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Why seeing life like a computer game can open your mind.
Back in my youth I enjoyed a game or two.
Specifically the JRPG kind.
In the many hours playing them I learned some valuable lessons that carried over to life and today I’m going to share some with you in the hope that perhaps even just one may give you a different perspective on this game we call life.
☠️ – Died? No worries, have an Extra Life
Tomorrow being a new day is basically an extra life, or at least an attempt to do better than you did yesterday because you now have some knowledge and experience that you may have been missing before.
See each day as an extra life.
🧩 – Solve the puzzle when you have all the Pieces
In some great games you will happen upon a door, puzzle or set of tasks you’re ill-equipped to tackle, as such you make notes and move on to come back to it later when you’ve gotten everything you need.
Life is a lot like this, yet people will stress about not being able to solve their problem/puzzle instantly.
^^ You can thank the culture of participation medals and instant gratification for that.
Stress not, if you can’t solve something right now there is a good change you’re not meant to because you’re still missing something, so simply make notes,move forwards and come back to this problem later.
Just hope it’s not a hidden boss that is basically 9x harder than the final boss because that would suck major balls.
🌎 – Open World
Like a RPG real life is open world so go and explore because you’ll never complete the game by staying in the same place.
The best outcome you can hope for is to make the grind to 99 and be the strongest person in a low level area where nothing will challenge you and yo’ve only got 1-2skills or ever force you to grow beyond your current list of abilities.
Exploring the world will also help you solve more puzzles, gain new team mates (just watch out they don’t steal your materia).
👺 – Enemies are Real
While you won’t necessarily be taking lumps out of each other and drawing their HP to 0, you will have battles to face against much stronger opponents (mentally) who are at higher levels (older, more mature, better kit), however if you take on the challenge and overcome the boss/emeny at hand you will gain a level up, maybe two.
They might even drop a rare item (knowledge, a promotion, life hack or piece of the puzzle) that you will later use to wth great affect.
You will know who these people are because they will feel different to you. Sings a boss is approaching are as follows – life is going very well, you’re comfortable, the room has multiple heath, weapon, armour items and perhaps a save point.
🦹‍♂️🧙‍♂️🧝‍♀️ 💃 – Choosing your Party
You can choose who comes on the journey with you.
Much like setting uptake right team for a boss raid or perhaps even being forced to have a specific character in your team because of certain requirements, you’ll need to learn how to work well with others.
Remember that people will have skill you don’t.
You may be a crafty thief however when you need someone to summon the Dragon King to put an enemy to sleep you’ll find you’re not up to the task and will need to ask for help.
Be sure to keep your party healed and let them know how valuable they are to you, both as warriors and also friends.
🕸 – Watch out for Traps
If something is too good to be true it usually is.
Be that an offer from a person in the form of a platinum ticket who then later revealed themselves to be the god of death (or on that level), or a door that promises instant success.
These things are meant to test your resolve, some are to test your pride and unless you’re 100% ready to walk the walk you will be humbled, remember that.
Just because there is an easy option it doesn’t mean it’s the right one, and in the end it will cost you far more than it gives you in that moment.
🎪 – Mini-Games
Life isn’t all go go go, you will have plenty of opportunity to play a mini-game or two, so enjoy those when they come along, and if you can buy a gold ticket 30,000 Gil it will be worth it.
You’ll find that taking some time out to play and have fun can also give you some of the most valuable items you never knew you needed, yet while a championship belt is nice we all know the real prize worth having is the memories you shared on the Ride around the Gold Saucer.
^^ So be nice because even if you’re cold towards people the chances are they will still care about you, even if you don’t feel deserving of it, so I’ve away foolish pride and stubbornness because being along doesn’t make you strong, it just keeps you being alone.
😢 – Not everyone Stays
Sometimes to maven to the next crucial part of a game you must let go of a much loved character.
Be it from a sword through the back, a nobel sacrifice to protect a granddaughter and her new friends or the ultimate realisation that your own story is ended and soon you’ll fade away, just know it was worth it.
You will try to hold on to many people in life, perhaps a little too long.
Giving away the fear of loss and accepting that moving forwards sometimes requires doing so without your best friend, current love or dearest family member is hard to accept. Yet they wouldn’t want you to lament this parting of ways, chances are they want you to keep moving forwards, growing stronger and truly become one someone that create change in this life.
Relish the time you spend with people, the lesson you learn and memories you create because unlike a game you can’t replay life.
There you have it.
Some simple lessons from my gaming days of yesteryear.

