single ingredient whole foods (80%); meaning lots of meat & veg essentially, with the freedom and choice for people to allow 20% of what they want, from any sources they so desire.

I have received a fair share of hate for these views, along with our views that by eating either 80/20 – 90/10 or even 95/5 will be largely responsible for achieving a certain look. The reason we have always stuck by this can be answered by one simple word: Sustainability.

Everyone is the same but different. What works for one won’t always work for another and this is why some people may walk around looking like they’re carved out of stone from Mount Olympus eating 80/20, while for others they might need to eat 95/5 to achieve that look.

Whether you agree or not, that is what we have found to be true for a large amount of people.

Back to the one word answer; Sustainability. A powerful word it is, if you can say that you have found something that you can sustain then you’ve found the secret to YOUR success. It doesn’t matter if it works for anyone else because it works for you and that’s the important thing.

If you’re one of the thousands who hasn’t yet found YOUR secret, the helpful tips we will give you below should help you out because as we’ve said before; Nutrition isn’t hard.

– Eat Like an Adult (Meat, Veg, Fruit – Whole Foods)
– Avoid Excess Amount of Processed Foods (High in Refined Sugar)
– Drink Plenty of Water
– Never Regret Your Choices, If You Do You Shouldn’t Have Made That Choice to Begin With.


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