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Know your goal

Is your goal really your own?

A question more people should ask themselves.

How often have you heard of people achieving their goal only to be left feeling unsatisfied or unfulfilled?

You’d be surprised to find out that it’s actually quite common.

There are many people who undergo certain tasks to achieve what they think they want, when in reality they’re achieving what they’ve been told they want.

A very common state of affairs.

Have you ever honestly sat down and thought about why you’re doing what you’re doing?

I’d be surprised if you had, pleasantly surprised.

Knowing the underlying reasons is key to long term success and sustainability.

That said, it’s not something people give much thought to.

Might be worth considering before you set your next goal.



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The real reason you should write your goals down.

Most people know they should be writing down their goals.
Typically because of the following reasons:
– Accountability
– It’s a useful reminder
– This helps formulate an action plan
– The process allows for the overarching goal to be separated in to smaller more manageable chunks
What most people don’t know is the real reason it works os well.
If we write our goals down and achieve them, be that the main goal or the mini goals we set, each time we tick something off as achieved Dopamine is released.
What is it?
Dopamine is one of the neurotransmitters in your brain that affects your emotions, movements and your sensations of pleasure and pain.
This is often why people get addicted to things, it’s the dopamine release they experience, it keeps them coming back.
There you have it.
That’s the real reason you should write your goals down.

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What’s harder?

What’s harder, training or nutrition?
Now this is a common question and the answer for most is almost always the nutrition.
The funny thing is nutrition isn’t really that hard, you either need to be in a calorie surplus or deficit (depending on your goal), from there you will do well to keep a nutrition diary and record your foods, calories/macros too if you’re that focused.
Next you will do well to opt to eat mostly whole foods, however this is not a necessity although it is preferable for health and performance purposes.
This again isn’t hard, yet people will makes excuses, piss wings and moan that is it because of the following REAL reason; they don’t want to have to change bad habits.
Might sound harsh, however that doesn’t stop it being true.
Now as written above, you don’t HAVE to change the foods you eat, provided your calories/macros are set correctly and you hit them you can choose the foods sources, so the excuse of “Good nutrition is too restrictive and hard to stick to” gets thrown out of the window, now it’s just a case of you hitting the number you need to.
This is where tracking your calories etc becomes important, again though, you don’t have to, just don’t expect much in the way of progress if yo don’t know what you’re eating calorie wise.
Some will chuck in the barrier or “Well I don’t know who to work this out” which again is a redundant excuse considering all the calculators that are available to people, not to mention you can also speak to a respected of successful trainer/coach and have them do it for you.
My suggestion would be Eric Helms and his work, or look up the Harris-Benedict calorie calculation formula, boom no more barriers or confusion.
Everyone, I don’t mean to sound cynical or jaded, yet I am, this is because over the years I have developed less and less patience for people poor excuses and lack of drive to achieve a result.
You have two options really, you either want to make a change, in which case myself and many other people in this industry will bend over backwards to help you. OR, you don’t really want to change in which case we wish you all the best and we can end our conversations promptly.
Now as people who want to help we can give you all the tools, help you stay accountable, speak to you daily to make sure you have all the support you need, however if you don’t want to change no amount of help from us or anyone else will make you want to change, that decision has to come from you, from your heart.
The knowledge of knowing what will help you in getting results isn’t hard, it’s not the training or the nutrition that is hard, it’s making the conscious choice to change.
We, I want to help you, however the real question is do you want to help yourself?
Give it some thought.

