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How to handle what everyone else thinks

You’re too big, too small, too fat, too thin, too weak, too obsessive, too happy, too sad, too old, too young, well I guess you’re just too much.
In a world where you will be criticised no matter what you are, or aren’t, there’s only one option.
Fuck what everyone else thinks.
Yep, fuck it.
In the end it doesn’t really matter, yet I know to you it does.
We are social creatures after all and as such seek approval in some way shape or form.
Given this fact, what are you to do?
Anything, everything or nothing?
I can’t tell you because I don’t know what you really want.
Then again, I doubt you do either.
Therein lies our problem.
People are already indoctrinated in to the modern age and how they should think that the term ‘freedom of through’ is nothing more than a notion these days.
It would be great if simply saying ‘It doesn’t matter’ yet we know it does, aha, such a conundrum.
Do you know what you want, in regards to fitness, physique, performance and perhaps overall life?
Write it down.
Read it, honestly and if it is what you want, go and get it. If however you find excuses that will stop you getting what you have written you want, then you can be sure it’s not what you actually want, that my friends is something you merely like the idea of.
That’s the part you need to learn, what you like the idea of and think you want and what you actually want.

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Training, Vegeta & what is means to really break your limits

One quality that will improve your training instantly.
It’s effort.
Like, real effort.
I’m talking about that which forces the body in to a place where it has but two choices – Adapt and overcome, or lay down and die.
If there is a better way to initiate change, I have yet to hear it.
Well, that’s a tad extreme to say, there are a lot of ways to get change, however this is one that has proven itself throughout the decades.
Now training like this is not something you can do very often, it takes a hefty toll on the body.
If you undergo a solid 6 months of this you’d only need 2-3 training sessions per week, along with plenty of nutritious food and sleep.
Dear god don’t forget about sleep, it’s a precious commodity.
This style of training is hard, yet very rewarding because of all the extra time you have to do other things.
Many will not value it.
Most try it for a few weeks and always end up saying that they don’t feel like they’re doing enough and in the initial stages this might be the case because they haven’t yet broken that barrier mentally.
You know the one.
It tells us to stop, yet if you are it past that one the next screams at you to relent, keep going and you hit the wall where you will either stop or find that little something extra, something special and break through to the next level.
Very much like the attitude of Vegeta from Dragon Ball.
While Goku, being the main protagonist seem sot always get there due to creative writing, Vegeta is the real one to learn from.
He is prideful, driven and above all else hungry to catch Kakarot and even though he is devoid of the natural gifts and opportunities his rival possess and has been given, he does everything he can because he has a purpose.
Eventually he realises that he doesn’t want what Goku has, he will break his limits in his own way regardless and as a result gives everything he has.
It’s taken hundreds of episodes for him to get to this stage in his character development, however that’s what makes him worthy of respect.
Anyway, back to the point as I’ve drifted.
Put in some real effort.
This does not just mean doing more, it means doing better.
Even if you do less, do it better and with true grit, determination and gusto, give it YOUR all.

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Three important lessons you can learn from athletes & apply them to your life.

