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10 Fat Loss Faux-pas

I hope after reading yesterdays first faux-pas you’re well on your way to understanding the difference between boredom and hunger, because today it’s time to learn a new potential trip hazard to avoid.

Fat Loss Faux-pas #2 – Don’t Drink Your Calories

With the explosion of health and diet drinks in recent times it has become all to easy for the lines of common sense to become blurred. You would hope that just because something is shiny and new, or labeled as the ‘magic’ drink that will help melt away fat that people would stop and find out if such claims were true. Sadly that’s often not the case.

Diet drinks, sport drinks, meal replacement shakes aren’t the only culprits to blame. Fruit juices, smoothies, low calorie soda’s and excessive visits to big brand coffee shops are up there too. In the fast paced world we live in convenience wins the day, often leading to people over consuming calories from drinks that they think are healthy when in actual fact they’re not.

Before I go on answer this question – What do you see athletes drinking lots of?

I shall come back to the answer for that shortly.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having the occasional choice of beverage from the few examples above, but when some are avian upwards of 6per day the extra calories can soon begin to mount up. This is not only because of hidden or unnoticed sugars in the drinks, but also the fact that drinks of this ilk happen to increase hunger rather than suppress it.

Try to remember that more refined sugary things you drink or eat, the more your body will want.

Have you had a think about the question from earlier?

If you were thinking water was the correct answer then well done you :). You may have a gold star, in fact you may have two gold stars and a lolly pop just like the dentist used to give you for going to see them; though in hindsight the dentist was probably ensuring you would have a nice cavity filled mouth from eating too many sweets so they would have a life long patient… on second thoughts no lolly for you. Just the gold stars.

If you thought sports drinks then don’t worry, we all make mistakes, there’s no need to beat yourself up about them (unless they’re really stupid like putting your laptop in the dishwasher, then there’s just no hope for you).

In summary, keeping an eye on not only the amount of drinks you’re having per day but also the type will go a long way inhaling you reduce needed calories and lose more unwanted weight and fat.
Oh, obviously alcohol is loaded with calories so try not to have more than 2-3 drinks per week.


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