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The next big ‘thing’ in fitness

I reckon that will be the next big thing.
While the aim of being healthy, mobile and abel to live a long and fruitful life has always been a priority to some, it’s not yet mainstream.
This is going to change me thinks.
Training for things such as strength, aesthetics and other common fitness goals isn’t easy, it requires dedication, accountability and above all else consistency.
Longevity on the other hand requires minimal effort, and that my friends is why people will find it appealing.
People will want to shy away from the harder stuff and start championing that they are training for longevity, it also helps that people don’t know what it looks like, thus making it easier for people to sell in the upcoming future.
In a nutshell here is a guide to it:
– Maintaining overall health (regardless of weight)
– Keeping your full ROM (regardless of weight)
– Being strong enough to do daily tasks with ease
– A CV system that allows you to run up stairs, or to the bus
– Keeps you alive past 70
All worthy things, however it’s the fact that it has no bias towards look or a numerical achievement that will entice people.
Very few want to work hard, many in fact just want to not feel shit about themselves, as such they will search out a group to which they can belong without too much effort and no judgement, seem fair enough to me to want that.
We are social creatures, we’d rather belong than not.
Give it time, if you’ve watched the trends of fitness you’ll see where I’m coming from with this.
Watch this space,

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I’m sure you’ve heard of this classic phrase –
“Quality & Quantity”
Notice that whenever it is uttered there is a key word that isn’t changed.
– AND –
Meaning you need both elements to be successful in a chosen endeavour.
It’s never been ‘quality or quantity’, that’s just illogical.
This is where you find people who champion one or t’other don’t seem to make much headway, essentially because they’re missing 50% of the equation, that’s a lot to miss.
Let us look at nutrition for the example –
We can all agree that for optimal health you need a high quality of foods, right?
Now there are plenty who say that the quality of food is all that matters and while I personally agree quality it a high priority for a lot of people, the quantity needs to be addressed as well.
This being said….
If you address the quality you will find the quantity drops as a happy side effect because you can only consume so much nutrient dense, high quality food before you start to feel uncomfortably full.
Now this type of food would be things such as lean meats, vegetables, fruits, essentially non-processed or man-made/store bought foods.
So things such as peanut butter/nut butters wouldn’t be in here.
Despite what the media may say, they’re not that great for you because they can easily be over consumed leading to quite a large calorie surplus, thus no potential shift in body composition or weight.
The thing with such thoughts is that is goes against people principles, values, beliefs and biases, which is often he case what ‘best practice’.
People want what they want.
As such they will see out things that confirm what they want (bias), then wonder why they still look the same or worse than they used too.
You can also think of this in terms of ‘Product & Production Capacity’.
Product – what you want.
Product Capacity – what you must do to achieve/sustain the desired product.
Yep, to achieve a specific goal you have to do and then adhere to specific criteria.
Of course you can let it revert, however you will then forfeit the basic principle of specificity and get something different in return. This is what you may consider a fundamental law.
So tell me, how much of the above do you think about & more importantly, how much of the above do you apply?
Leave your thoughts/questions below.

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Enough or More?

Can you wing it?
Yes you can.
Morning All,
In regards to training you can wing it for the longest period of time, however you’ll reach an impasse eventually.
This will be the moment you do one of the following:
– Sustain what you have
– Take it to the next level
Either is fine.
The main difference will be how much effort, attention to detail and time you’ll be willing to devote to training.
It’s easier to maintain what you have than it is progress.
Taking things above and beyond is hard.
Soul crushingly hard.
Are you really willing to put in the gumption required?
I truly hope you are, because while it will be a struggle and you will want to quite, the result is often worth it, to be immortalised for achieving something noteworthy.
No one can take that away once you’ve achieved it.
Well, they could because, politics 😂
Best not think like that though.
Which do you want?
What you have or more?
If it is the latter then you will need to not only do the above, you will also need to have a solid plan with all the numbers you need to be hitting set out.
Give it some thought.