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Productive or Destructive?

Chances are you’re aware of the evolution of how many training days I will now suggest most people do per week.
2-4 works well for many, with 3 splitting the difference 😂
While it is true that this attitude comes from years of making mistakes and doing too much it is not without some aspects of the past.
You see training less, or doing less better doesn’t mean pissing about.
Your sessions still want to be worth your time.
This will mean putting in a decent amount of intensity/effort each time you step foot in the gym, that doesn’t mean killing yourself for the sake of it.
There is a big difference between intense training that is productive and and intense one that is destructive.
Which would you rather – Productive or Destructive?
Many think that the training they do is the former when in reality it’s the latter and because of this they struggle to make progress.
When you delve into the training literature you’ll find that volume & intensity are not as inversely related as you might think.
True enough you still need to wave the loading and play with the volume* levels however many can work far harder than they realise and the result of not doing so is progress/gains being left on the gym floor.
*A volume reduction every third or fifth session by 40-60% is a good way to not burn out, intensity can be kept in the 70-85% 1RM range by doing this.
**If you venture in to the 90%+ realms you will last about three weeks as this level, then you may need to back off for 6-9weeks before going back to this height again.
Many are becoming more aware of this though.
The introduction of ‘Effective Reps’ lately has helped many.
You will find the common theme is that you need to have 15-35 effective reps per movement to make progress.
Say you do 5 sets of 5 with 90% of your 5RM, fresh yo will find the first 2 sets of 5 may have no real effective reps due to the muscle recruitment needed, set 3 you might get 2, then 3 on set 4 and perhaps 4 on set 5, yielding 9 total effective reps.
This is not new information.
I remember writing about this back in 2010 (the muscle fibre recruitment side of things and how more sets lead to greater fatigue and thus great muscular recruitment), I shall try and dig it up.
You see often 5×5 isn’t 5×5, it’s actually 2×5.
The first three sets while they are ‘working sets’ they’re not ‘WORKING SETS’ due to the bodies neurological firing/ramping processes.
It is at times like these where knowing how the numbers work can make all the difference.
Here is a short version that you can apply literally today:
– Lifting sub max RM loads you’d do well to add 2-3 extra sets (7×5 instead of 5×5)
– Using 100% RM loads you’d do well to do 2-3reps less than the RM load (sets of 8 with 10RM load)
– TUL is important, you want to create as much tension from rep 1 as possible and aim to keep this throughout the entire set (or ideally generate more tension if possible)
A nifty way to apply this in training without needing to know the numbers though is as follows – Ramping.
– Pick a rep range (6)
– Do sets of 6 adding weight until you hit the 6RM for the day.
Next Options:
– Drop down 10% and rep sets of 6 until you lose a rep, then drop another 5% and repeat.
Looks like this – 6RM = 100kg, -10% to 90kg 6,6,6,6,5, -5% to 85kg 6,6,6,4 – finished for the day on lift movement.
– Hit the top 6, rest 5min and repeat the same load, do this as many times as possible with good form.
Looks like this – 6RM = 100kg, rest 6, rest 6, rest, 6 rest, 4 now done for the day.
– Hit the top 6, drop 20% off the load and re-ramp, repeat this from the original 20% drop until speed/tension/form can no longer be maintained.
Looks like this – 6RM = 100kg, -20%, 80kg re-ramp>97kg, -20%, 80kg re-ramp>90kg, -20% 80kg re-ramp>85kg – a good place to stop for the day.
While simple they are effective ways of getting in more quality work.
Remember that you don’t need to spend hours training.
You do however how to train with intent, otherwise you’re merely there for the sake of being there and while people may say that you doing something is better than nothing I can tell you without any hesitation it’s not.
Something isn’t better than nothing.

