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Music & Lifting

Training music can be crucial to people.

On a personal note it’s not something I’ve ever really used or needed.

It can have a great place to help people get into the zone.

The emotion it can invoke will help many power through a great many things, and in that sense music is truly a blessed thing, a real gift in our time.

Typically I will listen to something while writing, and it can vary from classic 8bit retro game tunes to original songs by some of the best people some have never heard of.

This is currently one of my favourite songs for an example –


^ Divided, well worth checking them out.

We can often find a music for every occasion, every situation and feeling we possess.

One reason I admittedly don’t use it in training is because of preference as if that is needed to get into the zone then it may become relied upon and if that happens in competition or game day then things could go tits up.Being able to turn it on and off with nothing more than one subtle anchor that only you know about is a skill not many possess.

All too often these days people need specific music, their pre-workout exactly 17min before training along with a specific bench/bar and place in the gym. Disrupt any of those and their session goes tits up.

So while such things are great additions, we must be careful not to allow them to become something we are reliant on.

How easy do you find it to get into a state of flow?

Please do leave your thoughts below.


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Leverage, Genetics & You.

Did you know that your inherent build can play a large role in how you lift a weight, not to mention the muscles that will take most of the load. 

Let’s take the deadlift for example.

A person with short femurs will find they have excessive loading in their quads, whereas a person with longer femurs will find the hamstrings and glutes take more of a hammering.

Therefore because oft different builds and the inherent differences that will occur in set up etc, you’d be right in thinking that while a vernal set up will be followed everyone will look slightly different.

The logic is simple, but you’d be surprised how any people ignore this.

If you look at those who might be shorter and smaller than yourself but weight more this can be down to their genetic makeup that has an effect on bone density, torso length, muscle belly shape, tendon length and more. Meaning that while we are all the same physiologically; more or less. There will always be differences and you shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone else, just you.

Learning to understand your body is something that take a long time, however that does not mean you then blame poor genetics for your lack of progress or excessive body fat gain. Your body doesn’t control you (your conciseness/brain), you do. You make the choices, the responsibility is with you.

This brings us to another crucial and noteworthy point.

If you are a person of 5ft with narrow shoulders, wide hips and short legs, you need to accept that you won’t look like someone who is 5ft with narrow shoulders, narrow hips and long legs, stop trying to achieve a goal that is physically unachievable. Make the best of what you have and train/eat accordingly.

It is not uncommon to find that people idolise those that they will never look like, because we all want what we can’t have.

Take a look at your proportions and honestly assess what is and isn’t possible to achieve. Then find different people of a similar build who have achieved a goal along the same line as yours, learn from them, try things out for at least 6 months, constantly learn, adapt and achieve.


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10 Fat Loss Faux-pas

I hope everyone had a good weekend off. You probably noticed no more fat loss faux-pas went up of the weekend, but, there was a reason of that which leads perfectly in to the next mistake to avoid.

Fat Loss Faux-pas #6 – Having a Cheat Day.

Fat loss and more importantly maintaining that fat loss isn’t something that can be easily turned on and off for everyone. Copious amounts of different diets over the years have advocated a ‘cheat day’ or something similar, I believe some even allow ‘cheat weekends’, which I’m sorry to say have a disastrous effect on on your fat loss.


Because the average person lacks sufficient will power to say no when they’ve had enough, this leads some to over indulging (binge eating), thus consuming thousands upon thousands of unneeded calories which completely destroys any caloric deficit accumulated during the week and puts a stop to any potential fat loss.

When the above happens people are left baffled as to why they have been ‘good’ all week with nutritious whole foods etc and still haven’t lost any weight. Being ‘good’ is not my favourite term because as children when we were good we got a reward or treat for being good, people see their ‘cheat’ weekends as rewards and over do it.

I am not saying that you cant have a little of what you fancy. In fact I would encourage you to have a little of what you fancy each day, just to be clear I shall say it again; have a LITTLE of what you fancy each day, DON’T, BINGE.

Please try and remember you need to find a balance in your life. If YOUR personal balance means you have one or two more things you like than your friend but your fat loss is half of theirs then accept it, if that’s what makes you happy.

After all, what’s the point in staring a lifestyle/nutritional change to lose weight and burning fat if you don’t enjoy it?

We keep doing what we enjoy, don’t make yourself unhappy trying to shift unwanted fat, do it slowly without pressure on your shoulders and a smile on your face.

Avoid this faux-pas and you will undoubtedly achieve your goal.


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