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Time to get varied

An interesting word, especially when it is applied to training, nutrition and many other things actually.
What is variability in nutrition?
Well, say you know your calorie goal for the day (TDEE), you can vary the foods you consume to hit that goal, you can play with the macros to hit that goal.
Essentially you can create daily change to avoid boredom and improve sustainability.
Chicken & broccoli everyday?
Nope, you can have tuna and broccoli too 🤗😂
Many see nutrition as dull and repetitive.
Ironically if you look at the most successful they often eat the same things rather regularly, at pretty much the same times too.
Now this might be what you need to do, if you have an ultra specific goal, however if that’s not the case then you can vary your food choices and macro splits to your hearts content.
Who said nutrition was dull, eh?
So now we’ve looked at a brief example of variability in nutrition, it’s time to cover training.
We shall take one aspect today to look at.
Training time.
Many go in at the same time and spend the exact same length of time in the gym, each and every time.
Is this bad?
Of course not, however it can become monotonous and cause issues with adherence.
You don’t NEED to do 60min every session.
Being a sentient creature of the world you can vary your training times to your hearts content, here are some examples, say you train 5 days a week:
Day 1 – 45min – Heavy Loads
Day 2 – 60min – Moderate Loads
Day 3 – off
Day 4 – 20min – Heavy Loads
Day 5 – 40min – Light Loads
Day 6 – 20min – Moderate Loads
Day 7 – off
Get the idea?
Breaking away from the dogmatic view that you NEED to be in the gym for a specific amount of time will help you make progress.
If you have a set amount of things to get done and you do it in 35min, great, you’re done, now go home.
Do what you need to do, no more, no less, just what is required.
Perhaps it takes you 75min to get it all done, again this is fine, however perhaps the next time you might chop off a little volume and get in and out in 45min instead.
This is of course one element of variability that can be applied in training, we shall cover more soon.
Any question, pop them below.

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The Fellowship of Fitness

It’s not uncommon for people to say that fitness is a journey.
Certainly fair to say.
What is often left out is this piece of information:
Fitness is a journey that doesn’t really have an end.
We can always do better.
We can always give a little more.
We can always try harder.
We can always find something that needs improving.
We can always grown as a person, always.
Having multiple milestones over a lifetime is what some may argue to be the best way to life.
To spend given amounts of time specialising until you’ve gotten all you need from that aspect, then you gracefully move on to something new.
One thing that has been noticed is the 3year cycle.
In classical terms it’ as follows:
“To live a happy life, every three years you should either change your house, your job or your partner.”
You’d be surprised how many people do change one of those three things every three years.
Best not try and change all three at the same time.
That’d be costly.
Perhaps you can apply this to fitness.
If we pick three things to change they might be these:
– Your goal
– Your gym
– Your coach/trainer
Just a thought.
The principle of Kaizen – continuous improvement.
A worthy thing to learn about because it doesn’t just mean improving one element or aspect of life, it means fining ways to keep improving a great many things.
Why do do it today?
Pick something to change, then set the end date three years from now and give it your all, or don’t, choice is yours.

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January is over, are your NYR over too?

“Choose your own goals wisely, otherwise you’ll find yourself trying to achieve someone else’s.” 
We are told to do things for ourselves, yet o the opposite side of that coin, if you do just this you’re called selfish.
It’s a classic situation where you will never win, nor will you be able to please everyone, that’s just life I’m afraid.
So keeping this in mind, you may as well please yourself because in the end that who will be with you in your last moments in this life.
Just you, only you.
Make sure you treat yourself well and don’t be afraid of self love, of being at peace with who you are, what you want and why you do what you do.
In fitness I’ve seen so many people trying to change based on the whims and foibles of others.
While there is nothing inherently wrong with this, there is at the change it’s not the most beneficial way to live your life, you can decide if you agree with that or not.
So, what should your goal be?
Performance based?
Health related?
What indeed?
The first thing to ask is this – what do you want & why?
Sit down, grab a pen and paper and write out what you want and how it will improve your life, be honest in your answers.
Next you will do well to write down the behaviours that you’ll need to implement to achieve said want, along with how long you will need to sustain these behaviours to keep your want (here is a hint, they might be forever, just saying).
These days the approach of reflection is something worthy of investigation.
We all have patterns, try as we might to deny this, we do.
Some are good, others not so much.
It is in this knowledge that we can learn the way.
It’s then down to us to decide if it’s worth taking one path or the other, simple really.
Being the 1st of February I truly hope the things you said you wanted for this year are well on their way to becoming a reality, I really do.
As such, if you have let some things slip, try not to worry about them because you might not have really wanted them in the first place, not really.
Look after yourself, accept the things you cannot change and change the things you can, before this though you must learn the wisdom to know the difference between the two.