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The List

Living in the wonderful world of fitness it’s easy to get lost in the endless amount of poor information.
So many trying to stay relevant.
Clinging to their time in the sun because without their adoring fans they are nothing.
They’d even go as far as completely making stuff up.
Oh yes, you’d be amazed at how many fit-pro’s, influencers and alike will bend the truth to fit their narrative, or selectively pick the information they share.
All you need to it look and you can see it.
Take all the nutrition documentaries lately, all base and driving an agenda.
While many talk of health and a better lifestyle none actually tackle the elephant in the room; people bad habits and poor lifestyle choices.
Oh yes, the blame can often be placed on the person looking back at you in the mirror each morning.
This is another thing that our world will gloss over.
It’s easy to blame everything else for our issues, to seek out barriers and logical reasons for failure when in reality (at least 98% of the time) the fault is ours alone.
People moan about their life yet they won’t do anything to change the one consistent thing in it, themselves.
In regards to fitness related information there isn’t much more to share, not really.
You’d do far better looking into habit change, taking accountability, being responsible and general psychology if you would like to make progress in this life/world.
Of course many won’t.
Admitting our own fault or foolishness is too hard.
This then begs the question….
Why don’t you want to do that which you need to?
Looking at all the reasons why you won’t do something, all the excuses and justifications you use can be quite eye opening.
^^ Write them down.
Seriously, write down all the reasons you don’t do things.
Be honest with this list, even if you feel ashamed of some of the things you write down they’re still worth writing down because the first step to giving that attitude away is acknowledging it exists.
People will take the path of lease resistance.
The path that doesn’t make them feel bad.
Are you one of them?
Take your time with this list and tell the truth to yourself.

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Mind, Yourself

Your mind often gives out before your body.
Mental toughness or resilience is a desirable attribute.
You can build up this skill and reserves of will-power of many years of deliberate practice and mindfulness.
While some people are just born tougher than others, it is a trait that can be learned, if it matters enough to you.
Digging deep as it’s know can be rather uncomfortable.
You see this is the crossroads for many because we greatly dislike being uncomfortable because, well, it’s not a nice feeling.
Stress (positive & negative) is an integral part of life.
Learning to embrace it, accept it and finally master it.
This is what will take your levels of performance in all aspects of life to the next level, provided this is something you desire.
One way you can begin to gain this is to practice it.
The gym is a great place to apply this thought process because the next time you’re lifting just see how many reps you can do with a certain weight before you have to stop, and then keep going 😂
In all seriousness you’d find you’ve probably got more in the tank.
When we hit our rep limit because everything is burning and our mind is screaming at us to stop, we often find there is actually way more left in the tank.
You have a lot of reserves, you just don’t sue them because it’s uncomfortable to do so.
True story.
^^Obviously you don’t let your form in lifting go to shit when trying this as that will lead to injury.
The common name for the above is RIR – Reps in Reserve.
Many of us have way more to give than we actually do, yet we still wonder why we’re not getting the progress we perhaps feel we should (hint…. it’s because we’ve still got more to give).
You can apply this to your nutrition as well.
Do you need to give in to your cravings/addictions or is that something you do simply because you’re not resilient enough?
Business has a similar vein, those who tough things out often reap the rewards those who dropped out early on wish they’d stuck around to gain in the end.
Living in our world of instant gratification has made us weak.
Mentally, physically and emotionally.
Worry not though, you can regain that which has become dulled over the years. You’d simply need to spend some time sharpening these skills again and before you know it you’ll be the one people come to asking –
“How did you do it, can I do that too?”
Be warned though, this isn’t a comfortable experience.
Change never is.
In the end it will be worth it because you will have elevated yourself and with that you’ll be able to help bring those who matter to you up as well.
Success breed success after all.
You should investigate this thoroughly.

