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Curious Clients – One for PT’s

What are some people really asking?

Good Morning All,

I’ve heard a lot of different questions over my years in this industry I cherish, yet there is often one commonality.

While not true for all it does apply to the large majority.

In regards to asking said questions you’ll find that a lot of people are not actually looking for an answer, or at least not an objective one.

To some they are not asking for an answer, merely for agreement in their current through process.

Confirmation bias you might call it.

I’ve spoken about this before, even did a whole section in a webinar on it, alas I feel my explanation wasn’t good enough.

As such I have three key words or sentence additives that you can listen out for to gain a quick insight in to knowing if you’ve got someone who wants to learn or not.

1 – “Okay, cool. But….”

More the word but, did you know it’s a deleting word where anything that precedes it is now considered invalid by said person who put in the ominous – ‘but’.

2 – “Right, so what if….”

While this might seem trivial it’s quite eye opening, the next time you have a conversation listen to what people are saying, truly listen and you’ll be amazed what you hear people say and realise what they actually mean.

Time for one that relates to our online world now, I have this one happen often in a group I run, same on Instagram in the comments section.

3 – No reply.

Yep, in the online world a lack of reply often means the answer you gave wasn’t the one they wanted to the question they asked, so they’ll post the same one somewhere else until they get the answer they are after.

You might be wondering what gives me such insight.

Well my friends I will tell you.

I’ve used all of the above many times in my formative years, well, the first two anyway, not so much the third one due to a teenage life without the internet.

When you begin working with clients you’ll try your best to answer their questions.

You may even find your clients as the same ones in different ways, now this can either be because you didn’t explain the answer well enough or because you’ve not given them the answer they desire.

This will be frustrating, don’t worry though.

Just keep the above in mind when working with the public.

Of course this doesn’t make them bad people or anything.

It just means they need a little more time, understanding and empathy.


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Good Old Arthur.

As a youth I did some classic work labouring, you know the kind, on building site being a gopher essentially.
There was another lad who worked at the same time, a couple of years older and the rest of the lads on site used to call him Arthur.
Being of the ilk who enjoyed a good book my mind went to the realms of the King of Knights, Excalibur and the Holy Grail.
Turns out if was because he’d often leave things half done.
Thus his full name was “Arthur Job”, say it quickly and it will all make sense if you’re still unsure.
This attitude is not something exclusively for the youths of the world, in fact there are a lot of adults who will only ever do things half heartedly and really finish anything meaningful.
Perhaps it’s because they fear putting in the effort required and what might happen if they fail epically, or they could just be lazy I suppose.
How many times has you only ever doing half of something?
I can say there has been a fair share of things my end and the reason for it was always the same; it just wasn’t something I really wanted to be doing.
Given this insight I will always ask myself these two questions before undertaking a task.
1 – Is this something I absolutely NEED to do?
2 – Is this something I WANT to do?
If the first is a yes then regardless of if I want to do it or not it gets done because of necessity.
If the first is a no and the second is a yes, then I will do the thing, however if both are a resounding no then I just won’t do them because it’s not important.
A simple way to live really.
These simple questions avoid me promising things I can’t or don’t want to deliver and trust me it saves a lot of hassle in the long run.
You should take these on board and apply them to some elements of your life.
Let us take fitness for example, given this is a fitness bias page.
Fat loss:
1 – Do you NEED to lose fat?
2 – Do you WANt to lose fat?
The first might be a no, fair enough.
The second could be a yes, then you will have to understand why you want to lose fat, perhaps it is to attract someone else, or just to feel better, or to feel comfortable having sex with the lights on, or whatever.
Once you make the decision to do something, you see it through to the end.
Take these two questions, apply them and don’t end up becoming just another Arthur of the world.

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Generation Idiot

Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Proof that being an idiot can have you winning at life.

Morning All,

The rise of reality TV has been amazing to watch of the subsequent years, however it’s lead to the breeding of a generation of idiots.

Deluded idiots at that.

Some people will be offended by that truth, oh well, be offended it’s your right after all.

This mentality has bleed in to the fitness industry as well.

So much so that there are two clearly defined camps:

– Evidence based people
– Everyone else (anecdote, instafamous etc)

Well, that’s have the former would have you see it.

It’s easy to see how and why people are getting confused about what to do for optimal results.

For the average person they’ve complicated fitness & nutrition beyond belief.

The evidence based lot often end up getting people to delve in to science they’re not interested in and lambaste anyone who doesn’t follow their view.

Everyone else will simply share the latest fad craze and tell people what they want to hear, regardless of if it is going to be useful to them.

Is is any wonder people are frustrated these days.

Where should people start?
Who’s should they listen to?
What are they meant to believe?

Three questions that have so many answers you couldn’t ever hope to know them all.

That said, here are three simple considerations for you, it’s your choice if you want to delve in to these more or not.

– Start by looking for the leading authorities in the filed you want to delve in to – evidence & anecdotally based.

– Next find people who have consistently grown in the field, not just in success, in their own education and views. If they have changed over they years that’s a good thing because it means they are searching for the truth and best possible answers for people, hopefully.

– You can believe what you want, however always question it or at least look for views to oppose your own beliefs so you can gain the broader perspective, don’t become dogmatic.

*Bonus – Always look to learn & question why, please also remember that there are some great people out there who give away a lot of great info for free, there’s always two sides to a coin, just try not to be on the same as the Kardashians and their ilk.

Take the above and do one the following:

– Apply it to your life
– Ignore it and move on

If what I’ve said is something you consider absolute bollocks, great, you don’t need to heed my words, that’s your choice.

However perhaps it’s struck a cord of intrigue, if so you should look in to it.

The power of free will & choice, use it wisely.


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5 Reasons people need a framework to succeed –

1 – Most don’t know what they need to do and as such need it clearly signposted

2 – It helps people feel less pressure, basically they can blame the structure for failure rather than themselves

3 – Things such as accountability and more responsibility become easier to administer

4 – Recorded data makes for a great confidence booster to show them how far they’ve come

5 – It teaches them how to achieve success on their own

Now there are those rare people who don’t need a framework to make their own success, if you’re one of them then we’ll see each other at the top. If that’s not you it’s not a problem, just ask for help and it will be yours.

Short & simple today.


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Some Brutal Honesty

A short one today with a few words of wisdom from years of learning.
You ready?
Have you ever asked a question and received and answer only to respond with –
“Yea I know that, but what about XYZ….”
If this is you, congratulations you’re an idiot.
Harsh but something a lot of people say a lot of the time.
If you already know what you need to be doing what aren’t you doing it and getting the results/success you claim you want?
It doesn’t make much sense really, does it.
Most of the time when it comes to fitness related questions there is no fancy answer. The basics that or foundation principles are what they are for a reason, they work. There are indeed select individuals who are an exception to this but they are the minority, not the majority.
Want to lose body fat? You need a negative energy balance and training that will help maintain or stimulate muscle for an adaptive response so you can progress towards your goal (usually the compound lifts achieve this).
Want to build muscle? You need a positive energy balance and training that will help maintain or stimulate muscle for an adaptive response so you can progress towards your goal (usually the compound lifts achieve this).
Simple, but as you said, you already knew that.

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