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6 Tiny Tweaks for Colossal Change

1 – Keep a food diary (write down everything that passes your lips, EVERYTHING).

This will give you some perspective and control over your self, if you’re willing to accept responsibility.

2 – Walk 30 minutes every day

Its good for the mind and the soul.

3 – Read more real books, you know of the paper variety

Spending less time in front of a screen has been said to help reduce stress, anxiety and other such modern day issues.

Ironic you jus tread that one via an online blog.

4 – Buy a Kettlebell(s)

Some people don’t like the gym, this little piece of kit is known for being a ‘gym in the palm of your hand’. Doing 20-45min a day of things such as Swings, Get Ups, Snatches, Presses, Carries, Loaded Stretches, Mobility or movement patterns. These will not only help change your body, it will help your mind as well.

5 – Ensure most, if not all of your meals are meat & veg

You’d be surprised what eating ‘whole foods’ will do for your health and your waistline.

6 – Each year aim to learn a new skill, or invest a good chunk of time in to mastering one

Perhaps you always wanted to learn a language, or how to paint, maybe it was knitting related, whatever it was set aside perhaps one or two hours or so a week to learning and acquiring this.

It’s not selfish to want time for yourself.

In the long run you’ll lead a much fuller life if you devote some time to adding strings to your body, not to mention it can are a great way to relieve stress.



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Much of a Muchness Really

Personal Trainers, Strength Coaches, Fit Pros, Instagram Fitness Personalities.

All seem invincible, yet many are just like everyone else.

Each has their own insecurities, their own body confidence issues, their own unrealistic expectations of what they should achieve.

Essentially they are human to.

It’s easy to get caught in the hype and admiration of these people, yet just like many ‘average people’ they use filters, good lighting, posing, photo shop and any other tools at their disposal to keep up appearances.

In a world where we all claim to be a non-judgemental bunch, we’re very quick to hate, bring people down at the slightest slip and pounce instantly our peers don’t keep up appearances.

All of this serves as quite the lesson, well two in fact.

1 – Professionals are people too.

2- Because they are people it means that what they have achieved is also potentially achievable to you as well.

Just because someone is currently at the peak of the mountain while you look up it doesn’t mean you can’t get there as well, remember that.

The next time you see someone with a body you lust for, take a look at the life they lead, can you do similar?

If you can then those people you see as untouchable, with unattainable look suddenly doesn’t seem to far from he realms of reality.


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Global Standards

I’m not saying looks matter, nor does the physique you have.

It’s the world that is saying that, I just happen to see the logic behind it.

Go anywhere in the world and while the standards may change, they’re still there.

Let us be 100% honest for a second.

We’ve all had those times where we got jealous, where we wanted to look a certain way so that we would fit in or belong.

We’ve all looked at those people gifted, because that’s what beauty is, and thought deep down – I wish I had that.

While many will say beauty is int he eye of the beholder, those are the many who are perhaps a solid 6/10. If looks didn’t matter then fashion wouldn’t exist, make up wouldn’t exist, essentially there would be no standards for beauty, which there are and it’s foolish to deny it.

Now this doesn’t mean you should be unhappy with how you look, far from it. In fact you need to accept how you look at move swiftly on because that’s the hand you’ve been dealt, so you’d better find out how to make it work for you.

I feel this simple truth is one we want to abolish from the world, as such the beautiful are shunned for what they are born with, forced to apologise for making people who are less attractive feel bad because they weren’t born on equal footing.

Yep, I said it, we are not all born equal, nor will we ever be, that’s not how life works.

Should you worry about how you look?

No, not really, however if you do it’s okay, accept that you want more, to look better, to feel better and then proceed to do something about it, not for anyone else though, do it for you.


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Got 30minutes because that’s all you need to change the way you look, feel & perform.

