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Experience Matters

Shared experiences are the ones that often mean the most.

You see people wish to have good memories, or at least stories to share that will captivate an audience and elevate their status, even if only for a brief while.

They also bring people together.

This is an often forgotten part of PT.

Your client and you are sharing their experience.

While they will be doing the work, you’ll usually be there each step of the way for all the ups & downs.

Personally this is something that has been forgotten on occasion.

While it may be the 100th time as trainers we’ve had the experience, for this current client it is their first time.

As such celebrating the small wins is crucial for continued adherence, reinforcement of good habits and overall progress.

You see it’s combining all the confidence from the small wins and seemingly innocuous changes that put money in the metaphorical bank of habit change to allow you to suggest and successfully apply a large habit change to a clients life.

This could be giving up alcohol for example.

Yep, giving it up completely because it’s just not needed and we all know it does more harm than good, yet due to peer/societal pressure people feel the need to drink.

Mild addictions are interesting.

We disgust them as – “But it’s something I enjoy.”

Which might be true, yet if you’ve not got a mild addiction to that thing then not having it wouldn’t cause people to get the hump.

^ In relation to food/beverages that are not great for ones health that is.

Think back to a time where you first experienced something.

Which one(s) stand out?

Those shared with others or those only you achieved any knew about?

Give this some thought.

Think deeply about how you can apply a shred experience into the service you offer people in your business.

After all, you’re both walking the same road (at least in their eyes).


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4 tips to catapult your clients to a great PT experience.

Delivering a satisfactory session is easy. 

Leaving the lasting impression of one is what separates the successful from the very successful.

A good question to ask yourself is this before starting any session:

What is the point of today & why?

Knowing this will help you get the logistical elements ticked off. 

Next you’ll want to keep this in mind:

How will this session make the client feel & why?

Do you want them to leave feeling strong, worked, happy, educated or something else, because knowing the emotional goal will help improve the effectiveness of the session. 

When you’ve got those nailed down you can start to see things through your clients eyes a little more by keeping this in mind:

How do they want to feel after this session, what is the goal of the session for them & does it match with the two elements from above?

The final piece of this small puzzle to catapult your session from okay yet forgotten within minutes, and instead have them lasting is this – humour.

Believe it or not some well timed jokes and general banter is appreciated by people, so long as it’s directly relatable for them. 

This means you’ll need to actually take some time to get t know your clients properly. 

All of the above can lead to people looking forwards to their sessions, this risky for sustained consistency, and that is key for progress. 

You can also use the above in your marketing.

Make sure people know why training is great & will be nothing other than a great benefit to their lives.


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Pretty Numbers

7 sets of 7.
Is there anything magic about it?
It is however something that peoples minds tends to like and gravitate towards.
Like 10×10, 5×5, 3×3 and so on.
Something about seeing them written down is please.
While you can choose almost any type of sets/reps you like to hit specific rep goals/targets, the uniform approach or even a sequential one often take prescience.
Essentially people dislike randomness.
It looks messy you see.
Take this example below, 8 sets of random reps:
A lot won’t like that because they don’t feel it makes any sense, yet it adds up to 49 reps, the same as 7×7.
You’d find the variance in loading as well would help yield more potential overload due to the rep/set variability, alas the 7×7 would win because it is more visually satiating.
Like finishing a set of rep 6,8,10 or any other even number.
Don’t get fooled by sequence.
Simply because something seems to make sense on paper that doesn’t mean it’s actually the most effective way to do something.
Same goes for loading, we shall use the rather pretty 5×5
Many would love this: 5x5x100kg
And hate this 5x 116kg, 97kg, 112kg, 109kg, 121kg
Yet the total loading would be more, and the variable load would provide quite the interesting stimulus each set.
Take a look at how you or perhaps your peers/heroes program, does it all look appealing?
Is that what draws you to that specific type of training?
It’s worth investigating because once you can become comfortable with random and perhaps messy looking programming, you’ll be leads and bounds ahead of the rest.

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Message Consistency

Fellow trainers, do you share a consistent message?

In fact do you even have a message you’re trying to share in the first place because you’d be surprised how many are out there without one.

They just start work as a PT and hope for the best.

(How will your message benefit people?)

Being consistent isn’t just repeating the same thing though.

– Leading by example
– Ongoing self development
– Research in your niche field
– Expanding the ‘why’

These are key element to consider.

