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Step 1: Get up earlier

How do you start your day?
For many it is by seeking out every last second they can in bed, followed by a lacklustre meal, usually cereal of something convenient and then off to work, however before th sit down at their desk this is some form of coffee laden drink at their side because they just can’t function without one.
Does this sound like you?
If it does the chances are you’re not quite in the shape that you desire and have that lovely spare tyre around your midsection, not to mention you struggle to focus and always feel tired/crap.
Sound familiar?
A lot of people got to be too late, get up as close to the rise as possible and inadequately fuel their body.
Today we shall look at a nice little routine for the mornings that will achieve the following:
– Better body composition
– Optimal health
– Mental focus
– Create a positive new habit & lifestyle change
Here is how you do it in 5 easy to follow steps.
Step 1: Get up earlier, stand by the bed and take 10 deep breaths, this will help wake you up
Step 2: 10min Kettlebell Workout upon waking, you can choose what to do
Step 3: Shower & get ready for work
Step 4: Make a nutritious meal of breakfast, perhaps salmon, eggs and spinach
Step 5: Don’t buy coffee, you don’t need it, opt for water instead
I can already hear a lot of people complaining and coming up with their excuses, if you’re one of them that’s okay, I’m not interested in those who don’t want to help themselves so you may continue as you are.
If you’re one of the few who has read this and wants to make a change then I salute you.
You owe your health to no one, especially not me, do it for yourself and make the positive lifestyle changes you need to succeed.

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The Importance of Sport & Staying Strong

You need to read this post because it’s full of useful info you’ll not know if you don’t.
Yes, however highly relevant to making progress.
“Chase performance, not fatigue.”
A saying to live by, especially in these modern days where training for aesthetic is number 1.
While training to look good isn’t a bad thing, it’s by no means a useful one. I know plenty of people who look great but can’t do the following:
– Run a mile without stopping
– Pick up and put their bodyweight over head
– Squat correctly
– Have any form of athleticism
The list goes on but we shall stop there.
If you’re content with looking good but having no phial prowess then more power to you, if however you want to look as strong as you are then keep reading to learn two secrets.
Still reading?
Great, here is your reward.
Secret 1 –
Play a sport.
Yep, it’s that simple and you’ll find it also adds some enjoyment to your training int he gym because you’ll start to have a focus towards developing aspects of performance such as speed, strength and stability to improve your new hobby.
A sport will also provide you with a new social circle of likeminded people who want to better themselves, you’ll also make new friends and more importantly, new rivals to keep you on your toes.
Being the best is boring, always chase someone better and you’ll stay hungry for progress.
Secret 2 –
Train for strength because it’s the base of the pyramid and without strength you’ll struggle to do anything else.
The classic 5×5 is still popular for the simple reason of it makes people strong and it’s so simple to do. You also find that 8×3 is popular among people who train for strength, as is hitting 20 rep squat sets.
As a human you want to be as strong as you need. Might sounds silly but plenty of people are too weak these days and struggle to do even basic daily lifting tasks on their own, simply due to our modern life and being lazy.
This goes for ladies and gentlemen, both should be strong because strength is for everyone.
You can take this information and do wit hit what you will, apply it and start to make progress or ignore it and stay as you are, either are fine it’s your life, I just want you to have the best one possible.

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6 Things successful people do that you don’t.

Morning All,

1 – They make a plan based on a solid goal.

2 – They write practically everything down, good-bad-indifferent, they write note it all.

3 – They seek advice from people who’ve already achieved what they want.

4 – They make lifestyle & behaviour changes that best suit their goal.

5 – They ask for help when they need it.

6 – They don’t give up.

The above might seem like common sense and that’s because they are. The people who you admire for their success are doing the things that you’re not, it’s that simple.

If you want to make a body transformation or hit a specific goal you need to change your behaviour and your life so this becomes possible. You can always stay as you are, doing what you’re doing but realise that you won’t achieve anything other that what you already have.

Ask the question, take the chance, move forwards, always forwards.

Very few people like change, it’s uncomfortable, it’s hard but in the end it’s usually worth it.


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6.30am, why it’s the perfect time to train for average people.

Morning All,
If you say to some people that you’re planning on training at 6.30am they will call you mad, others will call you a champion.
Training early in the morning is better from a hormonal stand point and also in regards to your circadian rhythm – bead at 10pm up at 6am, however that is not the biggest reason it is the best time to train (unless you start work at that time, that is).
The reason 6.30am is the best training time is simple; it requires a commitment and a lifestyle change. Those willing to get up early and train if they don’t have to are the ones whoa re more likely to stick to a good nutrition protocol and actually achieve results.
You might say you’re too tired, don’t have the energy in the AM or any other such excuse, that will change the more you get in to the early morning training, at which point your excuses will be nothing more than distant memories.
You’ll often find the people that achieve the best results are the ones who train at this time in the morning.
Time to make a change, get up and train at 6.30am.

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3 Reasons you should get your bloods tested.


It’s funny how we don’t ever take our health seriously until we get ill.

There are a lot of resources for us to check how we stand in the grand scheme of things but they’re not utilised. Blood testing is one such thing.

Here are some reasons you might want to go and get a test booked, you know, just to be sure you’re in 100% health.

1 – It will be good to see if your hormones are in the places they need to be and are in a form of balance.

2 – They can potentially catch something nasty before it develops, meaning you could have the issue already but be asymptomatic (not showing typically symptoms of the problem).

