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The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Fat Loss

I hope all of you who are reading The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Fat Loss are learning lots, this is because the Habits are now about to get more interesting.

Here is another recap of the first 5:

1 – They Write Things Down.
2 – They Say No.
3 – They Don’t Listen to Every Single Opinion.
4 – They Use Common Sense.
5 – They Make Their Own Meals.

Time to Start the next habit:

Habit 6: They Avoid Looking RIGHT At Snacks.


Don’t be, I shall explain how this habit works and it’s reasons. Everything will become clear in a few short minutes of reading.

Everyone loves a good snack, but do those successful people avoid snacking too much?

There is nothing wrong with a good snack, however, one can become two, then three and eventually eight.

Snacks a devilishly moorish, and with good reasons too. They are made to be this way so that we can’t just have one, we must have more.

What I have noticed is something that leads people to snack more than is necessary.

Look at your snack draw at work, or where you put the bag of nuts, sweets or biltong.

Is your snack of choice on the right hand side of you?

If the answer is yes you will be lead to you snacking more. This has been discussed in several psychology articles we have read along with a couple of books. Have you ever noticed that the sweets, magazines and special offers at check out stands are on your right? You will now.

There seems to be some inherent connection with the right hand wanting to pick up what ever is on it’s side.

While there are no specific studies on this subject, the simple observations and notes made by various psychologists lead us to feel there is defiantly something more to it.

Yes it might sounds crazy, but all we are asking is for you to try moving your snacks over to the left draw or your left hand side and see what happens.

This is a little known habit used by those highly successful people who started out just like you.


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The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Fat Loss

This is the half way point, the fifth habit practiced daily by those who are highly successful in not only achieving but sustaining their fat loss.

Just incase you missed the first four habits, here they are again:

1 – They Write Things Down.
2 – They Say No.
3 – They Don’t Listen to Every Single Opinion.
4 – The Use Common Sense.

Time for number 5.

Habit 5: They Make Their Own Meals.

I am not just talking about food preparation for evening meals, I am talking about each an every meal and it doesn’t take as long as you think either.

Apart from the obvious benefit of steering clear of many common processed foods, making your own meals also means you will get lots of nutrient dense meats/vegetables overtime you sit down to eat (chances are you will also end up eating more fibre without trying too). You can eat your favourite meal more than once a week if you wish.

When a lot of people think about making meals or preparing food they picture a person stopped in the kitchen slaving away for hours on end, but this isn’t the case. More often than not you will be done within an hour as you get more efficient.

Don’t see making your own meals as a chore, see it as a chance to experiment and try different styles of cuisine.


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The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Fat Loss

1 – They Write Things Down.
2 – They Say No.
3 – They Don’t Listen to Every Single Opinion

Three down, Seven to go.

It’s worth remembering that these habits have not been concocted from scientific data, or broad scale hypothesis, but from the experience of those people like you who have achieved their fat loss goals.


Shall we continue?

Habit 4: They Use Common Sense.

This might seem a little obvious, but the best things often are.

I have found that over time those who are successful in their journey towards fat loss have a great amount of common sense, which seems to be quite rare actually.

When it comes to food shopping for example they will go about it much like you or me. They wander up and down the isles browsing what the store has to offer, but there is one key difference, they are not dissuaded from walking in to the vegetable section by the cleverly placed POS (point of sale) directly in their eye line.

They will get what they need, not what the want.

The same goes for eating out. That is not to say that their most treasured indulgences are sacrificed, far from it. Instead they will have just enough to make them feel satisfied and not gorge just because they can. This is what helps accumulate the caloric deficit over time and achieves sustainable fat loss.

They are by no means restricted, merely exercising more self control than those who fail to achieve.

The next time you’re faced with a decision take a moment and think “Common sense would say that having this one piece of cake will not derail my fat loss goal, however eating the entire cake like I want to will… Ok just one slice it is then.”.

We all know what we need to do, but very few of us actually do what we know.


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The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Fat Loss

You are now 2 steps closer to knowing what people do a their 10 Habits of Highly Successful Fat loss.

1 – They Write Things Down.
2 – They Say No.

The third habit however is very different from the first two.

If you’ve read any of my other blogs you will notice that I often speak about trying to learn all you can and to never discount anything until you’ve researched it and tried it, however the third habit of these highly successful people goes against my normal advise… and do you know what?

I think it’s absolutely BRILLIANT!

Here it is:

Habit 3: They Don’t Listen to Every Single Opinion.

I know right? It seems counter intuitive, but it is the single most brilliant thing I’ve ever really heard.

Lets look at the facts:

– Everyone will have an opinion on the ‘secret’ fat loss formula.
– There are hundreds of diet books with thousands of methods to lose fat.
– The internet is filled with tips, tricks and remedies to aid in shedding the pounds.
– Everyone’s and expert in their own right when it comes to THEIR body. THEIR BODY… not yours.

