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Peak, Cliff, Hesitate….

Sharing our experience, knowledge and understanding is all many of us can do to help others grow.

“I can tell you everything you NEED to know yet it won’t be what you WANT to know and because of this truth you’ll reject me.”

^^ I heard that recently, really made me think.

There are certain doors in our mind that will remain shut until the day we’re ready to open them, and to tell you the truth that day may never come.

In the sots you’ve perhaps read on here over the years you’ll find the topics vary somewhat however they are largely bis toward fitness/training.

Which makes sense as this is a fitness related page 😂

Everything that is shared has no ulterior motive.

It’s simply shared because it can be.

Some find things useful, others don’t, that’s life and in the end something that we will just have to accept because we’ve got no other choice.

Speaking of training, lately I’ve been doing a fair amount of higher rep work.

Things such as 10×20, or 20×10, 20 down to 1, 25×5 and other high volume madness.


Why not.

After spending a fair few years doing no more than 6 reps on big lifts (often no more than 3 in reality) I felt there was a need for change because my mental strength has wained somewhat.

Yep, I got lazy and was merely running through the motions.

In most session to be fair and I used a lot of different logical justifications for this when in reality I was just being lazy because I’d lost the oomph and joy for lifting I once had.

This happens to us all because after the peak there will always be a cliff.

I fell off that cliff and while now at a higher low point the the previous one I was in (strength/ability wise etc), it was still a drop off from what was.

I didn’t want to accept the fact I now had another mountain to climb ahead of me.

Thus I warped reality to suit what I wanted to believe.

^^ Sounds familiar to you?

Anyway, back to the point.

We try to stay on the peak and begin to lift the same weights, perform the same movements, attempt to train at the same level of intensity all to remain on our self appointed pedestal.

Our ego won’t allow us to gracefully step down.

As such reality comes along and gives us a rather vicious push.

I get it you know.

It’s hard to accept that many things in life come in the form of peaks and valleys.

This is why these days I quite like this question:

‘Are you progressing?’

^^ or moving forwards, or learning, or adapting or whatever you wish to call it.

I also like to ask it 5 times because the first 2-4 are often hyperbole and the last one can yield the true/real answer.

Combine this with also asking ‘why?’ and you’ve got a potent mix for some internal growth and learning.

Be warned though because it’s not comfortable.

To truly accept all that you are and become who you want to be you must first accept all the things you are not and that you pretend to be all to keep up appearances.

^^ That shit is hard.

So my dear readers, if you’ve made it this far I applaud you.

It’s fair to say I ramble on a fair bit.

Now that you are here though ask yourself the following three questions:

– Am I really progressing?
– What do I not address (in life, training etc) and why?
– Is this really me or just what I think I should be?

If you’re up for it leave your answers in the comments section below with they all important ‘why’.



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Trigger me happy

People these days are very quick to react rather than respond.
Getting ‘triggered’ is commonplace.
You don’t like what someone said, get triggered and emotionally berate them in to submission.
That’s the modern way 🤗
This is why you’ve got to appreciate sports and physical tasks.
Q – Did you do XY or Z?
A – No, but it was because of the 5th ring of Saturn turning half a parsec faster than the 3rd & 4th that threw out my postural alignment.
Okay cool so you didn’t do it, that’s all that matters.
The lies we tell ourselves can be quite creative at times.
Worst part is we say them enough times that we actually begin to believe them ourselves.
We delete, distort and generalise as much as we can to protect our own sense of self and fragile ego’s.
Did you know the ego itself fears death and rebirth because letting go of what we think we know is no easy task.
Obviously not being able to do something makes people feel bad, and depending now hat it is people won’t ever let you forget your failures.
Because it helps them come to terms with perhaps their own lack of something.
Not to mention we rarely want to help people surpass ourselves, often because when you’ve done it in the past there was never any thanks for it and those you helped tend to gain superiority complex and distort how things actually went down so that it was ‘all them’.
C’est la vie, eh?
Today I’d like you to try and catch yourself when you’re reacting emotionally.
Feel the tension in your body gather, your face tighten and your focus sharpen in preparation for the verbal attack you’re about to commence.
Even if you think to yourself that isn’t you and you’d never do it, I can tell you now you will because you’re human just like everyone else.
Gaining this level of awareness can save you a lot of hassle.
It will take time however it will be worth it.

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Are you the average man or woman?

