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Progression Tips for Beginners

Do you have any idea how to progress your training across the variables?

– Volume
– Intensity
– Density
– Frequency

It’s quite easy really, as such here is an example for each that can be used for several weeks or months if you have the courage to stay the course.

Volume –

Ladders, one of my favourites.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 or 2,3,5,10, or 1,2,3,4,5

There are a lot of choices, for adding extra volume in the form of reps, the most effective being 1-10, and you will only add weight once you can go 1-10 unbroken.

Example (works best as a super set):

A1 – Pull Up
A2 – Close Grip Bench Press

Intensity –

Let us say that you’re a creature of habit who likes doing the same sets and reps, this is cool however progressing can be a tad tricky, therefor this is the solution:

Fractional Plates.

Small 0.25kg (or lighter) plates, all you need do is hit your desired reps then add another 0.25kg and aim to do the same next time.

Personally I’ve found that doing 3-5×3-5 works well as it gives you some room to adapt to the gradual increases. Once you hit 5×5 with good form, adding another fraction plate is easy, it might may you only be able to do 3×3, that’s okay keep grinding until it’s 5×5 and progress from there.

Density –

Perhaps you’re already one strong hombre and adding weight or reps is becoming tricky, fear not, you have two options to progress.

1 – Set a time limit to hit your rep goal.

Example; 50 reps in 15min with 140kg in the squat.

Once you hit it you add weight.

2 – Reduce your rest periods.

Say you’ve started with 5min rest, knock off 15 seconds at the next session, if you hit all your reps then knock off another 15 next time, repeat this until you are perhaps at 3min rest, or lower, that is up to you.

Once you hit your desired point of ‘low rest’ add weight and take the rest back up to 5min per set and so on.

Frequency –

The easiest to manipulate, al you do is add an extra bout of reps or an extra session.

Say you train your squat once per week, bump it up to twice, if you already do two squat sessions do three, you can spread the reps out and build them up from there, example:

1 squat session a week = 5×10
2 squat session = 3×10 per session (10 more total reps)

Make sense?

Adding weight or reps can be applied from the other example above.

The little tips of today are very basic, there is a lot more that can go in to this, however these will be enough to tweak your current training and perhaps get you over the plateau.



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You don’t have to live in the gym you know.

If there are other things in your life that have a higher level of priority, give more focus to them because you can achieve some great training related results with 2-3 sessions a week in the gym.
Seriously, you can do it.
True you’d have to be focused in your 2-3, 45-60min training sessions, however it can be done.
The same is true for people who have some kit at home and can crack out 30min sessions almost daily or perhaps 3-5 of them, the only limiting factor is their inherent laziness and excuses.
Today I would like yo to think about something.
I would like you to think about time and how much of it you waste doing arbitrary things, then choose to complain that you lack time to do things.
Yes, you know what I mean.
Most people have plenty of time, what they lack is conviction, desire and drive.
You can achieve so much with very little, you just lack the crucial element between your two ears to do so because like most people, you’re a little bit lazy and enjoy the sins of Gluttony & Sloth.
Fuck it….
Here are three things you can do at home, each for 30min, if you alternated them and aimed for 3-5 of these sessions a week you’d become stronger, learner, healthier and perhaps happier in yourself too.
1 – Fill a bag with Sand, pick it up, put it over your head, bring it back to your chest and carry it 20m, repeat for 30min, resting as needed in-between reps (keep the rest down).
^^ Go for half bodyweight for starters. You can get what you need (less the sand) from here:
2 – Grab a pair of kettlebells (you can use one and just swap arms) and do the following – 20 to 30seconds of each: Swings, Cleans, Presses, Front Squats, Rack or Farmers Walk, Rows, rest repeat.
These guys sell good KB’s: https://wolverson-fitness.co.uk
3 – Buy a door frame pull up bar (most Argos’ sell these), do 5 pull/chin ups, 10 press ups and 15 squats – all of this is bodyweight, repeat until 30min done.
If you want to make it harder you can try single arm push ups and single legs squats with regular chins. Perhaps handstand push ups, Pistol squats and pull ups, you get the idea.
All of the above are 30min sessions.
Nothing fancy, nothing magical, yet you can do a lot in that time if you pull your finger out of your arse.
Give it some thought because you don’t have to live int he gym to get results, in fact you don’t need to do much at all really as most of the aesthetic change will come from the foods you eat.
I won’t go over what foods high the more optimal for you because you already know what to eat, again you choose not to eat that way because, well, you’re lazy.

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Is it really your body you should hate?

Do you hate your body?

You shouldn’t, it does a lot for you.

