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How is that relevant now?

Lift > Eat > Sleep > Repeat

It’s not uncommon to find this as someones mantra towards training.

Same for all the people that talk about embracing the grind, grafting hard and any other slogan that sounds pretty cool.

When you look past the words though.

What do you see?

The answer is sadly not a lot because many talk a better game than they play, and as such they’ll keep repeating their same stories, the same excuses and it’s just something that’s made me quite tired to listen to.

Rank beginners I will happily hear this from, even encourage it as they need such things.

Yet it’s all those that have trained for a while and have nothing to show for it, they’re just irritating.

If half the amount of effort spent finding witty slogans and talking about all they’re going to do was applied into actually ‘doing’, well then things would be interesting.

Make no mistake, I’ve been this person.

Luckily it was only in brief however the lessons stuck.

– Don’t chat shit, just get on with it
– No one cares about what you ‘used’ to do/be
– People that sounds interested are humouring you
– Only real friends will tell you the harsh truth

As a species we don’t like feeling bad.

It’s why we throw out crumbs of old to see if we’ll get any nibble from prospective fish to feed our emaciated ego.

Of course this doesn’t take away from past achievements, yet they’re in the past and by todays standards they’re often not really much of anything.

I’ve come to see what we ‘did’ as a stepping stone to what we could do moving forwards.

The emphasis being on the world – could.

It’s hard give those things a rest, to not bask in their glory just a little too long, however knowing when to quite using them as a crutch to support your ego is hard.

Simply because it’ll take a fall, sustain a few knocks/bruises and need time to recover/accept starting something over again.

The question worth asking yourself is this –

What have I done recently that I’m proud of?

In fact asking it at the end of every day can be useful.

Understanding anything productive that you may have done that day which is taking you closer to your new goal is essential in self-praise and healthy too.

It provides perspective.

Don’t talk rubbish to yourself (we’ve all done it) because it serves no purpose.

Use what you are proud of accomplishing today to set up your next steps for tomorrow.

You’d do well to investigate this thoroughly.

Oh, one more thing, please leave your most notable current achievements down below.


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Now or Possibly Never

Risks in your training, do you take them?

It’s not unusual for people to refuse a suggested tweak of change because of the following reasons:

– The truly enjoy their current training
– Fear of regression
– Your answer wasn’t the one their bias was looking for

In the case of the first point I’ve know a few people that literally train because they enjoy it.

There is no goal.

No overarching need or desire to add slabs of muscle, build endless strength and improve mobility, it’s acutely quite refreshing.

These are rare people though.

It’s often easy to see behind the eyes of those that claim this as their answer while in reality they do want more results.

That leads into the second answer.

When stagnation in training happens, mentally this can be very frustration.

As such some will create the smoke screen of training for enjoyment, being happy etc, because they got to let us say point C with their current training, and there is a crippling fear that if they deviate from it they will lose what they have.

As such these people often add on extra training to what they’re currently doing.

This impacts recovery, lowers performance and basically causes more issues than it solves.

Feeling as if you’re putting in a solid effort consistently to have little to no more rewards is very disheartening for a lot of people.

The the fear of going backwards by not doing the heavy about they’re doing takes hold (often with cardio enthusiasts, or people that attend classes).

Once this gets engrained they will ask people for advice.

Not directly though, it’s along the lines of:

“I love my training and feel there is no need to change it because it’s working (it’s really not), but if you’ve got any tips you think my help I’m all ears.”

^ Or something alone these lines.

Essentially they’re asking a broad question in the hope of getting a very specific answer.

Unless your answer fits their bias, they will ignore it or make up some reason/excuse why it isn’t applicable to them.

Simply because it’s just not what they wanted to hear.

A lot of us have been in one or all three of the above stages at some point in our lives.

I know full well I have, at least for number three anyway.

Seeking the perfect answer with an imperfect question.

All I found was frustration because I didn’t know what I was really trying to ask, or that’s what I told myself, whereas in reality the fear of gaining excessive body fat to gain muscle just freaked me out.

Plus I also enjoyed a very specific stye of training too.

This didn’t fall inline with the imposed goal of the culture I was surrounded by, hence the conflict.

Knowing the above will help you in taking a risk.

Changing your nutrition style completely.
Adopting an entirely new training philosophy.
Leaving behind the way you were to become someone new.

When presented with the chance to remain the same or change completely, always choose the option for change as that is usually the one that will keep you moving forwards in life.

From a training standpoint that is.

Give the above some thought.


