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Fat Loss While Flat Broke

Morning Guys,

Can you achieve Fat Loss while Flat Broke?

Yes, yes you can.

As with the post yesterday about Bulking on a Budget, you can also shared some Lbs while saving some pennies.

I alluded to this at the end of the post I wrote yesterday, however is seems people want a little more guidance.

So here you go.

Fat Loss Foods For The Less Fortunate:

– Eggs (Good old eggs make the list again)
– Meat (Speak to a local butcher, or take a trip to Aldi)
– Vegetables (Go to a local grocer or again to Aldi)

…. Can you see a pattern from yesterday?

In short the only main difference when eating for fat loss as opposed to muscle gain is the overall number of calories you are going to consume.

*+500 from BMR to gain muscle and -500 to lose fat, typically speaking.

Admittedly you wouldn’t necessarily consume the same foods but the simple fact is for fat loss you want to concentrate on eating more Protein, more Fibre and drinking more Water.

When it comes to shopping for bargains you will use exactly the same methods as you would for bulking – Discount shops, Lidl, Aldi and you will even find some polish shops have lots of great deals on foods.

No matter is your Bulking on a Budget or attempting Fat Loss while Flat Broke, you can achieve both with some careful planning along with taking the time to search around for some good deals.

I often get questions from people asking for specific answers to their own problems, but they are always left stunned when I remind them that for answers that specific I will charge them for that knowledge.

In short, you know what you should be eating, you know what you should be buying but you don’t. Seek to make a change in your own spending habits first and you ill find you’re never short on money for the foods you need.


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Budget Bulking

Morning Guys,

Bulking on a budget has long been something overcome by many, it just requires some careful food choices and the avoidance of reliance on protein supplements.

*Shakes will become useful, but if you can afford shakes, you can afford real food.

Here are my top foods for bulking on a budget:
– Eggs
– Chicken
– Tuna
– White Fish
– Oats
– Cereals (cron flakes in particular)
– Vegetables
– Rice
– Potatoes
– Rice Cakes
– Beans
– Nuts
– Milk (essentially any dairy products)
– Turkey Mince (basically any mince)
– Eggs again.

As you can see from the short list above you can pretty get a variety of foods while shopping on a budget. Though the list is only really there to prove a point, and that point is this; STOP BEING LAZY!

True budget might be a limiting factor, but you an still eat very well while pulling in the purse strings. With all the shops like pound land, Aldi etc you have no excuse for not getting enough food.

*Sit down and write out what you send you monthly wages on each month using these two categories: Necessary & Unnecessary, you will soon see how much money you’re wasting on things you don’t need.

The same is true for Fat Loss. The main foods you need for fat loss are as follows:

– Meat
– Veg

That’s pretty much it. If you can’t afford those on budget then perhaps becoming a hunter gatherer is the best option for you.


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“I Just Want To Be Skinny!”

“Nutrition is hard, diets are hard, why can’t I just eat what I want and be skinny!?”

This has been said to me on several occasions by various people, but what they seem to miss is that nutrition is as complicated as you make it.

I have always been a strong proponent of eating large amounts of single ingredient whole foods (80%); meaning lots of meat & veg essentially, with the freedom and choice for people to allow 20% of what they want, from any sources they so desire.

I have received a fair share of hate for these views, along with our views that by eating either 80/20 – 90/10 or even 95/5 will be largely responsible for achieving a certain look. The reason we have always stuck by this can be answered by one simple word: Sustainability.

Everyone is the same but different. What works for one won’t always work for another and this is why some people may walk around looking like they’re carved out of stone from Mount Olympus eating 80/20, while for others they might need to eat 95/5 to achieve that look.

Whether you agree or not, that is what we have found to be true for a large amount of people.

Back to the one word answer; Sustainability. A powerful word it is, if you can say that you have found something that you can sustain then you’ve found the secret to YOUR success. It doesn’t matter if it works for anyone else because it works for you and that’s the important thing.

If you’re one of the thousands who hasn’t yet found YOUR secret, the helpful tips we will give you below should help you out because as we’ve said before; Nutrition isn’t hard.

– Eat Like an Adult (Meat, Veg, Fruit – Whole Foods)
– Avoid Excess Amount of Processed Foods (High in Refined Sugar)
– Drink Plenty of Water
– Never Regret Your Choices, If You Do You Shouldn’t Have Made That Choice to Begin With.


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Mind & Body

For all those with body confidence issues, I understand your pain.

The frustration of looking in the mirror and never being happy with what you see. In fact, I suspect most of you are disgusted, repulsed and deeply sad by the reflection because no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to change .

I suffer the same problem.

Body dysmorphia is too common in the modern world. Its affect are wide spread and its victims many.

