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Message Consistency

Fellow trainers, do you share a consistent message?

In fact do you even have a message you’re trying to share in the first place because you’d be surprised how many are out there without one.

They just start work as a PT and hope for the best.

(How will your message benefit people?)

Being consistent isn’t just repeating the same thing though.

– Leading by example
– Ongoing self development
– Research in your niche field
– Expanding the ‘why’

These are key element to consider.

When you lead by example to me this means you don’t simply command what people do, you live by those rules as well, and apply them in your daily life.

Developing is a part of life, while most people will grow they don’t always grow in positive ways.

It’s worth setting a goal or two for yourself each year surrounding this because that is what will help you in delivering a higher overall standard/experience to your clients.

Going down every nook & cranny can seem laborious.

Often we only want to look up the things we want to find, a good little tip is to type in a search for something you already believe to be true and finish it with one of these:

– is bullshit
– often has this forgotten
– doesn’t work because

Trying to find the cracks in your own plot armour will serve you well and make you a far better trainer than always confirming your bias.

Lastly knowing your ‘why’ is one thing, being able to explain it to other people is something else entirely.

Get a hold of the book ‘Start with Why’ by Simon Sinek.

Gie some deep thought to the above.

Share a good, useful & true message consistently.


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Arbitrary Life Lessons

Everyone wants to succeed at something.
We all know it doesn’t come easy.
Whatever ‘it’ is.
The problem is all the bullshit spouted from influencers, or people that are great at fooling the stupid, of which were are many.
This being said, a lot of people want to be fooled.
Anyway, time for some wisdom.
Below you’ll find 8 lessons you can apply immediately to better your life and start taking you forwards in life.
If there are any questions please leave them down below.
In no particular order:
1 – When you wake up in the morning, get up immediately
2 – 10-20min of movement upon waking changes the day
3 – Before bed write down what you’ll achieve tomorrow
4 – Write down your excuses instead of saying them
5 – Reflect on you written excuses, are they valid or not
6 – When offered an easy road or hard one, choose hard
7 – Success isn’t mandatory, then again, neither is failure
8 – You don’t need to do any of the above, however you can
Take a moment to give an honest look at the view you’ve got, and ask yourself this question:
Is it enough?
Answering yes, is great. This means you can step off the path and stand to the side to let those who wish for a view from a high point on the mountain keep going.
After all, enough is enough.
That being said, you can always take a few more steps to see what the view might be like from slightly further up too.
Bonus – Write things down daily & always carry a small note pad/pen because you never know when that one idea that will change your life will hit you,and no, you won’t remember it, so WRITE IT DOWN.

