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Ideal or Impossibility

When thinking of personal trainers you’d be forgiven in thinking most a soulless, vapid narcissists.

We’re not though, at least not all the time.

In fact most are merely trying to live up to an image, an ideal they’ve cleaved from stories, pictures, memories and well meaning words form other people.

Truth be told trying to live up to an ideal is nearly impossible.

It will often hold you back, not only in business as you try to emulate something that doesn’t share your own core values or principles, it will hold you back in every other aspect of life too.

Even though there are a lot of message about ‘being the best you’ these are nothing more than hyperbole.

Perhaps instead of trying to become this perfect mental image you have you’d be better off accepting the person you currently are.

Trying to be someone or something you’re not can be tricky if the ideal is nothing more than that, an ideal.

In saying that you’ve also got to be aware you choose whom you want to be.

This will are reflected in your actions, how you treat people, the choices you make and consequences that come with them.

Give it some thought and ask yourself this –

What do you want people to know you for now and remember you for tomorrow?


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5 Online Options for New Clients

 🦵 The online world almost gives you carte blanche.

Keeping this in mind, why not create something specific for people with your online services.

Good Morning,

Keeping an eye on the fitness industry it’s easy to see it’s much of a muchness 👀

There is very little that hasn’t already been done.

In saying this though there is a lot that was done, and done well I might add, that has been forgotten and faded into the void.

This my dear, is a golden opportunity for you 🤩

You may choose to use any one or perhaps all of these options.

You may not, however each will provide a nice potential boost in the income of your online business, so give them some consideration.

🎯 – Specific Training Templates

We might be taught in our early days that all programming needs to be balanced, and while a good idea it’s rarely what people want.Some people only want to work/develop highly specific areas 🍑

Why not give the people what they want, eh?

Some example template titles:

🍑 – Building Buns 101
💪 – Armageddon
🧩 – Absolute Core Construction
📿 – Skipping for Fast Fat-loss
🎯 – The Body Builders Body Opus

Have a think of your own, chances are they’ll be catchier.

🥗 – Nutrition for Novices

You’d be amazed how much dosh you can rake in purely focusing on nutrition.

Honestly it’s a massive amount because people are willing to pay for an answer to their personal dietary dilemma 💷

You’d do well to set it up as a 3month minimum term coaching package, simply because this will allow you to access their food diaries, encourage positive habit change, improve their mindset and relationship with food and much more.

I also say this because most are not qualified to write out diet/meal plans ⚠️

Obviously a lot of people still do it, however they’re usually under qualified for such a task.

Unless you’ve got the right credentials (if you don’t know them straight away it usually means you’ve not got them) it’s better to guide rather than prescribe.One other great benefit of this approach is it can be group based.

Yep, set up 10 spaces for novices to nutrition.

This will allow extra accountability, a social aspect and additional support from people that are in a similar place.

£300 for 3 months per person isn’t too steep I’d say 🤓

👍 – Affordable Adjustments

A service for anyone that has a training template, program or protocol that they’re happy continuing yet also want a little tweak or two.

Or people that have found their programs results slowing down.

In essence it’s an update service that can be set a low fee 🥉

All you’ll be doing is tweaking some of the nuance to allow improved stimulus and a potential restart in the clients progress.

It’s a variation of a consultation/check up service.

This can apply to nutrition, mobility or anything you’re qualified to deal with.

✍️ – Beta Test Training

Offering a discounted service to a limited number of people that you will be using as consenting test subjects for a new training program/template.

Now if people want to be involved they must be committed.

They also don’t get a choice in what the outcome of the training is.

As such stating the kind of person you’re looking for, what their prerequisite’ must be is crucial, as an example:

“I’m looking for 10 people willing to be Beta Testers for a new Fat Loss Protocol involving skipping & bodyweight training at 35% of the standard cost.You’ll ideally want the following skills:

  • You can skip (jump rope)
  • Perform 10 strict press ups & 5 stick pull ups
  • Have access to a weighted vest or rucksack you can load
  • 4 days per week where you can train for 60min
  • The ability to record your full session and send it across
  • Have no major injuries that cause pain (currently/present)
  • A desire to be apart of creating something new

If this sounds like you please contact me on XYZ by the ABC to become a part of this project.”

Typically you are the one to pay the Beta Testers, however there’s always exceptions to standard rules 😉

👩‍🏫 – Live Lectures

Setting up an online education series covering topics selected by the very people you’re trying to appeal to.All you need to is run some polls with topics you may cover.

See which ones are most favoured 👍

In addition to that you can ask people what lectures they’re like to see and then create them.

