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McFly wasn’t the only one lacking it…

There is something that all those who give up have in common. 

They lack discipline.

When training is no longer fun, the initial wave of motivation has worn off and they realise their trainer was entertaining them instead of actually training them it can leave many deflated.

Sadly there can be no lessons without a cost. 

Well, unless you heed the words above in which case you’ll save a lot of money and wasted time. 

The shine of training wears off in anywhere from 1-3 years.

Believe it or not this isn’t hyperbole, it’s the truth. 

As such you need to create the habit of discipline.

Like anything it’s a skill and need practice to master. 

Stephen king used to set aside 4 hours to write according to a little book I read based on how he writes. 

Initially this wasn’t his natural ‘flow’ time because such a thing doesn’t just happen on a whim, it’s created. 

There was conscious sacrifice and the reward was skill. 

You see success is about how much you’re willing to give (of yourself) and what you’re willing to give away (creature comforts). 

There is always a price to pay, the question is a can you afford it?

Rather can you afford not to pay it if you truly want to become something more than you currently are, that is the real question here. 

How many times have you given up on something, not because of any cosmic catastrophe or unforeseen circumstance, just because you gave in to the weight of it?

^^ Give this some thought. 

You don’t have to want anything in life, yet if you do then you’ll find having an iron clad discipline will come in handy. 



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9 Magical Methods to Physical Progress in 2020

Only kidding, these aren’t magical.
They will work though provided you put in the effort and stop making excuses like you have every year since you found out that excuses kept you safe.
Harsh as it sounds people fail all the time.
Mostly due to their own ineptitude and lack of willing.
You see if you need a reason to do something you’ll find it, regardless of how monumental the task you will find the exact means you need to justify the end.
Keeping this in mind here are your 9 Magical Methods 💪
1 – Public Shame
Make your intentions loud & clear for all to hear.
You’d also find that a very public penalty or forfeit may keep your head in the game, something like you will buy all your best friends clothing for an entire year.
^ Have this written up in a contract that is legally binding, honestly don’t fuck about, actually have a price to pay if you fail because talk of punishment is cheap, make it a real possibility.
2 – Hire a Professional
Pay someone to get you to your goal, and pay someone that is expensive, literally at the top end of the price scale.
So much so that it requires you to sacrifice various creature comforts and habits to pay for their services, make your sacrifice mean something so that if you fail you’ll know you’ve let yourself down.
3 – Ask children for their opinions
Yep, kids are the best critics because they tell the truth.
If you’re fat a child will tell you, same goes for being ugly, having bad hygiene or sucking at sport.
These unforgiving little buggers are the ones you want to listen to, not people your own age because chances they’re also in a sad state as well and will tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to hear.
4 – Get Upset/Offended
Yep, listen to all the things that evoke strong emotions and make you feel uncomfortable because you will always move away from pain.
Being fitness related of course, if people are talking lumps out of your character for no reason then high 5 them with a metal chair.
5 – Stop acting like a child
This means preparing meals from scratch, taking responsibility for yourself and admitting that it’s no one else fault except your own.
You’re not in control of everything in your life, yet one aspect you can take charge in is your physical state, so do it.
6 – Get new friends
Your old fiends are holding you back because you’re ‘one of them’.
Look at the 5 people closest to you, if they’re all carrying execs body fat, unhealthy, excuse making machine then chances are you will be as well.
Find people that make you better not hold you back.
7 – Remove all food temptations from your home
Secret eating is common.
I knew a chap who would always talk about how clean he was eating yet still held quite the impressive amount of belly fat.
Despite his bluster his partner found all his empty chocolate bar wrappers kidding down the side of the bed and made everyone aware in a hilarious social media shaming.
Don’t be the person that lies because you only hurt yourself in the long run by doing so.
If you genuinely struggle and need help them please ask for it.
8 – Find people to help
As mentioned above, asking for help is crucial in success.
It’s not weak, it’s not bad, it’s a bloody good idea.
Finding a group of people that will help pull you up to higher standards is the way forwards, it will be tough, you’ll mentally feel like the worst person in the room because you probably are.
Even if faced with this fact don’t crump like a wet richmond biscuit in tetley tea, you’re worth so much more than that.
Have the same level of faith in yourself that some of us have in you and take the leap, don’t wait and think, just take it.
9 – Listen to people that have been where you are
You’re not along you know.
A lot of people struggle mentally because of their physical state.
It is very much my belief that we live in a superficial world, and deep down I feel you know this too.
As such people need to find a place they’re physically happy before they can make any real progress mentally, this is also confirmed by the science too, physically healthier people suffer less mental strife (better balance hormones, neurotransmitters, etc).
Find people to talk to that have made the journey already.
Listen to their story, hear their struggle, how they got through it and what it meant to them in the end.
You see it’s not being a physical specimen that we truly desire, it’s what comes after that, this is the real goal.
Self confidence & knowing we’re okay.
^ That’s what people want.
None of the above is magical, it is however all relevant.
You should investigate this thoroughly.


