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Book Recommendation

You know I’m a fan of minimalistic training.

Why do more when it can be done with less?

A great book that is worth reading not only for it’s pearls of wisdom training wise, yet also it’s science is ‘The Naked Warrior’ by Pavel Tsatsouline.

It’s a great investment, and the best part is you’ll be able to understand and appreciate ow to use just your bodyweight.


You’ll find the link below –

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Buys or Productive?

Do you like the feeling of constantly doing something?
That’s probably a yes, most people do.
Well, in a training sense anyway as it gives them that dopamine/adrenaline hit they may be seeking.
As such here is a novel way to feel like you’re constantly on the move while actually getting in ample rest to allow for progress to be made.
Ax1min +Bx1min +Cx1min & repeat for 30-45min
Here is how it works.
Set a timer for your desired number of rounds, each lasting one minute, basically an EMOM with a little panache.
A – Kettlebell Swing x10
B – Push Up x10
C – Farmers Walk or Loaded Carry x20m
(Each set should last about 10-15 seconds or less)
Perform you reps, rest the remainder of the minute then proceed to the next movement, repeat until all sets are completed and time is up.
Seems easy on paper, and if people find it easy then they have these two options to change that:
1 – Utilise CA more (powerful concentric reps)
2 – Heavier loads that requires more force generation
I have found over the years that the above is actually best suited to people who are already strong, well trained or actually put in 100% each rep they perform.
Weaker people or beginners just don’t get the same effects due to their lack of ability, sounds harsh yet it’s true.
The idea of this style of lifting is quality and ample rest while having people still feel/think they’re constantly doing something.
Now it’s true that the power/force output will be a tad lower doing this than it would by doing say 10 all out reps of something and then resting for 3min, yet most won’t like that due to feeling like they need to be doing more.
Actually that’s worth touching on.
Are you someone who needs to feel that way, you know, that you’re always doing something, or leaving a session destroyed is how they all must end or you’ve let yourself down?
If that sounds like you I implore you to rethink this.
While it seems like a good idea it really isn’t, and while in some cases it will provide a short term gain it will usually come at the cost of longevity.
I know many won’t listen to the above, yet those that do will find they get better results than they have before.
2-4 days per week of the above will be sufficient for most, sticking with the same movements for say 6-12 weeks, oh yes, the same session each time.
^ This is where waviness will need to come into play, you’ll find previous posts on that concept buried on this page somewhere.
You should investigate this thoroughly.

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Well that went off on a tangent.

The internet, a place where opinions of plenty can be found.

Some useful, others good and a rare few are true.

When this comes into the realm of fitness there are some things that can easily be separated, often this can be done by asking a few deeper questions, ascertaining proof of result or something similar.

As far as coaching goes we can know a lot, yet how much of that did we ever apply?

There is something to be said for walking the walk, after all if you’re goal is to squat 900lbs you won’t ask someone who’s only every squatted 200lbs to train you. Like it or not that’s the reality, now does that mean that there isn’t a rare or exceptional coach out there who only squats 200lbs and has coached lifters to squat over 900lbs, of course not, however I have yet to meet or even hear of that person yet.

That doesn’t mean they don’t or won’t exist, they just seem to be alluding us at present.

Dedicating your life to a cause gives you perspective.

Perspective is a very useful  thing to have, it provides us with answers to questions we didn’t even know to ask and that is invaluable. The only kicker is that to achieve this there needs to be a sacrifice, a trade off as it were and a lot won’t pay it, this is fair enough because not everyone wants that kind of life, yet we’d do well to remember that people that do choose the route with the most sacrifice and cost to their personal self will have insight into things we’ll struggle to comprehend or even belief as real.

A world filled with exceptional people, well, exceptional to those who didn’t make the sacrifices, yet amidst those that did these people aren’t exceptional, they’re just other people like them ad they look up to the rare few that went even further, what you’d call their exceptions.

Fitness, like life is less a case of ‘exceptions to the rule’ and more akin to ‘exceptions to your rules based on where you currently stand.’.

Step up to a different level and you’ll find new rules, no longer are you the exception as the game has now changed, exceptional is now your new normal, are you ready for that sacrifice?

Some are, many aren’t and that my dear readers is life.