This means potentially having slides/power point, digital hand outs, Q&A time at the end of each lecture and also a service whereby they can contact you with further questions.

Oh, and it’s free too 🤯

Why free?

Because in each lecture you can provide proof of how you can help, the services you offer and essentially build a deep rapport with people, and since it’s live & online there is no limit to how many people can attend.

In addition to this you’ll also then build a lecture archive 🏛

You could have that as free or behind a pay wall, choices is yours.

I’d say leave it free 😁

So there you have it, 5 online options for you to consider.

Who knows maybe you’re already doing them, maybe you’re not.Please feel free to leave any questions you have down below.


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Are people talking about you when you’re not there?

Despite what you might think, it’s something you really want to happen, especially in business.

Word of mouth is arguably the most powerful marketing/advertising tool.

There are plenty of ways you can get people talking about you, although ideally it’ll be to your benefit.

How is best to get people talking about you?

  • Sharing success stories (before & afters)
  • Creating free content that is good, useful & true
  • Being friendly, helpful, kind & empathetic

The second two points are very much key to have, however it’s the first one that creates a buzz about your service.

You’ll find numerous benefits from doing the first.

1 – Proof of results
2 – A real story from a real person
3 – Comparison (showing the people you want to gain as clients others ‘just like them’ that you’ve helped)
4 – Credibility
5 – Repeat business (get people results and they will come back)

Lastly you will find that sharing a little about your own training, fitness/health journey and lifestyle is also greatly interesting to people, this is because they like to see how you’re human too.

If you do all of this and people still aren’t talking about you, well, there’s always the controversy route.

This doesn’t mean you’re rude or nasty, it merely means you challenge the conventional wisdom or narrative with evidence based wisdom and proof.

Try not to use it too often though, as this type has been done to death over the last decade.


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Price might be the excuse, it’s not the reason though

🤔 Why don’t people hire you 🤔

Taking away the common excuse they give of ‘price’.

Do you know why people really take a pass on your services?

Here in the UK people are notoriously awkward 🤣

You see it when they try to get past someone in a supermarket isle as it usually culminates in roughly 37 sorries, 3 uncomfortable shuffles where you bump into each other without fail when the other goes to let you move first and then you both end up going at the same time.

Before the farce can end you may even stop randomly to look pretend to be looking at an item to justify that you really needed to squeeze weirdly up against the extra-strength teeth whitener.

We really are an odd bunch 🤓

Even with this common trait it’s actually very easy for those same people to buy products they don’t need.
You see it all the time.

Then to avoid buyers remorse one will come up with 1001 reasons they NEEDED to get that item or service, even when they didn’t because people in the UK hate saying no or being seen that they can’t afford something ☹

Especially if they see a lot of other people having it.

You know what I’m saying is the truth.

In fact I bet you can look around the room your in now and find things that you’ve bought for no reason, never used and most certainly didn’t need.

You bought them because of wanting to save face or display consistency 😳

In sales it’s called building a chain of ‘yeses’ by the way.

Get 5 or so in a row and have people display they’ve purchased similar items before, or have them state the value etc they can see in your service and so on, then ask for the business and they’ll be compelled to say yes to adhere to the principle of consistency.

☝️ I’ve covered all 6 principles many times over, and recommended the book – Influence, by Dr R Cialdini.

So this being the case, why is ‘price’ always the excuse given to a PT?

I feel they’re fibbing, and the real reason you’ve not been hired is something else entirely.
You’ve read before in my other posts about the following:

  • Establishing an Emotional Trigger (problem)
  • Displaying Value & Benefit (solution)
  • Asking for the Business

Yet I wonder how many of you have truly applied it.

It’s okay if you didn’t you know, I spent years spinning my wheels making all the mistakes I urge you not to also make and trying as best I can to steer you away from them, much like people in my past did for me.
As you can imagine though I didn’t listen as much as I needed to🤣

Ironic, right 🤦‍♀️

Circling back to the above why is it people really don’t hire you?

I can tell you the reason on my end in the years past.

I wonder if you can guess it, before reading down to see it, take a guess and write it down as I’d be curious to know why feel that people in the past didn’t hire me.

In fact that’s a great exercise to do, as people why they think you’d not be hired as a PT, and as them for brutal honest.

This can reveal some very important information.

Be warned though, it won’t make you feel great, feedback rarely does, yet if we are to cast off our ego and grow we must embrace it 🥰

Now, be brutal in your thoughts as to why in the past people didn’t hire me, write it down.

Here is the most common reason –


My attitude.

Yep, being a very direct person wasn’t everyone cup of tea, and often it came across as arrogant with a superiority complex of sorts.

