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This little set of sessions just sprung to mind.
As such I felt sharing them to you good people who wish to be told what to do training wise might be useful.
– Train there days per week
– Follow the session order of A-B-C-D
– Once you achieve the targets either increase the loads, change the movements or do something else entirely.
Session A – Intensity
W/U: Loaded Carries x15min (50%+ BW)
A1 – FS 6×3 (build to 6×6 adding 1 rep each session)
Rest 2min
A2 – Weight Pull Up x2-4
Rest 2min – Repeat A1 unit sets completed
C/D – Stretch Problem Areas
Session B – Volume
W/U: Crawling Patterns x15min
A1 – Dip Ladder 1 rep up to 10 or 20
A2 – Deadlift x1-2
Rest as required – no sloppy reps
C/D – Stretch Problem Areas
Session C – Conditioning
W/U: Loaded Carries x15min (50%+ BW)
A1 – Swings 5on, 15off x30-90 sets
C/D – Stretch Problem Areas
Session D – Recovery
W/U: Climbing Patterns x15min
A1 – Movement Flow (yep, just move in any/every way you can) x30min
C/D – Stretch Problem Areas
Nothing fancy, however you’ll notice this trend:
Movement pattern focus:
Session A = Squat/Pull
Session B = Push/Hinge
Session C = Hinge
Session D = All of the above
You can change your variation of the movement as you see fit once targets are hit, jus focus on the movements instead of simply seeking out exercises.

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A Sinister 6 Sessions of Strength.

This nifty little protocol will help get many people strong.
There is no other prerequisites for doing it than to follow it to the letter.
Choose two lifts you wish to focus on (I suggest 1x Upper/Lower).
Before starting test your 5RM on your chosen lifts.
You’ll alternate which one you focus on session to session, so sweet up as an A-B alternating split, training every 5 days.
You will do 6 sessions of each (12 in total), this means 60 days of training.
^ On the days you’re not in the gym feel free to focus on mobility, going for long walks or if you practice a sport then do that.
Let us say it’s Close Grip Bench Press & Trap Bar Deadlift because my bias likes those.
For the Focus Lift this is the rep/set protocol:
Cluster Set:
– 5x 2-1-2 (rest 10-20 seconds between each)
– 3min rest after complete set
– Change loading each set by 20% Increase or Decrease
– DOn’t repeat the same load twice
For the Secondary Lift this is the rep/set protocol:
3×10 – 50%, 75%, 100% – 10RM (you should only just get 10 on the last set)
For your Accessory Lift, this is optional*.
In the suggestion below my suggestion is based on a PHA style to working on lagging areas for maintenance purposes, so quads, triceps, lats, etc.
Example for context:
15min time limit, if you can get out 4-5 rounds in the time increase the loading where needed or tweak the movements, you can change the movements each session.
C1 – Pull Up x3-6
C2 – Walking Lunge x10-12 (per leg)
C3 – Dumbbell Press OH x3-6
C4 – Hollow Body Hold x30sec
Set & rep wise you’ll be
Here is what a session will look like:
Session A –
A1 – CGBP – Focus Lift
B1 – TBDL – Secondary Lift
C1 – Accessory Lift (your choice)*
C2 – Accessory Lift (your choice)
C3 – Accessory Lift (your choice)
C4 – Accessory Lift (your choice)
Session B –
A1 – TBDL – Focus Lift
B1 – CGBP – Secondary Lift
C1 – Accessory Lift (your choice)*
C2 – Accessory Lift (your choice)
C3 – Accessory Lift (your choice)
C4 – Accessory Lift (your choice)
The idea of this is to focus on getting stronger each session, its not about conditioning.
By the end of the 6th test yourself with a 5RM once again.

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The 1 Superpower Y’all Really Want

In my experience if there is one superpower that most women would want it’d be this:
To eat /drink as much as they like and never get fat.
Which to be fair could be a something most people want.
Did you know though that this could be a reality, oh yes, you could have this superpower.
Chances are you’ve heard of it in its alias.
This is it – Strength & Conditioning.
Believe it or not when you train properly and give it a truly worthy effort good things tend to happen.
Moving starts to become easier, aches/pains begin to reside and your mentality improves too.
Your nutrition improves due to your body demanding higher qualities of nutrient sources.
Muscle mass increases as your strength does, this then in tern leads to high force/power outputs and when combined with legitimate aerobic work that build a formidable work capacity you’ve got a near perfect storm for longevity.
The price you’d need to pay for this would merely be effort and consistency.
You see when you get some solid years of training under your belt that takes you physically to decent levels of physical strength & work capacity, you will have created a massive reserve in your body for the consumption of calories.
While it’s true your body will send you after higher quality ones first and foremost, you will find that when you do suddenly fancy a cake or few cheeky beverages of an alcoholic nature they don’t even make a dent anymore, in fact they’d barely register.
Yet the biggest things you’d notice is that the cravings for the poorer quality food/drink would diminish.
Habits would change as your health improves,both physical and mental.
Remember though, effort and consistency would be required.
Now you’ve had this knowledge exposed what will you do with it?
Do you want to be what many would consider to be a physical superhero, or do you perhaps want something else?
You should investigate this thoroughly.
While you do that here are two simple sessions that you can rotate in a 3 day per week training system.