I just want you to know that you’re not alone, lots of us exist and I also want to tell you that it is possible to become comfortable in your own skin. Granted it might takes years, maybe even decades, but it will happen.

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10 Fat Loss Faux-Pas

Today I am going to reveal the final Fat Loss Faux-pas.

This will be the one that makes all the difference to your progression, now read, learn and progress.

Fat Loss Faux-pas #10 Trying Too Hard.

Is there ever really such a thing as trying too hard?

Yes… Yes there is.

People will want to achieve a better body immediately, so much so in fact they want it to happen yesterday. This can lead to some to adopt narcissistic tendencies.

Focus is good, but too much will lead to obsession and as a result your life will grind to an abrupt halt. You won’t want to go out with friends because of eating the wrong things, you might fear going shopping because of temptation and when things get really bad you may even stop eating all together by developing an eating disorder… Don’t forgo your life just because you want to be skinny right this second.

This negative mind set is an easy one to fall prey too. In an attempt to get more results you will potentially make yourself seriously ill.

I have been in this position, I found no one put more pressure on me to achieve than myself and I got ill. Don’t succumb to there pressure, take your time and remember to enjoy the journey, remember to enjoy your life.

After all, nobody wants to look good if they feel unhappy.

Smile and celebrate each small success because in the end when you look back, you will see that all the small things where actually the big things.


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10 Fat Loss Faux-pas

The penultimate Faux-pas is here, it might surprise you how simple it is you might also be one of the many who has fallen victim to it too.

Fat Loss Faux-pas #9 Avoiding Fat.

Eating fat will make you fat right?


Overeating will make fat.

As contradictory as it seems, avoiding fat in an attempt to help you lose fat will do little to make this dream a reality. Fat is an essential part of the diet because it helps our bodies absurd the fat soluble vitamins A,D,E and K, not to mention EPA/DHA. Without fat in the diet health issues may potentially increase.

While it is true that almost all Trans-Fats are nasty and need to be avoided at all costs, it is easy to do because many trans-fats are found in highly refined man-made food products. If you opt for whole foods you will find the facts they contain are very beneficial.

There are a plethora of ‘low fat’ alternatives made by companies who want your hard earned money, while some of these products are actually pretty good, the majority will be filled with extra sugar to give them suitable taste and lord only knows how many preservatives.

Opting for the fat free alternatives to whole foods can also lead you to snacking more, this is because the high sugar contents of most of these products only leave you satiated for a short period of time. Once their effect has worn off you will again be looking for a quick fix, as we’ve established in previous posts there is no quick fix.

Depending on your personal requirements you may be able to have unto or over 100g of fat per day (that’s only 900 calories from your daily total.). Fat isn’t the enemy, misinformation is.

I implore you, please don’t avoid fat.


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10 Fat Loss Faux-pas

We only have 3 more Fat Loss Faux-pas left, I hope you’ve learn’t from the posts so far and started to avoid, or even rectify some that you were susceptible too.

Fat Loss Faux-pas #8 – Not Sleeping Enough.

All you need to do is sleep for 20hours of the day and you will no doubt achieve weight loss… Well that’s what a mattress company might tell you anyway. The truth of the matter is this; a lack of sleep will potentially lead to excessively high cortisol levels (lots of stress hormone), which eventually triggers some primal signals urger to find every dense sugary foods to 1 – keep you going and *2 – bring down your your cortisol levels.

*Foods high in carbohydrates will help increase your serotonin (the happy hormone) which will be lead in to a nice little cascade towards melatonin (the sleep hormone).

You will unknowingly be seeking foods of the described nature above. If you take a moment and think about it you will be able to remember times when you’ve done what I’ve just written because it’s in our nature.

Ideally you will want to try and get to bed by 10pm and wake up at 6am. I know this isn’t always the optimal way for some people to sleep because of that little thing that gets in the way called LIFE, but getting to sleep at or around these times is also very beneficial for your body to regulate/balance its natural hormone levels.

Tonight at 10pm turn off the TV, Playstation, I Pad or what ever technical gadget you have one and get some sleep because in the long run, you will be leaner for it.


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Fat Loss Faux-pas

Lucky number 7. Everyone likes this number right?

It’s not too close to 10, but its far enough away from 1 to make it look like a committing number, this give people the opportunity to sound committed when they’re really not – Watch out for the number 7 because it can often a 1 in disguise.

While the number 7 doesn’t really have any relevance to the faux-pas for today other than the fact we on the 7th faux-pas, I thought you might like to know the psychology behind peoples love for the number 7.