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“Strength is the currency of the realm.” – Me 😛
Okay, it’s not, currency is the currency of the realm.
Strength just sounds more appealing to me and it can be attributed to many different forms.
– Physical
– Mental
– Emotional, etc
In trying to appease the hoard and make things ‘fair’ & ‘equal’ (there is no such thing in real life you know), I’ve been stripping away at my strength testing parameters.
Aiming to find concise movements that hit everything necessary to yield a good overall picture of how strong you are as a human.
Years have passed, many potential guidelines suggested.
One movement stands head and shoulders over most due to it’s simplicity, fairness and equality for everyone.
The humble Pull Up (or chin up if you want).
A full dead hang is the where you start, then hoist yourself in a strict fashion with no excess momentum to get you chin over the bar at a minimum (ideally chest to bar for real strength bragging rights), then lower under control back to a full dead hang and repeat.
The goal for Men is 10 strict, for Ladies it’s 5.
(Can’t do these, apart from medical exception that means one of, or these too things – You’re too weak or you’re too heavy)
Why 10 & 5, why not 10 and 10?
Well it can be 10 for all yet genetically men tend to be more predisposed to naturally having more upper body strength, so I’m trying to be fair here, yet those that get offended can aim to match reps for reps and they’ll find on average what they want reality to be is woefully far from their view.
Now to test everything else is where life gets tricky.
Can we use a squat, or a deadlift, or a loaded carry?
The truth is you can use whatever you want to test strength.
The point of this post is to simply show that there isn’t really any true tests that are fair for all.
So you’d best find some that provide you with the best angle of the bigger picture.
You’ll have seen in the past I’ve said thee three are good:
– Pull Up
– Clean & Press
– Deadlift & Carry
Or these
– Pull Up
– Deadlift
– Loaded Carry
Honestly it just doesn’t matter, just pick movements that provide as much information as possible and have a low technical skill requirement, that way people can’t bitch the movement is too hard from a motor learning standpoint.
So my friends, in regards to strict full ROM pull ups…
How much currency would they provide you in the real of strength?

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Consistency, not all it’s cracked up to be

Being consistent is said to be the most important element of making any headway in regards to training/progress.
Now this isn’t untrue, yet it’s merely a part of the equation.
You’ve also got to keep these elements in mind too:
– Optimal Training
– Appropriate Nutrition
– Clear Goal(s)
– Patience
There are plenty of consistent people in life, diligently doing their thing with little to show for it.

You’ll also find people that are inconsistent and yet get great results that stick around (due to nailing the other three of the four elements mentioned above), this frustrates many, yet it holds a valuable lesson – right is right. 

Fair enough some are not interested in the tangible side of progression and do it purely for the mental/social benefits, this is cool yet that’s not who we’re talking about here.
Think about it for a second, how many years have you been consistent?
Did it pay off as you’d hoped or was the end result now what you expected because mentally it just wasn’t really the right goal for you, or was something else off because knowing can help you move forwards.
Once you’ve achieved a goal it’d a good idea to sit and reflect on it.
Make a list of the things you learned.
What was good, great or went better than expected.
How many times did you find it getting hard and not really worth the effort that caused you to slip a little or have a wobble or two, because that happens and provides some valuable insight.
Learning to not only love the process, learning how to break it down is also crucial.
Honest introspection can reveal many things.
Was the training optimal, did you have the right nutrition for the task or did you find you’d put yourself under too much pressure to achieve something far faster than is actually possible?
All questions to ask yourself.
Essentially you’re doing an After Action Report.
Although after-action reports may vary, here are the main components you need to be sure to include:
Improvement/action plan.
You can hop on google for more detail on AAR’s.
To share some experience of my training and one key thing learned, consistency & patience have never been the issues my end personally.
The issue could be found in training, nutrition or the goal.
My common issues –
Training: doing too much and not willing to apply the appropriate methods for the proclaimed goal (fear or regression).
Nutrition: simply didn’t eat enough, always the issue.
Goal(s): rarely being sure what it was I actually wanted and letting ego dictate based on the opinions of others and what I thought I wanted, rather than sitting down and thinking about it properly.
^ The last one being the real element. A lot of us will pick goals that are not a representation of what we really desire, we simply pick them because other people have advised it, or it’s just a popular trend to follow.
It’d be great if you can share some of your reflections.
You can be the most consistent person in the world, yet constantly walking in the wrong direction is still walking in the right direction no matter which way you slice it.

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6 Reasons why you don’t have to please everyone.

In our modern world where everyone folds faster than a poor hand at poker trying to gain a modicum of approval from the masses, here are some reasons not to bother.

Be warned, they’re quite logical and my offend the weak minded.

1 – Some people are idiots.

Yep, some people are just not worth wasting time with because they’re idiots and won’t ever get it.

