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A book worth a read.

Have you ever read ‘The Warrior Diet’?
It’s quite the thought provoking little read.
While the science of it all is questionable in regards to the acclaimed hormonal responses etc, the overall premise is a solid one.
Here is a summary of the book in short:
– Eat in a time restricted period
– Whole nutritions foods should be the go to choice
– Making food choices for performance & health is key
In all honesty it is very easy to follow and is steeped in common sense more than anything else, you’d be surprised at the overall results you can achieve if you adhere to it.
That’s the key element though, adherence.
Do you think you can stick to it or is food something you rely on for comfort or perhaps other reasons apart from that of survival and necessity.
Questions worth pondering.
Give the book a read, you’ll likely find it novel if nothing else.

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5 reasons you need a training/nutrition dairy.

1 – It will keep you honest and you can compare then to now.
2 – They highlight what you do too much and not enough of.
3 – What looks good on paper may not work in reality, as such going over old diaries (food, training etc) can help you see what worked, what didn’t and what you have yet to try because it’s never been done by you.
4 – One can give you a sense of direction.
5 – You can have anime characters or your childhood heroes on it, what other reason could you need for wanting one now.
All in all writing down what you’ve done or what you will do can help massively in training, nutrition and habit change.
While at the start it is a pain in the ass, eventually it becomes a part of your life, a good habit to have.
Many successful people in the world keep one, therefore if it’s good enough for them then it’s good enough for us, right 🙂

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If you’re easily offended don’t read this. No, seriously don’t.

“I’m such a foodie, lolz.”
If you ever say this with in my earshot I’d like you to know that I now think you’re an absolute belled.
Yep, bellend.
Everyone likes food you know, that doesn’t make the world foodies, it makes them normal human beings who are trying to sustain that fragile thing called life.
Once upon a time that was something quite endearing and perhaps a little funny to hear, now it screams out that the person saying it has little to know metal strength and is in actual fact a bit gluttonous.
I know, such a mean thing to say however it’s often true.
These sorts of things are said by people who often live in the first world, making it the embodiment of a first world problem.
The same goes for people who claim they get ‘Hangry’.
So you can’t go for more than 5 minutes without stuffing your face and getting your fix otherwise you will turn in to a grumpy shit?
Seriously, stop being such an entitled little bitch because no one cares if you get hangry, so toughen up and get over yourself.
Of course you don’t need to care about my views however I felt it was fair to let you know them because that’s what the internet if for 🤗
Rant over.

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You don’t get old, you merely level up

“Just because we’re getting older that doesn’t mean we have to get old.”
Morning All,
A fair quote is has to be said, especially when a lot of people will let their body decay as the decades pass because they feel that they’re past it and for some it’s their time to rest.
While a view that people are welcome to hold, is it the most useful one, that can be up to you to decide.
Typically as we age one or all of these things happen:
– We get immobile
– We get fat
– We get fragile
– We get ill
These are of course preventable (less for severe medical issue), so perhaps instead of letting our health and formative years slide away is it perhaps not a more logical vein of thought to try and maintain as much of our youth as possible via good nutrition choices, exercise and well, continuing to live.
It is not uncommon for people who are approaching the higher numbers to want nothing more than to sit because they’re tired, life hasn’t been easy for them.
While it is understandable, once you start down that path it’s a slippery one, strength begins to fade, energy levels drop through the floor and it starts to look a bit bleak.
So how can we retain some of our past glory?
1 – Solid Nutrition
2 – Strength Training
3 – Becoming a Mover
Here are some starting point for each.
1 – Eat a good amount of meat & veg, have sweet things every now and again, they should be novelty not necessity.
2 – Pick things up off the floor, put things over head, carry things for distance or time.
3 – Crawl, Walk, Run, Lay down and stand up, whatever you do move everyday.
Now there are more specifics to the above however you will find those out in time, for now look at each of the three and find out which you’re not putting enough focus on because it’s better to tackle them today than put them off until tomorrow.
Remember, just because you get older that doesn’t mean you have to get old.

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It’s quite simple really.

The results most people want from training :

1 – Strength (build muscle)
2 – Fitness (not die running for a bus)
3 – Skill (learning fun things)
4 – To look good naked (obvious really)

Achieving these is actually very simple, as such we shall break each down in 100 words of less.

The results most people want from training : s per week for 3-5sets or 3-5 reps per main lift (Push,Pull,Squat,Hinge)f, carry things weighing 50-100% of your bodyweight for distance/time.

Train the entire body and you’re golden.

2 – Do some sprinting 1-2 times per week, the same goes for something longer in the endurance realm, once to twice per week is good. You’ll be amazed at how doing one of each will cover almost all of your fitness needs.

3 – Take up a sport or something that requires you learning new things, perhaps a martial art or gymnastics etc.

Learning a skill will give training a focus and stave off boredom.

4 – Eating like an adult (meat, veg, basically non man made foods).

