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The First Rule of Lifting Club

Morning Guys,
Do you know the first rule of lifting club?
No Moaning, head down and LIFT!
You will often see the guy/gals in the gym that everybody else admires, this people all have one thing in common, they didn’t like the way they looked so they decided to do something about it and stop being a victim of circumstance.
Most people will do a set of 12 with their 15rep load where as the successful ones will strive and struggle to do a set of 12 with a 10rm load because they know that’s what it takes to get better.
Everyone has a select method that works for them but the only way they find it is through years of trial and error. In that time they find things that work well and some that work better, they also find things that were a complete waste of time but they needed to do these things so they could find their own personal Holy Grail, make sense? You need to do the same through learning as well.
Speak to successful people, success leaves clues after all, attend seminars, listen to podcasts, read books, hire a coach, do everything you can to learn and understand. Don’t be a fish caught in the tide, be the mighty salmon that strives to fight it’s way up stream and go against the current because that’s where what you want will be found.
So stop moaning ans start working hard.

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WARNING. Honest Post.

The devil truly is in the details, or in the case of fitness it’s in the consistency.

People seem to think they can do 4-6weeks in the gym, lose their excess weight (some can) and then that’s it, they never have to do it again….

*Frustrated Sighs of Disbelief.

Life doesn’t work like this. It’s never worked like this and it never will.

Have you ever heard the saying “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.” because in the case of fitness/health it’s very very true. People spend a lifetime making poor choices and then expect to miraculously remedy their alignments in 4-6weeks so that they can then spend another 10 years eating too much and making more poor choices.

No, just no.

Another common problem people exhibit is that they live in the past. How many times have you heard someone say, or you yourself even said “When I was XYZ age – usually 16-21- I looked like this. I just want to get back to that and I’ll b e happy.” Well guess what buttercups, it’s not going to happen because you’re not longer 16, 21 or even 30 in some cases. You’re older, your body has changed and theres nothing you can do about it, well, actually you could go to the gym, train hard, make sensible food choices, eat according for your goals and make a lifestyle change so that you can be the best your body will allow at your current age but that’s probably too much effort.

A harsh truth? Yes, but a necessary one. Life moves on, all glories must fade and YOU must understand that as you age things change, there for so does your training. If you’ve always trained hard, eating accordingly then you will almost always have a decent mental and physical health, if you haven’t then there’s no sense in crying over spilt milk, you probably didn’t need those calories anyway.

Our intention is not to be mean or put people down. However it’s time that people stop pussyfooting around and start being honest with themselves, after all, the only person who can make a real change in your life is YOU.


Enjoy, Ross


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Missed Moments

“If you were looking for the opportune moment… that was it.” – Captain Jack Sparrow

One of my favourite quotes of all time, seriously, it really is. It sums up life perfectly and I will tell you why.

Will loses the apple of his affection, the reason he gets up everyday, his love. This prompts him to take action and with the hilarity and help of Captain Jack he find his way to a hidden island and eventually rescues his hearts desire. Once the action has subsided they share a brief and moment that was only possible because Will took action. This is the moment they have both been waiting for and guess what he does… Yep, he bottles it. This immediately followed by the sage words of Captain Jack. However upon returning to their safe haven Will decided to take action once again and not only saves Jack from he gallows but he gets the girl too. Thus a happy ending for all.

What does that have to do with real life?

A great many people spend their life waiting for the right moment to do XY or Z. Often they will say “I am just waiting for it to feel right” or “I will do this first then XYZ” this is procrastination at its finest. Too many waste their time waiting for a miracle or the right moment when in reality you have to create those small miracles and perfect moments. If you don’t someone else will and you’ll be forever kicking yourself, trust me on that.

So the next time you find yourself making an excuse to justify waiting for the opportune moment to make the magic of change happen, I suggest you slap yourself in the face and remember that the only opportune moments are the ones YOU create.

You can waste your money, your resources and even your health and eventually get them back one way or another, but once you waste your time it’s forever gone. Remember that.