Fat Loss Faux-pas #7 – Meal Replacement Meals (Shakes/Supplements)

When some embark on their fat loss journey it is very easy to become entangled in the web of meal replacement companies that offer the QUICK FIX solution to fat loss. There is not quick fix short of surgery I’m afraid.

Meal replacement shakes, bars etc are often man made and might contain some rather interesting ingredients. While there have been plenty of people that have lost a considerable amount of fat on these, there is a considerable amount more who haven’t lost and or piled all the weight they lost on the shakes back and plus some more just to be safe.

These monstrosities will lead people to avoiding actual food almost entirely – That’s a very bad thing. It could potentially lead to some psychological issues and disassociation with food, you will do well to avoid going down this route.

In my opinion there is no substitute for nutrient dense whole foods, some might even call them REAL FOODS when compared to the Frankenfoods that we mortars have created. Eating the majority of your calories (if not all of them) from whole foods will benefit your waistline far more than meal replacements ever could.

Don’t get sucked in by the offer of the quick fix.


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10 Fat Loss Faux-pas

I hope everyone had a good weekend off. You probably noticed no more fat loss faux-pas went up of the weekend, but, there was a reason of that which leads perfectly in to the next mistake to avoid.

Fat Loss Faux-pas #6 – Having a Cheat Day.

Fat loss and more importantly maintaining that fat loss isn’t something that can be easily turned on and off for everyone. Copious amounts of different diets over the years have advocated a ‘cheat day’ or something similar, I believe some even allow ‘cheat weekends’, which I’m sorry to say have a disastrous effect on on your fat loss.


Because the average person lacks sufficient will power to say no when they’ve had enough, this leads some to over indulging (binge eating), thus consuming thousands upon thousands of unneeded calories which completely destroys any caloric deficit accumulated during the week and puts a stop to any potential fat loss.

When the above happens people are left baffled as to why they have been ‘good’ all week with nutritious whole foods etc and still haven’t lost any weight. Being ‘good’ is not my favourite term because as children when we were good we got a reward or treat for being good, people see their ‘cheat’ weekends as rewards and over do it.

I am not saying that you cant have a little of what you fancy. In fact I would encourage you to have a little of what you fancy each day, just to be clear I shall say it again; have a LITTLE of what you fancy each day, DON’T, BINGE.

Please try and remember you need to find a balance in your life. If YOUR personal balance means you have one or two more things you like than your friend but your fat loss is half of theirs then accept it, if that’s what makes you happy.

After all, what’s the point in staring a lifestyle/nutritional change to lose weight and burning fat if you don’t enjoy it?

We keep doing what we enjoy, don’t make yourself unhappy trying to shift unwanted fat, do it slowly without pressure on your shoulders and a smile on your face.

Avoid this faux-pas and you will undoubtedly achieve your goal.


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10 Fat Loss Faux-pas


Are you still reading?

It’s the half way point today and from no on in you will find the remaining Faux-pas might just surprise you.

Fat loss Faux-pas #5 – Shopping While Hungry

You might think this is an old wives tale, but let me be the first to confirm that it’s not. I have deliberately been shopping while hungry and compared what I bought compared to when I was satiated, the difference was a whopping £17.86!

Ok, £18 won’t break the bank but the budget difference was not only int he types of foods I bought but also their quality. While the majority of my shopping basket was filled with whole foods a good third must have been convenience crap that is sugar laden and filled with delicious fat promoting calories.

Why did this happen?

The honest answer to that, I don’t really know… well at least not scientifically speaking, however, from various studies, books, article and seminars I’ve learnt form over the years I have some rather compelling anecdotal reasoning for this sudden break in food choices form my norm.
Personally I found it was because I was looking for foods that would give me energy quickly and fill a hole. If we think back to our ancestors who didn’t have supermarkets and had to forage for food, I am willing to bet they would eat as much as they could as often as they could. True we have not absolute proof of this, but common sense would dictate that was probably the case.

Therefore when I was shopping while hungry I ended up succumbing to the allure of ENERGY DENSE foods, opposed to NUTRITIONALLY DENSE because my body perhaps had a primal urge, but who really knows for sure.

In short shopping while hungry is a one way ticket to buying foods you don’t really want to fill a desire that you don’t really need. In our modern world there is no need to go hungry, unless you’re in dire straights that is.

Here are some quick tips on how to avoid hunger and shopping while hungry:

1 – EAT for the love go god people!
2 – Have a nutrient dense snack in the car – nuts or beef jerky are good just don’t over eat them.
3 – Always have a Litre or water to hand, remember hunger could be thirst in disguise.
4 – Don’t go shopping with the kids, you will use them as an excuse to buy crap.
5 – Don’t go shopping with your other half for the same reason as number 4.

Use these tips and you won’t go far wrong.


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