Do you want to train for health, performance and to feel better because if that is the case keep reading.
Three things in the gym you should ideally be able to do.
1 – 1x Double Bodyweight Deadlift
2 – 5x Chin Ups
3 – 1x 3/4 Bodyweight Press
1 – 1x Double Bodyweight Deadlift
2 – 10x Pull Ups
3 – 1x Bodyweight Press
None of the above requires astronomical strength.
Hit the above though and chicness are you’ll have some good base results.
Say you struggle to achieve these then it can mean a few things, such as you might have been injured one upon a time, have a legitimate medical excuse that makes you exempt etc.
If you have no aliments (real ones), then it may mean this:
– You’re too heavy
– You’re too weak
Now a lot of people will get the hump reading this.
Some will scream and shout about their not being any cardio goal however I shall explain why there are none.
CV is easy to build.
(I’d recommend a sport, like boxing, BJJ, skipping etc)
Think about it logically for one moment, please.
You can go from couch to 5k in a matter of weeks, perhaps even train to run a marathon within 6months (I’ve known people to go form never doing any fitness to that feat, it was most impressive).
Yet when it comes to building strength you’ll find that shit takes a long time, especially if you’re very de-conditioned.
Strength, or base strength has a universal crossover to life.
As does mobility, as such here are three other things you should be able to do:
– Sit in a full ROM squat pain free for 5min
– Lay down, stand up, crawl and climb things pain free
– Pass all minimum ROM tests (google this)
Many will see me as overly harsh, other will know my intentions are good though.
Like a post I shared a few weeks ago about being abel to haul around a sandbag of your own bodyweight.
Ideally you should be able to carry it for at least 1min without any real trouble. get it to your shoulder and even over head too with not too much soul crushing effort.
^^ All of this will build decent CV levels by the way.
(If you want to build strength and CV use kettlebells)
We’ve become so sedentary.
All of the above seems like truly huge feats and they’re not.
Not really.
Investing in your own strength, mobility and base levels of conditioning will help stave off meeting Charon too soon.
Give it some thought.

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What’s your doctrine?

In fitness you’ll find many tomes.

Each has its own unique benefits, limitations and place in the realm known as physical culture.

You can probably guess I’ve followed a few over the years.

Becoming embroiled in one thought process is easily done, especially if it’s spoken with enough conviction. In the 70’s we had body building, the 80’s had step, the 90’s was functions training and the last couple of decades brought us CrossFit & HIIT and more recently Movement Culture.

As mentioned above, all have their good points and in truth once you find one that keeps you consistently training you’ll feel great, or at least a part of something bigger than yourself.

I’ve personally been in the industry a fair while now, a literal lifetime when compared to the age of some young adults just stepping in to the field.

In this span I’ve seen trends come and go.

Plus there are a few things that have stayed and will always remain important.

  • Strength
  • Mobility & Movement
  • Health
  • Enjoyment (purpose)

You might love running, if so cool you go run just be aware of what running is lacking from the above (strength).

Perhaps you’re a powerlifter, great just be sure to fill in the missing gaps (health, mobility & movement).

I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this.

On a personal note I don’t really care what people do so long as they are doing it for the right reasons, that being it means something to them that is at the live of their very soul, none of this superficial bullshit, got no time for such pointless things.

Do you love what you do?

No, really, can you say without any doubt you love what you do (in the gym, this kinda applies for life as well – just saying).

If you have any hesitation or have to justify your answer then somethings not right.

You’ll find many a doctrine in fitness, ideal if you find one that have the elements mentioned above that’s the most optimal one, however it’s also rare.


Oh, before I forget, it’s okay to create your own style you know. Learn from all the single views of the big picture and eventually you’ll have quite the impressive view to which you can then give back to the realm of fitness by creating something of your own.

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They’re only words after all.

Respect, admiration and praise.
Just a few things most people want.
While maybe not from the masses it will be desired from either specific peers or people of importance to you.
In the fitness realm you’ll often find in a somewhat ironic twist that the people you want these things from are the ones who’ll put you through all the ‘shit tests’.
We call them friends.
Not just any friends though, your honest ones that you might even consider your bestie’s.
It is a few simple words from this ilk that can make all the difference.
On that same token though all it needs is one jibe and you get cut deep because that’s how friendships work 🤔
You might have read the words above and feel these aren’t for you.
If so that’s cool, however do you know which ones do resonate?
What do you want from your training and more importantly why?
Many will come up with the reasons that sound go.
You know like being their best self and all similar things, however admitting that there is a side of you that wants things or emotional sustenance you might say is okay.
To have a world of unanimity it must start from your heart.
Be honest with yourself and to your true motivations.
It’ll feel like a weight has been lifted and progress can truly be made.
So my good people, do you resonate with the three words above or are your ones different?