Morning all,
It’s fair to say we admire athletes.
Not simply for the way they can bring people together with their astonishing achievements or world record breaking efforts, it’s also because they’re humans, just like us.
They might be faster, stronger, more dedicated and generally better in every aspect, however they’re still human 😂
As such here are three things you can take away from them and apply to your life for the better.
1 – They do what they need to do regardless of how they feel.
Athletes don’t make excuses, not really, they just get on with the task as hand, unlike you.
Nothing stands in their way of achieving their goal, now before you start saying “I have a job, house etc etc”, did you know that until they make it BIG, so do they.
The difference is that they kept moving forwards, even when life problems cropped up, they still struggled on.
This is a lesson you’d do well to listen to and apply.
2 – They always have a plan.
Now this plan might not be of their of imagination, it might be something of a coaches/mentors design.
The point is this, the have one and as such also have answers for when the plan starts to fall apart or needs adapting.
Average people don’t have a plan, they try and wing it, unsuccessfully I might add.
If you can’t create a plan yourself, don’t stress, ask someone for help, get yourself a mentor/coach, in the long run it will be worth it, trust me.
If you want people to put their faith in you, you must also eb willing to put your faith in others.
3 – There is only the next mission.
Now I could have used the word goal, however goal is meek because everyone has a goal, several in fact, of which many go unachieved.
Athletes have a mission, one that is fuelled by a passion and drive that is above and beyond what many can comprehend.
They just do things because it’s just what they do.
It’s all they know.
Taking a page out of this book and developing your own indomitable spirit is something that would benefit you in a multitude of ways ranging from more conviction in your decisions to an unwavering resolve to stick with something, for better or worse.
If you take these simple lessons and apply even on to your life, you’ll be several steps ahead of a great many people, just have some faith in yourself and do it.
Bonus lesson – They know when enough is enough.
Now it would be great to think that we can overcome any limitation, any barrier, break any & all plateaus, however that is just not true, it’s a fools dream.
This also relates to being at the top too.
Even the worlds best athletes know they have limits that they will not exceed, this is where they have a large support network of coaches, mentors, friends and close family to help them see the perspectives that they might be blind to themselves.
Sometimes a dream might just not be in your grasp, however that doesn’t mean you give up entirely, you just accept that enough is enough and rather than giving up, you refocus and look towards the next mission.
You might be the one to do it all and change the world, even with such an achievement there will be a limit to how long you can stay their, int he end you will need to accept enough is enough and step down.
Just like a world champion that retires so the new blood can come through, they don’t disappear, they just change their place in the play and become the mentor/coach.
Giving up never did anyone any good, however neither did trying to achieve something that was never in their reach to begin with or holding on to a glory longer than they should.
Learn to accept what is, what isn’t and what will never be.
Smile at these things, embrace or let them go.
All glories must fade, enjoy them while you can and let go when you must.

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Thoughtless Thoughts

There is always a lot of conflicting information in the world.

Be that from points of view based on experience, or substantial evidence that goes against a persons long held beliefs.

Now there isn’t much I can teach people about mindset, not really.

Most know as much as they will ever need to know.

It doesn’t matter if they are correct in their assumption or not, as far as they care, they know enough and that’s cool.

We are not really hear to tell people what should or shouldn’t be done, if we did it takes away their responsibility or at least their need to claim responsibility for their own choice.

It’s easy to say “I did X because Y told me to.”.

This is something we do from a young age because we are conditioned to follow orders, yet ironically not he other side of the coin we are told to think, act, feel and do four ourselves, so long as it fits in with everyone else’s & the larger agenda.

Much conundrum there is.

Be kind, but not too kind you become a door mat.
Be strong, but not too strong you become cold.
Be confident, but not too confident.

The list goes on.

I’d like you to sit and just think about yourself for a second.

What do you want?

Honestly, just you, clear your mind of all the initial thoughts because the chances they are not your thoughts is very high, they are conditioned ideas & responses, they’re not your responses.

Freedom of thought, such a scary thing when you’re used to being told how to think for so long.

So I will ask again, what do YOU want?

I don’t just mean fitness related by the way.

Take some time out, away from the world and all it’s technology and just sit quietly, don’t dwell on thoughts that come in, let them come and go, eventually you will start to hear your own thoughts and not everyone else’s.


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Don’t read if easily offended