When I was told that in straight english with no fluff or BS, it make total sense to me 💡

The chap that told me was Lee, a good client who I had for 7 years, he also became my first real mentor too, hence why I’m very much an advocate of people having one.

So my dear people, why don’t people hire you?

Think for yourself and leave your thoughts down below, and then ask people why they think people don’t hire you to really gain a broad perspective.

Also leave any additional questions you have below.


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20-50 something average people, this sound you?

7 things most average people want from fitness 🧮

Typically talking mid 20-40 somethings, perhaps even 50’s too.

What you might consider the ‘prime of your life’.

Essentially it’s where mattering still matters.

🥰 To feel better about themselves
👗Being able to ‘fit’ into old clothes again
🥈 A slightly higher place in their social hierarchy (not top)
😎 Restored self-confidence & sense of self-worth
🤾‍♂️ Have enough fitness to run a 10k easily & do ‘things’
💪 Enough muscle (tone) so they can not feel anxious in summer
🕰 Turning back time to a glory/wonder year

In complete fairness these are all fine things to want. Since we’re now in a world that tries to be as ‘woke’ as possible it’d be heresy for people to say they want to train for these 7 reasons.

🥰 To feel better about themselves from the validation of others
👗Looking good int whatever they wear because of vanity
🥈 Being able to turn heads and feel desired again in their social bracket
😎 Restored self-confidence, self-worth & sex appeal
🤾‍♂️ Ride the cresting wave of PB’s forever without struggle
💪 A body transformation and better body composition
🕰 Turning back time for a chance to have ‘it’ all again

The only difference in the two lists is the wording.

I’ve found the deep seated emotional drivers are very much the same and what’s wrong with wanting so be better, more desirable and perhaps recapture a time where you were top 🥇

At least to the point whereby they get the attention/validation they need.

Most won’t want to be truly top dog.

That often brings stress as those in such places usually fear the pups nipping at their heels and realise they can’t stay there forever and often hold on a little too long 😬

Change often gets brought about because people finally feel bad enough to do something.

Well, that or they embrace the slothfully gluttonous life fully.

Anyway, the average person generally just wants to be happier in themselves.

From experience this is usually linked to a time where they had external validation, felt valued and were satiated emotionally 🥰

Everyone likes feeling valued.

Those that say it doesn’t matter are usually lying to sound magnanimous, altruistic or saintly.

As for people like you & me though, it’s all about wanting to feel wanted, needed, useful or that you matter in some way 💜

By the way, there’s nothing wrong with wanting that.

‘Tis better to accept all of your character than deny specific parts that don’t fit the narrative.

Give some thought to why you want what you want from fitness.

Please do share your thoughts/desire and how you will make them a reality.


When these above go unfulfilled, you’ll be surprised at the negative outcome.

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Why PT’s that look the part can get more business than those that don’t

Will people hire you just for looking like you train?

Yes, yes they will.

The opposite is true and you might find yourself being avoided for hire if you look like a potato.

How a fitness professional ought to look is quite a controversial subject.

In a world that is always trying to promote body positivity and shame anyone that might hold their own physical appearance to a different style.

Speaking form experience most people will buy with their eyes first.

Think about the last time you went shopping and actively sought to buy bruised or rotting veg.

Chances are it’s either for a rare occasion and a very specific reason or never.

Here are some benefits to looking the part:

  • Proof you live by your own advice
  • An opportunity to explain how you also ‘have fun’ while maintaining a specific physique
  • Free advertising
  • Symbol of authority in your field
  • Your specific aesthetic will attract people that want to achieve similar

While there are benefits to be had, you must also remember that you’ll need the following skills too.

  • Being personable
  • Rapport building skills
  • Understanding sales processes
  • Physical & nutritional programming ability (delivering the goods)

Have what many consider to be a ‘good aesthetic’ will be subjective, however all you need to do is scroll through social media to see what is currently the most appealing for the demographic you’re trying to appeal to.

Arguably most general population want to achieve a look akin to that of one they had back in their early 20’s or whenever their glory years were.

You know, when everything came easy to them and people would be complimentary and validate them.

Chances are they’re still got clothes from those times they’re secretly desperate to wear once more.

This is usually very achievable, not to mention that you’ll be able to amass some solid testimonials from successful clients, if helping average people look a little less average is your target niche (it’s a very lucrative one).

A word of warning though, your own look doesn’t want to be the only aspect of your marketing & identity.

True it might help turn few heads and make it potentially easier to get hired, you’re going to need to also convey the message that you’re human as well.

Meaning you like cake, chocolate, a gin or two, etc.