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💪A novel take on Gironde’s 8×8💪

Over in the Gains Central group I shared a post yesterday regarding the much coveted 8×8 method.
Beginner – 8x8x60-70% 8RM
Advanced – 8x8x80-95% 8RM
In the reps/sets above you get only 30 seconds rest between them, you’d also do 3-4 movements per muscle group and 2-3 muscle groups per sessions.
Truly a high density program.
One worth investing a good 3-4months of training into, so long as you stick to it.
Now while you will get a lot of volume, of most people they will not stay on it long enough to progress and get strong from it.
Over the years you’ll find this works well on muscles that are more suited to being under constant tension.
– Quads
– Calves
– Lats
– Biceps
– Pecs
You’ll notice this is mostly anterior chain dominant.
While you can bring in hamstrings and other various posterior chain movements/lifts, it’s often a struggle for many and they just don’t get the stimulus needed.
That being said, if you did some heavy deadlifts for say 6×4, follow by stiff legs at 4×6 and then did some metabolite production work at the end in the form of Gironde’s 8×8 on 1-3 hamstring isolation variations, well now we’re talking 💪
From experience this is where the 8×8 method truly shines.
Building a high work capacity is equally as important as training being simply high in density.
This happens when you get stronger and lift heavier loads, essentially.
Using it in the accessory/isolation movements yields quite the favourable result, while compound movements such as squats also work well, they are incredibly fatiguing both mentally and physically.
Remember one of the main aims in training is to elicit and positive adpative stimulus, not just rep ourselves to death.
As such here is a novel approach you can utilise in combination with the above.
Main Lift – 5-5-3-3-2-2-2, 3-5min rest
Secondary lift – 6×6, 2-3min rest
Accessory Lift (s) – 8×8 (as above)
***You can use the concept of the 30seconds rest with many other rep ranges too, such as 5×5, 6×6, 8×4, 6×4, etc.
The premise is a high amount of work (volume) in a short amount of time (density), just be sure that you aim at progressing the loads (intensity) to build up your overall work capacity (the ability to repeat high quality efforts).

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5-4-3-2-1 an odd take on an old system

No long monologues today or musings on how the modern world has gone batshit crazy, just a simple training concept you can apply immediately.

5 = Number of days between lifting (e.g you train once every 5 days)

4 = The number of main movements patterns to cover each session (push, pull, squat, hinge)

3 = Total amount of working sets for all your movements

2 = Minimum amount of minuets rest between sets (rest in minutes can be as high as you like, not less than 2)

1 = The only lift you will be pushing the envelope on, the other three will be easy

Now you have the overall idea, here is what you might end up with training wise:

Weeks 1-6
W/U – Front Squat x5-3-2 & *Ab Roll Out x2-2-2
Main Lift – DL Ramp to 6RM (as many sets as needed) + two more working sets 5%@less.
Accessory Lifts – Clean & Press 5×2 + Weighted Pull Up 2×5

*Not necessary however it’s just nice to have in.

Easy on paper yet pretty effective. I’d stick with the same set of movements for about 6 weeks, then change the focus. In fact here is 24weeks of training (the first 6 being the example above).