This is the hardest element because people want to eat all the crap they can find while ditto getting the body of a greek deity, it doesn’t work like this and if someone says it does, they’re lying to you.

This link will help you establish you calorie needs for this goal:


That’s it.


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Control, it’s not just a button on your keyboard

How much control do you have over your life?
I will give you a second to think about it.
As much as I’d like to say it’s 100%, there are of course little things that just happen, there’s no reason for why they happened, they just did.
On the other side of that coin you’ll find what you have control of, which is pretty much everything and then you have to deal with the consequences of your choices or even your lack of them.
Yep, not making a choice can give you things you then have to deal with, even if it’s not fair, or you never wanted it, sadly it’s tough shit because you failed to make a solid choice you’ve not got to potentially put up with the result of someone making it for you.
That my friends is life.
Let us take nutrition for an example.
For the most part you choose what you put in your mouth, no one is forcing anything down your throat.
Yea… we won’t go down that road. 😂
People will often come up with 1001 excuses why they eat less than optimally, I’m sure plenty of those excuses relief their guilt and self loathing enough to justify more poor food choices, however that doesn’t take away from the fact that they’re making poor choices.
I will say it again for impact.
That doesn’t take away from the fact that they’re making poor choices.
Let us rephrase it.
This doesn’t take away from the fact that you’re making poor choices.
Guess what though 🙂
You can eat, live and do essentially whatever you like, honestly, fill your boots because in the grand scheme of things it makes literally no difference to me because you’re in control of your life, no one else, you.
Perhaps accepting this little truth may help you overcome your own bullshit, yep largely what you tell yourself to justify your actions is bullshit, BULLSHIT.
We all do it, the trick it to catch it in time that it doesn’t start to become a long held belief.
I suppose that begs the question, if you could take back control would you really want to?
After all, taking back control means accepting responsibility for the things that you do, no palming it off on anyone/thing else.
A great many people talk about freedom, taking back what is theirs and many other things, the words are what some might call inspiring and some people even start to do it until they come up against the slightest bit of resistance, then they revert back to the place they were in.
Classic behaviour.
Did you know that thing such as discomfort, delayed gratification, admitting you fucked up and other things of that ilk are quite character building.
Write down a list (everyone likes writing these, it’s productive procrastination) of things you know you can control.
The do one for the things you feel are out of your control and write down WHY that is the case next to each one, you might be surprised to see how silly some of the reasons are on paper.
Often times we can take control of a great many things, all that’s needed is a little self honesty.
Give it some thought.

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3 Thing That Cause Slow Metabolism

Firstly I’d like to say this; if you have any legitimate medical conditions that have been diagnosed (hormonal issues, nutrient deficiencies, age related illness etc) then you need to listen to your specialist and work through your health issues, I wish you a speedy recovery.

If you haven’t had the above officially diagnosed then here are the 3 top reasons for your slow metabolism.

Oh, before that though.

A ‘slow metabolism’ in healthy adults isn’t really a thing, it’s just an excuse for people that need a convenient excuse for their excess body fat that people won’t question, that said I’m sure there will be the coveted ‘exception’ who disagrees with what will be written below because, reasons.

You’ll find a lot of people are certain that they ave a slow metabolism and I’m going to tell the three main causes of it.

1 – Sub optimal amounts of lean muscle tissue

2 – A sedentary lifestyle

3 – Excessive daily calorie consumption

All of these lead to your ‘slow metabolism’.

Yep, sucks doesn’t it.

Since I’m nice I will give you three ways you can reverse your slow metabolism.

1 – Lift weights & get stronger

2 – Spend less time sat on your ass and increase your NEAT (non exercises activity thermogenesis) by moving more each day

3 – Try not to eat like a child that has thrown a tempter tantrum all to get bag of sweets, aim for more nutrient dense foods instead 🙂

There you have it, what causes a slow metabolism and how to reverse it.



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Time to get varied

An interesting word, especially when it is applied to training, nutrition and many other things actually.
What is variability in nutrition?
Well, say you know your calorie goal for the day (TDEE), you can vary the foods you consume to hit that goal, you can play with the macros to hit that goal.
Essentially you can create daily change to avoid boredom and improve sustainability.
Chicken & broccoli everyday?
Nope, you can have tuna and broccoli too 🤗😂
Many see nutrition as dull and repetitive.
Ironically if you look at the most successful they often eat the same things rather regularly, at pretty much the same times too.
Now this might be what you need to do, if you have an ultra specific goal, however if that’s not the case then you can vary your food choices and macro splits to your hearts content.
Who said nutrition was dull, eh?
So now we’ve looked at a brief example of variability in nutrition, it’s time to cover training.
We shall take one aspect today to look at.
Training time.
Many go in at the same time and spend the exact same length of time in the gym, each and every time.
Is this bad?
Of course not, however it can become monotonous and cause issues with adherence.
You don’t NEED to do 60min every session.
Being a sentient creature of the world you can vary your training times to your hearts content, here are some examples, say you train 5 days a week:
Day 1 – 45min – Heavy Loads
Day 2 – 60min – Moderate Loads
Day 3 – off
Day 4 – 20min – Heavy Loads
Day 5 – 40min – Light Loads
Day 6 – 20min – Moderate Loads
Day 7 – off
Get the idea?
Breaking away from the dogmatic view that you NEED to be in the gym for a specific amount of time will help you make progress.
If you have a set amount of things to get done and you do it in 35min, great, you’re done, now go home.
Do what you need to do, no more, no less, just what is required.
Perhaps it takes you 75min to get it all done, again this is fine, however perhaps the next time you might chop off a little volume and get in and out in 45min instead.
This is of course one element of variability that can be applied in training, we shall cover more soon.
Any question, pop them below.