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2019, it’s been interesting

A word or few for 2020.
Just because someone disagrees that doesn’t mean you’re necessarily wrong, nor does it mean your right when someone agrees with you.
We all have an ego you see.
Typically it will do what it can to validate itself.
In essence it’s also trying to protect you and as such it will have you gravitate towards that which ‘feels’ good.
This is where you have to beware.
It can be easy to allow this place too encapsulate you.
You will find it’s called the comfort zone, or as I’ve grown to see it over the years, your Kingdom.
As the ruler you’ll be above reproach.
Able to banish anyone that doesn’t fit your doctrine, welcome all those who do and vanquish anything that questions your beliefs.
While this is a comfortable place to be, it’s a dangerous one.
You see the King or Queen of such a place will grow complacent, weak, unaware and eventually the Kingdom will fall, and all that will be left is ruins and flickering embers from the fires of truth that will inevitably find their way to you.
By all means build an impressive edifice.
Just be sure to also keep the drawbridge down to allow people into your courtyard and perhaps even your court to discuss new ideas and changing times.
Avoid circular thinking, pointless points that do bring anything to a conversation and seek to understand before you see to impose your own understanding (or be understood).
I hope you have a good final day in 2019.

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2020 vs 2019

You suffer because you make bad choices.
Typically when shit hits the fan we can trace things back to that exact moment it all began, which is usually of our own doing.
As Christmas day approaches many are gearing up for a feast.
Gluttony will rule the day.
Don’t get me wrong, eat, drink, be merry, just be mindful as well.
It’s not uncommon that over the month of December 2019 to perhaps even mid Jan 2020 (when most people go back to work) the ‘rules’ go out of the window.
This can lead to people gaining up to 2 stone in weight, most of which is usually fat, not good.
It’s oaky though because in the new year they will become later focused and mike next year their bitch.
Um, yea, no, no you won’t because you said that about 2019 and found every excuse imaginable to maintain the string of successive failures that have been accumulated over the last decade or more.
I guess at least in that way people are consistent.
It’s why new years resolutions are bullshit for the most part.
If someone truly wanted changed they’d already be well anther way to making it happen, as opposed to talking about it, making all the grandiose plans and then royally ballsing it ups within the first three weeks of the new year.
People just don’t want change, and that’s okay.
What gets me is who everyone talks about it, pats each other on the back and indulges one another bullshit.
Just stop it.
You know as well as I do that you’ll do nothing, simply because you don’t really want to and with the modern narrative of body positivity, accepting every flaw in a person (so long as it fits the social, economical, political narratives of the day) and generally pretending everything is great we are encouraged to do so.
True you don’t need to change, yet you should want to.
What is the sense in remaining as we are when there is so much to gain in experience, enjoyment and a sense of purpose/achievement from making the conscious choice to become more than what we are?
I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.
After stagnating for so long, making all the excuses and avoiding the future I’ve finally become too tired to entertain my own bullshit anymore, much less anyone else’s.
Take a look back at all the NYR that you’ve not hit.
Now ask yourself why you didn’t achieve them.
Finally make a choice, you want to change or you don’t.
Simple really.
Don’t get suckered in by enjoying failure and what is brings (sympathy, people being nice, an excuse to be weak), choose change, choose to struggle to succeed and embrace all the negative shit that comes with it.
In the end it will be worth far more to you than you realise.

