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Musings on Marketing

When looking at various fitness/training adds that come up there are two questions that tend to pop up in the old noggin.

1 – What’s it all about?
2 – What’s the point of it?

A lot of trainers hungry for business may end up posting what they think is eye-catching and brilliant, yet don’t think about the two questions above.

Often there is little rhyme or reason to what they’ve shared.

There is no purpose, no problem addressed, solution offered or emotions invoked.

While they might get some likes these don’t equate to business.

Three further questions to ask when you see the above:

3 – Why is this problem relevant to me?
4 – How will their solution be a benefit?
5 – What feelings/experience with investing in this provide?

Often there is not story either.

People love a story, that is if you’re marketing strategy is more than a single shot in the dark hoping to hit something (which ideally it wants to be).

Setting up several marking posts/adverts etc, that all link together to create a story can be very useful.

While you’d touch on what the benefits & emotional rewards are in each, you’d not go for the business until the last post.

Asking for the business is crucial, there’s no denying that.

Yet you need to have a reason to ask, otherwise you’ll only ever hear a resounding no when you do.

Tow more questions to ask:

6 – Why is this (product/offer) worth investing in?
7 – Who is the person this is has been created for?

Money is valuable to people, and while they’ll easily part wit it because buying things make people feel good – remember that.

Knowing the feeling they want from buying something is crucial.

An investment is only as good as the emotion it provokes.

This means getting to know who it is aimed at.

What does this person value, how do they perceive what is being offered and why.

Guessing or thinking you know is not wise, ask and be sure.

Finally there are three more points to complete the set:

8 – Would you pay twice what’s being charged?
9- Why is the product worth more than is being charged?
10 – What do you spend money on (training wise) & why?

It may seem odd to ask about paying twice what is being charged, however when people make comments like that it’s very telling because it means they perceived the product at such a high value it’s almost impossible to say no.

Everyone loves a bargain.

Lastly it’s worth looking at your own spending habits.

Trainers are notorious for wanting people to pay them all the money to train and yet they won’t hire someone themselves because they feel they know better and can train themselves.

Think of it this way, if you think you know better and can’t be convinced otherwise, chances are the people your trying to recruit as new clients feel the same way too.

You can run these across your own adverts/marketing and that of other trainers, see who has answers to them all and who doesn’t.

Then see which one is more successful (it’ll probably be the one that addresses all or the majority of the questions).


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Message Consistency

Fellow trainers, do you share a consistent message?

In fact do you even have a message you’re trying to share in the first place because you’d be surprised how many are out there without one.

They just start work as a PT and hope for the best.

(How will your message benefit people?)

Being consistent isn’t just repeating the same thing though.

– Leading by example
– Ongoing self development
– Research in your niche field
– Expanding the ‘why’

These are key element to consider.

When you lead by example to me this means you don’t simply command what people do, you live by those rules as well, and apply them in your daily life.

Developing is a part of life, while most people will grow they don’t always grow in positive ways.

It’s worth setting a goal or two for yourself each year surrounding this because that is what will help you in delivering a higher overall standard/experience to your clients.

Going down every nook & cranny can seem laborious.

Often we only want to look up the things we want to find, a good little tip is to type in a search for something you already believe to be true and finish it with one of these:

– is bullshit
– often has this forgotten
– doesn’t work because

Trying to find the cracks in your own plot armour will serve you well and make you a far better trainer than always confirming your bias.

Lastly knowing your ‘why’ is one thing, being able to explain it to other people is something else entirely.

Get a hold of the book ‘Start with Why’ by Simon Sinek.

Gie some deep thought to the above.

Share a good, useful & true message consistently.


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To be known.

What are you known for?

In all businesses being known for ming one thing really really well, often yields more than being known for doing lost of things poorly.

This doesn’t mean you won’t offer multiple options/services.

It simply means that you’ll be top of the pile for doing one thing specifically very well because that’s how you can create an excellent service that will create repeat business.

Usually it gets linked to your ability to also offer an unforgettable experience as well.

People may come initially for the service, yet they will stay for the experience.

Also producing the results you promised helps too.

Like it or not one thing that truly matters in business to this world is results because without those you’ll struggle to grow a base of true fans and consistent clients.