Week 7-12
W/U – Kettlebell Swing x50-30-20 & Inch Worm x5-3-2
Main Lift – Bench Press Ramp to 6RM (as many sets as needed) + two more working sets 5%@less.
Accessory Lifts – Rope Climb 5×1 (arm only ascend/descend) + Zercher Squat x4-2-4

Week 13-18
W/U – Ring Dip 2×5 & Ab Roll Out 2×5
Main Lift – Power Clean Ramp to 4RM (as many sets as needed) + two more working sets 5%@less.
Accessory Lifts – Overhead Squat 2-3-5  + Bear Hug Loaded Carry 5x20m

Week 19-24
W/U – Rope Climb 5×2 (arm & leg) + No Leg eccentric lower on single arm
Main Lift – Front Squat to 7RM (as many sets as needed) + two more working sets 5%@less.
Accessory Lifts – Sumo DL 5-3-2 + Push Press 3×3



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Giving to Yourself

Amateur athletes, weekend warriors & those who train hard.

Give yourself the gift or more time.

Give yourself the gift or more rest.

Honestly, you’ve got plenty of time to make progress, even if you’re in your 60’s you can still move forwards.

Too many rush and injury is their reward.

This doesn’t mean you will become slothful or lacklustre in your training, oh no.

You will still be required to lift with intent, focus and gusto.

The only difference is that you allow yourself a little more rest between sets, perhaps an extra day off here and there all to allow you more recovery which will translate in to more progress in the end.

You see for the majority of us training is suppose to enhance our lives, not absorb or detract from them.

In my years of training I’ve been obsessive, too rigid, unwavering in adherence to the routine and while it did indeed yield results, would it really have been so bad if I arrive at that point perhaps 2-3 years later?

My prize was glory when the flame burned bright.

Even for a short while I was untouchable, then it all fell to pieces and burnout was my enteral reward.

This took almost as many years to recover from.

Yep. 5 years of the true iron path ended up in 5 years to recover from it, and the kicker is I wasn’t even anything worth shout about in the grand scheme of things.

While we talk about enjoy the journey, which I did, I can tell you it wasn’t worth it, breaking yourself for ego is never worth it, yet many will do this because it’s the message of the world.

Work hard and what you seek shall be yours, oh and it will, you just wont be able to hold on to it for very long.

Sensible training, reasonable & repeatable sessions, more recovery days and optimal nutrition choices, that is what will yield the best long term results.

True you may decide to test/peak/push yourself perhaps once of twice per year, and in truth that’s all you need.

Anything more is superfluous.

As I sit here typing this I do wonder, will you listen to me?

Will these words of warning resonate or run off like water from a ducks back because like a far younger me you still think you currently know better.

The truth is we never know better, we only know what we know, or what we choose to believe and that’s rarely whats best for us.

Anyway, here are 7 suggestions for you, garnered from years grinding away for little reward.

1 – Nutrition trumps training
2 – Consistency is key, so train reasonably & repeatably
3 – Train every 3-5 days
4 – Take 5min rest after heavy sets, maybe even up to 10
5 – Test yourself once or twice per year
6 – Set mini goals that require some effort, not all your effort
7 – Have a greater purpose behind you for training, training for the sake of training rarely ends well


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Random Protocol for Easy Strength

This little training protocol just popped into my mind, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Train every 3 days, this will equate to training three times a week in some weeks and two times in others.

You’ll be alternating Heavy/Light/Medium sessions.

Each day will have a slightly different focus, the overall goal of this protocol is to build strength in a steady and more importantly easy fashion.

Heavy Days:
DL – Ramp to 1x5x5RM, 2-3x5x80% top weight – working up to a top set of 5
Press – Ramp to 1x5x5RM, 2-3x5x80% top weight – working up to a top set of 5
Squat  – Ramp to 1x5x5RM, 2-3x5x80% top weight – working up to a top set of 5

Medium Days: Based on 85% of 5RM from heavy day – adjust +/-:5% on feel for the day
DL – 2,3,5,2,3,5,2,3,5,2,3,5,2,3,5 -Rest 30-60 sec between 2-3-5, then 3-5min each wave
Press – 2,3,5,2,3,5,2,3,5,2,3,5,2,3,5 -Rest 30-60 sec between 2-3-5, then 3-5min each wave
Squat  – 2,3,5,2,3,5,2,3,5,2,3,5,2,3,5 -Rest 30-60 sec between 2-3-5, then 3-5min each wave