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Why seeing life like a computer game can open your mind.
Back in my youth I enjoyed a game or two.
Specifically the JRPG kind.
In the many hours playing them I learned some valuable lessons that carried over to life and today I’m going to share some with you in the hope that perhaps even just one may give you a different perspective on this game we call life.
☠️ – Died? No worries, have an Extra Life
Tomorrow being a new day is basically an extra life, or at least an attempt to do better than you did yesterday because you now have some knowledge and experience that you may have been missing before.
See each day as an extra life.
🧩 – Solve the puzzle when you have all the Pieces
In some great games you will happen upon a door, puzzle or set of tasks you’re ill-equipped to tackle, as such you make notes and move on to come back to it later when you’ve gotten everything you need.
Life is a lot like this, yet people will stress about not being able to solve their problem/puzzle instantly.
^^ You can thank the culture of participation medals and instant gratification for that.
Stress not, if you can’t solve something right now there is a good change you’re not meant to because you’re still missing something, so simply make notes,move forwards and come back to this problem later.
Just hope it’s not a hidden boss that is basically 9x harder than the final boss because that would suck major balls.
🌎 – Open World
Like a RPG real life is open world so go and explore because you’ll never complete the game by staying in the same place.
The best outcome you can hope for is to make the grind to 99 and be the strongest person in a low level area where nothing will challenge you and yo’ve only got 1-2skills or ever force you to grow beyond your current list of abilities.
Exploring the world will also help you solve more puzzles, gain new team mates (just watch out they don’t steal your materia).
👺 – Enemies are Real
While you won’t necessarily be taking lumps out of each other and drawing their HP to 0, you will have battles to face against much stronger opponents (mentally) who are at higher levels (older, more mature, better kit), however if you take on the challenge and overcome the boss/emeny at hand you will gain a level up, maybe two.
They might even drop a rare item (knowledge, a promotion, life hack or piece of the puzzle) that you will later use to wth great affect.
You will know who these people are because they will feel different to you. Sings a boss is approaching are as follows – life is going very well, you’re comfortable, the room has multiple heath, weapon, armour items and perhaps a save point.
🦹‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧝‍♀️ 💃 – Choosing your Party
You can choose who comes on the journey with you.
Much like setting uptake right team for a boss raid or perhaps even being forced to have a specific character in your team because of certain requirements, you’ll need to learn how to work well with others.
Remember that people will have skill you don’t.
You may be a crafty thief however when you need someone to summon the Dragon King to put an enemy to sleep you’ll find you’re not up to the task and will need to ask for help.
Be sure to keep your party healed and let them know how valuable they are to you, both as warriors and also friends.
🕸 – Watch out for Traps
If something is too good to be true it usually is.
Be that an offer from a person in the form of a platinum ticket who then later revealed themselves to be the god of death (or on that level), or a door that promises instant success.
These things are meant to test your resolve, some are to test your pride and unless you’re 100% ready to walk the walk you will be humbled, remember that.
Just because there is an easy option it doesn’t mean it’s the right one, and in the end it will cost you far more than it gives you in that moment.
🎪 – Mini-Games
Life isn’t all go go go, you will have plenty of opportunity to play a mini-game or two, so enjoy those when they come along, and if you can buy a gold ticket 30,000 Gil it will be worth it.
You’ll find that taking some time out to play and have fun can also give you some of the most valuable items you never knew you needed, yet while a championship belt is nice we all know the real prize worth having is the memories you shared on the Ride around the Gold Saucer.
^^ So be nice because even if you’re cold towards people the chances are they will still care about you, even if you don’t feel deserving of it, so I’ve away foolish pride and stubbornness because being along doesn’t make you strong, it just keeps you being alone.
😢 – Not everyone Stays
Sometimes to maven to the next crucial part of a game you must let go of a much loved character.
Be it from a sword through the back, a nobel sacrifice to protect a granddaughter and her new friends or the ultimate realisation that your own story is ended and soon you’ll fade away, just know it was worth it.
You will try to hold on to many people in life, perhaps a little too long.
Giving away the fear of loss and accepting that moving forwards sometimes requires doing so without your best friend, current love or dearest family member is hard to accept. Yet they wouldn’t want you to lament this parting of ways, chances are they want you to keep moving forwards, growing stronger and truly become one someone that create change in this life.
Relish the time you spend with people, the lesson you learn and memories you create because unlike a game you can’t replay life.
There you have it.
Some simple lessons from my gaming days of yesteryear.