You can rotate these for added spice, be warned though, it can be brutal.
Session 1 – Swings x300, Hill Sprints x200 seconds, Dips x100

Session 2 – Squat x300, Loaded Carries x200 seconds, Pull Ups x100

Session 3 – Swings x200, Hill Sprints x100 seconds, Dips x300
Session 4- Squat x200, Loaded Carries x100 seconds, Pull Ups x300

Session 5 – Swings x100, Hill Sprints x300 seconds, Dips x200

Session 6- Squat x100, Loaded Carries x300 seconds, Pull Ups x200

*Higher rep targets (200-300) can have substitutes.
Try and do 50 of these sessions in total if you need somewhere to start (feel free to change up the movement variations as you see fit). .
Now this would be very basic S&C, literally scratching the surface however training more productive than what the majority of people are currently doing.

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Arbitrary Goals for 2020

Lacking direction for gym related targets?
Here are some to consider hitting if you’d like the fleeting respect of people you’ll never see again mias social media.
Barbell Curl 0.50xBW x20reps
Press – 0.75xBW x20reps
Pull Up – Bw x20reps
Bench Press – BW x20reps
Squat – 1.5xBW x20reps
Deadlift – 2xBW x20reps
Why 20?
Why are barbell curls in there, surely there are better movements to do?
My answer is as follows:
Because why not 😂
These are simply arbitrary goals that will yield a decent benefit to many people.
The loads are not astronomical, in fact all of the above are pretty reasonable unless you’re very weak.
If you are very weak then they’re the ideal goals for you because they will rid you of said weakness.
How you program to achieve these is up to you.
My suggestion is to train 3 days per week with a different focus lift on each day.
Monday – Day 1 – Deadlift & Curl
Wednesday – Day 2 – Bench Press & Pull Up
Saturday – Day 3 – Press & Squat
Being able to hit all the above for 1 solid set of 20 will be quite satisfying, if you wish to extend this goal for a little more bang for your buck try to achieve 2 working sets of 20 at the target weights.
When you can do that you’ll have built a good foundation of strength and potentially muscle as well (provided your nutrition supports it).
For accessory work pick 2-3 movements for your posterior chain, things like Loaded Carries, Reverse Hypers, Good Mornings, Reverse Flies & Tricep/Calf/Grip work are all good, 2-3×10-15 for these work well.
For the 20rep goal, establish the end goal loads.
Once you know these you work backwards to sensible starting weights (perhaps 50% of the end weight).
Here is an example based on my on BW rounded up for easy maths:
Barbell Curl 0.50xBW = 40kg /2 = 20kg start
Press – 0.75xBW x20reps = 60kg /2 = 30kg start
Pull Up – Bw x20reps = 80kg* /2 = 40kg
Bench Press – BW x20reps 80kg /2 = 40kg start
Squat – 1.5xBW x20reps 120kg /2 = 60kg start
Deadlift – 2xBW x20reps 160kg /2 = 80kg start
*For the pull up you’d use band if required, or personally I’d just start off doing lower reps and building on them until I hit 20 unbroken.
All decent starting loads that are very achievable.
Warm up set wise you won’t need much, perhaps 1-2×20, then crack on with the work.
For the working sets you’ll be having that set to 1 for the time being, aim to add load each session you successfully hit 20reps in your woking set.
E.G – Press – 0.75xBW x20reps = 60kg /2 = 30kg start
30kg x20 = +2.5kg
32.5 x20= +3.5kg
35kg x13 = stay at this load and aim to get 1-2 more reps and repeat until you hit 20.
Make sense?
Once you hit the end weight goals add in a second working set at that weight, if you hit the reps first try then it’s time to set a new goal, if not work on that until you hit 2×20 – working sets.
May your 2020 be filled with progress & success.