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Emotional Roots

Defining the problem is easy (in fitness).
Example – being overweight due to excess body fat.
Defining exactly WHY that is the problem is harder.
Admitting these feelings can cut deep.
While it will be hard, once they’re known and out in the open it often increases the persons chance of success.
Understanding the emotional tether is crucial.
Given emotions tend to drive everything that we do, seeking to learn/understand their role in fitness & training is essential.
Believe it or not some people don’t care about having excess body fat, even in abundance due to not having nay emotions attached to it.
Others are not so lucky and as such it can bring them down.
Writing out answers to these three questions can help:
– Why do I feel XYZ because of ABC?
– How will I feel once I address ABC?
– What benefits will this bring to my life & how will that make me feel?
In these modern days of self-confidence shaming it can be hard to admit you want to make yourself physically superior when compared to your current state.
Simply due to how it makes other people feel.
I have news for you, that’s not your problem.
If you making yourself happy for your own personal reasons upset someone else than that’s their issue and not yours.
These days it’s easier for people to lower the bar and swim in the excuses than it is to consciously tackle them.
Don’t let people make you feel bad for feeling good.
You don’t need that negativity in your life, cut those people out because they’re often the ones holding you down.
Take some time to address why it is you wish to change physically on an emotional level.
What will it do for you, why & how will you use this info?
Give it some thought.

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Arbitrary Life Lessons

Everyone wants to succeed at something.
We all know it doesn’t come easy.
Whatever ‘it’ is.
The problem is all the bullshit spouted from influencers, or people that are great at fooling the stupid, of which were are many.
This being said, a lot of people want to be fooled.
Anyway, time for some wisdom.
Below you’ll find 8 lessons you can apply immediately to better your life and start taking you forwards in life.
If there are any questions please leave them down below.
In no particular order:
1 – When you wake up in the morning, get up immediately
2 – 10-20min of movement upon waking changes the day
3 – Before bed write down what you’ll achieve tomorrow
4 – Write down your excuses instead of saying them
5 – Reflect on you written excuses, are they valid or not
6 – When offered an easy road or hard one, choose hard
7 – Success isn’t mandatory, then again, neither is failure
8 – You don’t need to do any of the above, however you can
Take a moment to give an honest look at the view you’ve got, and ask yourself this question:
Is it enough?
Answering yes, is great. This means you can step off the path and stand to the side to let those who wish for a view from a high point on the mountain keep going.
After all, enough is enough.
That being said, you can always take a few more steps to see what the view might be like from slightly further up too.
Bonus – Write things down daily & always carry a small note pad/pen because you never know when that one idea that will change your life will hit you,and no, you won’t remember it, so WRITE IT DOWN.

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Rarely does anything grow in old soil

Given all the tools we have available to us, each one with the potential to help us reach our desired goal/destination.
Why is it we only stick with a select few, and often those that we came across first?
Mentally it makes sense.
We form a deep and strong bond with that which we first found to yield a solid result, and as such in doing it we’ll royally put in a good effort.
Yet this holds many back due to their ties to ‘insert method/tool’.
Meaning anything new is immediately met with hesitation, perhaps event resentment and contempt, then little to no effort tis put in because we’re already deemed it inferior before really letting it show us what it can really do.
As a species we are very good at finding the negatives.
You know, seeking out what’s wrong or why something won’t work, etc.
While quite a useful skill for survival and I’m quite the fan of objectivism, critical thinking and having a healthy skepticism, we must also acknowledge that such a bias can and often will hold us back if we allow it to.
Of course this is speaking from personal experience.
Given that is only one sense to view the world, and one that is far less libertarian than the modern world would like, I understand my shortcomings in this life.
Accepting the knowledge that what got you from your initial point A to your current point B probably won’t take you any further is a wise thing to consider.
The dichotomy we arrive at here is as follows:
Doing what we like/want or doing what we fear/need.
These days plenty of people will take the route of saying that if someone is happy then leave them be, which is fair however it’s not useful to bettering ones self in their life, not really.
Very little grows in comfortable conditions, things grow in the RIGHT conditions and those might just be uncomfortable, harsh, challenging or just down right unpleasant to sustain, yet if that is what we need to truly grow then it is when something becomes a necessary evil.
“I see things this way. You may choose to stay. I however cannot, because I want so much more from this life than to grow old in one place, too scared to move and hiding behind the guise of finding a happy place. Happiness isn’t merely one thing, it’s the culmination of many, that’s what makes a life worth living, that’s living life rightly.” – muggins while drunk
Apply the above to your current fitness journey.
Ask yourself this, are you happy or merely indifferent convincing yourself it’s content?
Be prepared to give away your old ways and adopt new ones, it’s the only way to grow.