Given our age of being ultra busy (we aren’t, not really, people are just lazy and want a quick fix), keeping your training sessions short can be a blessing.
Ideally if you can train 2-7 times a week, based on doing 30min a day, not something crazy like 3 hours 7 days a week because that is just silly.
Also, if you did decide to do 7 days a week at 30min each session you’d vary how hard you went session to session, so perhaps a hard one followed by an easy mobility one and so on.
Variability is the key.
Okay, let us look at 7 session options for y’all.
1 – Tabata Fun
A tabata is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times (4min total).
You will do three of them in the 30min with 4min rest between each so you can give each tabata maximum effort.
W/U – 5min Mobility
A1 – Tabata 1 – Thrusters – Rest 4min
B1 – Tabata 2 – Pull Ups – Rest 4min
C1 – Tabata 3 – Kettlebell Swings – go to CD
C/D – 5min Stretching
A good rule of thumb is to think about hitting the full body, your only limit will be you imagination.
2 – Mobility Madness
30min of mobility work, it’s that simple.
Personally I’d recommend getting a hold of either of these books and picking bits that you need to do based on a simple movement assessment to highlight your weak areas.
– Becoming a Supple Leopard
– Free+Style
3 – 30/30/30
30 seconds on, 30 seconds off, 30 total rounds
Personally I’d advice picking 3 movements and doing 10 rounds for each.
A1 – 10×30/30 – Get Ups (easy, to be used as working W/U)
B1 – 10×30/30 – DB or KB Snatches (go hard)
C1 – 10×30/30 – Windmills (medium, to be used as C/D)
4 – And Stretch
30min of stretching, be it from Yoga or a routine you made up yourself, it doesn’t matter, just stretch.
5 – Litvinov’s
The man who bore this name was a legend in hammer throwing, he use dot do this training session:
– Front Squat 8×405
– 400m Sprint
Rest, repeat twice more
Just epic.
You can utilise a similar thought process, which is this: A heavy lift followed by a sprint or CV movement repeated 3 times.
W/U – 5min Mobility
A1 – 8x Power Clean & Push Press (Bar, DB, KB etc)
A2 – 200-400m Sprint (run or any bit of kit), rest 2-3min, repeat twice more
C/D – 5min Stretching
Any big lift will do, make sure it’s got a lot of bang for it’s buck, that is my only staple.
6 – Carry on doing only one.
This will seem easy, it’s not.
Pick one lift, movement or my personal recommendation, loaded carry and do it for 30min.
W/U – 2-3min mobility
A1 – Bear Hug Sand Bag Carry x20m, repeat for 20-25min
C/D – 2-3min stretching
If you were doing one lift, such as squats for example, keep the reps between 5-10 and never let your form slip.
7 – Just keep swimming, just keep swimming
30min of any CV method you like, swimming is nice 🤗
There you have it, some simple ideas to get you results in only 30min.
Of course you will need to have optimal nutrition for your goal – Fat Loss = Calorie Deficit, etc.
Until next time, enjoy,

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Ladies & strength.s

Personally I feel all people should be strong, however it makes me especially happy when the girls take well to the world of lifting and start to shift hefty weights about.

Two impressive numbers for the average lady what lifts are as follows:

– 3/4 bodyweight strict press
– 1.5x bodyweight overhead deadlift

Those two lifts, when at those numbers seems to often entail good things in regards to sporting prowess and also easier activities of daily living.

By no means gospel, yet there is a nice trend when you delve in to the endless hoards of zero’s and one’s.

How do you measure up when look at these numbers?

I trust you can hit them easily 🤗

Of course there are other lifts for the average lady lifter that add extra prowess from my experience.

– 1.25x BW Squat (or BW Front Squat)
– Bodyweight Farmers Walk for 25m, 50% each hand
– 5 Strict Pull Ups or 7 strict chin ups

There just seems to be something about all of the above that keeps popping up when one digs in to it, as such they give some useful targets for us to aim for that are not out of the realms of possibility.

All of the above would be for one solid rep (unless labeled otherwise), however if you could do them for say 3-5 reps that would be truly epic.

Being strong is a great thing.

Apart from the added lean body mass, confidence and general badassery, lifting decent weights is rather enjoyable.

As such it might be worth looking at your numbers and working towards closing the gap on the above.

Give it some thought.