A lot of people certainly do, yet there is something that many forget when they are steeped in their loathing.

It’s not your bodies fault it is the way it is.

Honestly, for the most part it does it’s best to keep going for you, despite the excessive amount of calories you force in to it via sub optimal food choices, calorically dense beverages, or even the sleep depriving activities you subject it too.

Regardless of what you do to it, it does it’s best.

So, let us say you have a few extra lbs, who’s to blame?

Is it your body because it’s out to get you and store as much excess body fat as possible so that you have a lower value in the overall dominance hierarchy, or is it because of ‘you’?

*’you’ being mental attitude, bad habits, lifestyle choices, essentially your consciousness, you mind as it were.

Our bodies are vessels, nothing more.

We are in control of them because nothing happens without some form of thought process first (for the most part, medical exceptions that affect mental/hormonal health/perceptions of reality or control excluded).

A lot of people find it easier to blame poor genetics, a bad hand that life dealt them, basically anything else other than themselves.

You’d be surprised how many people keep their ‘genetics’ int he fridge or wine rack.

It is in everyone to take control, all you need it to look inward and honestly think for yourself for a change.

“I think, therefore I am.”

Wow, this is getting quite deep 🤔

Don’t hate your body, appreciate it because what you see aesthetically is not a reflection of a ‘naughty/bad body’ it’s a reflection of YOUR mental state, of your mind, a reflection of what we might call ‘you’.

Your body is not to blame, you are, remember that, accept it and change it.

Change your attitude and you will change your life.

Give it some thought.

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Guess who’s fault it is….

Morning All,
There is always a decent amount of talk on here about training, occasionally there is even nutritional information.
All of it is based on what a great many people have done in the past and succeeded with.
Now before you start screaming at the screen “Everyone is different, we need to find what works for each individual”, you’d do well to keep this thought in mind.
– There is a high probability that you’re not special, or as unique as you think.
It might seem like a horrible thing for some to hear, however it is quite true.
For example, I have yet to see someone who doesn’t make progress on a solid 6-12months of 5×5 when programmed correctly. Or a person to not make positive body composition changes by improving food quality and keeping a food diary.
Yep, we all fall in to this part of the bellcurve.
Of course there are some people that are on the fringe and known as hyper-responders & non-responders, however for the most part I’m willing to be that’s not you.
Why would I make such an assumption?
Experience, a lot of experience.
If you were truly one of those you’d be easy to spot. You know the types, those who can’t lose fat regardless of what they do, or those who can’t build muscle, the ultra rare ones.
That’s not you, as such here are your answers if you think those are you:
Weight/Fat Loss not happening = you’re consuming too many calories & under stimulate your body in training, fact.
Weight/muscle gain not happening = you’re not consuming enough calories & under stimulate your body in training, fact.
Two very hard pills to swallow, even if they’re sugar coated too.
I get it you know. Why you want to be that exception to the rule. To be the one that truly has the world & it’s dog stacked against you, it’s easier to have that as an excuse than to accept the horrid truth; it’s your fault because you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing.
How do I know this?
I’ve been that person.
In my early teens I was that guy, the one who said “I can’t gain muscle because of my crappy ectomorphic genetics.” this, was rubbish, the truth was I simply wasn’t doing want I needed to be doing, that is also your truth.
Harsh, incredibly, however the sooner you accept it the sooner you’ll start making results, or you can’t continue lying to yourself, at this stage in my career of helping people I don’t care, it’s not my job to wipe your ass and pander to you.
After the above abuse, will yo do something? Not for me, for you.
Write down answer to these three questions, BE HONEST.
1 – What is your goal & is it truly important to you?
2 – Do you know the behaviours necessary to achieve what is important to you?
3 – Are you doing the above, if not, why not?
It’s time to be honest with yourself.
You should look in to this thoroughly.

