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Musings on Marketing

When looking at various fitness/training adds that come up there are two questions that tend to pop up in the old noggin.

1 – What’s it all about?
2 – What’s the point of it?

A lot of trainers hungry for business may end up posting what they think is eye-catching and brilliant, yet don’t think about the two questions above.

Often there is little rhyme or reason to what they’ve shared.

There is no purpose, no problem addressed, solution offered or emotions invoked.

While they might get some likes these don’t equate to business.

Three further questions to ask when you see the above:

3 – Why is this problem relevant to me?
4 – How will their solution be a benefit?
5 – What feelings/experience with investing in this provide?

Often there is not story either.

People love a story, that is if you’re marketing strategy is more than a single shot in the dark hoping to hit something (which ideally it wants to be).

Setting up several marking posts/adverts etc, that all link together to create a story can be very useful.

While you’d touch on what the benefits & emotional rewards are in each, you’d not go for the business until the last post.

Asking for the business is crucial, there’s no denying that.

Yet you need to have a reason to ask, otherwise you’ll only ever hear a resounding no when you do.

Tow more questions to ask:

6 – Why is this (product/offer) worth investing in?
7 – Who is the person this is has been created for?

Money is valuable to people, and while they’ll easily part wit it because buying things make people feel good – remember that.

Knowing the feeling they want from buying something is crucial.

An investment is only as good as the emotion it provokes.

This means getting to know who it is aimed at.

What does this person value, how do they perceive what is being offered and why.

Guessing or thinking you know is not wise, ask and be sure.

Finally there are three more points to complete the set:

8 – Would you pay twice what’s being charged?
9- Why is the product worth more than is being charged?
10 – What do you spend money on (training wise) & why?

It may seem odd to ask about paying twice what is being charged, however when people make comments like that it’s very telling because it means they perceived the product at such a high value it’s almost impossible to say no.

Everyone loves a bargain.

Lastly it’s worth looking at your own spending habits.

Trainers are notorious for wanting people to pay them all the money to train and yet they won’t hire someone themselves because they feel they know better and can train themselves.

Think of it this way, if you think you know better and can’t be convinced otherwise, chances are the people your trying to recruit as new clients feel the same way too.

You can run these across your own adverts/marketing and that of other trainers, see who has answers to them all and who doesn’t.

Then see which one is more successful (it’ll probably be the one that addresses all or the majority of the questions).


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Outcome Improvement

Meetings, consultations, reviews & all other similar things.
A lot will voice how much they dislike them.
It’s not actually uncommon for people to not really mean that because it’s a chance to sit, have a chat and not really do anything productive.
Usually because this one simple truth above the above is forgotten:
Meetings are for outcomes 🧠
For those in the world of fitness try and see it this way.
What is the purpose of a consultation for you?
To get a desired outcome.
Be this in the form of business, or data that will help in programming for the client.
However you see it there needs to be a defined outcome.
Too many leave meetings etc with a lot of ambiguity.
This means they can create the perfect excuses for why something didn’t happen, essentially getting them off the hook.
It’s why so many suck at business, life too.
They go into things not really knowing what they want, or if they do know what they want they won’t state it, then go and complain things didn’t go a good way.
This simple list of point needs to be filled in before attending any of the above:
– Why am I/they here?
– How will this be a benefit to me/them?
– What is the desired outcome for me/them?
– When finished these are my/their first steps to acton.
Without addressing these you’re not going to be productive, you’re simply having a chat with someone.
Aim for a Win-Win outcome for both parties involved.
Don’t be afraid to stay what it is you’re after, and always know what your minimum level of outcome desired is because there may need to be some wiggle room.

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To be known.

What are you known for?

In all businesses being known for ming one thing really really well, often yields more than being known for doing lost of things poorly.

This doesn’t mean you won’t offer multiple options/services.

It simply means that you’ll be top of the pile for doing one thing specifically very well because that’s how you can create an excellent service that will create repeat business.

Usually it gets linked to your ability to also offer an unforgettable experience as well.

People may come initially for the service, yet they will stay for the experience.

Also producing the results you promised helps too.