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Having measurable data is a great way to assess your progress, so why don’t you have any?
Fitness testing, body measurements, lifting records are all great ways to see how you are improving and also what you may need to be doing in order to continue to make headway if it is starting to slow down.
There are a lot of people who claim they never need to record things, they just remember it all and while they may indeed remember the highlights it’s very hard to keep everything in your head.
Typically once we get past a certain point we might as well be exposed to white noise.
According to a lot of research in to the field of memory, the average person can retain 7 pieces, plus or minus 2, given you a top limit of 9 and a lower one of 5; obviously there will be exceptions that can remember more just as there will be people who remember far less, it’s just a part of being on the bellcurve.
Writing things down and recording the specifics will take the pressure ands stress away from you having to remember each detail. Don’t get me wrong, having good ball park memory is great, however that won’t help you highlight weak areas that need work, specifically.
Personally I’m a big fan of making notes and writing things down, not matter who big or small it is, there’s a record. This little habit has saved many a hassle when it comes to wiring future goals for myself or clients, not to mention it give an honest overview of how everything has proceeded, no hiding behind white lies to protect the ego.
This is nothing more than simper advice for you, there’s no need for you to take it, honestly, there isn’t.
Before we finish I just want to ask you two questions;
1 – What sets and reps were you hitting on this day 3 years ago and how do they compete to now?
2 – What was your VO2 Max on the date of 22-6-13 and how has it improved?
I’m sure you can answer those from memory 🙂 for me.

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The Healthy Skeptic

Did you know that just because you found evidence that agrees with your opinion, it doesn’t mean it’s right.
^^ A hard pill to swallow, however one we all need form time to time.
In our world of instant answers and global communication it’s not hard to find something that confirms what we believe and that’s quite a dangerous thing.
While it is true you can find studies, anecdote and much more to prove your point it doesn’t then mean you should discount other information.
Grasping the entire picture is crucial in making objective decisions and a logical conclusion, otherwise you’re just feeding your ego.
I’ve been guilty of this and as such I have three short pieces of advice to help you.
1 – Always question your own beliefs
2 – Look for information from every conceivable angle
3 – Try to prove yourself wrong
Following these will allow you a broader perspective on a great many things, fitness related and across the entire spectrum of life too. If what you feel is true is true then gathering all the info on all the angles, opposing views and challenging opinions will still lead to the same answer, however you must be willing to entertain the possibility that you’re wrong before you can ever hope to prove that you’re not. 
Healthy skepticism, it’s the way forwards.

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The fast metabolism fiasco

“It’s okay for them, they can eat what they want, they have a fast metabolism.”
^^ I hear this a lot.
Is this something you’ve said in the past, along with the classic – “I’ve got a slow metabolism, I gain weight instantly if I eat.”
Do you know how these people with this seemingly godlike metabolism do it?
Do you want to know?
I will tell you.
Their metabolism is not that far off from yours, the only difference is how they live their lives, which usually look like this:
– They eat at or just below their required maintenance calories (you don’t)
– They move more and thus have a higher energy expenditure, typically from CV training and/or weightlifting which helps create EPOC/In road, (you don’t)
– They have more lean muscle mass (you don’t)
Can you see a pattern forming here?
The whole fast/slow metabolism excuse is utter nonsense for most average people. It’s usually a simple case that their energy expenditure is lower than their energy intake.
Wait, what’s that I hear?
You have thyroid problems?
So do a lot of other people and guess what, if it is managed by the doctor then you don’t have a thyroid problem, you have an eating problem as in you eat too much.
Now is it true there will always be some people who are the exceptions and because of this the world and it’s dog jump on that and claim to be the exception, I can safely say from experience this is not the case, trust me on that.
Ironically the exceptions never use being the exception as an excuse, they just find a way to make things work and achieve their goals. It’s only the average who use the exception excuse.
So to summarise…
They don’t have a fast metabolism.
You don’t have a slow metabolism.
They eat less, move more and have higher amount of lean mass than you, it’s that simple.
Stop making excuses and start looking for ways in which YOU can make the changes you need, if you need help please ask and you will get it.

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How to overcome a barrier in 3 easy steps.