Essentially talking to people on their level because many are put off by what they perceive to be required in terms of sacrifice to achieve a specific aesthetic, and this might be true for elite level competitors however for the average Joe/Jane there’s a high change they an train 3-4 days per week and still enjoy various foods they thought would be banished forever.

Of course you’ve go to educate them and instills habit change, however you can also help them see it’s not all about training 11 days a week eating only chicken & broccoli.

Above all else be honest with people.

Have various photo transformations (including your own) so that you can explain what lifestyle people lived or were/are living when the photo was taken.

This will allow you to ascertain just how far your new/potential clients want to go and the change they’re willing to make.

Finally, as a fitness profession train for you health first and foremost.

Then decide how you want to look because while many won’t admit it, we all want to look a certain way.

A way which will get us the attention we desire while also allowing us to live the life most sustainable to us.

Don’t accept the ‘fit shaming’ body positive crowds opinion, just know that you’re merely seeing the world differently and that if they are truly body positive then they’d accept you as you are too.

Be that someone that looks like them or someone with an ass so firm it can ricochet pennies into the ceiling.

One last thing before we go, ask yourself this – Would you trust a dentist with rotten teeth?


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What Clients Really Want From PT

Your goal as a Personal Trainer or fitness professional is to change someones life.

Chances are you’ve got your own ideas of how is best to accomplish this, and you’re probably right.

There’s only one problem them, your clients (and potential ones) don’t see it that way.

As such it can lead to many a frustration, breakdown in communication, stagnation of change and eventually contract/agreement termination.

This is roughly what most clients want based on their initial knowledge base of PT/exercise:

  • Guidance that’s easy to follow
  • To be told what they thought is correct
  • Dramatic physical/health change without dramatic lifestyle change
  • Feeling better in themselves (usually linked to a memory of a time in their youth when they were slimmer, fitter, could eat/drink anything and not have to make any effort to stay ‘in shape’)
  • Paying once, maybe twice and getting all the results they desire

The truth is that most average people don’t really understand fitness or health.

Many think they’re the same thing, and they’re not as you know people can be very healthy (from a blood/hormonal/etc test standpoint) while not being very fit, and vice versa.

This is where in your initial consultation you want to explore what their expectation is.

How does it differ from the reality you know to be most probable?

In my experience I’ve found the dissonance to be quite large, and I’ve made the mistake of correcting people in this regard which didn’t do me any favours.

Sadly you’re going to need to blend a little of telling people what they expect/want to hear, while setting up sign posts for the future that will enable them to become truly educated and make the changes that will benefit their life for the long run.

These three questions have helped me over the years:

  1. Think of ‘one thing’ you MUST achieve from this training
  2. Why is that ‘one thing’ beneficial to you?
  3. How will it make you feel and improve your life?

This can help you create an anchor point to refer back to when instilling habit/lifestyle changes.

Now this isn’t to say their one thing might not change as they gain a deeper understanding of what truly matters to them, however you need a metaphorical ‘North Star’ to guide you.

Understanding that the average person merely wants to feel less shit than they currently do is key.

You see people rarely seek change to become a better version of themselves, despite what endless social media feeds say.

They seek change because they’ve reached a point where they feel terrible enough to do something about it.

People don’t move towards pleasure, they move away from pain.

Go and read back over what has preceded this with this perspective.

You’ll start to see that it all links to the emotional driver behind the wheel.

So in essence what a client really wants from PT is this – To be heard/understood & not feel alone.

As an average person (whatever that means) it’s pretty terrifying to approach a PT/fitness professional you know. They have an inherent fear of being judged, of not being good enough and as such will immediately put themselves down, to convince themselves it’s a mistake to change and that they don’t deserve to feel better.

Try to remember a time where you felt like this.

In fact think of what hold you back from asking for help from a professional above your current level.

Make a list of what you’d want from them.
What you’d expect/want/need to hear.
How they would make you feel.
Why you would Hire them over someone else (what would be the deciding factor).

This can help because a lot of PT’s forget to see things from the clients perspective.

Go back over the above again, and feel free to fire across any questions you may have.


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Want People to Hire You More?

As a PT/Fitness Professional you want people to pay for your services.

If like many this is a struggling area then you need what is below.

You’ll find a lot of tips, tricks and information on how to secure new clients in fitness.

All are viable and usually quite useful.

There is however one that trumps all the rest and without it you’ll always lose a potential client to someone that has it in spades.

You’d be be sat down for this.

Here is the one element crucial in securing an almost endless supply of clients:

Be likeable.

Seriously, you can be the best PT in the world, however if you’re a dick people won’t hire you.

Trust me.

I’m absolutely fucking brilliant (humble too) yet I’m a very acquired taste.

Or if we’re being blunt, a bit of a dick.