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Chin Up, Dearie

Feeling bad about oneself is common.
Looking back at old photos, videos or times when you were in your prime can be quite disheartening.
A level cognitive dissonance will kick in so that you’re able to convince yourself things aren’t that bad.
Reading the above, if you’re sat and think ‘that sounds familiar’ then you may be in this nefarious place:
Avoidance of reality 🙈
To men it comes in the form of “I’m not that bad, but…XYZ”
Ladies typically say “I would do X, but I don’t have Z because of Y”
In truth it can be hard to admit when we’ve let ourselves slip because there will be no getting around feeling a little bit shit.
You may also find that other people make you feel this way too, not even because they’re trying to directly, it’s more because you take umbrage with the way they’ve said something 😡
Usually your response will be along the lines of – “Yea but you don’t understand X because you don’t have YZ.”
Which may be true, however this is often just layering excuses.
I’ve done it in the past plenty of times 🤷‍♀️
It still happens now, more often than it ought to in all truth.
This is fully understandable though because we want to protect ourselves, or at least our ego.
Given most of what ends in these posts tends to be a combination of fitness, philosophy & psychology it’d be easy to think that ‘real life’ and the trouble of people escapes understanding.
A fair view to have, however it’s highly flawed.
You see most PT’s work with the ‘average’ person.
You know the kind, out of shape, has a family, works long hours, drinks little too much, comfort eats, pretends to be fine and uses food/alcohol as a crutch/shield with a devil may care attitude towards it all to hide how they really feel.
One sad lesson learned from fitness is that for making better choices for ones health and longevity it make tother people feel bad and as such they will attack/shame you for it.
“You’re boring.”
“You don’t get it, it’s easy for you.”
“It’s not that easy because…”
“Clearly you’ve got good genetics.”
“Life must be earlier of you because of…”
Being around a long as I have personally there isn;t much I’ve not heard, and do you know what, it’s all true and 100% valid.
In knowing this though, that all the troubles, excuses and hardships are valid, you must also accept that there are literally millions of people across the world with similar or worse that still put in a solid effort that’d come under-fire from the fit-shaming above.
The desire of most who work in fitness is this: to help you.
Trust me it’s certainly not for the money 😂
Yet we can’t help you unless you’re willing to help yourself, and the sad truth is most people aren’t wiling to do that because they don’t have any immediate reason to do so.
It’ll take a health scare, accident or unfortunate diagnosis.
Something extreme, horrible potentially, before many will act and try to make a positive change and stop feeling sorry for themselves.
Ask yourself this question:
🧠 – Why would I not want to be better than my excuses?
Then this one:
🧠 – Whom do I care about enough to better my heath for?
🧠 – What am I prepared to do to become better moving forwards?
A lot of this will end up being routed in behaviour change, as well as learning to prioritise specific things in you life differently, or even what those might be.
In fact try writing down the 5 most important things in your life, and why they are important.
Look at them and think deeply about how improving your health/fitness will also improve those too.
If by change it won’t, cool, bin all of the above off an live as you are, honestly it’s all up to you in regards to the life you want to live and the quality of it.
All of the above being said, if you do feel bad about yourself then realise the only one who can change that is you.

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If you can be anything, be resilient

A good recipe for success contains these three things:

Doing what is hard
Doing what is dull
Doing what is boring

Some may say that the above contains the things such as the basics, required repetition, consistency, pragmatic choice and sacrifice.

All things that can be very arduous.

The above doesn’t just apply to fitness though, it extends throughout all life and most of the things you’ll ever do that are actually worth something.

It’s easy to understand not wanting to do the above.

They all suck.

Yet the difference between those who made a great progress in anything, is the simple acceptance of them and the level of effort put in across the larger span of time.

Seth Godin calls it surviving the Dip.

The dip being and inevitable lull where what was once shine, new, exciting and filled with passion becoming nothing more than a long slog that you’d better be prepared to embrace for a very long time.

Yes exceptional opportunities do come along.

It’s true that some people go further faster due to the simple fact of who they are.

Life dishes out it’s good luck unevenly, usually whats seen as a magic system or way of doing things is little more than someone being in the right place at the right time, with good luck and randomness on their side.

This is because while you only hear of one person, there is a high probability that thousand of others were doing exactly the same thing(s), the only difference between the one and the many is this –

Doing what is hard
Doing what is dull
Doing what is boring

And doing them consistently.

All of this when added to and multiplied by time will often and eventually result in success, however there is no guarantee of when that will be.

To give you the above in a different example, think of it like a tug of war.

You both pull as hard as possible, it seems like an infinite amount of time passes where nothing happens, you’re both locked in place, stagnant, and it just seems to easy to let go, make up your excuses about the ground being of poor quality, your hands slipping, the wind being behind you or whatever, when in truth once things get tot his stage and it might be you and perhaps one other person about to come out the other end of the dip is this:

Who wants it more?

Tenacity is underrated.

Tenacity can often be found:

Doing what is hard
Doing what is dull
Doing what is boring

Not because it enjoys doing such things, rather because it knows it has no other choice and embraces the suck due to making that decisive choice to do so.

Apply the above to lifting and you can get strong, build muscle, forge endurance of the gods and so much more.

Apply it in life and you’ll be the one everyone comes to asking that magic question of – “How did you do XYZ.”

Be aware they wont like the answer of, by

Doing what is hard
Doing what is dull
Doing what is boring

Give the above some thought and decide just how far you want to go in life and when it all gets too much, ask this one simple question:

“How much do I want this?”


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A little bit of reality for y’all that the ‘health’ gurus won’t tell you

Health is only valued once it’s lost.

Chances are you’ve heard of that old cliche, and yet it’s very true.