Here are three questions for you to ask yourself to help you establish what you’re wanting to be known for:

– When people think of you, what do you want their first throughs to be?
– Why do you want that to be their first thought?
– How will this benefit your business?

Asking your clients these three questions can help you narrow down what it is people know you for, then compare it to your own answers and see how close/far to the mark they are:

– Ask people to tell you the one thing they know you for
– Ask why that is the first/one thing that came to mind
– Ask for their opinion/feedback on how to market this thing

You’ll be amazed at how revealing this can be.

From here you’ve then got two choices:

1 – Master one thing & delivering unforgettable experiences
2 – Maintain mediocrity across a lot of things

Both are viable for business.

One gains you very niche & loyal clients, the other needs a revolving door approach and constant effort to keep peoples attention less you be forgotten.

Whichever if for you will work provided that you do.

Nothing comes for free in this life.

Pay your dues and you’ll eventually get a return on your investment, eventually.


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What’s your business soundbite?

Incase you’re not sure what one is, generally they come from a short extract from a recorded interview or speech, chosen for its succinctness or concision.
Having one of these for your fitness business is good.
You’ve potentially seen that in the past I’ve popped up posts on being able to describe your business in under a minute, or less than 10 seconds and perhaps in 10 words of less.
The evolution and shortening came from this classic:
“It is vain to do with more what can be done with less.” -William of Occam.
In the modern world yo’ve got anywhere from 5-10 seconds to grab peoples attention, given the endless flow of adverts people have to skip through you’ll need to make sure yours is one they remember.
Delving into psychology you’ll be able to find out what colours, key words or images are needed to grab the attention of your desired audience.
Just remember though that such a message wont’ appeal to everyone.
Say your business in fitness is surrounding strength & health, here might be some examples of a sound bite:
“Getting you strong so that you can live long.”
“Strong as an Ox, Healthy as a Horse & Tough like a Turtle”
“Making your strong enough so that you don’t die from a minor fall at 50.”
You get the idea.
No fuss, no beating around the bush, just a direct version of your overall message shared so that people know exactly what you’re about.
It’s also fair to say that if you fail to describe exactly what you do in a very short amount of words/time, then you might be a little unsure of what that exactly is, or that you’re trying too hard to make your business too inclusive and appealing to everyone on an individual level.
Talking of being inclusive, say that is your thing, you want everyone to be involved or feel that they have a place in what you do, then this might be a good little soundbite.
“A fitness community where no one gets left behind.”
Or simply
“No one gets left behind.”
To wrap things up there is one more consideration for you.
Stay away from making your soundbite, or your short message all about YOU. Instead make it about how the people you’re trying to reach and how THEY will fit in, write it in such a way that they can imagine themselves as a part of that tribe.
It’s the biggest mistake seen in peoples messages.
They’re always about them, instead of being about what benefit they will bring to other people.
Remember the above and apply it well, also feel free to pop a comment below if you get stuck writing yours.

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How to be Brilliant as a PT.