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Gym Free

Soon I am to be without a gym.
The place I currently train is set to close, it has had a good run however as with all good things it must come to an end.
A few good memories have been had at this simple place.
You’d find the beauty of this particular gym in the fact it had very little kit and very limited weight (200kg ish in plates, total), a pull up bar, TRX, small section of dumbbells (2-20kg) and 2 DAP cable machine.
Honestly it made for some of the most productive training I’ve had in years.
It also helped break my addictive mindset.
Personally I enjoy doing 3 movements per training session.
This seems to be the right amount of work that allows a solid focus with ample variety while also cutting out any chance of bullshit and exercise fodder.
Junk volume became a thing of the past.
Typically sessions were about 45-60min, if time was short only the main movement would be done, thus resulting in a one lift training session.
The other two lifts tended to be accessory, unless I felt like doing something more taxing.
My most favoured one lift sessions:
Pull/Chin Ups
When the main lift didn’t feel like it was enough some ultra basic superset tactics would be utilised:
Front Squat & Straight Leg DL
Sumo DL & Floor Press
Press & Pull Up
The typical session would look like this:
100x Rows (bodyweight, bar or DB)
Main lift – 45min of S/B/DL/P
100x Reverse Flies*
*Alternated session to session with tricep work
Yep, back would be done first and last, mainly for postural purposes and some feeling of the posterior chain.
I’m also not adverse to doing a few hundred kettlebell swings in a day (or perhaps 100 snatches) just because I feel like it, the posterior chain is king and needs to be treated as such.
It’s not much, at least it’s honest though.
You’ve now had an insight into the training I do.
There is less emotional attachment to specific movements these days, for that I’m thankful.
Training is just training at the end of the day.
If you don’t squat for 6 months no one is going to care, not really. That doesn’t mean you won’t train your legs in some way shape of from, it just means you wont necessarily do it by squatting.
Oh yes, you don’t need to train in the classic body building or Frankenstein method (by body part).
You can choose to train the way you desire.
There are not training police. No underground triad that will cut off the tip of your little finger for not training like a body builder (they only do that if you dishonour/fail them, phew).
You may be aware my philosophy of training evolved.
It was once about doing it all,now it’s about simply doing better.
Get really really good at something, or a few things, take them to their limit then be happy and give them a break and do something entirely different.
You know when it’s time to give something away (movement/exercise wise) when you start to get emotionally attached to it.
Ideally you give it away before this happens.
One way to hep you do this is to find a gym that has very little to offer in the way of kit because in that you’ll find it’s true gift, freedom.
Remember this the next time you’re presented a choice.
Instead of choosing fashion (creature comforts, shiny kit and all the trimmings).
Choose freedom.

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☯️Public Service Announcement☯️

Despite the popular belief surrounding this notion.

You can’t out-train consistently bad nutritional choices.

Many will disagree with this, yet upon careful observation of their health, performance and finally aesthetic we can often come to some striking conclusions.

The main one being that they’re steeped in cognitive dissonance.

This doesn’t mean you need to be some sort of nutrition monk, there is still plenty of wiggle room, however you’ll rarely find people at the top of their game who eat terrible quality foods.

Teenagers and the genetically super-elite seem to mystify many.

They seem to circumvent this idea that poor nutrition leads to poor performance, obesity and generally bad health.

Until they’re about 26 that is.

Quality of food matters, if someone says it doesn’t, run.

Run away as fast as you can because they’re clearly infected with some form of madness because no logically sane person would believe otherwise.

Unless they want to because of deep emotional needs.

You see most people are emotionally attached to their food.

Unwilling to give any poor choices away, they fight tooth and nail for their creature comforts and mental crutches, even if detrimental to long term heath, many won’t be told.