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Old New News

What is there left to say when it’s all already been said?
Morning All,
As fitness enthusiasts many of us will devour information by the bucket load, yet what is really happening is a case of us just recycling what we know through other sources.
Now this isn’t necessarily a terrible thing as it can allow something to click that might not have happened before.
That is one of the benefits about reading the same thing, all be it in different ways.
The frustrating thing about it though is that many will often reads something that is perfectly logical and if applied will get them that which they desire, yet they only wish to embark on journey for a quick fix result.
Once the result is achieved they think they can sustain it by reverting back to their old ways, this is foolishness.
Think about it.
How many times have you read that for fat loss you need to be in a caloric deficit and that also eating mostly nutrient dense foods (as opposed to calorically dense ones) is also optimal for good health, a lot I’m willing to bet.
As such people will do it, for a short period of time.
Then go back to eating as they did (in a caloric surplus) and gain back their fat that was lost, then stand their bemused and say silly things such as – “I can’t lose weight and keep it off.”, well if you go back to eating like a prize sumo then you will get the body of one, simple.
I’m sure you’ve all heard the classic line of ‘success leaves clues’ because it does.
You may be surprised to also learn that consistency breed success as well because without consistency you’re basically ice skating up hill.
What sage advice have you read multiple times of the years that you ignore?
Give it some thought.

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Two Tips

With all the options available to you that are meant to help you achieve your goals, is it any wonder you’re confused?

It’s okay, I’ve been there as well.

Heck, honesty I was here for a long time, a lot are.

In knowing so much we end up doing very little, a such here are two bits of advice for you.

1 – Look at people that achieved what you did back before the invention of the internet, perhaps even as far back as the early 1900’s or before.

2 – Pick one training philosophy or protocol and give it an honest try, something like 6months will be good because if you stick with it you’ll have broken the habit of a lifetime and learnt to trust in a process.

Achieving health or fitness isn’t hard, it’s sustaining it that’s the tricky part, especially when there is so much temptation.

Your goals, desires and needs are your own, be sure to do things for you.


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The Adult Phenomenon

It’s time to adult for real. 
The only thing that really separates adults from children is the simple truth that adults do things they really don’t want to because they’ve not really got any other choice.
Well, maybe there is a choice however the alternative for an adult not doing things they must do yet don’t want to can be far more costly than that of the plight of youth.
In this world there is nothing we truly have to do, however there are things that as we age it’s easier to just do them instead of suffering the consequences.
It’s often said that we have ‘free will’ & ‘freedom of chocie’ which is true, yet people seem to think that this means freedom from consequence, which it doesn’t and you’d do well to remember that.
I will say it again:
Freedom of choice doesn’t mean freedom from consequence.
Keeping the above in mind let us now apply this to fitness.
As a youth there are things we know are better for us to do in regards to nutrition & training that will improve our long term health.
As a youth we can choose not to do these things, however we will reap what we sow and eventually as an adult you might just find yourself overweight, weak, sick and basically a shadow of your former self.
As an adult you may now think “I better get in shape” yet because of being older now it is harder, perhaps not for the physical reasons you may think, more the mental reasons.
The mental reasons?
Yep, you’ve become accustomed to doing what you want and bollocks to everyone else, it’s your life, your body and so on. The younger you may have had some wiggle room, the older you doesn’t.
As such there will now be things that you MUST do, yet you don’t really want to, and normally it means you don’t, why?
Because fuck responsibility, that’s why.
Of course all of the above is nothing more than words if you take no action.
Some will read this post today and do the adult thing of looking at themselves in the mirror and accepting that enough is enough, it’s time to adult for real instead of playing at it.
The understanding that comes with maturity, the wisdom that comes with age if boiled down to one sentence would be this –
In the end it’s better to do the things you don’t want to do now before they become the things you needed to do years ago.
Give it some thought.