Experience has shown that there are certain elements to our heath that we can control (most of the time) and they are as follows:

– What we put in our bodies
– How stress is dealt with
– Sleep
– Physical activity

You may find a few more here and there, yet these cause the biggest impact.

In regards to what goes into your body, this comes in the form of your nutrition, substances and all things of that nature.

Look at it this way, people choose to eat terribly, smoke and drink excessive amounts, then complain when their health is in the toilet.

Um, no, you don’t get to complain for something you willing did to yourself, it’s your fault and anyone who tells you differently isn’t helming you, they’re merely having you shift accountability and this can leads to dependence, or various logical excuses as to why you struggle.

This leads into the second point, how you deal with stress.

We can all agree life is mostly suffering and shit, yet how you choose to deal with that, be it an emotional reaction that sends you towards drugs & drink or a rational decision to perhaps take up yoga/meditation.

Stress is inevitable, however how YOU choose to react/respond to it isn’t.

Put simply, make better choices.

Of course consider your emotional needs, and everything else that needs to be considered, just don’t react instantaneously because this is one of the quickest ways to form poor coping mechanisms and terrible lifestyle habits.

The more time you give in to you animalistic, primal and childish urges the more this will have knock on effects throughout your life.

One main area this can effect is sleep.

(You can improve sleep by limiting technology before bed, black out blinds, a comfortable room temp, etc – seriously google it, there is a load of into on how to improve sleep)

You end up with a broken circadian rhythm, poor habits where you get up in the night to go and eat to emotional comfort yourself, or have a drink or a smoke or who know what else.

This all leads to excessive cortisol, basically you’re a frightened animal that is always not he run with no respite.

While the first two can take a few years to reveal their damage, poor sleep shows you its ugly side within a few days.

This in turn leads to more stress, then that goes back up the change to making more poor decisions as to what goes into your body, a truly vicious cycle.

^ Yes I literally repeated the same thing in different wording and do you know why, because it’s IMPORTANT and you need to realise it sooner rather than later.

Lastly this leads to your physical activity.

Ofter it goes on of two ways:

1 – You embrace sloth, grow fat and destroy your health
2 – You become addicted to training & destroy your health

The reason for number two not being all fluffy and worm is this – people try to use exercise (especially excessive exercise) to compensate for all of the above being shit.

I’ve seen it time and again for almost 20 years.

As much as I personally love fitness, there is a reason it’s last on this list, and that is because out of the 4 above it’s the last important.

Without optimal consumption and ingestion of items into your body you can’t perform.

Without a method of dealing with stress appropriately then adding extra stress from training will end up being more distress as opposed to the eustress that it’s meant to be.

Without adequate sleep you won’t recovery and probably end up injured, frustrated and emotionally comforting yourself through your poor choices/habits.

You see even when all of the above is shit you can still gain refuge from training and perhaps even make some progress use to the positive effect it can have in helping you adjust your habits.

Yet as mentioned above this is where things go wrong because you try and ‘out train’ your problems/shortcomings.

It’s essentially like trying to swim through wet sand.

Take a look at the big picture for a second.

See where you’re falling short and address it honestly, don’t hold anything back or better yet get someone who won’t mind hurting your feelings to give you the talk you need.

Yes it will suck, it will hurt, yet for hourlong term health it is exactly what you need.

Go back and re-read the above.

Make notes about yourself and any thoughts that spring to mind.

One sure fire way to know if something directly applies to you is this – you get pissy, offended, the hump, or whatever you want to call it.

When you have an immediate emotional reaction and you stop yourself blurting something out that often means a nerve has been hit and it has direct relevance to you and your internal (possibly external too) growth.

If you have any questions feel free to ping a comment down below of fire of a message.