Personally I think that’s fair enough, we can leave them to it.

We can try hard to help people, to educate and inspire, however some just don’t want to change.

They’d rather weight until the wheels have fallen off the wagon completely – diabetes, obesity, or plenty of other health issues linked with poor nutrition and excess body fat, you take your pick.

While body positive mantra that everyone is beautiful is one to support 100%, there is no compromise to condone or support that which leads to poor health.

You’d be hard pressed to find many people at 300lbs with a fat mass percentage of 40%+ that is the paragon of health.

Now this is not to say being super lean or addicted to fitness and your aesthetic does much for your health either.

Many sacrifice their health for how they look, on either rend of the scale.

For a society of people who talk about health, we’re a poor example of it.

Get ill?

Go to the Dr’s and get drugs, it’s easier than lifestyle change.

Here are a couple of simple things to remember:

– Excess body fat means you have a calorie surplus problem
– Poor health often follows poor quality food choices
– Too late is too late, once some damage is done it can’t be fixed

Not what many want to hear.

I’m sure all the excuses about medical conditions, a hard life and the kitchen sink will come out, however that’s little more than a crutch to lean on.

Like it or not, your health is in your hands.


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Do we even need standards?

How fit & strong are fit & strong enough?

Well the answer to that would be along the lines of; it depends. 

Personally I loath this as an answer because it doesn’t ever add anything to a conversation.

True enough we need context to be more accurate with our answers, so why don’t more people simply say; in what context?

As opposed to, it depends. 

Accountability, that’s why. If you take a leap and say anything these days someone will hold you accountable/responsible for their failure, injury or misfortune because they’re not mature enough to realise that 99% of the time the reason they’re in the shit is  because other own doing. 

It’s easy to blame someone, something or in fact anything else.

Also drawing a line in the sand as putting some form of minimum standard offends those why can’t achieve it. 

None of the offended ever ask why they can’t achieve a standard, instead the bitch whinge piss and moan until it’s lowered to the point where it’s not even a standard worth even attempting to achieve anymore. You can see this happening in the services/forces, they’re lowering ht barriers to entry to make things more inclusive and fair, very dangerous if you ask me. 

In the average persons life there are three kinds of strength that are needed:

  • Lifting things from the floor 
  • Carrying things for distance/time
  • Getting up from the floor

As for cardio these are the types we use in life:

  • Having the ability to sprint after a bus, up some stairs or away forms something without getting winded
  • Being able to walk for hour upon hours at a time without break 

Those for the majority of daily life needs when equated to fitness speak. 

To give some numbers to those based on lifts that the majority of people can do we get the following:

  • Deadlift  your BW at a minimum (ideally 2xBW)
  • Loaded Carry your BW for 60 seconds 
  • TGU with additional weight (ideally 25% BW, gold standard 50% BW)
  • Sprint 400m (ideally having a 3-5min high effort tank would be very useful)
  • Walk an hour easily without needing to stop 

Obviously these are arbitrary statistics, however being strong enough to shift your own body weight and ideally a little more on top will prove most useful in all aspects of daily life, and being able to move quickly every now and again won’t hurt either. As for low level activity without getting tired, well if you can do that then you’d probably do well to go see a Dr, ASAP.

What would you say can be considered fair as minimum strength/fitness standards for daily life?



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Giving to Yourself

Amateur athletes, weekend warriors & those who train hard.

Give yourself the gift or more time.

Give yourself the gift or more rest.

Honestly, you’ve got plenty of time to make progress, even if you’re in your 60’s you can still move forwards.

Too many rush and injury is their reward.

This doesn’t mean you will become slothful or lacklustre in your training, oh no.

You will still be required to lift with intent, focus and gusto.

The only difference is that you allow yourself a little more rest between sets, perhaps an extra day off here and there all to allow you more recovery which will translate in to more progress in the end.

You see for the majority of us training is suppose to enhance our lives, not absorb or detract from them.

In my years of training I’ve been obsessive, too rigid, unwavering in adherence to the routine and while it did indeed yield results, would it really have been so bad if I arrive at that point perhaps 2-3 years later?