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Control, it’s not just a button on your keyboard

How much control do you have over your life?
I will give you a second to think about it.
As much as I’d like to say it’s 100%, there are of course little things that just happen, there’s no reason for why they happened, they just did.
On the other side of that coin you’ll find what you have control of, which is pretty much everything and then you have to deal with the consequences of your choices or even your lack of them.
Yep, not making a choice can give you things you then have to deal with, even if it’s not fair, or you never wanted it, sadly it’s tough shit because you failed to make a solid choice you’ve not got to potentially put up with the result of someone making it for you.
That my friends is life.
Let us take nutrition for an example.
For the most part you choose what you put in your mouth, no one is forcing anything down your throat.
Yea… we won’t go down that road. 😂
People will often come up with 1001 excuses why they eat less than optimally, I’m sure plenty of those excuses relief their guilt and self loathing enough to justify more poor food choices, however that doesn’t take away from the fact that they’re making poor choices.
I will say it again for impact.
That doesn’t take away from the fact that they’re making poor choices.
Let us rephrase it.
This doesn’t take away from the fact that you’re making poor choices.
Guess what though 🙂
You can eat, live and do essentially whatever you like, honestly, fill your boots because in the grand scheme of things it makes literally no difference to me because you’re in control of your life, no one else, you.
Perhaps accepting this little truth may help you overcome your own bullshit, yep largely what you tell yourself to justify your actions is bullshit, BULLSHIT.
We all do it, the trick it to catch it in time that it doesn’t start to become a long held belief.
I suppose that begs the question, if you could take back control would you really want to?
After all, taking back control means accepting responsibility for the things that you do, no palming it off on anyone/thing else.
A great many people talk about freedom, taking back what is theirs and many other things, the words are what some might call inspiring and some people even start to do it until they come up against the slightest bit of resistance, then they revert back to the place they were in.
Classic behaviour.
Did you know that thing such as discomfort, delayed gratification, admitting you fucked up and other things of that ilk are quite character building.
Write down a list (everyone likes writing these, it’s productive procrastination) of things you know you can control.
The do one for the things you feel are out of your control and write down WHY that is the case next to each one, you might be surprised to see how silly some of the reasons are on paper.
Often times we can take control of a great many things, all that’s needed is a little self honesty.
Give it some thought.

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A 4Week Treat

Looking for something simple yet effective for body 4 weeks? 

Try this – 

Everyday do 250 kettlebell swings accompanied by a set of presses, pulls, squats, for sets of 5.


Day 1

A1 – Swings sets of 25 (10 total)

A2 – Presses x5 

Day 2

A1 – Swings sets of 25 (10 total)

A2 – Pulls x5 

Day 3

A1 – Swings sets of 25 (10 total)

A2 – Squats x5

Day 4

A1 – Swings sets of 50 (5 total)

A2 – Presses x5 – heaver presses as less total press volume 

It’s as simple as that.   


Okay, there are other options, the above is surprisingly effective however not many would want to do just that for 4 weeks, keeping this in mind here is an option for 3-5days per week, you could try it everyday for a month like the above, however you’d need to cycle the loads/intensity. 

1 – 75-250 swings 

2 – 25-75 squats 

3 – 15-25 presses/pulls 

4 – 5-15 full body movements or carries  

The movements (apart from the swing) can change, so presses might be one day Press, next day Close Grip Bench, day after that Single Arm Barbell Press and so on. 

You can use the rep ranges to play with different loads, different RM’s rest periods, any variable you choose.

Using the Heavy, Light & Medium rotation works well, so 75 heavy swings might be done with a 48kg because to you that might be wha you class as ‘heavy’. As for the presses a simple double kettlebell press might be 2x32kgs, you get the idea. .

Example day with kettlebells/BB (you could mix in any kit):

1 – 250 swings (light) 24kg 2hand swing 

2 – 50 squats  (medium) pair of 32kg double rack front squat 

3 – 15 presses/pulls (heavy) pair of 32kg – press/renegade row

4 – 15 x10-20m carries (light) bodyweight bear hug carry

You could do each day with kettlebells and a sand bag, or any kit you choose, perhaps the heavy squat where yo go foe 15 solid reps will be done with a barbell so you can really maximise  the weigh you use, the options are limitless. 

The only element that is really best with a kettlebell exclusively is the initial 75-250 swings. 

This simple yet effective protocol might just be what you need to have some freedom in your training to do little of what you fancy with some structure of what you need. 



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