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When was the last time you were honest about what you wanted to achieve?
Like 100% honest.
Most these days will write goals and/or follow pursuits that they feel will please others, perhaps to increase their own social value and standing in their circle of influence, perhaps just to fit in more.
Regardless of what the motivator is, it seems that a great many people are just not happy on that path, possibly because it’s not the one they really want to follow.
We are social creatures at heart, yet we are also individual.
Many see things differently, many also see things the same, it might just happen to be that you’re in the wrong group and trying to keep up is just too stressful for you, as such you’ve become one of the lower ranking in your gaggle.
It’s not uncommon to cling on to what we have, even if it is to our detriment, it’s just how we are. Flawed, human.
A lot will be very scared of letting go of what they have, be that material, social or philosophical because they’ve gotten to the stage where it defines who they are, it’s part of their ‘character’ if you will.
Which, as with most things, can be a double sided blade.
If you’ve tumbled across a place you naturally fit in, you’re life will seem great, if the opposite is true there will always be an underlying stress, something you can’t put your finger on.
There is a technical name for it, Imposter Syndrome.
Yep, it’s a real thing.
Essentially you’re playing a part that just isn’t right for you, as such you have a low level of trait anxiety that eats away at you, eventually it all goes tits up, every single time.
Ask any person of an experienced age and they will tell you something along the lines of “It just wasn’t worth it.” or “Always be yourself.”.
To many those words are arbitrary because people so desperately want to fit in, I know, I’ve been there on the odd occasion.
Let me share a short story of one such time.
All of the people I used to train with (training partners), wanted to be ‘big & strong’ they wanted size, strength and didn’t care how they looked, now being a vain miscreant that I am this went against my nature, yet I tried to follow the crowd.
It didn’t last long, to me being lean, strong and athletic is top trumps. I’d rather be smaller and look good naked than bigger to only look good in clothes and shit outside of them, that’s just 100% vanity on my part.
Did I lose some connection with those training partners making the choice to follow my own ‘intuition’, yes, and that was okay because while ti was enjoyable training with them, they weren’t my ilk. We;re still friends, I just can’t train with them as our desires are too different.
A lot of people can’t do this, they need to social acceptance, even if they claim not to, they do. This is also why you’ll find people stay in shit situations in a career, they need to belong and to leave it is too hard/scary.
All the while they feel like an imposter, a fraud who is one slip up away from getting caught out and biblically shamed.
To me that’s no way to live, it’s just not worth the stress.
So this brings us back to the original question, when was the last time you were honest about what you wanted to achieve?
Give it some thought.

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Get yourself some more value

What is your perceived value of yourself?
Morning All,
Of all the reasons people go to the gym, or at least all the ones they will openly admit, doing it for purely selfish and intrinsic reasons won’t be one of them.
The funny thing is that this is often quite a large factor for many.
To improve our own self worth and feel more valuable to the opposite sex, or who ever you’re trying to impress or gain attention/admiration/praise from, it’s quite the impressive motivator.
Of course this will be one of the harder things for people to admit because even though we are told to do what make us happy and all that other bollocks, if we are actually honest about why we do a lot of things people will be quite quick to turn 180 on us and let their disapproving gavel fall.
You know it’s not wrong to harbour the goal of feeling better about yourself, to know that you are now higher up on the scale of desirability and as such more sought after.
It is human nature to garner attention because it is a valuable resource.
Everyone enjoys positive attention, people who disagree are not being 100% truthful because even if they don’t want general attention, there are certain people or persons that they do want to notice them.
As such there is nothing wrong with wanting to up your perceived value and enjoy the attention.
You’ll find the only people who call you an attention seeking whore are the ones who are having some of theirs taken way from them.
Remember guys, life is a game, no matter if people admit this or not.
There are winners & losers, trust me.
One other positive aspect of increase value is that you start to feel more confident and more resolute, two things that are very useful in this world and can help a great many stop being treated as door mats.
Funny thing about that is it’s only you who can let others treat you in such a way, maybe it’s the only way you know to get some attention of approval from your peers, I don’t know, regardless of why you let it happen the fact remains; you let it happen.
The time for action is now.
If you feel frumpy, lethargic and that you are shaped like a potato, do something about it.
The same is true if you’re stick thin, constantly ill and weaker than a malnourished baby kitten.
No one ever lost the respect of others for wanting to improve themselves.
I have faith in you and know you’re worth more than you I’ve yourself credit for, so please, listen and take action.
If you don’t know where to start all you need do is ask someone for help 🤗

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Fads, Excuses & Bullshit

What happened to ‘Squat Everyday’?
It seems another trend has died a death.
The life of a trend is as follows:
– Is it new & exciting?
No = it dies.
– Is it easy to understand?
No = it dies.
– Does it require hard work to get results?
No = success that will stick around because people want the easy option.
Yes – it dies.
Fads only last if they are easy and require very little effort to apply, regardless of if results are a part of the mix, it’s quite sad really.
The ability to tough things out has fallen dramatically over the years.
If it’s not easy then it can make it’s way to the pile with all the other things people don’t have time for now because all that a great many want is the next new & exciting thing.
How many times have you given up and blamed it on the program, the nutrition protocol or some other factor that wasn’t yourself?
Many is the answer I’m guessing.
In a world of ever changing potential inconsistencies we are the only thing that is in every equation, as such shouldn’t there be a tad more attention and accountability put on ourselves, rather than just shifting the blame to anything or everything else?
Do this for yourself, it may highlight some interesting things for you.
1 – Write down your most common excuses or reasons for failure.
2 – Write down why they happen and then how you can overcome them.
3 – Look at what you’ve written and see your problems for what they are, excuses on paper that you already have in your head as to why you can’t succeed and not actual problems.
It is common for us to create issues and barriers that stand in our way, so much so that by doing the above you will see how many you already have that aren’t even in the way yet.
These excuses make it easier for people to believe that more often than not they are not the problem.
Of course somethings can’t be helped, however for the majority we just use them as a convenient reason not to do what we need to be doing, that’s a fact.
Learn to overcome your own bullshit and watch your life change for the better.

