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Rouge One & Online Coaching

Yesterday I went to see Rogue One.

It was epic. Legitimately one of the best Star Wars films since the originals.

You should go and see it, immediately!

Now I’ve got that off my chest I think we should take a look at the rise of online coaching and peoples experience with it.

*Warning, this post may cause offence because I’m just that kind of ass hole.

It’s popular now for people to be newly qualified (if at all) with little to no experience of actually training/coaching people to jump on the bandwagon of “I’m going to be an online coach.” because of all the success they have seen people achieve via social media in this regard, or at least that’s what they’ve been shown, if said achievements are real for everyone or just hot air is another matter.

The same is true for people who do a few shows themselves and take up the mantel of online coach. Some can make it work because they are that good, to those people we se ‘Good job, you know your stuff and are actually good” but they are few and far between. For the majority it’s just an easy option these days that they think will avoid the much needed years of hard graft in the trenches.

Obviously there are some great online coaching practices available. These are the ones who will send you in-depth questionaries on your current trainings, nutrition, psychological profile and much more. This is because they cater for multiple factors across the entire spectrum of making gains. Worth remembering.

I can say that I know of some online coaches that haven’t really done anything int he way of training real people or even achieved anything themselves, these are the ones that bring the standard down. On the flip side there are people who are worth their weight in gold, you’ve just got to be careful who you get these days as clever marketing can make even the ugliest turd look like a polished diamond.

Anyone can pay for good marketing and fake transformation images/testimonials or even stealing other peoples photos, beware of this.

A few elements that often seem missing from online coaching are rarely the programming aspects (although they can be up for questioning). It’s the actual COACHING, you know, as in setting goals/process goal, video tutorials, video assessment/coaching eye, regular contact (depending on the level of service paid for), program adjustment due to lifestyle or other unforeseen factors, . Basically a client centred approach to coaching rather than a cookie cutter one.


What do you consider the qualities required to make a good online coach?

Have you used one?

Perhaps you are an online coach, if so what do you do  that you see many others fail to do?and how do you feel about how the world of online coaching is going?

I am not saying online coaching is bad, far from it because for some people this can be an excellent way to make progress and is exactly what they need, but with all the poor quality ‘coaches’ out there it’s a minefield.

Leave your comments down below and let me know how you feel about all this.



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