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My Confession

I have a confession.

I am a perfectionist.

This is one of my best/worst traits, it has caused me to strive to be better at everything I do, but it has also held me back because of the fear I would receive critique on being less than perfect.

There are many people who face this problem and I have one thing to say to them, no, to everyone;

It’s ok not to be perfect.

We may fail at our first attempt, perhaps our second, third and even our forth, but that does not stop us from learning and doing our task slightly better each time. Eventually we will come to realise that while we might not do everything perfectly, we do everything we can and achieve what we set out to achieve.

Remember it’s ok not to be perfect. The more you worry about trying to do everything without fault the less you will get done overall, obviously don’t use this as an excuse to do things half assed, just do the best you can for this attempt.


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