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A quote to think on

A quote from Dr. VM Zatsiorsky has always stuck with me:
“Train as heavy as possible, as often as possible, while staying as fresh as possible.”
Now this has multiple interpretations, today I will give you mine.
You can take from it what you will, however I’d encourage you to formulate your own.
To me this is a simple message –
Lift heavy, everyday if possible but always leave each session feeling strong, confident and ready for more.
Given the background of the good Dr being one of a weightlifting sports science one, it was in the interests of the Russian weightlifters/powerlifter to train as close as they could to the nerve without burning out.
High performance demands high intensity and high workload.
Now obviously there will be a point where a person needs a rest, the accumulation of volume/intensity coupled with high frequency will mean that physiologically you will eventually need to rest so the your body can adapt.
Personally I like the idea of training multiple times per day, multiple days in a row and learning to listen to your body.
I believe it was John Broz who said “How you feel is a lie.” or something similar.
Basically it means you can push through days where you feel sluggish because it’s in your head and your body can actually handle it.
Obviously this takes some time to achieve this level of awareness, however it is certainly something that is very real in the world of strength sport and performance, perhaps not so great for bodybuilding purposes but definitely for sport.
I’m sure you’d like to know how to apply this to your training.
Here is a list of movements you want to achieve:
Push, Pull, Squat, Hinge, Loaded Carry, Full Body
You might put the push/pull together, then have the squatting/hinging the day after, followed by a loaded carry day and then a full body movement day (clean & jerk or snatch for example).
Depending on your sporting needs you’ll plan what you need.
Now this isn’t for everyone.
I’d say pick a few movements and focus on them, work up to a heavy ish 1,2 or 3 for the day and the do some back off work if you feel up to it.
– Press ramp to heavy 2
– Back off 3-5x2x80% top weight
– Done
The high frequency will produce enough volume for the agains you desire, this is why you can have a fairly low volume on the day.
There is a lot of literature on training daily, if you want to know more look up John Broz, Dan John, Bulgarian/Russian weightlifting and make your own choice on giving it a go.

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Butt Hurt to Commence in, 3…2…1…

Monday, Monday
So good to me
Monday morning
It was all I hoped it would be…
That means gym 7-8am, 2 meals already eaten, 2 articles written and a back tweak, yay for me :/.
Morning Guys,
I trust you all had a productive weekend, if you didn’t, well… shame on you.
There is a lot of protection for peoples ego/pride in the modern age and it seems to be having a negative effect because it is making people lazy, more lazy than they have ever been.
Obviously there are those who are the other end of the spectrum and are anything but, however those are not the majority, sadly.
What ever happened to tough love?
You know, people would see you fail in a catastrophic manor, give you a pat on the back with a few words of wisdom and then tell you to crack on and stop wallowing in the mud.
These days that approach would be considered insensitive, inconsiderate to peoples feeling, belittling, demotivating and not supportive of people. I’m all for helping people but wrapping them in cotton wool? Nope, not my style, it does nothing for building character or more importantly, resilience.
Now that’s a word from the past, resilience.
What happened to it?
It seems to have been forgotten in the channels of time along with – that’s life, get over it, better luck next time, toughen up and “perhaps you should try knitting”.
All joking aside, the kid gloves of the modern world are actually a very dangerous thing, they hold people back and give false expectations or rather, they give people a sense of entitlement and that is a very slippery slope, let me give you an example oh how this relates to fitness.
Person A – Works hard, does everything they should be doing to get their desired results, accepts set backs and take on board constructive critique on the chin for what it is (advice to help them grow) to allow progression. The they achieve results because they understand they have to work for them and that nothing ever comes easy. They earn their success. 
Person B – Works semi moderate to not really doing anything meaningful, does some of what they should do, feels life is against them and no one ever helps them, rejects critique because it hurts their feelings, stays in the comfort zone but feels they should get the same results as person A because they just should. Sadly results will happen initially then taper off fast, potential regress too and this is obviously not their fault at all… They feel entitled to success (this is not good). 
Now these are actually real examples of people, they haven’t been made up I am sorry to say.
Many of you know that nothing in life comes easy and chances are for the majority it never will, that’s just life. While I agree we need to be mindful of people and encourage them there also has to be a line where we say “Stop pissing about, the problem is you.” which we seem to be afraid to say nowadays.
Maybe it’s my attitude… It’s definitely my attitude, it doesn’t have time to waste on people who feel entitled, yep, that makes me an asshole but hey ho, we can either work hard or not, it’s that easy.
Which camp do you fall in to, honestly…
Work hard and you will achieve what you deserve in the end, accept life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, become resilient and earn your success, don’t expect it all to be given to you on a plate, you’re not entitled to success, work for it, earn it, deserve it.

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Deep for a Monday

Remember Who You Are…
Morning Guys,
Are you one of the people that has tried so hard to be an ‘individual’ that you’ve ended up being just like everyone else?
If you open one of your social media apps you will find that there are at least a handful of people on your feed that are talking about how they’ve made changes, achieve results, become a better version of them etc, all in an attempt to be different and change who they were, while ironically ending up just like all the people they used to dislike.
I’m all for people making a change, getting results and gaining self-confidence and self-worth but never at the expense of who they are as a person.
You will find that those who attempt to change their physical look to make themselves feel better mentally often end up feeling worse and unfortunately lose themselves, for lack of a better word to describe it.
These people become obsessed with their new identity and give up everything that made them an individual, that basically made them who they were. Their online image… It’s now who they are and if they were to lose it the false and fluffy reality of Facebook/Instagram Likes and virtual validation would disappear and we just can’t have that happen now, can we.
Take a moment and think back to where you started your journey and where you are now.
How have you changed?
Do you still hold your core values/beliefs/interests or are you now living as the character you created to make yourself happy for that brief moment?
It’s understandable that people mature and grow over the years but there is a difference between that and changing who you are for other people so that you will feel accepted or receive the validation you so seek. Why do you think there are a lot of people who on paper, or rather, on screen seem to have it all and be ecstatically happy yet in real life they are hounded by depression and other such alignments. Just think about that for a second.
If you have a goal I want you to work hard and achieve it, just don’t do it at the expense of losing yourself in the process. Remember that how you look will always be the least interesting thing about you.