Like it or not one thing that truly matters in business to this world is results because without those you’ll struggle to grow a base of true fans and consistent clients.

Here are three questions for you to ask yourself to help you establish what you’re wanting to be known for:

– When people think of you, what do you want their first throughs to be?
– Why do you want that to be their first thought?
– How will this benefit your business?

Asking your clients these three questions can help you narrow down what it is people know you for, then compare it to your own answers and see how close/far to the mark they are:

– Ask people to tell you the one thing they know you for
– Ask why that is the first/one thing that came to mind
– Ask for their opinion/feedback on how to market this thing

You’ll be amazed at how revealing this can be.

From here you’ve then got two choices:

1 – Master one thing & delivering unforgettable experiences
2 – Maintain mediocrity across a lot of things

Both are viable for business.

One gains you very niche & loyal clients, the other needs a revolving door approach and constant effort to keep peoples attention less you be forgotten.

Whichever if for you will work provided that you do.

Nothing comes for free in this life.

Pay your dues and you’ll eventually get a return on your investment, eventually.


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The 5 Stages of Negative Fitness.

Signs you’re healthy fitness kick isn’t quite so healthy.
Believe it or not you’ll find that what started out with many good intentions slowly slides towards quite a dark series of places.
Sadly many get caught in the nefarious web of obsession & addiction without realising it.
Then again that’s how those two things work.
No one ever feels them taking a grip and by the time you notice you’ll be so far gone that you will do everything within your power to deny the truth.
These are some things to watch out for in yourself –
1 – You react emotionally when you can’t train
This is the first sage, and in the beginning you’re a little annoy yet you give that feeling away, however over time it evolves into anxiety, or anger and sometimes even full on mental breakdowns because you can’t get your fitness fix.
2 – The passing glance becomes a lingering stare
As you get further in to the negative stages you will forget a time where you couldn’t walk past a mirror or reflective surface without hitting a specific pose to show off your best angle.
From here you’ll be checking your body at every given chance, flexing, twisting and contorting with a paranoid air of “Wait, is that fat? Have I lost muscle here? What’s going on?”
3 – Pinching more than an inch
Shortly after you start to have the same traits as Narcissus you will be touching yourself more and more.
Pinching at fat, pulling at loose skin, poking and prodding yourself when you sit down or as you flex to feel if you’ve lost any ‘tone’.
The third stage is the easiest to see despite how subtlest people do it because at this point it’s no longer a conscious choice, it’s an automatic reaction/response.
4 – Denial, Anger, Depression & Bargaining with yourself
Creeping into the fourth stage you soon tart to speak to yourself differently.
You berate yourself, bully yourself, abuse yourself and make deals of more training and you’ll then have a glass of whatever or slice of something, only to have them, enjoy them and then become overwhelmed by depression & guilty.
Then you get angry that you gave in, storm back to the gym and train some more, all the while convincing yourself i’s for you health, for the greater good….
Further cementing the denial of this one truth:
You’ve become addicted & obsessed with fitness & control.
5 – Your Cure is also your Poison
There’s not accepting what you’ve become.
All in an effort to convince yourself you’re worthless, fat, out of shape and need to train more, thus fuelling a never ending negative fitness cycle because if you look like this with all the training you do, you’d daren’t stop because what would you be without fitness, what would happen to your body, well, it just does’t bare thinking about.
You’ve not only welcomed a monster into your life, it now causes you pain and also provides the relief from it you so see.
The Monsters arms wrap around you, feeding you all the doubt, sadness and pain with it’s left hand only to take a hold of you with it’s right and lead you back to the gym for reprieve.
This is the side of fitness people don’t talk about.
It’s the place people get lost and where few seldom return.
Even those who do make their way out are not the same, at least not in a good way, there is now lasting damage and something that they brought back that they won’t ever truly be free of.
Fitness is meant to be a tool to enhance your life, not consume it.
Reread the above, then read it again once more.
Be honest with yourself and see where you are in relation to the above and you might just be able to avoid treading any further down a road you don’t wish to go down.
You should investigate this thoroughly,

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Questions, will you answer them?