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Well, shit 😂😂😂
Yesterday was down to be an H-Day training wise for me.
^^ This meant pushing the numbers to see how close to the target I was.
The initial H-Day was done 8 sessions ago.
I hit 54 reps out of 75 with a pair of 32kg bells in the KB double rack squat.
While nothing Earth shattering in regards to loading, it was the best option now the injuries (accidental) were healed, plus not being near a gym it made logical sense.
Off of the 54 reps there were L/M-Days programmed:
L-Day: 21 total reps with 2x32kg bells (40% of H-Day reps)
M-Day: 36 total reps with 2x32kg bells (70% of H-Day reps)
^^ I alternated these session to session, with either ladders of 1-2-3-4-5-6, 3-4×3 and 1-2-3 for the L-Day and each medium day ended up being 2-4-6×3.
These were done every 3 days.
So not really pushing the envelope too much, just getting in volume slowly and focusing on the tension, speed and form of each set/reps.
Yesterday came the ladder test which had the goal of 5×1-2-3-4-5.
I choose to super-set this with pull ups just because.
In 44min all 75reps had been done with minimal rest, no from breakdown, in fact as I became deeper into the sets/reps the form got better, stronger and kept increasing in RFD.
A classic WTH (what the hell) effect.
it’s funny how little we can do and really make good progress.
Now that target has been hit there is a choice to be made.
Take up my own challenge of the ‘5 a Day’ or go for another block of the above with 2x40kg bells.
Since I’ve not done any bar work I may opt for the ‘5 a day’ then once that is done go back to the KBs, after all there is no rush.
How often do you get a WTH-effect in your training?

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Not just for legs

The other day a little kettlebell hypertrophy/strength based protocol came to mind for the festive season.

It’s very much a bit of a quick peak kind of protocol.

Based on the classic M-L-H set up.

Main Movement – Double Kettlebell Front Squat.

Rep Goal – 100

This is where the magic can happen because we can play with either keeping the overall load within the 70-80% of RM range, or we can play with the loads while keeping reps consistent.

Option 1 – Static Load 40kg (heaviest bells at home)

H/Day – 10 Sets – aim form 10 reps per set – 2-4min rest

L/Day – 10 Sets – 40% of total reps from H/day – so if 50 reps achieved then 20 reps is the total (10×2, or 1-2-3-1-2-3-1-2-3-2, broken down as you see fit)

M/Day – 10 Sets – 70% of total reps from H/day – rep breakdown can be as you see fit, however you don’t ideal want to miss or grind any (same goes for L/day).

^^ To make the L/M days more interesting if they feel easy, pauses in the hole can be added, rest can be reduced (to increase density/work capacity) and a focus on the RFD (rate of force development) can be thought of ala Dr Squat’s CAT (compensatory acceleration training).

H-L-M-L-M-L-H-L-M-L-M-L-H = roughly 4 weeks

^^ Based on 3 sessions per week.

Option 2 – 3 different loads

The rep goal is 100 each session.

H/Day – 40kgs
L/Day – 24kgs
M/Day – 32kgs

Set/Rep wise you may choose to do 10×10 (aiming for 10 res each set, however no grinding, this means you may not get all 10×10, so you build to this) for the heavy day, and sets of 10 for the light/medium days.

The can be up to you how you hit them, its simply about getting good quality reps in.

This came from the notion of doing more with less.

Limiting what we have on offer so we become creative.

I did this in the summer with my sandbags and found it way harder than I thought I would which gave me a rather nifty lesson.

^^ The strength I had was only useful in the gym (in specific movements), while not a terrible thing it was nice an humbling.

If we can’t transfer what we gain from the gym to real life, why did we invest so much time into it?

My current ponder ^^.

While this was floating around the old noggin it became apparent that the overall idea of having nice rep target and then improving the quality of the reps was very appealing.

You may be able to hit all the reps from day one, however our ever obsessive chasing of progression in the form of volume/intensity isn’t the only way we can progress.

We’ve also got density/work capacity (less rest/better efforts/form), technique improvements, more time under load/tension (adding in pauses or slowing down the tempo), the options are endless.

The above might not be relevant to you, however it was worth sharing.

What little ideas have you had float through your head that you applied in your training this year, and what was their result?

Incase you’re wandering the DKB-FS is surprisingly hard due to how it teaches you to stay tense and breath deeply.

While 80kg is way off my own personal BB-FS max (about 50%) there is the understanding it’s an entirely different animal that requires respect.

If you ever get the chance, give them a go.

^^ You can also apply this to various other lifts too.