How to be Brilliant as a PT.
Levels of service are common place in the fitness industry.
Essentially thermos people pay the better the service they will be privy to.
While this is not a bad option, simply as it allows you to offer multiple packages that are then affordable to people from all walks of life, there is a problem.
Think of it this way for a second.
🧠 – you personally go to hire someone, you see you can’t afford their top their price, then see they have cheaper options that miss stuff out, how owed that make you feel?
Now most people will not necessarily care about all the bells & whistles, so the cheaper options are cool.
Yet as someone who is running a business this is a slippery road to go down.
The reason being that you’ll become comfortable offering the lower tier options that require you to put in less overall effort, hold a lower overall standard and eventually the lower standard will become your ONLY standard.
As mentioned above, there is nothing wrong with offering lower payment options, however, offering multiple payments options for only ONE level of service will take your business and abilities to the next level.
What do I mean by this?
Here is an example:
Offering – 4 sessions p/w (3 training, 1 lifestyle coaching)
– Level of Service = Brilliant (all the bells & whistles)
– Fee charged = £1000 per month
– 3 payment options
Payment Option 1 – Individual Training
Payment Option 2 – Semi-Private Training 2-4 people
Payment Option 3 – Group Training 10-20 people
You can do all of these on a rolling month to month contract or have a minimum sign up time of 6 months, for individuals they can pay monthly or all at once if they have the funds, groups/semi-private all pay upfront – this is non-negotiable.
With the above you don’t compromise your level of service.
Everyone gets the best you have to offer because you want to give them an unforgettable experience.
Providing and unforgettable experience will have them spread the good word (referrals), and have them come back too.
The above of £1000 per month may see high, yet the group option of 10 people means only £100 each for a total of 16 sessions, that’s £6.25 a session, if someone claims to not be able to afford that (£25 a week) then they have deeper problems in their life that need addressing first.
Get a group of £20 people (perhaps a corporate client or small workplace/office) and that is less than £3.50 per session.
You can see the appeal of planing smart 🤓
As such to go beyond in your level of service is not an option, it’s a necessity.
Now you may wish to urge people to go for the semi-private/group, yet don’t compromise your level of service, agains o repeat the above, you want to give them an unforgettable experience.
🥇 – How to be brilliant in your service –
Now this is the crucial part, how do you actually make what you offer brilliant?
A few, yet not all of the things you’ll need:
– Regular contact with clients
– Content creation
– Q/A sessions (perhaps a podcast)
– Specific videos/articles for specific people by name
– Creating a community/tribe (read Seth Godin – Tribes)
– Knowing each client as an individual
– Open & honest communication
– Planned training sessions
– A network of other professional services to offer/help clients (you flip the first session cost for your client)
In essence you’re going to need to put in a lot of graft.
In fitness you will rarely get satisfaction from a large quantity of low quality work.
It’s all about giving people a super high quality, even if the quantity is low in the beginning. Soon people will see your worth, as opposed to you trying to beg/convince them.
Brilliance shines brightly because of what is does.
Bullshit just makes a lot of noise to get noticed.
After all, you can’t stand out by offering the same mediocre level of service that every other PT does, so don’t even bother, be better & go beyond 💪

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In fitness These days you have about 10 seconds to grab someones attention.
Given this marketing nugget of information.
I’m now about to take at least 5minutes of your time, that is if you’d be so kind as two continue reading 😁
Truth is that I’m far from a marketing expert.
One skill that I do happen to possess though is thin ate ability to gain peoples attention through being 174% asshole.
Yep, people love a villain you see.
Well, at least they like to argue with you and especially correct or prove you wrong.
Yep, making a deliberate mistake will gain traction.
Making yourself seem incompetent can get your content out because we can’t help but be pedantic little fuckers and score a point on someone.
Same goes for disagreeing, which often goes like this:
“Ah, I see you have an opinion. I too have an opinion and its better than yours, so sit back, relax and prepare to be incinerated by my epically referenced social media comment that will leave you crying in the corner.”
A controversial topic of two can get people talking.
Here are three fitness ones that never fail to innate a fire under peoples asses:
– Being fat means people all judge you
– Bench press is overrated and I have 3 better replacements
– Big & Strong is only possible with steroids
Essentially the more outlandish you make something sound the more people will engage and expose your content.
That being said, you can also take this route: emotion.
Sharing a relatable story that tugs at the heart strings.
This gets peoples into quite the persuadable state of mind, especially if it rings true to them on a personal level.
Take a look at the content you share, how you market and ask yourself this – why would anyone engage with this?
What is the hook essentially.
Is it a promise, a challenge of authority/perception/belief, maybe it is something else yet regardless of what it is you need to have one in everything you put out.
This will be closely linked to your CTA (call to action).
Say we use thee two points to tweak one of my aggressive examples (we will take the first one), this would be the result:
‘Fancy being able to never feel judged for your weight/size ever again because today I will show you how’
Here is the breakdown of my terrible writing:
Fancy being able to never feel judged for your weight/size ever again = emotional hook
Because today I will show you how = CTA (an indirect one)
Now apply this to your marketing and aim to have it hit home in 10seconds or less.
^^ Vine was great for this, Loved that app.