Light Days: Based on 85% of 5RM from heavy day – adjust +/-:5% on feel for the day
DL – 6×6, rest 2-4min between sets
Press – 6×6, rest 2-4min between sets
Squat  – 6×6, rest 2-4min between sets

*Accessory work: 1 to supplement DL/Press, 2 Lifts to supplement Squat – 2-3×8-12reps

** You can use any DL/P/SQ variations you like on this protocol, once the cycle starts
again choose a different variation, Example: Cycle 1 = FS, Cycle 2 = HBBS, Cycle 3 = LBBS

*** The +/- 5% allows you to add load when you feel strong, use this as a guide to progress, if you can hit two weeks of +5% then that is the new working weight, the -5% serves as a nice deload if needed, however the way this is set it you shouldn’t need it too often meaning the small increases in +5% based on the % of 5RM will have you by the end of the cycle potentially working with what was your old 5RM as new working weights.

Here is the basic set up of days for a full cycle, it’s roughly 13 weeks, as the cycle repeats your can choose on the Monday (when Heavy DL/Press comes back around) to retest your 5RM on all three lifts, then take the rest of the week off before starting  new cycle with your new variations.:

Monday: Heavy – DL/Press
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Light – Squat
Friday: Off
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Light – DL/Press
Monday: Off
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Medium – Squat
Thursday: Off
Friday: Off
Saturday: Medium – DL/Press
Sunday: Off
Monday: Off
Tuesday: Heavy – Squat
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Off
Friday: Light – DL/Press
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off
Monday: Light – Squat
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Heavy – DL/Press
Friday: Off
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Medium – Squat
Monday: Off
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Light – DL/Press
Thursday: Off
Friday: Off
Saturday: Light – Squat
Sunday: Off
Monday: Off
Tuesday: Medium – DL/Press
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Off
Friday: Heavy – Squat
Saturday: Off
Sunday:  Off
Monday: Light – DL/Press
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Light – Squat
Friday: Off
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Heavy – DL/Press
Monday: Off
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Medium – Squat
Thursday: Off
Friday: Off
Saturday: Light – DL/Press
Sunday: Off
Monday: Off
Tuesday: Light – Squat
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Off
Friday: Medium – DL/Press
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off
Monday: Heavy – Squat
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Light – DL/Press
Friday: Off
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Light – Squat
Monday: Off
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Medium – DL/Press
Thursday: Off
Friday: Off
Saturday: Medium – Squat
Sunday: Off
Monday: Off
Tuesday: Light – DL/Press
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Off
Friday: Light – Squat
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off
Monday: Heavy DL/Press – This would be the start of a new cycle.


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Who wants a shortcut to success?