2 – Pleasing everyone is far too draining.

Take away the facet of the ‘energy vampires’ of the world and you’ll still find i’s exhausting trying to make everyone happy, so just don’t bother.

3 – It often goes unappreciated.

Many these days are far too expectant, as such they feel entitled to be made to feel all warm and fuzzy.

A foolish thought, like respect and many other things we’d do well to remember that we must earn good things in this life because we’re not entitled to anything.

4 – You waste your time.

Instead of trying to gain scraps from people that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things, try focusing on helping those tho really need your valuable time.

5 – Self respect.

I’ve seen many a person sink rather low to please others, dragging down their standards, abilities and gifts to make others feel better.

Stop it, by all means bring others up and extend a helping hand, however don’t lower yourself just to make someone else feel less shit about the results of their poor life choices.

6 – Some people are idiots.

Since many forget this one it warranted a second mention.



The real number 6 –

People pleasers are just irritating humans in general and come across as desperate, don’t be one of them.

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Wait, you don’t want to be stronger?

“I’m not really interesting in getting strong or building much muscle, I just want to be a bit fitter and more toned.”
Usually when I hear those words I like to add in this –
“Ah, your a prime candidate for a darwin award then.”
While it’s fair that people may not wish to train to build strength and enhance their lean body mass, those people are stupid.
Yep you read that correctly.
Now unless said person is competing in a weight category based sport or has literally made out their genetic potential for strength that helps in their sports, those are the exceptions.
For everyone else in this world you’d do well to get stronger & build lean mass.
Apart from the numerous benefits to health, life and overall mental wellbeing you gain from the two things above, you’re also able to have more overall freedom in your life too.
Not needed to call on people for help moving things.
Being more robust so that injuries due to impact of accidents are reduced.
Maintaining your ability to move as you did in your formative years, all great additional benefits.
It always bothers me when people claim they don’t wish to get stronger or add lean body mass, like why wouldn’t you want those things?
Why wouldn’t you want to be better than you currently are?
Yes, again I just said something that would be considered offensive because it insinuates that people are not good enough as they are, which in a physical/health sense they usually aren’t.
Besides, being weak and skinny fat sucks major balls.
You may look acceptable in clothing yet strip that away and behold, Mumm Ra.
If you are one of these people I truly would love for you to share you opinions and views as to why you feel as you do.
Not to berate or bring you down, it’s to understand because in my narrow view of the world strength/LBM makes everything better and why someone wouldn’t want that is truly baffling.

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Three easy steps to fining the right training system for you.

Step 1 – Pick a system.
Step 2 – Follow the system to compete/desired outcome.
Step 3 – Reflect/breakdown what you learned & start again.
Essentially that is it.
Just repeat the above for a couple of decades and you’ll find ‘what works for you’.
You simply need to establish the overall goal you have.
Now this could be performance/health related (objective) or mental (subjective), the difference in the two is being able to track tangible data.
How long you stick to the chosen system will depend on your goal, or what you’re using it for.
There is sadly no magic length of time you must do this for.
It may be 6 months, it could be 3 years, who knows.
Your main consideration is that what you do you must stick to for some decent length of time to establish if it is or has been effective or not.
^People of advanced training status – near their genetic limit are exempt and probably know what works for the anyway.
In the early days pretty much everything works, that’s why we get a phase called ‘beginners gains’.
This lasts 1-3 years if your training is progressive and logically programmed for your goal, past this point all the dramatic changes are pretty much done, time to embrace consistency.
One piece of advise you’d do well to take away from this is that you’ll get better results if you pick just ONE GOAL.
Yep, just one, not multiple.
Wether you train for something tangible or just to feel good, it doesn’t matter, the only thing I know is that you need to stick with whatever it is your doing long enough for it to yield a result of any kind.
Don’t be too quick to abandon things.
Tempting as it may be, nothing worth while happens overnight, it takes time so instead of seeking and thinking about what a training system can do for you now, think what it is you can give the training system so that in the future it returns your investment with something worthwhile.

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McFly wasn’t the only one lacking it…

There is something that all those who give up have in common. 

They lack discipline.

When training is no longer fun, the initial wave of motivation has worn off and they realise their trainer was entertaining them instead of actually training them it can leave many deflated.

Sadly there can be no lessons without a cost. 

Well, unless you heed the words above in which case you’ll save a lot of money and wasted time. 

The shine of training wears off in anywhere from 1-3 years.

Believe it or not this isn’t hyperbole, it’s the truth. 

As such you need to create the habit of discipline.