The last fact will make you giggle

– Everything works to some degree for a certain light of time.

As you can see, with all of the advice floating around it’s ease for people to get confused. Weight watchers works for some, not for others, slimming world is great for Aunt Mavis but not Lady Brenda and the 1000cal diet will certainly help you lose weight but your health won’t be far behind either.

This is why I really really like the third habit of these highly successful people. They know their own mind and stick with what is working for them.

Simply because a new fad piece of advice comes out it doesn’t mean YOU need to listen to it. It’s the old adage: Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

If you have been following advice that is working for you then don’t change it until you need to it’s that simple.

Once again this useful habit can be applied to your normal life. A ‘helpful neighbour is offering some advice on how to cut your grass differently for a better result (Perhaps you like your grass the way it is.), you can just say “That’s great advice, I shall bear that in mind.” secretly meaning “That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard and I will never use your advice EVER.”.


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The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Fat Loss

After giving your the first habit of highly successful fat loss – Writing things down.

I trust you have put this simple yet powerful tool in to action? Trust me it really does work and it can also be applied to other aspects of your life too – Business, Fitness are only two examples.

Now I’ve gotten the quick reminder of the first habit out of the way it’s time to move on to the second habit.

Habit 2: They Say No.

As humans and half decent people we don’t really like the word ‘No’. It just seems so rude doesn’t it?

However that particular word can help you avoid over indulging when you don’t even really want too. Often people will accept an extra slice of pie, or another beer because it was offered to them, lets face it, nobody wants to be ‘that guy or girl’ who turns down a token gesture of good will.

The hardest part of fat loss is by far the psychological aspect, people will offer you temptations not because they are trying to sabotage your progress (Ok, some might) but because they can see you’re doing really well and feel you deserve a treat. This kind gesture is what makes saying ‘No’ so hard, but don’t worry, I have a nice simple line that will help you acknowledge their offer and not leave them feeling rejected when you say the ominous word.

All you need to do is the following:

Smile and say “Thank you for the offer. I appreciate it, but I’m not feeling hungry quite just yet, thanks for considering if I was though.”

This will show them that you genuinely care that they have thought about you, but it doesn’t leave them feeling rejected, more so the simple fact that you’re just not hungry yet.

You don’t need to use that particular example, you can use what ever language you like, just be polite, sincere and smile when you say it.

I am not saying you need to say no to every food or beverage that comes your way, I would just advise you to think about whether you are actually hungry or just bored. We will eat when we are bored, mostly because everyone else is doing it and we don’t want to be out from the crowd.

Learning to say ‘No’ will also be helpful in the world place when your boss ask’s you to do an additional mountain of paper work that you don’t have time for. I find the old “I would be happy to do that, who will be finishing this other work I won’t have time for? Because I wouldn’t want the quality to slip on either project.”, this often eaves them slightly stunned but helps to deter them from giving you anymore.

Learn to say ‘No’ more, it’s not rude, it’s your choice.


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The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Fat Loss

The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Fat Loss

Before I have spoken about staples of fat loss and how following macros can help you achieve your goal, but I have never delved in to the actually habits of those who succeed in their endeavour.

I will therefore be writing a mini series on the most common habits of these highly successful people.

It’s worth remembering that these people are just like you and me, they have normal jobs, a mortgage, a social life, time constraints, kids, a nagging wife or husband who leave the fridge door open too often, but they still achieve.

Here is how they do it.

Habit 1: They Write Things Down.

The simple act of writing something down has a profound effect one a persons accountability and subconsciously makes you more committed.

Writing something down will also give you a sense of priority, achievement and allow for subconscious higher level thinking.

Personally I would advise you to write down 5 things that you WILL do tomorrow to help you progress towards your goal right before you go to bed.

Check back tomorrow for habit two.


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Three Weeks of Progress

Would you like a program that will almost guarantee you constant progress?

In fact the beauty of this program is its simplicity, read and enjoy.


The 21 Day Rotation Routine

(i’m not really to sure on the name for it so I will stick with that until I think of something better.)

The best part is the volume deload is a natural occurrence for this program I have created for you. This style of program is based around greasing the groove and improving motor unit recruitment and movement patterns.

All you need to do is turn up and lift.

Here are the basic guidelines:

– Lift Everyday, yep, everyday.
– 5 working sets ONLY.
– Use your 5RM at the start of the program (You will see why soon).
– Pick 1-4 lifts – use any variation (Squat, Bench, Deadlift & Overhead Press).
– Train once, twice or three times per day (If 3 times, 30min per session.).
– Do 3-5 Warm Up sets of 5.
– *Preform all reps until its time to repeat and start again with increase weight.
– You may use accessory work if you wish too.