3 – Having at least one per year will allow you to see how the ravages of life and time are effecting your body, meaning you can make preventative changes to lifestyle/nutrition if they are needed.

Take your health seriously, one day you’ll miss it when it’s gone.


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Are you lying to yourself & others?

Do you eat as well as say you do?

If the answer is yes then chances are you have a respectable level of body fat, good overall health and and above average level of performance (if you train or play a sport that is).

If the answer is ‘yes’ but only to keep people off your back or look good to your peers then chicness are you have slightly most body fat than you’d like, your health is 100% and you’re perfjoamcne could be better. Meaning your answer is really a no.

One thing to understand with nutrition is that it’s okay not to be perfect, you an have the things you like so long as you’re not eating them excessively/putting yourself in a large caloric surplus (unless that’s your goal, then knock yourself out).

People will lie to look good, however they’re not fooling anyone, not really. They don’t even fool themselves.

If you struggle or have always struggled with nutrition then as from some help.

Here are a couple of tips to help you along your journey, if you want more, just ask for them.

1 – Change your environment.

You have control, you have the power to choose, take responsibility and do what is right.

2 – Don’t follow the crowd.

Just because the crowd is going one way it doesn’t mean you have to as well. Do some research, make an informed decision, remember that you’re in control.

3 – Set yourself up for success.

Set small practical goals that you can achieve that will create a positive mindset for progress and success, for example, start by reducing your portion size by eat off of smaller plates. A large plate will call to be filled, why not fill a smaller plate, you’ll eat less overall calories and still feel as satisfied.

The main message is to remember how you look, feel and perform is all down to you. Do everything in your power to be the best you can be, if it’s not in your power then get help.


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Basic Mastery, Baby Steps.

“Progress is steeped in a mastery of the basics.”

Let’s face it, it’s true not matter which way you cut it.

Here, an example for you:

When you were born did you have the ability to walk straight away?

No, no you didn’t. You first had to master gaining conscious control and awareness of your limbs instead of look at your foot and thinking “What is this, can I eat it?” before sticking it in your mouth as babies do.

Next up was perhaps rolling over and pushing yourself off the floor, swiftly followed by flailing all your limbs around like a fish stranded on dry land, then on to sitting up by yourself along with other various nuances. Eventually that combination gave you the skill required to crawl.

After getting used to crawling around you start to grab on to anything to lift yourself up and stand, not long after this with some unsteady first steps where you fall down, then you get back up and try again, you keep trying, never giving up – funny how the only thing you lose as you age is the desire not to give up, ironic really, what helps you survive as a child is the very thing you hide from as an adult; effort and preserving at a given task until you succeed.

Could you imagine if babies had the attitude of most adults? They would never walk, ever.

Eventually, after many a failed attempt, SUCCESS!

You can now walk and from that day you were unstoppable, except for doors and other such baby restricting implements.

The point is this, without mastering the basics as a child you’d not be walking now, the same goes for achieving results in the way of fitness, health and aesthetics. You must first master the basics of nutrition and weight lifting form, you must also have the enthusiasm and determination of a child striving to walk. If you have those 4 elements then you’ll find you leave plenty of people in the dust with the outstanding results you achieve.

Just remember, once upon a time you didn’t give up, you didn’t let yourself get defeated or fall victim to the thought of “I can’t do it” you simply mastered the basics and kept going, if you approach you life with this attitude you will find it’s a far more successful one and by logic a happier one too.



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2 Truths you won’t like.

Morning all,

Today you’ll find a short post that has two irrefutable truths that no matter how much you’d like to believe don’t apply to you, they do.

1 – Energy balance is responsible for weight maintenance – a sportive balance means weight gain, a negative one means weigh loss.

2 – The body needs certain amounts of vitamins and minerals to perform daily functions, biochemical reactions and not die.

If you think these don’t apply to you because you are a truly unique individual then you should donate your body to medical science immediately because you’re either a genetic abnormality or the next wave of human evolution.

Don’t agree with this?

Here are some resources for you to educate yourself with:



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The problem with your nutrition is you.

“You are in control. There is only choice and consequence, both of which you have a unique influence over. Once you make the decision, accept all that comes with it, excuses are a weak persons way of trying to jerk responsibility. Don’t be that person.”
A fairly harsh thing to hear, however it is worth sharing because no matter which way you look at it, for the majority of situations (exceptional circumstances/situations excluded) it is 100% correct.
It is sad to see a great many people struggle with nutrition, they get so confused about what you ‘should’ be eating and in what amounts and we understand this but we are not the ones who need to change our mindset, you are.
The first step to freedom from nutritional worry is simply taking responsibility. Be accountable for your own choices and actions. If you eat an entire cake, don’t make an excuse, accept it’s happened and move on. If you do this on a regular basis accept that as well as the fact that the reason you’re perhaps a few lbs overweight is your fault.
It seems in the modern world everyone wants an excuse to elevate guilty of their poor choices or bad behaviour. While this might be acceptable for children who perhaps haven’t yet learnt any better, it’s not for adults.
No one said nutrition was going to be easy but that doesn’t mean it has to be something that makes you feel bad, it’s not the food that makes you feel guilty, it’s the fact that you have done something you probably shouldn’t. Remember that.
Before you start looking for fad diets and quick fixes you need to focus on some personal growth and taking responsibility for all the actions that you have had 100% influence over that have lead to you being in your current situation. Once this is done you can start making a plan to move forwards.
If you struggle to do this on your own and need help, ask for it.

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