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A Habit for Every Mood

Habits are funny things.
Much like anything we have one for every mood or situation.
Some make us feel good, others motivate us and a few do nothing better than punish and stall of progress.
Over they years I’ve become more adept at finding out a persons reason why they have these little patterns.
Personally knowing has always been a priority.
It’s just my inherent personality trait, some call it being nosey and others say far worse, yet knowing has always been that insatiable lust of mine.
To not have considered every option, sacrilege.
It probably came form being an only child and spending countless hours alone quietly playing with the same few toys and each time comping up with a new story.
Of course without knowing more there was only so many situations I could pull from thin air because truly original ideas are few and far between.
Habits, much like knowledge, don’t just come thin air for the most part. You’ll find we either pick them up from watching others or then being suggested to us.
After all a habit was once a choice you consciously made.
Might not be what people want to hear however it’s the truth in the largest majority of situations.
In regards to your habits do you know which ones you have for which mood?
Take 5min to make a list.
What is your immediate reaction in the following:
– Happy
– Sad
– Angry
– Confused
– Tired
– Focused
The list can be longer and for any mood/emotion you can think of and I bet you will have a habit for each, be that to get you in to or out of the desired emotional state.
Once you know what habits are anchored to what emotions you can begin to understand why this is and start that lengthy and often painful process of letting go the ones which are detrimental and creating new more productive ones.
While this is simple it won’t be easy.
Growth never is though.

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Calories & creatures of habit.

Are you obsessed with the first while also being caught in the vicious cycle of the second?
Many are because loosening the reigns it too scary.
Did you know that on average people eat between only 15-20 different foods per week.
It’s not a great amount of variety, yet I know why many do it.
Safety, familiarity and all that other good stuff synonymous with the comfort zone.
From a calorie tracking perspective this makes things easy, yet it also means there might not be much change physically.
When you eat the same foods again and again the body will become better accustomed to processing them, in another word more efficient.
This will potentially lower the TEF a tad.
You’d also be surprised as o how devoid of certain nutrients you may actually be, a common consequence of lacking variety of foods.
Now many might say it’s because they don’t like certain foods, which might be true, however more often than not they’re just being fussy because their parents allowed them to be that way in their youth.
There is also the potential case that they’re being lazy.
We are not talking about preparing 5 star gourmet every day, however a little change will do you the world of good.
Sticking with the same foods all the time,while not only dull, will also lead to anxiety when you can’t get your fix because you feel your control slipping away from you.
I’ve seen it happen time and again.
Being the intelligent individuals you are, I’m sure you can understand that without change there will often be no change.
This applies to your nutrition as well.
Opting for more variety in what you eat can help you start to make that much sought after progress you desire, honestly.
You can keep the calories at whatever level they need to be for your desired goal while changing the food choices.
^^ On a calorie laden note, you can have higher days and lower days so long as the total amount of calories across the longer term tracking (say 1 year) is in sync with your goal – surplus for gain, deficit for loss.
^^ You don’t need to eat the same calories day in day you, you wouldn’t do it for training volume/intensity so remember you don’t have to do it for food either.
Do me a favour, keep a food diary for 2 weeks.
Sit down and take a look at those two weeks and see how many foods you eat on average, I’m willing to bet it falls in to the above (15-20).
*Of course i am bias towards a more whole foods approach to nutrition from a health stand point, however if on any given day you want cake then have the damn cake, enjoy it, don’t lament it, then adjust your foods the next day and carry on with life.
Once you’ve done this take a look at all the other foods you can add in, swap/substitute and enjoy.
Most ironic of all is all the people that call themselves ‘foodies’ are of the aforementioned ilk.
Give the above some thought.
Loosen the reigns and break the cycle of being the same.

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Do this to achieve your NYR

I have the secret to achieving that new years resolution that thus far has cleverly alluded you.
This information is truly world breaking.
The Hulk would be impressed with the strength of the information I’m about to give you.
Anyway, without further ado, here it is.
To achieve the necessary change you desire the one thing you require to change is your behaviour.
Yep, it’s that simple.
Instead of writing a list of ‘things’ to do, take the time and write out a list of behaviours.
Let us say that this year is the year you’re going to get beach ready, despite your precious decades track record, this time it will be different.
You don’t need to even begin to work about sets, reps, load or exercise, oh no, first you need to look at one crucial behaviour that will help you tremendously in achieving this goal.
Actually going to the gym (or training) 2-3 times per week.
That is the first behaviour you need to adopt because without it your chances of success diminish greatly.
The ability to change is routed in our ability to change our behaviours.
You’ll often find people who are not married to theirs are those who are able to achieve the most in regards to progress and change, to others these people seem as mythical as unicorns, when in reality they’re just better at behaviour regulation/modification.
I have a task for you, write down your current behaviours, or you might know them as habits (same difference).
Then write down your new years resolution followed by the behaviours you believe (or know to be true) that someone who has already achieved said goal would have.
Compare their behaviours to yours.
See what needs to change and make a choice.
Change or change not, it’s up to you, ah the joys of being an adult.
Tomorrow I’m going to touch on another element that affects the above, Will Power.
Until then, please do as I’ve requested above and share them in the comments section below.
Have fun with that.