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The Reason

Morning Guys,

Let’s talk about the reason, you know, the reason we do what we do. Everyone has a reason, usually they are linked in with emotion and feeling, even if people won’t admit it.

I would like you to ask yourself this questions:

“Currently I feel…. Because of….”
“What would make me happy is….”
“Achieving my goal would make me feel….”
“To achieve my goal I must….”

What is the last word? Happy, Accomplished, Proud, Worthy? What ever it will be it’s not a bad thing because it will give you purpose. I have found over the years that people don’t want to be honest about why they want to achieve their goal. They tell people what they think they want to hear for the fear of being judged, or that it is wrong to selfishly want something. It isn’t, so long as what you want doesn’t involve causing other people pain or suffering.

Once you’ve asked those questions sit down and write your goals and what behaviour you need to do to achieve said goal, along with how you will feel once you achieve it and how you currently feel. Do this in 300 words or less and put it it a place you will see it everyday to help keep you on track.

Understand how you feel, be honest and gain purpose, focus, perspective and the motivation you need.


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It’s Obvious, But You Still Can’t See it

A short post today on they one of the keys to success.

It’s quite obvious when you think about it.


You ready?

Be happy.

Be happy in what you’re doing. Be happy with the choices you make. Just be happy.

I know that there will be times where you will feel less than chipper, but it’s those days where you need to simply sit somewhere quite for 5 min and remember WHY you’re doing what you do, if you’re doing the right thing it will make you feel happy because in the end you know it will all be worth it. However if it doesn’t give you that feeling then ask yourself if you should really be doing what you’re doing.

If you’re happy working 40+ hours weeks because working makes you happy then knock yourself out, but if you’re not happy doing that then don’t do it because in the end you will only grow to resent what you’re doing and that just makes living everyday very very hard.

In the end one of the keys to success that people overlook is to be happy, there is nothing worse than pushing on through all the hard times if in the end it doesn’t make you happy because then it was all for nothing.

Smile, be happy and go be successful.




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The Mind Mouth Connection

The hardest part about any ‘diet’ is the psychological aspect.

Lets be honest, if you’re told you can’t have something you will invariably want it more.
Sever restriction in your food choices can lead to some serious mental disassociation with food and lead to eating disorders.
How can you avoid this?
Don’t restrict yourself… Pretty simple really.
However, there is something worth remembering, that people often forget and that is to make sensible choices.
What is a sensible choice? Is there such a thing?
Eating more Meat, Veg, Whole Grains (if your guts don’t suffer that is) & drinking plenty of Water, what as a child we would have seen our grandparents doing more often than not. Obviously that’s not to say they didn’t enjoy cakes, ice cream and other such delights a few days each week but the majority of the time they filled their plates with what could be call ‘foods found in nature’ as opposed to ‘foods made by man’ this often served to achieve the following:
– More Protein Consumed
– More Fiber Consumed
– More Water Consumed
All of those 3 help to improve your overall health and how you feel throughout the day. While we can indeed fill our bellies with various sweet treats and have minimal damage to our waistline (provided the necessary energy balance is achieved) it would more than likely leave us feeling pretty crap.
Personally I see nutrition as a battle of wills. If you don’t follow someones nutritional beliefs then you’re wrong and you’re going to die and forever burn in hell, nutrition sounds a lot like religion…
Back to the original point.
Overthinking what you ‘should or ‘shouldn’t’ eat can lead to some serious problems, there are lots of us who have been in this position. This is why IIFYM or Flexible Dieting has helped so many people, it has given them the freedom of choice once again, but as with anything the real concept has been lost in the shroud of media hyper and 1000’s of instgram pictures leading people to believe that the only things that are eaten by following this style of eating is Cakes, Chocolate, Ice Cream and Pop Tarts, but this is simply not true.
Why all the posts of these foods then?
Who wants to put up pictures of what they eat the majority of the time (meat & veg) when a sweet treat is far more pleasing to the eye.
If you speak to anyone who follows these approaches you will find that they eat lots of foods from various sources, but all of them eat a good amount of Protein, Fiber and drink plenty of Water. Nutrition isn’t hard for the average person, it’s just made hard.
If you’re ‘diet’ is causing you psychological issues because of a ridiculous list of foods you can/can’t eat then the best option is to walk away from it because it’s doing you no favors and you could end up in a very bad place.
Eating what would be considered as ‘children’s foods’ for the lack of a better term (sweets) as the majority staple of your diet will do you no favors in terms of your health, but not having them in your life for those times you fancy them can be much worse mentally in the end. If you find you’re craving something sweet then go and have a small amount of it, chances are the reason you’re looking for a food of that ilk is because you’re cortisol levels might be excessively elevated, or your serotonin is a bit low, or maybe it’s just another way of your body telling you it needs some more energy because it hasn’t had enough. Who really knows, just listen to your body on that one.
It’s always better to have a bit of what you want than to forgo it and end up binge eating another day which will lead to larger psychological issues down the road.
Use some common sense and you will find that you don’t go far wrong, or alternatively hire a nutrition coach to help you.

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