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10 Fat Loss Faux-pas


Are you still reading?

It’s the half way point today and from no on in you will find the remaining Faux-pas might just surprise you.

Fat loss Faux-pas #5 – Shopping While Hungry

You might think this is an old wives tale, but let me be the first to confirm that it’s not. I have deliberately been shopping while hungry and compared what I bought compared to when I was satiated, the difference was a whopping £17.86!

Ok, £18 won’t break the bank but the budget difference was not only int he types of foods I bought but also their quality. While the majority of my shopping basket was filled with whole foods a good third must have been convenience crap that is sugar laden and filled with delicious fat promoting calories.

Why did this happen?

The honest answer to that, I don’t really know… well at least not scientifically speaking, however, from various studies, books, article and seminars I’ve learnt form over the years I have some rather compelling anecdotal reasoning for this sudden break in food choices form my norm.
Personally I found it was because I was looking for foods that would give me energy quickly and fill a hole. If we think back to our ancestors who didn’t have supermarkets and had to forage for food, I am willing to bet they would eat as much as they could as often as they could. True we have not absolute proof of this, but common sense would dictate that was probably the case.

Therefore when I was shopping while hungry I ended up succumbing to the allure of ENERGY DENSE foods, opposed to NUTRITIONALLY DENSE because my body perhaps had a primal urge, but who really knows for sure.

In short shopping while hungry is a one way ticket to buying foods you don’t really want to fill a desire that you don’t really need. In our modern world there is no need to go hungry, unless you’re in dire straights that is.

Here are some quick tips on how to avoid hunger and shopping while hungry:

1 – EAT for the love go god people!
2 – Have a nutrient dense snack in the car – nuts or beef jerky are good just don’t over eat them.
3 – Always have a Litre or water to hand, remember hunger could be thirst in disguise.
4 – Don’t go shopping with the kids, you will use them as an excuse to buy crap.
5 – Don’t go shopping with your other half for the same reason as number 4.

Use these tips and you won’t go far wrong.


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