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A Christmas Thought

Christmas, a time for giving.
Over the many days since the creation of this little avenue for sharing thoughts, content and general tidbits I’ve posted a fair amount on here.
There is, hasn’t and won’t ever be any underlying motive here.
I’m not trying to sell anything, nor gain a following of hundreds of thousands, that’s just too much effort for my liking.
However those of you few that do follow these ramblings I’d like to say thank you for taking the time to read through them.
Most follow a similar pattern of writing, constrained by familiar biases and are of course entirely of my own personal view on things, even the science is written/explained in my interpretation of what I’ve read.
I tend to read a lot.
I’ve found over the years it helps to broaden ones horizons and starts to have you venture further and further out of your comfort zones.
Something that is especially rewarding is when you find a nugget of information that completely changes the way you think or perceive the world because perhaps they way you were looking before was either incomplete or simply just wrong.
You might be surprised to know, or maybe not, that I detest being wrong.
It irritates me more than anything and as such I will go to any length to cover all the bases to ensure it doesn’t happen and if it does it’s rare.
Of course that isn’t the case, I’m often wrong 😂
I personally enjoy being out of sorts, being challenged to think and overcome obstacles, most of all I enjoy working my way around such things with an idea in mind and if it works I take great internal pleasure in knowing that this time, I got it right.
So, how has affected my fitness life?
Simple, I know the reason I don’t get certain results is because of what I don’t do and there is nothing more to it than that.
This, if you haven’t already guessed is what I base everything and everyone else from, myself.
Egotistical as that sounds, we are the only people in our own heads, we know what we know and see things how we see things, the one consistent focal point for reference is well, us.
We know our behaviours, we know our biases, we know.
If there are people achieving the results you want yet don’t have, you could ask all the questions to find a ‘why’ that is suitable for your ego and its protection, or you can simply be honest and say that it’s because you know you’re not doing what you need to be doing, unlike the person you admire who is doing the things you don’t.
Of course people will start to throw in all the excuses, exceptions to the rules and the kitchen sink, which kinda matter, yet in the grand scheme of things they really don’t because all of those things are external factors that you can do sweet bugger all about.
Yep, you control you, nothing else, just you.
I’ve come to learn this over many years.
Making choices, taking ownership, being responsible, having security or freedom, for the most part we can have whatever we truly desire, if that is we truly desire it.
Ask yourself, do you really want what you think you want?
I’m willing to say it’s a no because if it was you’d either be on your way to getting it or you’d already have it because that’s what I’d do.
Yep, from the only frame of reference I have, me, if I want something I will do anything to get it, regardless of what barriers are in the way I will get it in the end, and if I don’t then it is because I didn’t really want it.
This attitude is one many people harbour yet few will admit because they want to maintain an imagine of sorts.
At the end of the day only person stopping you achieving what you really desire is you, honestly it really is just you.
Haven’t you ever stopped to think…
In a world where people are told they can be anything they want to be they choose to be anything else other than what they really want to be.
Many choose to be safe, secure, average and then spend their golden years complaining about all the things they didn’t do.
Are you one of these people?
Do you choose simply having a life to live or living a life that is worth having?
I know which one I’d rather have.
Give it some thought.

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Yes, my Master

Let’s be honest, no one wants to be the DUFF.
Have you seen that film?
A nice easy watch, while it follows the classic teen flick ethos, there is an underlying message.
“You will always be someone else’s DUFF.”
As Qui-Gon very astutely put it too; there’s always a bigger fish.
What does this mean?
Is all our hard effort in vain?
So long as you keep comparing yourself to others, yes.
Breaking free of our inherent needs for validation is something that requires an immense amount of growth to do, because we often seek out a power to become our own ‘master’ as it were.
Yet ironically that very power which we seek ends up mastering us and gains a devoted salve.
It’s ironic really, that which we seek to set us free merely helps us exchange one cage for another, all be it a guided one.
We all have this going on inside.
Some are more aware than others, yet if you sit, listen and take it all in, you’ll see we’re not so different. Everyone wants something they don’t have, as such they go after things to give them the power to get that ‘thing’ and as a result end up controlled by it.
I’ve been there, perhaps you’ve also been there, or maybe you are there and perhaps I’m just spouting nonsense, who really knows any more.
Give this some thought.
What was it you were chasing and have you mastered it or has it mastered you?

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