Like anything it’s a skill and need practice to master. 

Stephen king used to set aside 4 hours to write according to a little book I read based on how he writes. 

Initially this wasn’t his natural ‘flow’ time because such a thing doesn’t just happen on a whim, it’s created. 

There was conscious sacrifice and the reward was skill. 

You see success is about how much you’re willing to give (of yourself) and what you’re willing to give away (creature comforts). 

There is always a price to pay, the question is a can you afford it?

Rather can you afford not to pay it if you truly want to become something more than you currently are, that is the real question here. 

How many times have you given up on something, not because of any cosmic catastrophe or unforeseen circumstance, just because you gave in to the weight of it?

^^ Give this some thought. 

You don’t have to want anything in life, yet if you do then you’ll find having an iron clad discipline will come in handy. 



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9 Magical Methods to Physical Progress in 2020

Only kidding, these aren’t magical.
They will work though provided you put in the effort and stop making excuses like you have every year since you found out that excuses kept you safe.
Harsh as it sounds people fail all the time.
Mostly due to their own ineptitude and lack of willing.
You see if you need a reason to do something you’ll find it, regardless of how monumental the task you will find the exact means you need to justify the end.
Keeping this in mind here are your 9 Magical Methods 💪
1 – Public Shame
Make your intentions loud & clear for all to hear.
You’d also find that a very public penalty or forfeit may keep your head in the game, something like you will buy all your best friends clothing for an entire year.
^ Have this written up in a contract that is legally binding, honestly don’t fuck about, actually have a price to pay if you fail because talk of punishment is cheap, make it a real possibility.
2 – Hire a Professional
Pay someone to get you to your goal, and pay someone that is expensive, literally at the top end of the price scale.
So much so that it requires you to sacrifice various creature comforts and habits to pay for their services, make your sacrifice mean something so that if you fail you’ll know you’ve let yourself down.
3 – Ask children for their opinions
Yep, kids are the best critics because they tell the truth.
If you’re fat a child will tell you, same goes for being ugly, having bad hygiene or sucking at sport.
These unforgiving little buggers are the ones you want to listen to, not people your own age because chances they’re also in a sad state as well and will tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to hear.
4 – Get Upset/Offended
Yep, listen to all the things that evoke strong emotions and make you feel uncomfortable because you will always move away from pain.
Being fitness related of course, if people are talking lumps out of your character for no reason then high 5 them with a metal chair.
5 – Stop acting like a child
This means preparing meals from scratch, taking responsibility for yourself and admitting that it’s no one else fault except your own.
You’re not in control of everything in your life, yet one aspect you can take charge in is your physical state, so do it.
6 – Get new friends
Your old fiends are holding you back because you’re ‘one of them’.
Look at the 5 people closest to you, if they’re all carrying execs body fat, unhealthy, excuse making machine then chances are you will be as well.
Find people that make you better not hold you back.
7 – Remove all food temptations from your home
Secret eating is common.
I knew a chap who would always talk about how clean he was eating yet still held quite the impressive amount of belly fat.
Despite his bluster his partner found all his empty chocolate bar wrappers kidding down the side of the bed and made everyone aware in a hilarious social media shaming.
Don’t be the person that lies because you only hurt yourself in the long run by doing so.
If you genuinely struggle and need help them please ask for it.
8 – Find people to help
As mentioned above, asking for help is crucial in success.
It’s not weak, it’s not bad, it’s a bloody good idea.
Finding a group of people that will help pull you up to higher standards is the way forwards, it will be tough, you’ll mentally feel like the worst person in the room because you probably are.
Even if faced with this fact don’t crump like a wet richmond biscuit in tetley tea, you’re worth so much more than that.
Have the same level of faith in yourself that some of us have in you and take the leap, don’t wait and think, just take it.
9 – Listen to people that have been where you are
You’re not along you know.
A lot of people struggle mentally because of their physical state.
It is very much my belief that we live in a superficial world, and deep down I feel you know this too.
As such people need to find a place they’re physically happy before they can make any real progress mentally, this is also confirmed by the science too, physically healthier people suffer less mental strife (better balance hormones, neurotransmitters, etc).
Find people to talk to that have made the journey already.
Listen to their story, hear their struggle, how they got through it and what it meant to them in the end.
You see it’s not being a physical specimen that we truly desire, it’s what comes after that, this is the real goal.
Self confidence & knowing we’re okay.
^ That’s what people want.
None of the above is magical, it is however all relevant.
You should investigate this thoroughly.


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