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How to Keep Clients Motivated

A question from many a new and even seasoned trainer is this:
“How do you keep your clients accountable & motivated once external factors/events have ceased?”
*Skip to the bottom for 3 key point to this question*
A truly great question with only one answer –
You can’t.
Sad as it seems you personally can’t force extrinsic, internal or consistent desire/purpose onto a person, they must choose it for themselves.
Alas when a person no longer wants what they want, it’s over.
That ship has sailed and won’t returning to port anytime soon because they’ve gotten what they needed from that little endeavour.
One thing you can do as a trainer/coach is to find out what it did for them mentally and emotionally.
You see knowing a persons emotional triggers is key.
Very few have the mental capacity to do things for the long term or the the greater good at the sacrifice of current and even foreseeable comfort, people are just too weak.
Harsh as that sounds it’s more often the case than many would admit.
We give up on something because it no longer fulfils an emotional need that demands satiating.
Motivation is fleeting.
Delving into the realms of neurotransmitters you will find that people are saying it’s because of seeking a hit of dopamine, which might be true, however there could also be a serotonin hit, or GABA rise and perhaps it’s more along the lines of and adrenaline hit.
Truth is you just don’t know, we just don’t know.
It’s all educated guess work without having someones vitals, bloods and serum levels constantly checked after every smalls action.
The best we can do is observe a persons patterns.
Everyone has a pattern, one that follows the trigger-action-reward flow (or cue-craving-response-reward, it’s all the same thing essentially, just with different semantics).
This is one of inherent flaws with goal setting.
Often times it’s based on a short term reward and thus the suffering or perceived pain is minimal and outweighed for the time being, so people can stick to something until they get what they ‘want’.
Once that is gone though they will return to old habits because nothing has changed, they haven’t grown as a person, if anything they’ve simply reinforced a poor behaviour that means when they feel bad all they need to is a little of XY or Z to feel better, then they can return to the status quo for another few months of years.
Much like an abusive relationship that people stay in.
They’re choosing to be there, you can’t get them out because they don’t want to leave as there is something they’re getting from it, a feeling, something they will never admit they want/need/enjoy from it all.
^^Sick as that sounds it’s more true than I’d like it to be.
To help people stay motivated is not the key to change.
A desire to change is.
Obvious as it sounds it is.
Yet you’ll need to know why someone would want to change emotionally, this means delving into how bad they feel about a situation or themselves.
From here it will be about finding out how they want to feel, then way they don’t feel they deserve to feel that way and constantly self sabotage themselves.
You can even be direct and ask someone this –
Why don’t you want to feel better in yourself?
What keeps you in the place you’re currently in and why choose to stay here?
Obviously you’ll get all the excuses, some will be logical yet they’re still excuses at the end of the day, however they can all yield understanding and that is what you need to help people.
To keep someone ‘motivated/accountable’ is akin to trying to ice-skate up hill, not impossible just really difficult.
Instead of trying to create change with insignificant carrots you might needs a significant stick instead.
We are more likely to move away from great pain than towards small pleasure.
This doesn’t mean bullying people, it does however mean being strong enough in yourself to be honest with people and take the brunt of their resistance (it will be hostility towards you, and potentially even nasty personal attacks).
You see before you can help change people you’d first do well to know yourself, like really know yourself.
Would you be willing to air all your dirty laundry?
All those times you felt like absolute worthless shit?
Perhaps even the time you climbed a tree rope in hand and subsequently hand the branch snap and send you tumbling to the floor (yes, the impact and mud brought things into perspective).
When a new client comes to you you need to delve deeply.
Find out what is really going on mentally & emotionally.
Also remember that some people don’t want to change or help themselves, they just want a quick fix to not feel like shit for a while – basically this is 95% of PT and how PT’s run their business, it’s all about the short term.
Despite saying they care for people and want to help in reality they just want a pay cheque, and this is cool, however don’t claim benevolent words or to be something you’re not.
If money is your goal, be honest about it.
If people are what really matter then be prepared to be financially poor for quite a while, on the plus side you’ll be spiritually rich because helping would be your payment.
Anyway, that’s a little irrelevant and I’ve begun to ramble, again.
Here are three things to remember to keep people moving forwards:
1 – Their ‘motivation’ has to be deeply emotional.
2 – Long term change wants to be the focus.
3 – Don’t pander to their bullshit/excuses, nip those int he bud immediately otherwise you’ll lose any chance for real change.
Any further questions please leave them below.