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Three easy steps to fining the right training system for you.

Step 1 – Pick a system.
Step 2 – Follow the system to compete/desired outcome.
Step 3 – Reflect/breakdown what you learned & start again.
Essentially that is it.
Just repeat the above for a couple of decades and you’ll find ‘what works for you’.
You simply need to establish the overall goal you have.
Now this could be performance/health related (objective) or mental (subjective), the difference in the two is being able to track tangible data.
How long you stick to the chosen system will depend on your goal, or what you’re using it for.
There is sadly no magic length of time you must do this for.
It may be 6 months, it could be 3 years, who knows.
Your main consideration is that what you do you must stick to for some decent length of time to establish if it is or has been effective or not.
^People of advanced training status – near their genetic limit are exempt and probably know what works for the anyway.
In the early days pretty much everything works, that’s why we get a phase called ‘beginners gains’.
This lasts 1-3 years if your training is progressive and logically programmed for your goal, past this point all the dramatic changes are pretty much done, time to embrace consistency.
One piece of advise you’d do well to take away from this is that you’ll get better results if you pick just ONE GOAL.
Yep, just one, not multiple.
Wether you train for something tangible or just to feel good, it doesn’t matter, the only thing I know is that you need to stick with whatever it is your doing long enough for it to yield a result of any kind.
Don’t be too quick to abandon things.
Tempting as it may be, nothing worth while happens overnight, it takes time so instead of seeking and thinking about what a training system can do for you now, think what it is you can give the training system so that in the future it returns your investment with something worthwhile.

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McFly wasn’t the only one lacking it…

There is something that all those who give up have in common. 

They lack discipline.

When training is no longer fun, the initial wave of motivation has worn off and they realise their trainer was entertaining them instead of actually training them it can leave many deflated.

Sadly there can be no lessons without a cost. 

Well, unless you heed the words above in which case you’ll save a lot of money and wasted time. 

The shine of training wears off in anywhere from 1-3 years.

Believe it or not this isn’t hyperbole, it’s the truth. 

As such you need to create the habit of discipline.

Like anything it’s a skill and need practice to master. 

Stephen king used to set aside 4 hours to write according to a little book I read based on how he writes. 

Initially this wasn’t his natural ‘flow’ time because such a thing doesn’t just happen on a whim, it’s created. 

There was conscious sacrifice and the reward was skill. 

You see success is about how much you’re willing to give (of yourself) and what you’re willing to give away (creature comforts). 

There is always a price to pay, the question is a can you afford it?

Rather can you afford not to pay it if you truly want to become something more than you currently are, that is the real question here. 

How many times have you given up on something, not because of any cosmic catastrophe or unforeseen circumstance, just because you gave in to the weight of it?

^^ Give this some thought. 

You don’t have to want anything in life, yet if you do then you’ll find having an iron clad discipline will come in handy. 



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3 Program Tweaks for 2020

What you will find below may frighten many of you.

The simple tweaks for programming are based around doing more with less and getting the most out of your training.

Be warned though, for this to work you will have to give yourself to the process fully.

You ready?

1 – Train Monday – Friday – Wednesday.

^^ You read that right, Monday/Friday one week and then Wednesday the next.

2 – Utilise RM Goals

For the above I would suggest the following:

> Ramp Warm Up (main lift/s) 6-10×1 – add load each set to a head daily single
> Pick 2 Main Lifts for a *36 total rep goal
> Secondary/Accessory lifts **50 total rep goal

*6x6RM working sets, yep, that means you use your 6RM for 6 sets. You won’t hit this first time around, you might get 6-5-5-3-3-2, then the next session you use that same weight which might be 6-6-5-4-3-3, keep going until you hit 6×6, then change the movement variation

**You have 2-4 sets to hit your 50 rep target depending on your preference.

3 – Roll a Pair of Dice Daily

This is for a little bit of fun, you roll a pair of dice and get either 2 or 12, this is the minutes you’d be working for. You could skip, hit a bar, perform loaded carries, swings, shuttle runs, bear crawls, movement or whatever, however this is optional.

Try to make 2020 a year where you don’t live in the gym, however when you are in there you put your effort in.

Here is an example protocol to get you started in January:

W/U – Ramp 6×1: Press
A1 – Press 6x6RM Target
Re-Ramp 3-6×1: DL
B1 – DL 6x6RM Target
C1 – Dips x50 rep target
C2 – Chin Up x50 rep target
C/D – Stretching for problem areas

Daily Dice Roll – Rotate these three movements – Sprints, Pistol Squats, Loaded Carry (any awkward heavy object).