If someone was to offer you the path to success, you’d take it, right?
Most certainly claim they would, yet in reality that’s a lie.
You see the route you’d need to take is not sexy, nor is it fun or rewarding in the short term, heck it’s not even rewarding in the long term.
Not even in the long term?
Nope, not in the way you think.
You see it will take you at least 10 years in any industry/field to realise you weren’t ‘the shit’ and you were in fact just ‘shit’ 😂
At this point you’re now kinda component at what you do.
From here on out you’ll think it’s all smooth sailing, until you realise another 10 years has gone by and you realise that ‘kinda component’ was still pretty green.
Tha being said, you’ll have picked up a lot of knowledge along the way and since you will have paid your dues in more ways than one you’ll be rewarded with opportunity.
Much like you will find has already happened, you just didn’t notice it.
Oh yes.
All the time you felt hard done by were still opportunities given to you, and the one you wanted because you felt you deserved it went to someone who was in the place you now are and had paid more dues than you up to that point.
Many people don’t like this, they feel it’s unfair.
That my friends is the attitude of the ignorant and the arrogant.
Unless you’re some kind of prodigy (which is highly unlikely otherwise you’d be out doing whatever it is prodigies do) you will have to dedicate several lifetimes to the cause.
This is where fairness and equality are nice ideas, however if all is fair it’s not equal and if all is equal it’s not fair.
Too many expect the world to fall at their feet.
Why should it though?
What have you actually got to offer that is of value or that extends beyond your own ego and is truly for others?
Of course there is nothing wrong with looking out for number 1, that’s just good survival instincts.
Just remember that you’ll come across many people that have looked after No1 for long enough and now they can give something back to someone who happened to be like them in their youth, and that someone might just be you.
Their gift won’t be what you think it is though.
It will seem like it’s less than you deserve and the tis what makes it exactly what you deserve.
Someone will be willing to give you the cheat sheet of life.
In fact it will help you save in total about 10 years worth of struggle so that you can climb higher than they did because they now realise that people like you are now more important than their bank balance.
Of course you’ll ignore this wonderful gift because as the technical terms describes it; you’re an idiot.
It’s okay though, I’ve been that idiot more times than I care to admit so you’re not alone.
The next time someone offers you any of the above you’d do well to accept their gift with open arms, especially if you feel it’s less than you deserve because it will be precisely what you need.
Once you no longer have a positive or negative feeling towards what gifts you’re given you will have found Elysium.
Remember, emotion is bound to ego.
^^ That’s a topic for another day though.
In the meantime you should investigate the above thoroughly.

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🤓🤓Three things to avoid doing in your business🤓🤓

You will find these are made by many, addressed by few and learned from by only one or two.
The overall idea with a post like this is to help you avoid making the same stupid mistakes that have cropped up in the past, now you will either listen or you won’t.
After a life that’s left a head full of bad memories I hope you’re the former.
Okay, here we go.
1 – Saying yes to everything. 😨😨😨
A dangerous word.
One that when said too much can have you making promises you can’t keep, or having you lie about your abilities to gain a client only to let them down.
Learn the power of no.
A frightening word.
One that will save you a lot of hassle if you master it though, this is because you will be able to take control and be honest with what you can/can’t do.
Remember, the business is about helping someone else and as such they are more important than your bank balance.
2 – Claiming to be something you’re not. 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♀️
False claims are common in the realms of fitness.
So many PT’s will promise people the world and when it’s delivered instead of being a like for like replica it ends up being a road atlas.
This happens a lot because people want to make money, which to be fair is how you run a business, however if you take this route you’ll find you don’t run that business for very long.
Accept the things you can’t do & do the things you can.
People won’t think less of you because you can’t do something for them, they’ll think less to you because you lied as claire you could.
Trust is a fragile thing, like a butterflies wings once damaged it’s unable to be fully repaired and never the same again.
Don’t taint your business with false claims or promises, be different and tell the truth.
3 – Looking for obstacles that allow you to fail. 🚷🚷🚷
Everyone has self-doubt instilled into them at a young age.
As a young sprite we feel invincible and the elders allow us to get away with this ignorance because we’re young and naive.
Of course one day this rose tinted reality is stripped away from us with immediate effect, as such this now shatters what we thought and even who we thought we were, thus self-doubt is born because perhaps we’re not the superhero we thought we once were.
As we age this turns in to seeking out obstacles, barriers and logical excuses/reasons for our own failure.
This is so that when we fail we can blame ‘the thing’.
While in some cases the fault is indeed from external factor/influence that we had no control over, the common reason people fail in business is because they’re bad at business.
It’s actually safer to fail than it is to succeed.
Success breeds envy in people, it puts a target on your back and means you’ll have someone (or many) coming for you, trying to tear you down because it’s easier to bring you down to their level than it is for them to rise up to yours.
As such you will seek a reason to fail and almost 100% of the time you’ll find one. The perfect one in fact.
You choose success or you choose failure, choose wisely.
There you have it, three considerations for you.

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