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Things get harder or you simply get better

“You’ve got it easy now, just you wait until you’re my age, then you’ll understand.” – Everyone over 30.
Since just watching a hilarious video on the difference between being 20 & 30 it got me thinking.
Once I’d stopped chuckling away that is.
A lot of people will say that your body slows down, this is often in reference to your metabolism.
Meaning you’ll gain fat easier and find it harder to lose.
Next is that you’re not a strong, building sucre take more time, and basically as you get older it all gets harder as opposed to when you’re young and seemingly invincible.
To be fair, this is true for ‘everyone else’.
What do I mean by ‘everyone else’, glad you asked, I shall explain.
Usually the people that chime on about the above, especially the topic of middle aged spread and finding it harder to lose fat build muscle etc.
These people are the ones who didn’t really give any though to looking after their bodies in their formative years.
Many didn’t build decent based of athleticism or strength.
In fact, personally I know a lot of people who peaked in high school, as the term goes.
You seem them now, out of shape, in poor health, often with a can of monster & some calorie laden snack in hand.
They wills top to have a chat, usually saying who ‘good’ at whatever they used to be. How they used to be ‘lean & muscular’ and any/all that other suff they used to be.
Essentially they’re trying to save their ego/pride.
Now speaking purely for myself and my experiences this is usually because as a kid/teen I didn’t peak in high school, or even sooner after that.
Nope, it took decades to work, now being in my 30’s there is only one truth – I’m still getting better with age.
Yep, even reading that I know how it sounds, yet it’s true.
While personally the physique, strength and athleticism possessed are nothing spectacular, it’s far beyond that of the average person in their 30’s.
While it’s easy to say it all gets harder as we get older.
(Which it can do, if we don’t prepared/adjust accordingly)
Usually the struggle is the result of you just making poor choices.
No if’s, but’s or excuses, you simply make bad choices.
Of course medical exceptions or crippling injuries & unfortunate events aside as those can cause quite the significant trouble and require a shift in priorities.
For those without legitimately andy of above, you just got lazy and made bad choices.
Will me writing this help or miraculously have people change their minds and se/find a better path?
Nope, not in the slightest.
Yet there is far too much positive smoke that gets blown up peoples bottoms these days, thus it doesn’t require me to do it as well.
How you are in life (exceptions above mentioned) is a result of the choices you make or choose not to make.
Take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror.
Are you happy with what is staring back at you?
Be honest, if you say yes then that’s awesome.
However it’s okay to say no.
The ‘body positive brigade’ may shame you into feeling that you need to accept not being physically at your best, or eating more nutritious food because that’s somehow shaming other people that don’t do the same, however you’re better off ignoring people like that truth be told.
There’s no shame in wanting to keep you body physically in shape and eat well for your health.
Give the above some deep thought.
In truth it doesn’t really get harder as you get older if you don’t let it, and it’s only the case for those that want it to be because it’s the prefect excuse to someone who ‘used to be’ something to cling on to that.
You don’t need to be one of them, remember that.

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My Obsession in Training

Today is going to be about me.

Not often anything gets directly written in regards to what goes on upstairs.

This is because it’s in all honesty not worth knowing.

Anyway, let us start of with training and why the minimalistic avenue has been a favoured prescription of mine in the these more recent years.

I’m quite obsessive, in regards to life you may say one is like a dog with a bone, once the teeth are clamped down it’s going to be devoured come hell or high water.

This provides unreal focus and allows the mind/thoughts to spend out like lightning, it can be very useful and also incredibly dangerous.

Training wise in the past it wasn’t uncommon to forgo social events, eating and at some point sleeping to get in training.

Any results were lack-lustre in truth.

While the average person may look on with reverence and wish they had achieved similar (usually strength/physique related) they had no idea how little ROI there actually was because of just doing too much.

Chasing too many rabbits as it were.

Then came the Minimalist Approach, not new by any means and called a lot of different things – abbreviated training, divided training, low frequency, and various other terms.

Keeping the idea of “Inch wide, mile deep” was very appealing.

Getting as close to mastery as possible before moving on helped reduce the tendency to do too much, until it didn’t.

When you love training, just because you love it, explaining it to people that don’t share that view is tricky. Yet it’s the same as people who smoke, drink excessively or partake in whatever it is they do as their obsession, when you strip away everything that is.

I’ve found that people will often get quite nasty towards people who have that deep love for training because of jealousy, as arrogant as it sounds.

They don’t like the fact they don’t look they way they want to, can’t perform the sporting feats they once did and have basically gotten old, fat and useless. So what is the point in them – from a training standing point that is, meaning why even entertain their attitude when they won’t make the necessary lifestyle changes to better them selves physically.