Since there is nothing new under the sun in regards to fitness, what is there to write about anymore?

Usually you’ll find the same topics rehashed again and again and again.

Endless set & reps systems, multiple variations of the classics such as 5×5, and various other things that are the same yet different. It is truly a tough industry to keep interesting once you’ve been in it a while because of one crucial element that people ignore.

Nothing will work unless you do. 

Too many people are quick to find something to entertain them, and with the modern attitude we’re supposed to sit by and let them fuck about and make no real progress because, feelings.

Such a tiresome play to watch unfold repeatedly.

Given this I have some questions I’d like people to answer truthfully.

  • Why don’t you want to make any more progress?
  • From training are you looking to become better or simply become entertained?
  • What feeling is most important for you to achieve in this life?

As the years have gone by the urge to gain a deeper understanding of what goes on in the average persons dome has always interested me deeply.

From watching so many achieve some pretty impressive feats, right the way down to those that stagnate and make any and all excuse for doing so, I truly desire to know why their minds are so different.

What is that element that causes such a dichotomy?

Take a couple of minutes and please humour me by answering the above.



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Well that went off on a tangent.

The internet, a place where opinions of plenty can be found.

Some useful, others good and a rare few are true.

When this comes into the realm of fitness there are some things that can easily be separated, often this can be done by asking a few deeper questions, ascertaining proof of result or something similar.

As far as coaching goes we can know a lot, yet how much of that did we ever apply?

There is something to be said for walking the walk, after all if you’re goal is to squat 900lbs you won’t ask someone who’s only every squatted 200lbs to train you. Like it or not that’s the reality, now does that mean that there isn’t a rare or exceptional coach out there who only squats 200lbs and has coached lifters to squat over 900lbs, of course not, however I have yet to meet or even hear of that person yet.

That doesn’t mean they don’t or won’t exist, they just seem to be alluding us at present.

Dedicating your life to a cause gives you perspective.

Perspective is a very useful  thing to have, it provides us with answers to questions we didn’t even know to ask and that is invaluable. The only kicker is that to achieve this there needs to be a sacrifice, a trade off as it were and a lot won’t pay it, this is fair enough because not everyone wants that kind of life, yet we’d do well to remember that people that do choose the route with the most sacrifice and cost to their personal self will have insight into things we’ll struggle to comprehend or even belief as real.

A world filled with exceptional people, well, exceptional to those who didn’t make the sacrifices, yet amidst those that did these people aren’t exceptional, they’re just other people like them ad they look up to the rare few that went even further, what you’d call their exceptions.

Fitness, like life is less a case of ‘exceptions to the rule’ and more akin to ‘exceptions to your rules based on where you currently stand.’.

Step up to a different level and you’ll find new rules, no longer are you the exception as the game has now changed, exceptional is now your new normal, are you ready for that sacrifice?

Some are, many aren’t and that my dear readers is life.

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Level Zero?

How would you define the following (in a fitness sense).
Beginners (novice)
Intermediates (amateur)
Advanced (elite)
Would you personally classify each by the abilities one may possess to be deemed worthy of said placing in this hierarchy, perhaps time served or level of progress.
You may see it as a combination of all of the above.
To me it’s down to these three simple qualities:
  • Body Composition
  • Base Strength
  • Athletic Ability (skill in their sport/thing)
These are my chosen markers due to their basic objectivity, just look at all the people who’ve trained for 10+ years and have achieved very little, they’re beginners in my eyes, yet on paper you’d think these people to be training sages.
While entirely arbitrary why don’t we look at these a little more for some context because i know some people will get butt hurt because it’s 2020 and the world is still hyper sensitive.
Body Composition:
Beginner (novice) – low levels of LBM in retaliation to the individuals total mass with potentially high or low levels of fat mass because skinny fat is totally a thing, arguably the worse thing to be in my ignorant opinion, that’s just me though.
Basically they don’t look like stye train.
Intermediate (amateur) – reasonable levels of LBM in relation to the individuals total mass, often these people have lower levels of fat mass as well, not always, just often.