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A trick to mass from the past

What happened to 20 rep sets?
At one point in time they were at the height of popularity, especially for the squat.
There was also the recommendation of eating plenty of nutritious food while doing this, it worked back then, chances are it still works now.
The options don’t just stop with squats though.
Oh no.
You can do them on a multitude of movements in fact.
As such here is something for you to consider to spice up you training.
Aim to hit this for a minimum of three months (12 weeks).
Split – Pull/Push/Legs – hit each group every 3-5 days.
Rep/set protocol – 5-4-3-2-1-20, add weight and ramp to a heavy (not max) single to potentiate the nervous system, this of this as an extended warm up.
For the 20 rep sets use 60% of you technical max (the weight you can do for 1 rep with perfect form)
If you hit all 20 add some weight to that number next session.
Session examples:
Pull –
A1 – Deadlift variation 5-4-3-2-1-20
B1 – Chin 2×20 (aim to build to this)
C1 – Row or Curl 12-10-8-6
Push –
A1 – Pressing variation 5-4-3-2-1-20
B1 – Dip 2×20 (aim to build to this)
C1 – Fly or Skull Crusher 12-10-8-6
Legs –
A1 – Squat variation 5-4-3-2-1-20
B1 – Walking Lunge 2×20 (aim to build to this)
C1 – Hamstring Curl 12-10-8-6
C2 – Calve Raise 4×25-50
The main aim is to build on those 20 rep sets on the main lifts for some solid mass gains.
The B1 exercise is meant to further your progress, just keep in mind the weights will be dictated by the reps you can perform with good form.
If you don’t hit all the reps in one set, do not fret, just stop there and aim to hit them all next session.
Only once you can hit all the reps with unbroken form do you add some weight to the movements.
You’ll be surprised how you much progress you can milk from this style of training, however if mass is you goal you will need to ensure you are in a caloric surplus and eat lots of nutritious/energy dense foods.
If fat loss is your aim this type of method works for you too, the main difference is in the nutrition and overall calories consumed, you need to be in a slight deficit. Think a lot of veg and lean meats.

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To vegan or not to vegan, that is the question.

Should you go vegan?

Yes or no?

The choice is yours.

I’m not vegan, however I know plenty and they’re happy as Larry.

Fairly healthy too.

They’re also not the preachy kind either who try to force their beliefs on you, they’re like real sensible people who just want an easy sustainable life 🙂

Did you know there are a lot of reasons going vegan improves people health:

– They start eating more nutritious vegetables
– Processed food intakes takes a considerable dive
– A greater awareness of their food is gained
– Accountability, consistency and adherence suddenly appear
– Eating more nutritionally dense foods, yep this again

There are more reasons, however those are the initial ones.

Do I feel this is for everyone?


However it’s not as terrible as some people make out, for starters you won’t waste away (unless you’re not planning your meals correctly and eating enough calories).

You will get plenty of protein.

The food options you’ll have are numerous.

All in all you’ll have little to none of the perceived issues that people say you will have, unless YOU aren’t planning your nutritional needs correctly, however that’s all on you, nothing to do with being vegan.

As with anything it’s a choice, be that for moral or perceived health reasons.

You often find when you get in to discussion with people about these topics they take one of two routes for some reason to convince you of their bias/point:

– argumentum ad passione (appeal to emotions)
– argumentum ad hominem (personal attacks)

Sometimes both.

Occasionally people draw in morality to the fray as well, usually rendering their points moot at best.

If you want to get a point across try to be reasonable and friendly, attacking someones morality or trying to emotionally blackmail them isn’t the most optimal route to take, just saying.

Now in our modern world we can live in any which way we choose, however it seems that people want to force others to conform.

If said people don’t conform all hell breaks loose.

When contemplating a choice try to gather the facts, the unbiased, non-emotionally charged facts.

Them look at the bigger picture and decide if it’s for you.

Say it is for you, great, fill your boots.

However perhaps it’s not, no worries, let go of that thought process and move on.

Seems simple enough, right?

If you’ve been toying with the idea or transitioning, do your research and perhaps give it a go, or don’t, it’s your choice after all.


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