Enjoy, Ross


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Morning Guys,
I get asked about what workout people should be doing with what nutrition protocol. I feel that I repeat myself a lot because the advice/knowledge I share hasn’t really changed over the years and you will find most people sing from the same hymn sheet, albeit with a slightly different point of view. In the end the principles are the same.
The most honest thing I can say to everyone who takes the time to read my posts is this; no matter what you follow, you will only get results if you really put in the effort.
It is obviously true that if you follow advice that isn’t suited to your goal then you won’t achieve the results you want, however you will still achieve results if you work hard. Everything works but not everything is appropriate.
Okay, so do I have any advice for you today? Yes I do and it’s for a busy person who does;t have much time to train. However it is bias towards people who wish to increase strength, performance and lean muscle mass. If you take this and apply a correct nutrition protocol you will achieve either a strong muscular build or a lean athletic build. Please note you can also add in some CV work if that is important to you, I would just do it for 20min bursts in a Fartlek Style.
Do 3 week or 8 mini block (both sessions is 1 mini block) before moving on to the next rep range.
Here is the loading protocol:
– Work up to 8RM (or 5,3 RM) then do 1-2 more sets at this weight.
– Back off set aim to hit 20 rep – take 80-85% of your daily top set.
That’s it. You will do this for Squat, Bench, Deadlift and Overhead Press, you may add in some assistance movements (2 at most is always good).
So this is how it might look:
Day 1 –
A1 – Squat
B1 – Press
B2 – Pull Up
Day 2-
A1 – Deadlift
B1 – Bench Press
B2 – Row
Day 3 – CV – Optional for 3 on 1 off style, or rest and then repeat days 1/2 in a 2 on 1 off fashion.
Now for the nice simple nutrition:
Establishing Daily Calorie Needs.
Leaning out – Bodyweight in Lbs x 11-13
Bulking up – Bodyweight in lbs x 17-19
Establishing Macro Needs.
Set your protein at 1gram per 1pound of bodyweight for both – 4cals per gram.
Set your carbs at a 1/1 ration for leaning and a 3/1 for bulking – 4cals per gram.
Set your fat with the remaining calories once you take away the calories from protein/carbs added together from your daily total to leave you with your left over calories, divide that by nine for you grams of fat per day- 9cals per gram of fat.
Why do I keep things that simple?
I keep things simple because they work, if you hit all of your larger muscles heavy an hard you don’t need much more. Add in come CV for health and you’re away.
Now go, simplify and enjoy.

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You’re Not Training Hard Enough…

Morning Guys,

You’re not training hard enough.

No, you’re not.

If you were then you wouldn’t be looking of rate next best program, you would be slowly and steadily making progress.

I have noticed that lots of people seem to be training much LONGER but not HARDER.

While this is only my opinion and lots will disagree, if you spend more than 45-75min in the gym then you’re not working hard enough, period.

In my opinion if you can train ‘hard’ for longer than that then you’re not training hard enough or you’re on some form of PED (steroid) because there are very few exceptions to this rule.

Why between those times?

Depending on the length or warm up you need (some people need up to 30min with all their pre mobility etc), once you’re body feels ready you start lifting and pushing yourself.

What does hard work feel like?
How should your reps feel?
How should your breathing be when running (cardio training)?

Reps –

Lets say you’re doing 6 sets of 6 reps, the first 2 sets of 6 should feel easy ish, the next two you will want to be struggling to get 6 and the last two you should only get 4, perhaps 5 reps out and those should be a struggle. This is coming close to hard work.

Alternatively you could go in with the ind set that even on your first set the 6th rep should be a fighting struggle to achieve (I like this mind set).

Cardio –

You shouldn’t be able to hold a conversation. Simple.

Too much chatter when CV training means you;re not working at the correct intensity, you should be abel to get out maybe 3-5 words or single sentences, but if you can talk almost normally then you need to be working harder.

This all sounds quite logical doesn’t it?

You’d be surprised at the amount of people who have ‘pseudo intensity’. What is it?

Pseudo Intensity is when people are working hard ish, but they often hold a lot back, this is why allows them to stay in the gym for upwards of 90min and sometimes even 3 hours.

There is a simple equation I like to remember, it goes like this:

Hard Work + Consistency = Results

Okay, there are some nuances to that but the general ethos is solid.

Now stop faffing about and go do some proper training!


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