When you lead by example to me this means you don’t simply command what people do, you live by those rules as well, and apply them in your daily life.

Developing is a part of life, while most people will grow they don’t always grow in positive ways.

It’s worth setting a goal or two for yourself each year surrounding this because that is what will help you in delivering a higher overall standard/experience to your clients.

Going down every nook & cranny can seem laborious.

Often we only want to look up the things we want to find, a good little tip is to type in a search for something you already believe to be true and finish it with one of these:

– is bullshit
– often has this forgotten
– doesn’t work because

Trying to find the cracks in your own plot armour will serve you well and make you a far better trainer than always confirming your bias.

Lastly knowing your ‘why’ is one thing, being able to explain it to other people is something else entirely.

Get a hold of the book ‘Start with Why’ by Simon Sinek.

Gie some deep thought to the above.

Share a good, useful & true message consistently.


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Which PT Path to Walk

Funny how there are a lot of ‘specialists’ around these days.

At least in the fitness industry that is 🧐

That being said, most that claim this are generalists at best.

While there is nothing wrong with that, the path to truly having a defend area that you’re the only one truly capable to perform well in requires a lot of investment.

– CPD Courses
– Time given for free to gain experience
– Diligent & Deliberate practice

Plus a lot of other elements that involve getting your head down and gaining a set of very sharp skills 🎯

Having more skills, or a higher level of Mastery over one skill will always provide added value to your business.

You may ask – Why both with it at all then?

Think of the earning potential between says General Surgeon & a Specialist 💷

Both have put in a lot of time into their education and deserve the highest respect, however that won’t be reflected in their earning potential because the specialist may be only one of perhaps 6 people in the country who can do what they do, and well.

😎 Wouldn’t you like to be one of the 6?

Where as there is far more chance of there being 6 General Surgeons in one local area.

The same is true for PT’s.

A lot think they’re a specialist, and they’re not.

Simply saying you are doesn’t make it a reality, even though new people to fitness won’t know the difference, everyone else will and that can have you rife with ‘imposter syndrome’ 👤

In a gym these days you’ll find perhaps 17 fat loss experts, 14 S&C coaches, 20 class instructors and maybe 1 GP Referral Specialist who focuses on Injury/Rehab specifically for Knee or Shoulder Pain.

Essentially you can be one of these two:

��1 – The Generalist (novel)
2 – The Specialist (necessary)

The latter often has the capability to earn more by charing a premium because they’re the only person who does what they do.

They have a niche in which they’re top dog🥇

Don’t get me wrong, you can still earn well as a generalist too, you’ve just got to make sure you keep people entertained because of this –

You’re a novelty and not a necessity.

Give some thought to the above, which do you want to be?

Not simply by claim either, with proof of success so that there is no doubt in peoples minds that you’re the ‘go to’ person for that ONE THING (& all off shoots close to it).


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Which Path to Take

Life has many worthy goals.
An axiom that has been personally long held is this:
Aim to achieve Mastery not Mediocrity.
While easy one paper, the ket problem is as follows – you can’t master everything.
At least not all at once.
This is where many perusal trainers struggle.
Oh yes, this is a post for PT’s, although the wisdom can also transfer to all life and anyone who takes the time to read my waffle.
Knowing the above comes from making the mistake of trying to master multiple things at once.
It failed, and also succeeded, yet knowing why escaped me.
Until it didn’t.
The reason for failure in multifaceted learning (be that training or academia related) was because of this simple reason – the subjects/goals were TOO DIFFERENT.
As such the successes were on the opposite side of that coin – the subjects/goals were THE SAME YET DIFFERENT.
Essentially mastering one quality and along with say 4-5 others didn’t happen because of some inhuman mastery of the elements, it came from those things being all relatively similar in their requirements.
This means that improving one to a large degree also improved the others.
For gamer nerds think along the lines of a stat boots that bring up one specific area by 8 points, and ones directly linked to/affected by it by 2 points.
Take a look at multi-sport athletes.
While all the events make indeed have very different fine motor-skills to learn, the base level of physical needs for each of them is very similar, if not the same.
This is what allows mastery of multiple things.
You see you’re mastering ONE THING and because of that any off shoots that are still close enough to the central focus will also be great strings to add to your bow.
The issue for people comes in when trying to master things that are diametrically opposed.
Example: Achieve –
Elite Level Power Lifter Total of 2600lbs
Run a Marathon in Sub 2 Hours
While not really impossible to achieve at separate times in life, it’s highly improbably.
Also, to achieve both simultaneously would require a truly genetic anomaly.
So dear trainers the take home message is this:
Make it narrow, focused and master it fully.
You’ll have plenty of things close enough to add in that won’t detract, and you’d do well to remember this from a business standpoint as well.
All you business ideas want to link together.
If you wish to have something completely different then you may need someone else to implement that side of your business as it will usually be too far outside of your realm of mastery to do well.
Please keep the above in mind.
For not doing so will have you be the same are most PT’s out there – mediocre.
After all, it’s better to be known for being the best at one thing that is for being terrible at many things.

