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The Price of Success

We all want something,


and much much more.

There is always a price to you will have to pay to achieve success, it might be your free time, possibly your spare cash, maybe your childhood, but no matter the cost it’s still success and you then become the person that people want to be. You become the person who has done what everyone else thought impossible, you have broken a belief that stood in the way and changed the impossible to improbable then the improbable to probable and finally possible.

The difference between those who achieve their goals largely comes down to one thing – Action.

I bet you thought I was going to say, determination or a ‘do or die’ attitude, but no, the real difference between a person who is successful and one who isn’t is simply one took action, one did nothing.

Many dreams will fail not for a lack of passion, determination or any of their kin, it will be down to taking action. Two people might start out with the same goal, face the same problem and even have the same opportunities, but I will be willing to bet my money one the one who takes the most action to be the one to achieve their desired goal.

Action isn’t just taken once. It need to be taken for every step, otherwise you will find only you never finish what you start, IF you even start that is.

I need your help now.

I want to you write down your goal in the comments below in 3-5 words and then on a separate sentence what action you will carry out to get started. Once you have written both of those down I challenge you to action them and achieve your goal.

Let me know when you make it.


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