With Christmas around the corner are you training harder than you have before?
Morning All,
Since there will no doubt be a lot of parties and social events coming up it’s not unusual for people to start putting in more effort at the gym.
Not that this is a bad thing, however this is arguably how it should be for the rest of the year as well.
Are you someone who is always motivated or not?
If you’re the former then this post won’t apply to you.
Perhaps the latter applies to you, in which case you will need to keep reading.
First things first, answer this:
Why do you feel you struggle to become motivated?
Write down the answer.
Next, why do you feel change is hard for you personally?
Write down the answer.
Finally, what would make you feel better in yourself and why?
In the modern world we are told that we need to be fit, healthy and do some form of exercise and while this is good general advice, some people just don’t want to do it.
Guess what though, it’s okay if you don’t want to.
Not everyone wants to be healthy, lean or what is considered physically attractive by modern standards and that’s fine, there is no need to be.
Sound a bit condescending?
It reads that way to me when I read it back over, however I’m not going to change it because it’s true.
No one really cares how you look, until you look better than they do anyway.
Hav you ever had friends who support you 100% when you’re making a change only to 180 that support once you surpass them in some regard?
Chances are that’s a yes.
People want what’s best for you until it’s no longer good for them, or makes them feel bad etc etc.
I want you to ask yourself – why do I want to change?
Be honest with your answer.
If the reasons are not really your own then that might be the reason you keep failing at it.
Sorry…. Actually I’m really not.
You need to be honest with yourself and your reasons WHY you do what you do.
It’s as the classic cliché states:
“If you stand for nothing you’ll fall for anything.”
Essentially meaning unless your reasons are something YOU want or desire the endeavour is doomed to ruin.
Believe it or not there is one thing I’d wish for people.
To be internally happy.
However to achieve this is means being a little selfish, and of course we are taught that is bad, which ironically is only true if it goes against what someone else wants, if the selfish goals align then it’s all good and not selfish – funny that.
I will ask you one last time.
What do you want?
Give it some thought.

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Have we all gone soft?

“People just don’t train hard anymore. Well, I guess there are still some gyms that promote a ‘oust yourself’ mentality, but of most that’d just not the case.”
A very interesting sentence that has stuck with me one the last few days.
Morning All,
Looking back through an old training diary there was one entry that got me thinking:
A1 Deadlift – 12x2x190kg
B1 Rows – 3×6-8 – last set to technical failure – 80,90,100kg
B2 Revser Flies – 3×8-12 as B1 – 10,12,14kg
C1 Chins 50 reps – as few sets as possible
Even on paper that is a hard session.
Skip forward to an entry from the last couple of weeks on a comparable day:
A1 Press 5×1-2-3 – 60,62,65,67,70kg
A2 Deadlift 5×1-2-3 – 170,172,175,177,180kg
Again on paper it still looks reasonably formidable, however it doesn’t seem anywhere near as hard when put next to the former.
What’s happened?
Has training gotten easier?
Perhaps the trainee has gotten softer and gone backwards, rather than forwards in their progression.
While we can’t go balls to the wall every session, there needs to be ‘punch the card’ sessions where you go in, do what you need to do and leave, yet they should still be of substance.
Each session should still have a solidly defined purpose and be executed with conviction.
Do you consider yourself someone who puts in a good effort every session, or do you simply go through the motions?
Many do the latter and their progress shows it.
Certainly food for thought.

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Know your goal

Is your goal really your own?

A question more people should ask themselves.

How often have you heard of people achieving their goal only to be left feeling unsatisfied or unfulfilled?

You’d be surprised to find out that it’s actually quite common.

There are many people who undergo certain tasks to achieve what they think they want, when in reality they’re achieving what they’ve been told they want.

A very common state of affairs.

Have you ever honestly sat down and thought about why you’re doing what you’re doing?

I’d be surprised if you had, pleasantly surprised.

Knowing the underlying reasons is key to long term success and sustainability.

That said, it’s not something people give much thought to.

Might be worth considering before you set your next goal.