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Is Online Business for You?

PT’s, this ones for you.
Another day, another dollar.
Quite literally $1 these days as that seems to be the going rate for online training per person 😂
Like many products people are drawn towards buying may will soon start to realise that in their effort to save a few pennies the quality of that which they’ve purchased will be lacking.
When you take a look at various other online training platforms the prices are quite reasonable, yet far from rockbottom.
This is because the company knows it’s products value.
Anything too good to be true because of how cheap it is, usually is exactly that, too good to be true.

You can find some amazing templates online for free you know, all you need to is take some time (let’s face it you’ve got plenty of that currently) and do a little bit of diligent research and you’ll find plenty of them.

Or you can pay for something, both options are viable.
A decent online template should look to set someone back around £75-100 as those are plug and play, meaning little to no effort needed from the PT past the point of writing them – 3 different levels would be good.
For online coaching/programming £100-200pcm is a fair price as clients will be getting more of your precious time and attention.
^ This price can stay consistent in group settings, you’d simply split the cost PCM (per calendar month) between however many is in the group, which you might say needs to be a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10, choice is yours.
Not earth shattering prices, yet fair ones.
If you’ve looked at those and thought you couldn’t ever charge those for purely online/distance training, why?
Do you have so little faith in your ability and skills or is it that you’re suffering imposter syndrome, which many do.
Business is business, and if you have the knowledge, skill, ability and desire to really do well in the industry then charging what you’re wroth shouldn’t ever make you feel bad.
You see a lot of people will feel bad about asking for money, you know, to actually be paid.
Then there will be excuses of how people couldn’t afford it or the industry wasn’t profitable, blah blah blah.

You’re just scared of coming up against people barriers, being rejected or someone calling you out, which is fair however to do well in business, especially in this time you need to get over that ASAP.

Say someone does question the price, don’t flick or hesitate and reply with something along these lines:

“I agree it is more expensive, and that is because you’re getting a high quality of service. If this is out of your price range I understand and will still be here when you can afford it.”

Joking aside, well, only slightly.
Here is how you may answer a barrier:
“I agree it is more expensive, and that is because you’re getting a high quality of service. While 1-2-1 coaching may be out of your current affordability I also have this option for you:
Group Training at £XXX or a Training Template at £XXX

Which those two do you want to go for instead?”

Offering someone an either/or alternative is a great way to run a business, and if they say no to both of those, simply ask why, if it’s still price then they can’t afford it and you wish them well.
However in my experience it’s really price that is the issue, it’s perceived value.
Meaning you’ve not ticked their internal value boxes, or enough of them at least.
Did you address the following when chatting to them:
  • Their Problem (or perceived problem)
  • Their emotional/mental/cognitive needs
  • Their desired outcome & expectation of how to achieve it
  • Their current situation & why achieving X would be a benefit & how it would make the feel
  • Their level of preparedness/desire for X
  • Addressed any past bad experience they had
  • Why your product will benefit them
  • How your product will solve their problem
  • Extra benefits they get in addition to the main product
  • Asked for the business directly with no faff
The list could go on, however the main point is this –

Do you know enough about THEM, their needs & why’s?

If the answer is an uncertain one then you’ve not addressed the above.
You may wonder how you can do that online, well you’ve got two main options, the mistake many make is all about seeing their product straight away and all it’s glorious features, and while not a bad tactic it’s not a great one.
These are the two best options:

1 – Client testimonials of why your product helped meet the needs, desires, solve the problems etc or real people JUST LIKE THEM

2 – Knowing your target audience (demographic), how they speak and what they want to hear so you can put it in your marketing so it appeals to their biases and also personally to them.