Morning All,
You’ll find that there is always something that gets in the way or progress, it’s just an inevitable part of life.
How you deal with the obstacles in your way will largely depend on the approach you take. If it’s one of panic and ‘Woe is me, all is for naught’ then you might struggle, however if you follow these simple steps you’ll find what is in your way is dealt with swiftly and easily.
You’ll need a pen and paper.
1 – Write down the barrier
2 – Write down what behaviours you need to rectify this situation
3 – Apply the behaviours
You will often find plenty of people know what to do, but very few do what they know. The secret is in the last part, applying the correct behaviours.
Let’s look at a quick example, we’ll use working out in the gym and restricted time:
1 – Work needs to work until 8pm in stead of finishing at 5pm from now on. Thus disrupting your 5.30pm daily workout
2 – Get to the gym in the Am. Go at 8.30pm. Buy some Equipment for home. There might be other behaviours you can apply, use your brilliant mind to think of them.
3 – Pick one of the above.
Simple, right?
Often times you’ll find you have the answers you seek, if you don’t then ask for someones help.

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Can you answer this simple question honestly?

Why do you do what you do?

Can you answer that very simple question with honesty and an answer(s) that you, yourself believe to be true, or will you answer it based on what you have been told to think by others. Just take a minute and think about it.

It is not uncommon for people to sit glazed over when that is asked of them. After all, how often do you get people questioning why you do things, or more importantly asking you to ask yourself why you do things. We think we know, we think they are our own choices, yet when we really sit and think, it becomes apparent that for most people that is not the case.

Often times we simply do the things we do because somewhere along the line we were told that’s how it had to be, how we had to be, how it all ‘should’ be.

Most of you will live other peoples dreams and spend your life wondering why you never feel fulfilled.

If we take the example of losing weight, a term that is not right for a lot of people, the correct term is FAT LOSS. You can cut of an arm and lose weight, you might not be happy that you;ve lost and arm but you’ve lost weight so you can’t complain, right?

Apologies, back to the point.

People look to lose fat because they think they should based on what they have been told by others, read that is written by others, seen in others and consider is the only acceptable course of action by others.

Can you see the problem.

A person will start out on a journey of self improvement based on the opinions, beliefs and values of someone else, they are doing it for someone else, not themselves. Is it any wonder people fail at so many things that they never really wanted. No, it isn’t.

When it comes to achieving a goal, you need three things:

– Commitment
– Consistency
– Hard Work (or work ethic)

Although those three things are important, if the goal of desire is not of your own choosing in the first place you will find more reasons/excuses to give up because you don’t really want it.

Your goals must mean something to you, they must be yours and yours alone. Do it for you, know why you’re doing it and tin doing this you will finally get that fulfilment you’ve been searching for.

Ask yourself again, why do you do what you do?


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What people don’t tell you.

Do you want to know what they don’t tell you about those 12 week transformations you see?
The person involved usually tried several times before to achieve the results they now have but they were missing a few vital things:
– Consistency
– Adherence in everything they were told to do
– A coach/trainer
– Knowledge of their previous failures
The last one is probably one of the more interesting points because people who often succeed the most are the ones who actually learnt from their failures and accepted them being their fault (9/10 times that is, there will always be exceptions yet most of the time it’s always on us when we fail).
Have you ever heard of the 5 stages of grief?
– Denial
– Anger
– Bargaining
– Depression
– Acceptance
Do you know that people actually go through this sequence for a great many things. Take a fitness transformation for example:
– They deny they could have ever achieved it
– They get angry because of what got in the way: work, partners etc
– They start to make deals with themselves such as “When I get XYZ done I will do this for me.” and they don’t follow them through
– They sadly fall in to their old habits and potentially seek solace in food or alcohol
– Eventually they accept they just gave up and carry on with life… or at least that’s what we hope.
From experience people get stuck in the depression part of the cycle and occasionally fall back to the first stage and keep repeating 1 through 4, this is not nice to see but it does happen, sadly.
Take a second and ask yourself honestly, has this been/ever been or is this you?
If the above question rings true, don’t worry about it. Many of us have been there, even the people you admire/aspire to be like have been there. The only difference is being honest with yourself and accepting past failures and WHY they happened (chances are it was our own fault 98% of the time), that way you can let it go and seek the help you need.
I know you can achieve your goal but before you start making a change to your body you should make the change mentally first.

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