Less for crippling injury or medical condition there is no viable reason for people not to be in shape, it’s pure gluttony.

^ Quite a nasty way to see people, and one I’ve tried of years to rid myself of, unsuccessfully.

A deep help value that is as destructive as it is… well, I guess it’s just destructive.

Hence why when people will ask for ‘the truth’ you’ll often hear me really trying to see if they actually want it or if they’re just after some nice words.

All of the above stemmed from some random childhood happening where the feeling, burden of needing to be the best, or to be worthy was born.

At this point it was so long ago I couldn’t even begin to tell you where it came from.

Now this isn’t the ‘best’ in reference to world level, it’s an internal thing.

It’s why when people get into training care is taken not to infect them with this poisonous attitude, yet that doesn’t always succeed.

Hence why doing less better has been a mantra of mine.

It keeps the obsessive demons at bay just enough.

So, as a word of warning to anyone reading this, don’t end up in this place because once you venture into this void you will lose a bit of who you were and bring back something that you don’t realise is there until it’s too late and it’s now become an integral part of ‘you’.

Worst of all, you’ll one day realise it and enjoy it too.

Dark territory indeed, don’t make that mistake.

Enjoy your training, after all, training (unless an elite athlete) should enhance your life, not take away or consume it.


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Behaviours are Key

A simple method to assist in habit change.
Step 1 – Write down your habits you wish to change
Step 2 – ???
Step 3 – Success!
Of course the step two is the tricky part.
You’ve got plenty of options to choose from you see, and they all tend to work provided the consistency along with the desire to change is there.
This is one of the more notable ones that have shown some success over the years.
– Highlighting behaviours
This entails the current behaviours, them putting the against the desired or necessary behaviours required to elicit change.
Current Behaviour – Excessive drinking causing calorie surplus
Desired Behaviour – Reduced drinking to eliminate calorie surplus and aid towards calorie deficit for achievement of fat loss goal.
How you’d get there might be on one fell swoop or a series of small steps, either method is acceptable, and will vary person to person.
You see honestly assessing behaviours can reveal a lot.
Knowing how to make the changes and also accepting why they’d be positive in the long run can be quite effective for a lot of people.
That being said, this does rely on the person themselves.
While as a PT/coach you can offer support and extra ideas/options for helping create the new habits and have the older one evolve, the desire has to come from the person int question.
Any change won’t happen overnight.
In fact it may take years, so just be aware of that.

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⏱ Fitness in 15 Minutes ⏱

All that you will find below has been field tested.
Working many weird and wonderful hours over the years my own training occasionally took a back seat 🥺
There was two main choices in dealing with this:
🤬 – Get angry & moan about how unjust the world was
🔐 – Find ways to unlock training potential in limited time
The latter was opted for.
I called it Amber Light Training because you’ve got just enough time, however you need to make a good choice of how to use it.
It’s worth remembering that while you can gain some impressive results from hitting on 15min of training, there is one HUGE caveat –
Nothing will work unless you do 💪
Keeping this in mind, here are 5 short sessions that provide a lot of bang for your buck.
– 30 rounds of 30 seconds
This works wonders with 3 movements, my favourite was as follows:
A1 – Kettlebell Swings x10
B1 – Press Ups x10
C1 – Goblet Squats x10
You’d do 5min on each, meaning 10 sets of 30 seconds, you only rest the time between you finishing the reps and the start of the next 30 second round.
🏃‍♀️ – Hill/Stair Sprints
Pretty simple, you find something to sprint up & walk back down, this is repeated for the entire 15min.
🔨 – Hard Hitting 5-3-2
I chose a sledge hammer and a tyre for this when I did it.
First round was 5min of solid hitting
Rest 3min
Second round was 3min of solid hitting
Rest 2min
Last round was 2min of solid hitting
Doesn’t have to be the above, this also works well for punch bag work, skipping sprints, continuous kettlebell swings, continuous squats, loaded carries, crawling and much more.
💪 – Hypertrophy Hell 7-5-3
Similar to the above, just with different timings and no rest, plus this is about creating as much constant tension as possible in classic lifting movements.
A1 – RDL x7min
B1 – Dips x5min
C1 – Seated Row x3min
The reps can vary, I personally found that focusing on a tempo of 6-0-X-0 or 4-0-2-0 was great and kept completing reps until I needed to take a brief rest, then carried on.
This isn’t about max loads, the RDL I had something light like 80kg (straps too), it was all about creating the tension, the metabolic stress and ensuring once the timer rung out the end of the round (I’d set it 5 seconds before the actual time – so 6:55, 4:55 etc) to allow me to safely put the weight down/stop and move straight onto the next movement.
A second session like this I did was as follows:
A1 – Squat x7min
B1 – Pull Ups x5min
C1 – Press Ups x3min
🦎 – The Lizard Life
A brutally simple & effective 15min of moving like a lizard, as the name suggests.
This was all about improving mobility, active flexibility and yielding results in a different way.
You see too many people get obsessed with training needed to leave them feeling destroyed, and it’s just not sensible because it will stall results/progress.
Admittedly I’m personally bias towards results, not everyone shares that view, and this is cool and one reason we must choose our clients wisely.
There you have it, 15min is more than enough time to build some impressive overall fitness (GPP).
All you need to do is focus on putting in the effort because sometimes, often times, doing less better trumps doing more poorly.