Option 1 is the very best, option 2 is also decent it just requires more time to get exactly right.

Anyway, I’ve rambled, again 😋
Take some time to consider the above.
Do you create/cater your services to what your clients need/want or simply what you want?
You should investigate this thoroughly.
Please leave any gems of your own wisdom, or questions down below.


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Business Basics

💷3 Options for PT Pricing💷
As a coach/trainer it can be hard to know how much to charge, or at least that is what many say.
It’s not hard, not really.
A lot of PT’s would rather use this as an excuse so that they can say people can’t afford it, or there wasn’t enough money in PT.
Essentially allowing for their own failure.
Good Morning ProZoners,
You’ll find these three options to pricing useful.
Other key elements to remember though are as follows:
– Your product must have value to people
– Offer solutions to clients problems for greater sales
– If no one wants what you’re offering the ask them why
– Be willing to change your product/bias/angle if needed
– A narrower client niche is better than a large one
Keeping those in mind here are the ideas for fees.
1 – Deviation from the Mean.
Say the standard rate of PT in your area is £100 per session (for ease of numbers).
To fill your diary you can offer the following:
🔱 Priority Pass +35% on standard, so £135
This gives them an ‘All Access Priority Training Pass’ meaning they get first dibs on all good prime times slots, free access to bootcamps, workshops, seminars, ongoing nutritional/lifestyle coaching and more.
You’d base your packages off of this number.
🔱 Frugal Finance -15% on standard, so £85
Unlike the all access the ‘Economy Training Pass’ will have them able to pick from off peak training hours, free classes in those times, selected access to seminars/workshops (say 4 free per year) and reduced rate supplemental fees for nutritional tweaks, lifestyle coaching and so on.
You’ll have two very different types of client, those who want it all and those who want to save some £££, both have a place.
2 – Pay Now, Save Later
You offer two options in this as well.
A 6 month agreement where you clients pays upfront, or a 12 month one.
Nothing in-between, and for this we shall use arbitrary number examples again just for effect.
📆6 Month: £6000
📅12 Month: £10,000
In each you’ll offer all the bells and whistles, the only difference is the length of time investment which saves them 2K (remember these are arbitrary examples).
Now if one person can afford this upfront then you’ve done very well, however it’s not aimed ideally at one person, it’s aimed at groups of people with similar goals.
Say you get 10 people, that’s £1000 each for an entire years worth of training, nutritional/lifestyle coaching and ongoing support, and if we put each at say 5 sessions per week (3 training, 2 nutrition/life coaching/support) that will mean potentially up to 260 session across the year.
(you could also do it with 2 people, 4 people, 7 people, etc)
£1000/260 = £3.84 (ish) per session per person.
That is an absolute bargain no matter which way you slice it.
Of course their sessions would be almost set in stone at regular times/days, that is a potential downside, yet for £3.84 a session can anyone really grumble?
3 – A Leap of Faith
This last one require guts.
When a potential client asks for your fees you respond with this:
“You pay what you feel my services are worth.”
Offering blocks of training works well with this, and you can also remember that if someone offers a fee that is an insult you can tell them as such and refuse to train them.
Oh yes, using the above and having someone say “How about £10 per session then.” – you’re fully within your rights to say that is quite insulting and shows they don’t value a high quality service and as such you don’t wish to train someone in that mindset with such disregard for investing in their own health.
Make them feel bad, a little bit of shame for them playing the fool can go a long way.
One reason this style works well is that people will area number in mind they’re wiling to pay, so why not have them pay it willingly.
There you have it, a few options for pricing.
Any questions please leave them below.