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What needs to be done

Goals are interesting things.

Often they are arbitrary in their nature, just a means to an end, or rather a distraction.

Just things to keep one busy.

It is not uncommon for people to play a finite game and set goals that take them sideways in life, rather than forwards.

Perhaps because what they are aiming for is not of their own volition.

Instead of goals, wouldn’t it be novel if people did things based on their passion, desire or as some call it, the infinite game.

Those who tend to do this are the ones who just do what needs to be done.

You’ll find there is no distraction, just action.

A great many these ways will find things to stop them having to face real life as it were.

This happens year to year until eventually father time has almost run out and then they say things such as “I would have achieved this if is wasn’t for that.” or “If I had X, I would have gotten Y.” and maybe even “If I knew then what I knew now.” or other classics to justify their mundane life.

Not that this is necessarily a bad way to live, after all not everyone can see their own limitations and either do what needs to be done to keep moving forwards or admit that perhaps a different course of action is better.

If you look at the people who we can call successful you will see that they are not always what you expect.

They didn’t always have the best start, all the resources they needed, any of the desired opportunities and much more, however they are often the ones who stuck it out for the long haul and after years of paying their dues were finally rewarded.

Look at people in education.

They go to school, college, uni, then go on to doing further degrees, masters, PHD’s or similar, then end up not getting the position they want for a lack of experience, usually because they chose to stay distracted from the real world and accepting that to finish with not only all the bells & whistles, also experience they’d have to struggle, and I mean really struggle by working for a pittance in the field they want toe excel in so that when they came out the other end of the grinder they’d hit the ground running.

You’d be surprised how many will always have reasons as to why they didn’t achieve, yet very few ever look at what needs to be done, perhaps because their goals are arbitrary distractions, or worse, not even their own.

To find your own drive, your own passion.

That is the infinite game.

The one that will have you moving forwards, not sideways or in a circle on the spot.

It’s never easy to accept that things are often harder before they are better, especially when ‘harder’ isn;t a short term thing, it’s something that often lasts decades and even lifetimes.

Which will you be?

Will you create distractions to keep you busy or will you face the real challenge?

Just some food for thought.



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Did you achieve your goal this year?

New Years Eve…

Time to wave goodbye to 2017 in style.

Well, more like a blurry mess of alcohol fuelled rage.

Then it’s 2018 and all those goals that didn’t get achieved can be forgotten and new ones can be written down.

A little tip for your resolutions –

Write them out by hand in 300 words or less.

This will take less than 5minutes to do and hopefully give you some accountability.

In this 300 words you want the following:

– What the goal is
– Why you want to achieve it (feeling/emotion)
– The good behaviour you need to achieve the goal
– How you will make lifestyle changes to achieve the goal
– Which methods you will use to track your progress
– Time targets

Once you’ve done this print 3 copies.

One to be placed somewhere at home you will see it everyday.

One to be given to someone your trust to help you stay accountable.

One to be kept on your person at all times so you can give yourself a reminder of why you’re making a change.

By doing this little task you will give yourself some more accountability.

The funny thing about goals that people never tell you is that for them to actually stick, they have to give you an insurmountable amount of pleasure that can’t be drowned out by the pain of change.

Yep, people fear change because it’s painful.

All that aside, it’s in your hands now, it’s your play, try not to make it a tragedy.

Happy New Year 🙂


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How the early 1900’s can help you in 2018

Are you looking for a new year challenge?

It’s good for Strength, Fat Loss, Hypertrophy, Mental Toughness and much

I have a very simple one for you that you.

20 rep squats.

They’re glorious.

Say you’re training 3x a week, this would be perfect as you can have either 1,2 or 3 20 rep sessions, I’d probably go for 2 initially.

It might look like this:

Day 1 –

A1 – Squat – 1×20
B1 – Press – 25 total reps, rep/set method of your choice
B2 – Pull – 25 total reps, rep/set method of your choice
*C1 – Remedial movement of your choice – 50 rep total

Day 2 –

A1 – Hinge – 5-15 total reps, rep/set method of your choice
B1 – Press – 25 total reps, rep/set method of your choice
B2 – Pull – 25 total reps, rep/set method of your choice
*C1 – Remedial movement of your choice – 50 rep total

Day 3 –

A1 – Squat – 1×20
B1 – Press – 25 total reps, rep/set method of your choice
B2 – Pull – 25 total reps, rep/set method of your choice
*C1 – Remedial movement of your choice – 50 rep total

*Optional postural/remedial exercise if time is a plenty. Perhaps reverse flies, curls, tricep extensions, etc.