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Break your pattern

7 day weeks are overrated.
Especially for training.
Morning All,
When it comes to frequency of training we know that we should be hitting each muscle group or movement at least twice per week.
You can also look at this from the standpoint of hitting the muscle or movement every 3-5 days.
Most people do this by running on a 7day week, which is fair enough, most people have lives after all.
That said, there is a more interesting way.
Our body is a clever thing, it will begin to remember the pattern we adopt and as such we may unknowingly sabotage our progress.
Have you ever though about a rolling routine for your training?
Now if you have no training restrictions and can train on any day then a simple 4 day split of; Pull-Push-Legs-Rest-Repeat will work very well.
If you are constrained to the 7 day week fear not, you can still utilise a rolling training program while hitting the optimal frequency of every 3-5 days (2 exposures in a 7 day period), you just won’t train the same workout each time.
Say you have only 4 days a week to train:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday
If you use the split above it might look like this:
Pull, Push, Legs, Pull – Week 1
Push, Legs, Pull, Push – Week 2
Legs, Pull, Push, Legs – Week 3
You can see it’s a three week rotation and you’re hitting each muscle every 3-5days while also not doing them on the same day of the week, meaning some extra mental stimulation as well.
You also have to factor in exercise crossover.
^^ Deadlift & squat for example, both hit the legs and posterior chain. Perhaps you have get ups as a warm up & prowler on Leg day as a finisher, these also hit the upper body isometrically, make sense?
As you can see there is no lack of logical structure here.
Something what would be very useful is perhaps having 3 distinct workout options (think same but different), so that each 3 day block of training hits the same muscle/movement actions just with different variations of the same exercises.
Then you’d set yourself the task of doing each 3 day mini cycle 6-8 times, progressing by a doing weight, sets or reps as needed.
That would mean you have a solid program that will last anywhere from 18-24 weeks.
Talk about forward planing for long term gains.
Here is an example of different movements you may use (I will give you 3 main lifts & variations per day) –
Pull –
Deficit Snatch Grip Deadlift
Block Pull
Push –
Standard Grip Bench Press
Close Grip Bench Press
Incline Press
Legs –
Front Squat
Hack Squat
This is with the main lift, I’d then advise perhaps 2-3 accessory lifts, erring on the side of 2 as over the years I’ve found less is more.
Guess what, you can also have different options for each of the accessory movements as well, talk about variety planned in to a specific goal.
Now this might seem like a lot of effort, however it works, it works well to be honest, it works best when combined with optimal nutrition (calories set accordingly of your goal).
Give it some thought, if you can’t cray it yourself feel free to ask for some help on here.

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Ah, Classic.

Two classic lines said by many –

“I can’t put on weight, and I eat loads.”

“I can’t lose weight, and I don’t eat much.”

If the above were true weight would either go up or down, if that isn’t the case then that means only one thing.

You’re not doing what you think you’re doing.

A strong mindset and accountability are interesting things.

Not everyone wants them.

Instead they a quick fix or diet pill to solve all their problems.

If it came to their work  and the staff they manage or their business they’d rain down fiery hell on their staff for not doing what they’re meant to be doing or  making poor excuses, however when it comes to themselves and making a change, well they’re different and need special attention.


What we all need is to accept that the only way to change is to accept that we are the result of our own choices, for the most part*.

*Less for legitimate medical exceptions in which case see a specialist.

Actually, touching on the medical excuse above, many will claim to have an issue, self diagnosed of course and it stops them achieving a result.

Again, bollocks.

Go see a specialist, if something is wrong it will be shown, then you can start working to sort it.

Anyway, back to the point.

As a modern culture we have an untold amount of excuses ready and waiting for our own poor behaviours/attitudes, yet we wouldn’t accept them from out staff or people we’re responsible for.

We’d tell them how it was and that they need to sort it out.

Yet when it comes to people accepting they’re the problem, the blinkers come down and the ‘poor me’ attitude follows.

Ask yourself, do I want change or not?

Give it some thought.


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Do you want change or simply like the idea of it?

Three things that stop you making a change for the better.
– Ego
– Bias
– Excuses
Now these may seem obvious, however people let their get in the way far too often.
The ego fears dying.
The bias fears being proved wrong.
The excuses fears their invalidity.
Now take a second and see these simple musings this way…
You fear change because it means an old part of you dies, even if this part of you was self-destructive and of no benefit to your life.
You fear change because it means what you felt was right was only right because you looked for things to make it so, you sought out bias answers that you wanted to hear, rather than what you actually needed to hear.
You fear change because once you start making it you have two accept that your excuses were just that, excuses.
Do people want to hear this?
Do they need to hear this?
In the end we hold the cards in our own hand, we have the ultimate final say.
Context will play a part in our choices, however they are still our choices and as such we don’t have to make them if we don’t want to, not really.
As a fellow human I want people to be happy.
To make the changes that will make them smile and live a good life.
That said, I can’t make a choice or a change for you, that’s up to you.
Reflect on your life, give it some thought and once you have ask yourself this –
Do I want change or do I just like the idea of change?

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