Why not make 2020 the year of being different, you never know, doing less you might just gain more than you ever have before.


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2020 vs 2019

You suffer because you make bad choices.
Typically when shit hits the fan we can trace things back to that exact moment it all began, which is usually of our own doing.
As Christmas day approaches many are gearing up for a feast.
Gluttony will rule the day.
Don’t get me wrong, eat, drink, be merry, just be mindful as well.
It’s not uncommon that over the month of December 2019 to perhaps even mid Jan 2020 (when most people go back to work) the ‘rules’ go out of the window.
This can lead to people gaining up to 2 stone in weight, most of which is usually fat, not good.
It’s oaky though because in the new year they will become later focused and mike next year their bitch.
Um, yea, no, no you won’t because you said that about 2019 and found every excuse imaginable to maintain the string of successive failures that have been accumulated over the last decade or more.
I guess at least in that way people are consistent.
It’s why new years resolutions are bullshit for the most part.
If someone truly wanted changed they’d already be well anther way to making it happen, as opposed to talking about it, making all the grandiose plans and then royally ballsing it ups within the first three weeks of the new year.
People just don’t want change, and that’s okay.
What gets me is who everyone talks about it, pats each other on the back and indulges one another bullshit.
Just stop it.
You know as well as I do that you’ll do nothing, simply because you don’t really want to and with the modern narrative of body positivity, accepting every flaw in a person (so long as it fits the social, economical, political narratives of the day) and generally pretending everything is great we are encouraged to do so.
True you don’t need to change, yet you should want to.
What is the sense in remaining as we are when there is so much to gain in experience, enjoyment and a sense of purpose/achievement from making the conscious choice to become more than what we are?
I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.
After stagnating for so long, making all the excuses and avoiding the future I’ve finally become too tired to entertain my own bullshit anymore, much less anyone else’s.
Take a look back at all the NYR that you’ve not hit.
Now ask yourself why you didn’t achieve them.
Finally make a choice, you want to change or you don’t.
Simple really.
Don’t get suckered in by enjoying failure and what is brings (sympathy, people being nice, an excuse to be weak), choose change, choose to struggle to succeed and embrace all the negative shit that comes with it.
In the end it will be worth far more to you than you realise.

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Mind, Yourself

Your mind often gives out before your body.
Mental toughness or resilience is a desirable attribute.
You can build up this skill and reserves of will-power of many years of deliberate practice and mindfulness.
While some people are just born tougher than others, it is a trait that can be learned, if it matters enough to you.
Digging deep as it’s know can be rather uncomfortable.
You see this is the crossroads for many because we greatly dislike being uncomfortable because, well, it’s not a nice feeling.
Stress (positive & negative) is an integral part of life.
Learning to embrace it, accept it and finally master it.
This is what will take your levels of performance in all aspects of life to the next level, provided this is something you desire.
One way you can begin to gain this is to practice it.
The gym is a great place to apply this thought process because the next time you’re lifting just see how many reps you can do with a certain weight before you have to stop, and then keep going 😂
In all seriousness you’d find you’ve probably got more in the tank.
When we hit our rep limit because everything is burning and our mind is screaming at us to stop, we often find there is actually way more left in the tank.
You have a lot of reserves, you just don’t sue them because it’s uncomfortable to do so.
True story.
^^Obviously you don’t let your form in lifting go to shit when trying this as that will lead to injury.
The common name for the above is RIR – Reps in Reserve.
Many of us have way more to give than we actually do, yet we still wonder why we’re not getting the progress we perhaps feel we should (hint…. it’s because we’ve still got more to give).
You can apply this to your nutrition as well.
Do you need to give in to your cravings/addictions or is that something you do simply because you’re not resilient enough?
Business has a similar vein, those who tough things out often reap the rewards those who dropped out early on wish they’d stuck around to gain in the end.
Living in our world of instant gratification has made us weak.
Mentally, physically and emotionally.
Worry not though, you can regain that which has become dulled over the years. You’d simply need to spend some time sharpening these skills again and before you know it you’ll be the one people come to asking –
“How did you do it, can I do that too?”
Be warned though, this isn’t a comfortable experience.
Change never is.
In the end it will be worth it because you will have elevated yourself and with that you’ll be able to help bring those who matter to you up as well.
Success breed success after all.
You should investigate this thoroughly.

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