Simply marvellous 🤗

It also offers a great method of progression too.

You start at 50% of your current 1RM, so if that is say 120kg, you start at 60kg.

From the starting 50%, add 0.5-1kg every successful session.

When things start to get hard and say you only hit 13/20 reps, you keep the weight the same and focus on building those reps to a solid 20/20.

At this point you could drop the 20rep day to once per week and use one of the following set/rep protocols for the other squat day:

Rep/set protocol examples for the 25 rep goal:

– 5-3-2-5-3-2-5
– 5×5
– 5-5-3-3-2-2
– 3×8
– 8×3
– 5-4-3-2-1-10
– Ramp to heavy 3-5RM (alternate 3-4-5RM each time)

^^ You can imagine this goes a similar way for the 50 rep goal, so 5×10, 3×15 etc

Plenty of choice.

The seconds day also doesn’t need to be a back squat, it could be a front squat, a zecher squat, or any other variation, again this would be cycled, ideal spend 3-6 weeks on each variation before changing it, aiming to add a small amount of weight each session.

Personally I quite like changing the variation as it allows you to drop the overall intensity while keeping up the relative intensity, however that’s a chat for another day.

The same is true for the press/pull/hinge – you can stay with the same variation (bar, dumbbell, trap bar etc) for 3-6 weeks adding anywhere from as little as 0.5kg to as much as a whole 20kg plate each side, although the latter would mean you’re literally a god among mortals.

It might seem like 3 training session per week is not much, however if you follow this and apply the basic progressive overload as described above, you’ll find you can stay on this almost indefinitely.

If needed you could also do this program only twice per week, meaning you drop day 3. Very useful if you also have other goals, such as sports or martial arts.

I wish you all the gains for the new year.


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It’s only packaging, it doesn’t matter that much, right?

Three things you should ask yourself before asking everyone else for the world best training program.
1 – What is MY goal? No, really, what is it?
2 – Is this actually what I want?
3 – How will this benefit me & is it sustainable?
With the modern world being in a rush for quick fixes, instant results and everything else under the sun, many forget to ask; why is this important to me?
A common goal – lose fat, tone up, not feel terrible for once.
Don’t get me wrong, having a rocking body does make life better for you.
You get more attention and people treat you more favourably.
You feel more confident.
You increase your self worth and appreciation.
There are a myriad of benefits to improve your self image, anyone who says differently is wrong, sorry, that’s just how we work as a species, we are shallow and always like the pretty things.
Now this doesn’t mean everyone needs to be models or at the peak of physical condition, however trying to climb your own mountain of potential will be to your benefit.
Remember though it’s a choice.
If you want to achieve such things, go for it, however if you’re truly happy as you are then that’s also great.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for acceptance of all, however no matter how much society would like you to believe how everything is on a level playing field, its not.
I have yet to meet a person (when inebriated) who when asked this one simple question doesn’t answer with yes.
The question?
“If you have a magic wand that would transform the way you look to your ideal, with no side effects of consequence, would you use it?”
As I said above, not everyone wants to be cover model ready, however everyone does have some desire to look better, be that in their eyes or in someone else’s.
The sad part is we’ve been taught as a society that trying to improve your image is vain and makes you a bad person, so it’s okay to not look great. Then on the other side of that coin those same people will make passive comments about how you look or dress if it is not to their liking.
*Face palm.
We are a culture that is heavily influence by aesthetics.
Don’t believe me?
Give this some thought.
Which of the two would you buy:
1 – A food item that has packaging that is heavily damaged
2 – The same food item with no packing damage, that just so happened to be sat right next to the damaged one.
Obviously the goods are still equal in value, taste and awesomeness, so the external appearance and state of the packaging doesn’t matter, right?
Surely no one would be influenced by the way something looks in our modern world of acceptance of all.
Take you time with your answer, I’ll wait.
You get the point.
So let me ask you again, what is YOUR goal and WHY is it important to you?
Think about it.

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