Some love this, most don’t and if you’re trying to build an impressive roster of clients then being nice, approachable, empathetic and likeable is the key.


People need to feel comfortable with you.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Try to offer genuine help and caring where you can because even if there is no immediate reward, your kindness will be paid back 10 fold in the future in some way.

Actually that’s a point worth touching on.

Wanting instant recognition, reward, compensation, and/or gratification.

^^ This is toxic and very indicative of our modern world.

It’s the attitude of I scratch your back and you buy me a 7 bedroom house.

Greed is one of the most prevalent sins in our current times, as is envy, however that’s a subject for another day.

Back to the main point, be likeable.

  • Helps when and where you can
  • Share content that is good, useful & true
  • Offer kindness without the thought of rewards (because you can)
  • Listen to what people have/want to say, people need to vent so stay quiet and just listen
  • Smile genuinely
  • Don’t be a dick

Please feel free to leave any questions you have below.


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What Once Was – Old Marketing in a New Age

2 Old School Marketing Methods to Try 🧠

Typically I’d stay away from these in a modern world.

That being said, in the one that is now controlled by the current pandemic you’ll find these methods useful.

📜 – Leaflet Dropping
📍– Posters

In a digital world the equivalents to the above is as follows:

📧 – Email List
💻 – Websites (all including social media)

You’ll find the first two from the years of old can actually help build the two of today in your local demographic.

Ideally you’d want to cover the following on them:

🎯 Why/How you can help people JUST LIKE THEM
📝 A list of understandable benefits (emotionally important)
🥳 Stories of success in helping people JUST LIKE THEM
📩 Your contact info It’s really that simple.

Knowing the message you want to share is crucial.

In addition to that, knowing how to share that in the language personal to your prospective client is even more crucial, you must think like they do.

Don’t write your content/adverts for you, write it for ‘them’ 🤓

Ideally getting it across in 10 words of less is a real winner.

Much like an old vine video that lasted 10-15 seconds, that’s roughly how long you’ve got to capture people attention these days 😍

It’s also worth understanding the most impactful images too.

By this I mean which ones support your message while also being highly recognisable to people, in a sense of the problem they have and the solution you’re offering.

Example: Back Pain Problem = picture hold back in pain
Back Pain Solution = picture now pain free loving life

Simple yet conscience and to the point 🎯

Give some thought to the above.

It’s one avenue to new business that is perfect for the current situation.


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A Lorry Load of Business Lessons

I’ve just watched a delivery lorry doing it’s thing.

Some fine manurers allowed it to get through a tight gap.

On the return through I couldn’t help but laugh as it took out the wing mirror of a newly parked car right on the corner or the turning 🤣

Kinda sums up 2021 in a nutshell.

Regardless of how well you dodge on set of obstacles.

You’ll soon find another one ready and waiting to make your life difficult.

Keeping this in mind 🧠

There’s some business barriers you need to know ✍️

😢Buyers Remorse
🗣Social Sabotage
⏳Practical Procrastination

Starting out you’ll find that in these times whereby people are pinching the old purse strings quite tight, they will be very quick to feel guilty about buying anything considered a ‘luxury’.

Sadly fitness in any form is seen this way.

As such you need to ensure this is avoided, and here is how.

Make sure to give your clients value beyond what they’ve paid 💷

This means you need to go beyond not only your own level of service, also that of every competitor too.

Actively ask a new client to find what other trainers are offering that you are not so that you can add this in to your clients package.

It might cost you in the short term 📉

However your retention & profit moving forwards will thank you.

Be aware that even in doing that you’ve got more demons ahead 😈

These business invaders come in the form of your patrons social circle.

If they feel threatened or that the status quo might change, or perhaps even a little jealous, they will do all the can to dissuade your new/potential client from committing 😧

Yes people really are like that.

As such you’ll need to introduce a new and more supportive/positive social group immediately 🤗

This is where social media and private group chats are great.

They allow you to create the community that you know will be the most beneficial to your new clients in their journey.

And it’s fair to say such a thing is even more important now 🥇

With people being confined and caged they need to know that people are there for them, in similar positions that also care.

Lastly we come to what I put as ‘practical procrastination’ 👀

In a nutshell it’s the classic trope of PT’s trying to look and be busy.

So many will fill their time with pointless tasks in a glorious attempt to avoid doing what is important.


Because it gives them the perfect excuse not to do something and also to fail because ‘they were too busy’.

Yea, that’s all self inflicted failure 😳

Use this classic tool to help you avoid making this colossal error:


Consider, reflect & apply the above to see a positive impact on your business moving forwards.

Please also feel free to leave any questions down below.


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