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The 5 Stages of Negative Fitness.

Signs you’re healthy fitness kick isn’t quite so healthy.
Believe it or not you’ll find that what started out with many good intentions slowly slides towards quite a dark series of places.
Sadly many get caught in the nefarious web of obsession & addiction without realising it.
Then again that’s how those two things work.
No one ever feels them taking a grip and by the time you notice you’ll be so far gone that you will do everything within your power to deny the truth.
These are some things to watch out for in yourself –
1 – You react emotionally when you can’t train
This is the first sage, and in the beginning you’re a little annoy yet you give that feeling away, however over time it evolves into anxiety, or anger and sometimes even full on mental breakdowns because you can’t get your fitness fix.
2 – The passing glance becomes a lingering stare
As you get further in to the negative stages you will forget a time where you couldn’t walk past a mirror or reflective surface without hitting a specific pose to show off your best angle.
From here you’ll be checking your body at every given chance, flexing, twisting and contorting with a paranoid air of “Wait, is that fat? Have I lost muscle here? What’s going on?”
3 – Pinching more than an inch
Shortly after you start to have the same traits as Narcissus you will be touching yourself more and more.
Pinching at fat, pulling at loose skin, poking and prodding yourself when you sit down or as you flex to feel if you’ve lost any ‘tone’.
The third stage is the easiest to see despite how subtlest people do it because at this point it’s no longer a conscious choice, it’s an automatic reaction/response.
4 – Denial, Anger, Depression & Bargaining with yourself
Creeping into the fourth stage you soon tart to speak to yourself differently.
You berate yourself, bully yourself, abuse yourself and make deals of more training and you’ll then have a glass of whatever or slice of something, only to have them, enjoy them and then become overwhelmed by depression & guilty.
Then you get angry that you gave in, storm back to the gym and train some more, all the while convincing yourself i’s for you health, for the greater good….
Further cementing the denial of this one truth:
You’ve become addicted & obsessed with fitness & control.
5 – Your Cure is also your Poison
There’s not accepting what you’ve become.
All in an effort to convince yourself you’re worthless, fat, out of shape and need to train more, thus fuelling a never ending negative fitness cycle because if you look like this with all the training you do, you’d daren’t stop because what would you be without fitness, what would happen to your body, well, it just does’t bare thinking about.
You’ve not only welcomed a monster into your life, it now causes you pain and also provides the relief from it you so see.
The Monsters arms wrap around you, feeding you all the doubt, sadness and pain with it’s left hand only to take a hold of you with it’s right and lead you back to the gym for reprieve.
This is the side of fitness people don’t talk about.
It’s the place people get lost and where few seldom return.
Even those who do make their way out are not the same, at least not in a good way, there is now lasting damage and something that they brought back that they won’t ever truly be free of.
Fitness is meant to be a tool to enhance your life, not consume it.
Reread the above, then read it again once more.
Be honest with yourself and see where you are in relation to the above and you might just be able to avoid treading any further down a road you don’t wish to go down.
You should investigate this thoroughly,

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