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Who wants a shortcut to success?

If someone was to offer you the path to success, you’d take it, right?
Most certainly claim they would, yet in reality that’s a lie.
You see the route you’d need to take is not sexy, nor is it fun or rewarding in the short term, heck it’s not even rewarding in the long term.
Not even in the long term?
Nope, not in the way you think.
You see it will take you at least 10 years in any industry/field to realise you weren’t ‘the shit’ and you were in fact just ‘shit’ 😂
At this point you’re now kinda component at what you do.
From here on out you’ll think it’s all smooth sailing, until you realise another 10 years has gone by and you realise that ‘kinda component’ was still pretty green.
Tha being said, you’ll have picked up a lot of knowledge along the way and since you will have paid your dues in more ways than one you’ll be rewarded with opportunity.
Much like you will find has already happened, you just didn’t notice it.
Oh yes.
All the time you felt hard done by were still opportunities given to you, and the one you wanted because you felt you deserved it went to someone who was in the place you now are and had paid more dues than you up to that point.
Many people don’t like this, they feel it’s unfair.
That my friends is the attitude of the ignorant and the arrogant.
Unless you’re some kind of prodigy (which is highly unlikely otherwise you’d be out doing whatever it is prodigies do) you will have to dedicate several lifetimes to the cause.
This is where fairness and equality are nice ideas, however if all is fair it’s not equal and if all is equal it’s not fair.
Too many expect the world to fall at their feet.
Why should it though?
What have you actually got to offer that is of value or that extends beyond your own ego and is truly for others?
Of course there is nothing wrong with looking out for number 1, that’s just good survival instincts.
Just remember that you’ll come across many people that have looked after No1 for long enough and now they can give something back to someone who happened to be like them in their youth, and that someone might just be you.
Their gift won’t be what you think it is though.
It will seem like it’s less than you deserve and the tis what makes it exactly what you deserve.
Someone will be willing to give you the cheat sheet of life.
In fact it will help you save in total about 10 years worth of struggle so that you can climb higher than they did because they now realise that people like you are now more important than their bank balance.
Of course you’ll ignore this wonderful gift because as the technical terms describes it; you’re an idiot.
It’s okay though, I’ve been that idiot more times than I care to admit so you’re not alone.
The next time someone offers you any of the above you’d do well to accept their gift with open arms, especially if you feel it’s less than you deserve because it will be precisely what you need.
Once you no longer have a positive or negative feeling towards what gifts you’re given you will have found Elysium.
Remember, emotion is bound to ego.
^^ That’s a topic for another day though.
In the meantime you should investigate the above thoroughly.

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🤓🤓Three things to avoid doing in your business🤓🤓

You will find these are made by many, addressed by few and learned from by only one or two.
The overall idea with a post like this is to help you avoid making the same stupid mistakes that have cropped up in the past, now you will either listen or you won’t.
After a life that’s left a head full of bad memories I hope you’re the former.
Okay, here we go.
1 – Saying yes to everything. 😨😨😨
A dangerous word.
One that when said too much can have you making promises you can’t keep, or having you lie about your abilities to gain a client only to let them down.
Learn the power of no.
A frightening word.
One that will save you a lot of hassle if you master it though, this is because you will be able to take control and be honest with what you can/can’t do.
Remember, the business is about helping someone else and as such they are more important than your bank balance.
2 – Claiming to be something you’re not. 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️🧙‍♂️🧙‍♀️
False claims are common in the realms of fitness.
So many PT’s will promise people the world and when it’s delivered instead of being a like for like replica it ends up being a road atlas.
This happens a lot because people want to make money, which to be fair is how you run a business, however if you take this route you’ll find you don’t run that business for very long.
Accept the things you can’t do & do the things you can.
People won’t think less of you because you can’t do something for them, they’ll think less to you because you lied as claire you could.
Trust is a fragile thing, like a butterflies wings once damaged it’s unable to be fully repaired and never the same again.
Don’t taint your business with false claims or promises, be different and tell the truth.
3 – Looking for obstacles that allow you to fail. 🚷🚷🚷
Everyone has self-doubt instilled into them at a young age.
As a young sprite we feel invincible and the elders allow us to get away with this ignorance because we’re young and naive.
Of course one day this rose tinted reality is stripped away from us with immediate effect, as such this now shatters what we thought and even who we thought we were, thus self-doubt is born because perhaps we’re not the superhero we thought we once were.
As we age this turns in to seeking out obstacles, barriers and logical excuses/reasons for our own failure.
This is so that when we fail we can blame ‘the thing’.
While in some cases the fault is indeed from external factor/influence that we had no control over, the common reason people fail in business is because they’re bad at business.
It’s actually safer to fail than it is to succeed.
Success breeds envy in people, it puts a target on your back and means you’ll have someone (or many) coming for you, trying to tear you down because it’s easier to bring you down to their level than it is for them to rise up to yours.
As such you will seek a reason to fail and almost 100% of the time you’ll find one. The perfect one in fact.
You choose success or you choose failure, choose wisely.
There you have it, three considerations for you.