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It’s for them, not you

When it comes to writing about your company, you’d really dow ell not to make it all about you.
I know how odd that sounds, however just bear with me.
Take a look at any companies mission statement, or their values, beliefs or anything else of that nature.
You will see this word a lot – ‘We’
“We have the best facilities with high end equipment.”
“We have experts trainers in various fields.”
“We are basically the shit and that’s why we’re valuable.”
^^ This is what those kinds of messages are conveying.
Believe it or not this is rather common.
Seriously go to any business page about the company and you’ll likely see something like that.
You might be asking – “Is this really a bad thing? They just want to showcase their skills and all the have.”
While this is indeed all fine and dandy, it’s about the company and what it does, instead of trying to connect with their audience and what they can do for them.
In the famous words from one rather flamboyant US President.
John F. Kennedy – “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”
Your messages should more often than not be about what you can do for the person/people you’re trying to reach.
Writing in such a way that has them visualise themselves being a part of your community, your tribe (popular word these days), as it were.
Let us take a look at my two arbitrary example above once again.
“We have the best facilities with high end equipment.”
“We have experts trainers in various fields.”
Classics, now if we tweak them, with a couple of different words you’ll notice the massive difference it makes.
“You will have access to the best facilities with high end equipment perfectly suited to your needs.”
“You can speak to any one of our experts trainers whenever you need some help with your goals.”
While a tad longer the message is far more inclusive to the person and will be read by them, the individual as they can now start to picture themselves being there.
If we wish to keep them to one line here are some other tweaks we can make to convey the same message.
“You’ll access equipment suited to your needs.”
“You have our experts trainers to help plan your goals.”
It is little tweaks like these that can set your apart from the rest because of one simple reason.
You’re showing that you care about them (your potential clients) and it’s all about their journey and helping them, it’s not about the company itself and how brilliant it is.
Don’t get me wrong, the company or business may indeed be brilliant, however blowing your own trumpet before showing people you’re their to help them and care about them first is not the wisest route to take.
People buy from people after all.
Give the above some thought and if you have any little bits of scripture you want to share in the comment, please do so.
Will do me a favour?
Take a look at your current business adverts/mission statements etc, read them as a client and ask yourself this one simple question –
Is the company talking to me or merely about themselves?

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Not my eyes, R2, help me!

From a  business perspective I can understand why trainers/coaches share videos of their clients training.

What continues to baffle me is the utter dog shit form though.

It’s quite worrying in all fairness because if the trainer/coaches feels terrible form is video and sharing worthy then it doesn’t hold much hope for what they consider a result.

Now this might just be my cripplingly high standards, or because I’m just mean.

Potentially a combination of both.

Yet it still worries me what passes for ‘quality’ these days because being someone who has always been a stickler for form anything less than ‘solid’ isn’t really something to be bragging about.

Doing so dos two things:

1 – It makes the coach/trainer look terrible

2 – It makes the client look terrible

Is it just me who thinks those two points should be avoided like those people handing out leaflets in the street?

I can’t be the only one, can I?

Now before all the hypersensitive snowflakes jump up an down claiming that ‘everyone is built differently and what is good of roan won;t be good for another.” or some such similar thing to justify shit form, stop, just stop and engage the grey matter between your ears for a spell.

Please, just humour me.

Good form looks good, regardless of an individuals proportions/build, it will look like good form.

This is why you find commonalities in movement patterns and believe it or not it isn’t uncommon for more than one person to have a remarkably similar build to the point that they could be the same person, as much as many would like to deny this.

It is true that based on a persons leverages they will excel of falter at specific lifts/movements, sadly that is the nature of the beast, however this isn’t something people should use as an excuse or justification, which they do because they’re the human equivalent of a wet blanket.

You may be asking yourself why this is my attitude, it’d be a good question.

It’s because I don’t see the point in all the bullshit anymore.

Oh once upon a time I almost became that PT, it was so tempting to tell people wha they wanted to hear all to get easy business and expose people for the mugs they were, however I couldn’t bring myself to do it because they deserve better than that.

They deserve to know how things work and exactly what it takes to get results.

Funnily enough I was in the gym today and a lady was on a chest press and using the foot weight releasing mechanism to ‘train her legs for something different.’ – her exact words.

I told her that wasn’t how it worked and she’d get no results form that.

Mean, oh yes, however she made it clear she only wants to go to the gym to dick around and say she’s been, I know this because her physique has gotten worse in the 6months she’s been going, how sad is that.

We get in our own way all too often.

I understand it though, most just want somewhere to go, a place to kill time and perhaps a community in which to belong and that’s cool, I guess we can’t all want to change.

Saddest past is it’s people like this who will be taken advantage of by trainers/coaches who are will to say what they want to hear simply to take their money, which is fair enough really because everyones to to eat at the end of the day.

If you’re a coach/trainer then give some thought to the content you share.

Look at it through the eyes of another person and ask yourself this; would you hire you based on that video/post etc.


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