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Evolution of Mind

Another day another opportunity to move.
The longer I spend in the realm of training and all things fitness related the more enjoyment is taken from smily moving.
While lifting is still a love, it’s not the dictator it once was.
Being able to have some fun and play is great.
Movement skill is something we all lose eventually, well, that is unless we are truly diligent and stay moving for as long as we can.
Across the experience gained there are somer interesting types of strength that can be gained form utilising only what your mother gave you (you).
– Quadrupedal
– Contralateral
– Unilateral
Single arm push ups from all angles.
Pistols that transition into fully supporting your bodyweight as you move.
The ability to hold you weight in a dead hang from one arm, and perhaps even begin to pull yourself up eventually.
All offer real world transfer/benefits.
Now this doesn’t mean you give up lifting because as great as moving and playing with a plethora of positions is, there’s no substitute for building impressive and raw absolute strength, that has plenty of real world applications too.
Pressing your own bodyweight or more overhead (or carry them for distance) and deadlifting 2-3xbw has plenty of positive benefits to life.
Now the truth is we can’t do it all, however we can do a lot.
– You can move daily and practice various skills.
– You can lift every 3-5 days and really put in an effort.
Think of it this way, crawling, climbing and practicing transitional work can be fun and great for basic strength & conditioning.
Then every 3rd or 5th day you go to the gym to Press & Hinge some hefty loads and build volume (you can also do carries here or do those as daily strength practice).
I can already here people panicking about the lack of balance.
You can alternate squatting and hinging patterns, you will still build some strong legs, swapping those every 3 days works nicely.
Press each time you train (vary the variation), as for puling you can do that daily in the form climbing, or just put in some heavy rows, cleans, weighted things etc.
Honestly unless you’re an athlete or training for a specific goal you can do what you like.
In fact these options make a great session rota:
Option 1:
– Snatches (any kit/variation)
– Deadlift (any kit/variation)
– Pull Ups (any kit/variations)
Option 2:
– Power Clean (any kit)
– Front Squat (any kit/variation)
– Press (any kit/variation)
Option 3:
– Press (any kit/variation)
– Deadlift (any kit/variation)
– Loaded Carry (any kit/variation)
Option 4:
– Zercher Squats ((any kit/variation)
– Loaded Carry (any kit/variation)
– Clean & Press (any kit/variation)
You’ll get a lot out of those, plus one combined with daily movement/play/practice there will be plenty other benefits as well (physique, strength, conditioning, mobility, life).
Funny how we change as we get a little older.
Something that has found it’s way into my thoughts is this:
“I’d like to become like Bamboo, strong yet able to flex, bend & flow with the wind.”
Not what I’d expect if you’d asked me 5 years ago what my thoughts would be.
Back then it was – “To become Flexible Steel.”
Which in essence is similar, yet not quite as free as Bamboo.
I guess looking at them together they’re almost one and the same, huh, funny.
How often do you make time to simply play and have fun?
Give it some thought.

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Are you brave enough to try this?

Once again we will be calling upon our friend the dice.
Instead of training 2-3 days per week though you’ll be training everyday, or if you want to also leave that to fate you can flip a coin to see if you’re training, then go to the dice to find out what you’re doing.
Here is how your training would work.
You’ll be doing one these movement parings:
– Push & Hinge
– Squat & Pull
– Loaded Carry & Sprinting
^^ You can do them in this sequence, meaning they repeat every 4th day, or you can choose to do only one pairing, it’s entirely up to you.
The exercise choice is up to you.
Next you will roll the pair of die, the number you see is the reps you’re doing, so 2-12 and in the case of the carry/sprint it means 20-120m.
Next up you will roll the pair three times, this will give you the time limit you’re training for, so 6-36min (this includes your warm up because you’ll be ramping/waving the loads/effort each set).
Once you’ve gotten your reps and your time limit you train.
The aim of this is to improve density/work capacity.
Give me a second I will roll the dice and see what I get for three days of training, I will pick movements too.
Day 1 – Deadlift & Floor Press: 4reps, 27min
Day 2 – (clean) Front Squat & Bent Over Row: 7reps, 13min
Day 3 – Bear Hug Carry & Sprint: 80m, 24min
Not a bad little rep/time count.
Th difficult thing with the above would be for the times you get a session lasting 10min or under, it would get it to the heads of most people as they’d feel their training wasn’t one enough.
Now this might be true, however it would give you focus in the time you had.
Too many people mess about and waste time and this eliminates this issue entirely, the only hard part will be picking the movements you wish to work on.
“It is vain to do more with what can be done with less.”

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We’ll let fate decide

Harvey Dent, he was on to something. 

You thought we could be decent men, in an indecent time! But you were wrong. The world is cruel, and the only morality in a cruel world is chance. Unbiased, unprejudiced… fair. His son’s got the same chance she had. Fifty-fifty.” *Holding two-headed coin*

In the past you’ve probably seen a post of five about how to use a dice to decide your training.