My prize was glory when the flame burned bright.

Even for a short while I was untouchable, then it all fell to pieces and burnout was my enteral reward.

This took almost as many years to recover from.

Yep. 5 years of the true iron path ended up in 5 years to recover from it, and the kicker is I wasn’t even anything worth shout about in the grand scheme of things.

While we talk about enjoy the journey, which I did, I can tell you it wasn’t worth it, breaking yourself for ego is never worth it, yet many will do this because it’s the message of the world.

Work hard and what you seek shall be yours, oh and it will, you just wont be able to hold on to it for very long.

Sensible training, reasonable & repeatable sessions, more recovery days and optimal nutrition choices, that is what will yield the best long term results.

True you may decide to test/peak/push yourself perhaps once of twice per year, and in truth that’s all you need.

Anything more is superfluous.

As I sit here typing this I do wonder, will you listen to me?

Will these words of warning resonate or run off like water from a ducks back because like a far younger me you still think you currently know better.

The truth is we never know better, we only know what we know, or what we choose to believe and that’s rarely whats best for us.

Anyway, here are 7 suggestions for you, garnered from years grinding away for little reward.

1 – Nutrition trumps training
2 – Consistency is key, so train reasonably & repeatably
3 – Train every 3-5 days
4 – Take 5min rest after heavy sets, maybe even up to 10
5 – Test yourself once or twice per year
6 – Set mini goals that require some effort, not all your effort
7 – Have a greater purpose behind you for training, training for the sake of training rarely ends well


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Who wants a shortcut to success?

If someone was to offer you the path to success, you’d take it, right?
Most certainly claim they would, yet in reality that’s a lie.
You see the route you’d need to take is not sexy, nor is it fun or rewarding in the short term, heck it’s not even rewarding in the long term.
Not even in the long term?
Nope, not in the way you think.
You see it will take you at least 10 years in any industry/field to realise you weren’t ‘the shit’ and you were in fact just ‘shit’ 😂
At this point you’re now kinda component at what you do.
From here on out you’ll think it’s all smooth sailing, until you realise another 10 years has gone by and you realise that ‘kinda component’ was still pretty green.
Tha being said, you’ll have picked up a lot of knowledge along the way and since you will have paid your dues in more ways than one you’ll be rewarded with opportunity.
Much like you will find has already happened, you just didn’t notice it.
Oh yes.
All the time you felt hard done by were still opportunities given to you, and the one you wanted because you felt you deserved it went to someone who was in the place you now are and had paid more dues than you up to that point.
Many people don’t like this, they feel it’s unfair.
That my friends is the attitude of the ignorant and the arrogant.
Unless you’re some kind of prodigy (which is highly unlikely otherwise you’d be out doing whatever it is prodigies do) you will have to dedicate several lifetimes to the cause.
This is where fairness and equality are nice ideas, however if all is fair it’s not equal and if all is equal it’s not fair.
Too many expect the world to fall at their feet.
Why should it though?
What have you actually got to offer that is of value or that extends beyond your own ego and is truly for others?
Of course there is nothing wrong with looking out for number 1, that’s just good survival instincts.
Just remember that you’ll come across many people that have looked after No1 for long enough and now they can give something back to someone who happened to be like them in their youth, and that someone might just be you.
Their gift won’t be what you think it is though.
It will seem like it’s less than you deserve and the tis what makes it exactly what you deserve.
Someone will be willing to give you the cheat sheet of life.
In fact it will help you save in total about 10 years worth of struggle so that you can climb higher than they did because they now realise that people like you are now more important than their bank balance.
Of course you’ll ignore this wonderful gift because as the technical terms describes it; you’re an idiot.
It’s okay though, I’ve been that idiot more times than I care to admit so you’re not alone.
The next time someone offers you any of the above you’d do well to accept their gift with open arms, especially if you feel it’s less than you deserve because it will be precisely what you need.
Once you no longer have a positive or negative feeling towards what gifts you’re given you will have found Elysium.
Remember, emotion is bound to ego.
^^ That’s a topic for another day though.
In the meantime you should investigate the above thoroughly.

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