*Ok I left the reps out of the list because they will take some time to explain. Here goes;

You will start one day by doing 5 sets of 1 (1,1,1,1,1), then on day two add a rep to the first set (2,1,1,1,1) then again on day 3 (3,1,1,1). You keep adding a rep until the first set is at 5 reps, then you start adding a rep to the second set until you again hit 5. Once that happens move to the third and so on until you re doing 5×5, after you hit the 5×5 day (around 21/22 days) it’s time to up the weight and start again at 5×1. This a a massive volume reduction which will allow you to continue training each day and steadily progress.

You can repeat this process almost indefinitely IF you follow the ‘Same but Different’ Principle.

What is ‘Same but Different’? It comes form looking at the law of adaptation (eventually you will adapt and a movement will be come less productive) vs the law of specificity (some lifters need to make constant improvement in completion lifts or movements). This is where Variation of moments comes in to play.

Obviously there will be a point where you just can add more weight to your 5RM on that particular variation of that lift. For example you might move from Back Squat to Front Squat, or Barbell Shoulder Press to Kettlebell Press, Flat Bench to Incline and so on. If you follow the program and periodically change a lift once it plateaus you will continue to progress.

I will admit this is a strength bias approach, but building strength will also serve to add some lean muscle too.

Nutrition is paramount and shouldn’t be forgotten too. For adding mass take your weight in lbs and multiply it by 17-19 for a calorie range.

For Protein gram requirements again take your weight in lbs, this time multiply it by 0.8 – 1.2, then multiply this number by 4 for the calories from protein.

For Fat gram requirements take your weight in lbs and multiply that by 0.4-0.6, then multiply this number by 9 for the calories from fat.

As for Carb you need to add the calories from fat/protein together then take that number away from your overall caloric range. That will leave a certain amount of calories that you divide by 4 to get you gram requirements for carbs.


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What happens when you fall off the wagon?

Do you sit and get depressed over what you have lost?
Mourn the loss of your gains?
Think about where you were and how much of a struggle it will be to get back there?

We are all guilty of this, but this is only because of one thing; Our EGO.

Yep, our ego is what makes us feel these things.


No one likes the idea of going back to the start, but guess what, you;re not back at the start, your BASE level of strength and fitness will be much higher than when you started and it won’t take long to regain.

Everyone suffers the occasional slip, I too have been in a place like this for some time.

When this happens we have 2 realistic choices:

1 – Remain in the mud thinking about it.
2 – Taking action.

You don’t need to make gigantic steps of progress as long as you progress, there is no rush, after all, if something is important to us we will make more time for it.


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Exercise Structure Part 10

The last post is now here.

What will it contain?

A magic secret?
The ultimate workout?

Unfortunately not. I will simply leave you with one final training method that you can add to your arsenal.

It doesn’t even involve any kit either,

Incline Sprints

Now wheel not necessarily a training method, I have have this is something that everyone benefits from and very few actually do.

You can perform Incline Sprints either running up hill or up a very long flight of stairs.

This will not only help to improve your cardio vascular fitness, it will also strip lots of fat effortlessly and workout thighs and bum better than almost every machine in the gym.

If you’re feeling particularly daring try 10 sets of 10 sprints 3 times a week, but if your not feeling as adventurous to start try or 5×5.

The real idea of training is to keep things simple, repeatable and progressive. If you can continue to make things harder then stick with what you’re doing, but if you’re starting to find workouts too easy try one of the 10 methods I’ve given you.


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Exercise Structure Part 9

As we now approach the end of this 10 part series in exercise structure I hope you have found the various training elements and ideas useful.

Continuing with the theme of cardio based weight training I have a great little time saver that can make your workouts not only intense, but also effective.

What is this method of which I speak?


You can do a complex with almost any piece of equipment, or even body weight can be effective too.

I am going to give you a different Complex for several pieces of kit.

Barbell –

8 reps of each

Deadlift, Clean, Front Squat, Press, Bent Over Row.

Rest 60 seconds and repeat 5 times.

Dumbbell –

6 Reps of each

Renegade Row, Floor Press, Get Up, Squat.

Rest 60 seconds and repeat 5 times.

Kettlebell –

5 Reps of each

Swing, Snatch, Clean, Press, Squat.

Rest 60 seconds and repeat 5 times.

Body Weight –

12 Reps of each

Press Up, Burpee, Pull Up, Leg Raise.

Rest 60 seconds and repeat 5 times.

You will find you can have an effective workout that will help you burn lots of fat in a short space of time (as little as 30min). This is because the basic principle of a complex is to link in large compound movements that hit multiple muscles in one go, sending your metabolic rate through the roof.

My only advice is to start off light. They are harder than you think.



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