Essentially they look like they’ve bumped a weight or two and in fact train the way they claim as oppose to simply talking about it.

Advanced (elite) – high level of LBM, often reasonably low levels of fat mass, not always just often. At a glance you’d stop and think, they look strong, and if measured accurately this would be confirmed due to high LBM.

Yep, these are the people many look up to in awe of.

Base Strength:
Rather dependent on what the person trains for, however as an arbitrary guide I base this off of what they can pick up and put overhead in a strict press.
Beginner (novice) – Less then 3/4 total bodyweight
Intermediate (amateur) – Their current total bodyweight
Advanced (elite) – 1.25x bodyweight or more
Why pressing overhead you ask?
It’s because it keeps people honest, and pressing overhead often reveals a multitude of sins and gaps in someones structure, stability and mobility as well.
Athletic Ability:
As with strength it will come down to the specificity of what they do.
If we take Running as an example, just because why not make it relatable to the gen-pop.
Beginner (novice) – 10min (or more) average mile
Intermediate (amateur) – 8min average mile
Advanced (elite) – 6min (or less) average mile
Of course each of the above will come down to the person we are looking at, yet even using the example above you’d find some decent trends in how well to do a person is in fitness.
Anyway, how do you see yourself fin regards to fitness?
Beginner, intermediate or advanced?
Why not, it’s just bit of fun and gets people thinking, plus we also need to remember that even if we are advanced in some things we may be absolute noobs in another.
After all, isn’t life about climbing as many mountains as possible and achieving a lot of different things, or is it just me who thinks that way?
Please do share your thoughts below.

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I wonder who also finds these common.

Dear PT’s,

Do you struggle to fill up your training slots and sell your services?

Many do.

Today I’m going to give you two common reasons this happens, at least from my experience and that of those I’ve worked with across the years.

It can be very frustrating to think you’re doing it all right and still make no headway.

However therein lies this issue, thinking you’re doing it all right and knowing you are, they’re two very different things.

The former will end up blaming the world and its dog.

The latter understands that the real issue is much much closer to home.

This leads us to the first reason many struggle to get the value of their services out to their target market.

It appeals only to them on a personal/emotional level.

A trap many fall in.

Since being told to follow their passion and immerse their business ethos in it, long with all of their products too.

Now not a terrible premise, yet it’s heavily bias towards other people (those you have available to you) also sharing your views, passions and valuing the same things, and this is the problem because many don’t. 

You see people want what they want for the reasons known only to them.

Do you know what those reasons are? 

In fact have you even asked, or did you simply assume and hope that everyone felt the same way you did about what you had to offer?

I’m willing to bet it’s the latter of thew two above because that was how it panned out for me and many others in the early day.

A lot of people who go self employed see their business as ‘their baby’ and this is foolish.
It’s a business and just like many others it needs to be run like one.

Know your clients needs/wants/values/perceptions/biases
Understand their problem & the solution you need to offer them

You see PT is s service industry, yet many PT’s offer a service that most don’t really want, or rather don’t need, and this is due to a lack of understanding.

It baffle me how many won’t ask clients what it is they want and how they want it to be delivered.

Now this doesn’t mean the client would be right in their thoughts, however it will give you the right language, motivations and marketing tools to appeal to said clients and get them onboard, then from hear you can educate and lead them down the righteous path of progress.

I know, that’s only the first common issue.

The second is a real ego killer.

Are you ready for it?

You’re not special.

You are one of many in the industry and don’t offer anything different, unique or appealing.

As a PT you need people way more than they need you and they know it.

Now that you know this, how can you apply it to hep you not simply be one of many and truly stand out?

Simple, tell people the TRUTH.

This is a nuanced approach, I won’t lie to you. It’s going to ruffle a lot of feathers and perhaps even put people backs up, yet the information you’d be giving people is true & useful.

Is it good information, well yes, however it may not make people feel good.

If you asked me if this was carrot or stick, I’d say it’s more a whip.

What you’d tell people would sting initially, then hurt long after because the truth often cuts deep and can cause some major discomfort and that is why many PT’s won’t dare speak it.