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A post for average people and fitness professionals alike.

Writing programs is pretty simple really.
The only issue is that this doesn’t mean it’s easy.
Like many things you’ll need a lot of practice to become good at it.
Often when you look at a new trainer/coaches program you can see one of three things:
1 – It’s a copy paste job from online
2 – Too much going on & it’s influenced by social media
3 – Sadly it doesn’t make sense
Now while we all have to start somewhere when it comes to writing programs many don’t know where that point actually is.
As such we go base don what we know or what we have done ourselves, not a bad shout if you actually have made decent progress in the field of fitness yourself.
These days we have access to endless information.
It is both a gift and a curse.
When it comes to picking out diamonds from amongst the rough I have three go to books I will steer people towards that cut out a lot of the bullshit.
– Easy Strength by Dan John & Pavel Tsatsouline
– Dinosaur Strength Training by Brooks Kubik
– Periodisation by Vladimir B Issurin
The first gives you some great info on training people like actual people.
The second gives you tried and tested workout/program/session structures that you can plug in and play with immediately.
The third starts to take you down the deeper route of understanding why/how things work and are put together.
You see as a trainer/coach it is important for you to have adequate knowledge in the field of program/session construction and yet it’s not something many really give any real time to investigate.
Instead they jump on social media to follow the trends of recommendations of what the highest rated influencer has to say, and most of that is absolute dog shit, series it’s terrible and you’d do well not to listen at all.
Those of us who came from a time where we didn’t have access to the internet learned through experience and asking people who were int he profession for advice/help.
We understood the importance of investing in our education.
Not expecting to be told do XYZ, rather why we may choose to do XYZ and then form there how to explore movement, programming for GPP/SPP or what other avenues might be available to use.
These days the respect for A&P has gone out of the window.
This means that instead of understanding how they body works, why it moves in specific directions and how that can influence training for a desired outcome, many just want to be given a list of exercises to follow that can become their gospel tome.
It’s quite sad really.
If you ever wonder why the standard of trainer has gone down this is the reason why – trainers have gotten lazy.
Not all trainers mind you, just a large majority of them.
So keeping this in mind, how would you pick a trainer?
Here are some questions to ask:
– What was the last course you went on?
The best trainers are always continuously investing in their education.
– How many clients do you currently have?
Experienced coaches know that more isn;t better and won’t try to sound busy by bumping up numbers to elicit the scarcity principle. Plus if someone has 40 clients how will they have time to invest a good amount of their focus in you?
– Do you have a coach/mentor yourself?
Most who’ve been in the game a while understand that they themselves need help as well. If a trainer can’t reinvest in their own health that is a warning sign.
Finally the last question:
– What will you do if I don’t get results?
Obviously people will try and say things along the lines of “You will, I won’t let you fail” etc. However someone who knows their own limitations will be honest, and say that you both will need to communicate well from day one and actually assess if you’re both the best fit for each other.
If after the initial assessment it turns out you’re not well suited then they will refer you on to someone else.
Give the above some thought.

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