Today we’re going to go even further down the rabbit hole of randomness and find out the secrets of the humble coin. 

Admittedly you will end up with some very minimalistic training, however it will take any excess thought away from you.

This is ideal for those who claim to get lost with training or are unsure of what to do.

One simply has to have faith in the coin and follow the pattern it leaves. 

Here is how you can apply it to your training, be warned though, this is also an exercise in faith, do you have the courage to do what they coin dictates or not?

Okay, to decide if you are training today or not grab a coin and flip it. 

Heads = Training Today 

Tails = No Training Today 

Now for the interesting part, if you’re training today it’s time to find out how.

Heads = Strength 

Tails = Conditioning 

This is where you can play with all the nuance.

Say you got strength, here are some options once you flip the coin again:

Heads = Push, Hinge, Loaded Carry 

Tails = Pull, Squat, Loaded Carry 

Now for some reps/sets:

Heads = 5-3-2-5-3-2-5-3-2

Tails = 6-1-1–1-1-20

There you go, training for the day. 

If you got tails for conditioning this might be your menu.

Heads = Fartlek at 70%> MHR 

Tails = Steady State at <70% MHR

^^ You choose whichever modality you feel like. 

One thing you’ll find with the above is that the less chose the better, however there is another reason for it. 

You will suddenly find out that you know exactly what you want to be doing, you were just being a bit lazy in making a choice because if you really want a strength day and end up with a conditioning one it soon makes you realise your goals. 

Same is true for a day you want to train and end up having the coin tell you not to.

Flip 1 –

Heads = Training Today 

Tails = No Training Today 

Flip 2 – 

Heads = Strength = 10x TGU (5 per arm) 

Tails = Conditioning = 100 Single Arm Swings (50 each arm) 

Super simple, super effective. 

This concept isn’t new, however the unpredictability just makes for some interesting times. 

How would you progress?

Who knows, perhaps if you use the TGU above you could keep doing that until you hit a half-bodyweight get up for all the reps with ease, the options are many, power if you only train for fun like you claim then just pick a random target and see what happens.

Personally I prefer the dice, yet can apply the train/don’t train to the dice by say 1-3 = train and 4-5 = don’t train, then go from there. 

In a world where there is so much confusion, stress and uncertainty leaving your training in the hands of fate can make for quite the change. 

I’ve found that things like the coin/dice and total randomness of training days makes you appreciate the days you do train and you also put in more effort because from experience those who train with intent & heart, even if infrequently, tend to get more progress than some of the workout-warriors who do 2-3 hours in the gym each day. 

^^ When applied to the gen-pop.

All in all it’s just bit of fun, which is what you said you wanted, right?

Or perhaps now seeing this you know it’s not fun you want, it’s emoting else entirely.

Give it some thought. 



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You probably won’t like this

Dear friends and even my enemies too, you also deserve to hear this.
Sadly I bring you a harrowing truth.
You’ll struggle to break you cycle of self-loathing, depression, anxiety and overall indifference if you continue to pose, filter, edit and photo shop every god damn picture you upload on social media.
Seriously people, why go to the hassle?
Is your ego that fragile that to truly expose the real you would leave you crushed under the wave of critics and trolls?
We create our of downfall you know.
I see so many people talking about being ‘the real them’ or ‘living their best life’ and it’s just such fucking bullshit because they don’t live up to their own ideals.
Please don’t do it to yourself.
The thoughts and feelings of the masses is nothing more than metal fodder or pointless words served to keep you in a specific place.
Yes words hurt, however they can only cause a true trauma if YOU allow them to and if you keep living a ‘fake real life’ or ‘real fake life’ (not sure which I prefer to say), you’ll always be cut down by the words, opinions, views and values of others.
In a world where how we look matters the more you try to turn yourself into to cold hard plastic to retain your youth the more unhappy you’ll be.
Because while looks matter, they only matter to those who have nothing else of substance.
How we come across to other people is a mere part of ‘us’ or the global ‘you’. As such you’ll find some of the prettiest people lose their shine once you really begin to know them.
Action define us, not words or in this case social media photos.
What are your own ideals?
Do you even have any?
As egotistical and foolish as it sounds, having something to live up to can make all the difference in how you feel about yourself.
^^ These can, and often will change over the years as you become older, wiser and more mature.
Often because you realise the shit you thought mattered really didn’t in the grand scheme of things.
Since I’m in one of this moods I’m going to share something I’ve shared before, listen to the words and enjoy 🙂

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