Knowing this though is what can separate you from the rest.

Say you speak to someone and start asking them ‘why’ they desire the goal they do, then proceed to ask them ‘so what’ (as in so what will it really do for you, and so what does that mean to you, etc), digging deeper and deeper until you find the emotional trigger and root cause, or rather their real driving force behind their desire to change.

This is the fire you need to fan until it’s a blazing inferno.

Yea it’s nice to tell people what they want to hear, yet when they don’t get results then the fault lies 100% with you because you pandered to them, as such the service you offer is lacklustre and see and something that doesn’t work.

Is this how you want to be seen as a PT?

Now with the above you wouldn’t tell people such things with malice or spite, you’d use tact, yet whatever you do say still needs to be the truth. 

An example:

Not optional – “Well, you’re fat, like really fat. I almost harpooned you when you waddled in.”

Optimal – “In truth do you feel it’s fair to say that you’re carrying more body fat than you’d like, and as a result of that it’s affected your confidence among other things?”

It’s often not what we say it’s how we say it.

Taking not of the above and aiming to apply them to the way you currently run your fitness business will yield results.

You simply have to have faith in the process and realise that it’s going to be quite the learning experience because you will find your flow with it all.

Start by asking yourself this:

Do I know what I need to do & am I willing to do it?


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The Mask

Beards are to men what makeup is to women.

A mask to hide behind. 

We all try to create an image, to be someone, something else. 

There are many reasons for this. 

Take myself as the arbitrary example –

Always in amy kit, maintains a lean muscular physique year round, has an insatiable need to learn new skills. 

This says one thing: it’s all about me & making myself happy because no one else will, nor should they. 

Selfish, 100%. 

Then again, it’s called your life for a reason.

As such you’re free to create the mask you find more pleasing to wear that gave you the desired results you’d not admit you really want.

Maybe it’s status/respect, and this is why you always burt the most expensive things.

Perhaps it’s intimidation, hence the beard and excess bulk (fat) that keeps people from getting up in your grill. 

You might nail all you social media poses and have your makeup on point so that you get all the attention and feel pretty, valued, wanted.

Regardless of what we get, there is always a reason why we desire such responses.

What does your image say about you?

More importantly, how does it make you feel?

Or rather, why do you want to feel that way?

Give this some honest thought because there is nothing wrong with desiring a specific outcome, or wanting to feel a certain way as the result of your appearance, despite those that say there is.

Please do leave your thoughts below.


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Nothing = 2020

Consistency is troublesome for many people.
The idea of having to repeat something again and again and agin just doesn’t take well.
Given we’re two days away from reigning in a new year it’ll be time for all the –
“2018 broke me, 2019 taught me, 2020, let’s do this!”
Such heroic nonsense.
In the words of Conner McGregor – “You’ll do nothin”
If it take the 1st of January for you to pull your finger out I’m not afraid to say that my friend you’ve all ready failed.
You see if you see a reason to become better and change your life, well you’d find it.
Regardless of that reason you’d find it because you want to.
So many need things to start on a Monday, the 1st of a month, after and event or whatever, it’s just not worth it, given how many millions fail what makes you think you’ll be any different?
True many other millions succeed, yet no one ever asks them about what made the succeeded, they merely admire from afar or write in envy.
Question for you, why will you be consistent this time around?
What makes 2020 so different from 2000, or 2010, or any other time you’ve talked a good game and not delivered on it because as much as seeing people do well is truly heart warming, there is so much hot air and bluster it’s just too tiresome to even pretend to care enough to support people these days.
I’m sure some will read the above and proclaim that people like me are the reason others fail, because obviously we have that much sway over the minds of the many.
In my experience change happens for these two reason:
– People become too uncomfortable to take anymore
– Heartbreak
Rarely do people change for positive reasons.
Sad as it is, many don’t change because they’re comfortable or happy, they do it because life has finally become too shit for them to stay in the place they’re in and it’s no longer giving them even and ounce of what they want anymore.
So my dear 6 readers, if I even have 6 😂
Why will 2020 be any different from all the year before it?
Please do leave your thoughts and motivations below.

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