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How to handle what everyone else thinks

You’re too big, too small, too fat, too thin, too weak, too obsessive, too happy, too sad, too old, too young, well I guess you’re just too much.
In a world where you will be criticised no matter what you are, or aren’t, there’s only one option.
Fuck what everyone else thinks.
Yep, fuck it.
In the end it doesn’t really matter, yet I know to you it does.
We are social creatures after all and as such seek approval in some way shape or form.
Given this fact, what are you to do?
Anything, everything or nothing?
I can’t tell you because I don’t know what you really want.
Then again, I doubt you do either.
Therein lies our problem.
People are already indoctrinated in to the modern age and how they should think that the term ‘freedom of through’ is nothing more than a notion these days.
It would be great if simply saying ‘It doesn’t matter’ yet we know it does, aha, such a conundrum.
Do you know what you want, in regards to fitness, physique, performance and perhaps overall life?
Write it down.
Read it, honestly and if it is what you want, go and get it. If however you find excuses that will stop you getting what you have written you want, then you can be sure it’s not what you actually want, that my friends is something you merely like the idea of.
That’s the part you need to learn, what you like the idea of and think you want and what you actually want.

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Training, Vegeta & what is means to really break your limits

One quality that will improve your training instantly.
It’s effort.
Like, real effort.
I’m talking about that which forces the body in to a place where it has but two choices – Adapt and overcome, or lay down and die.
If there is a better way to initiate change, I have yet to hear it.
Well, that’s a tad extreme to say, there are a lot of ways to get change, however this is one that has proven itself throughout the decades.
Now training like this is not something you can do very often, it takes a hefty toll on the body.
If you undergo a solid 6 months of this you’d only need 2-3 training sessions per week, along with plenty of nutritious food and sleep.
Dear god don’t forget about sleep, it’s a precious commodity.
This style of training is hard, yet very rewarding because of all the extra time you have to do other things.
Many will not value it.
Most try it for a few weeks and always end up saying that they don’t feel like they’re doing enough and in the initial stages this might be the case because they haven’t yet broken that barrier mentally.
You know the one.
It tells us to stop, yet if you are it past that one the next screams at you to relent, keep going and you hit the wall where you will either stop or find that little something extra, something special and break through to the next level.
Very much like the attitude of Vegeta from Dragon Ball.
While Goku, being the main protagonist seem sot always get there due to creative writing, Vegeta is the real one to learn from.
He is prideful, driven and above all else hungry to catch Kakarot and even though he is devoid of the natural gifts and opportunities his rival possess and has been given, he does everything he can because he has a purpose.
Eventually he realises that he doesn’t want what Goku has, he will break his limits in his own way regardless and as a result gives everything he has.
It’s taken hundreds of episodes for him to get to this stage in his character development, however that’s what makes him worthy of respect.
Anyway, back to the point as I’ve drifted.
Put in some real effort.
This does not just mean doing more, it means doing better.
Even if you do less, do it better and with true grit, determination and gusto, give it YOUR all.

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Three important lessons you can learn from athletes & apply them to your life.

Morning all,
It’s fair to say we admire athletes.
Not simply for the way they can bring people together with their astonishing achievements or world record breaking efforts, it’s also because they’re humans, just like us.
They might be faster, stronger, more dedicated and generally better in every aspect, however they’re still human 😂
As such here are three things you can take away from them and apply to your life for the better.
1 – They do what they need to do regardless of how they feel.
Athletes don’t make excuses, not really, they just get on with the task as hand, unlike you.
Nothing stands in their way of achieving their goal, now before you start saying “I have a job, house etc etc”, did you know that until they make it BIG, so do they.
The difference is that they kept moving forwards, even when life problems cropped up, they still struggled on.
This is a lesson you’d do well to listen to and apply.
2 – They always have a plan.
Now this plan might not be of their of imagination, it might be something of a coaches/mentors design.
The point is this, the have one and as such also have answers for when the plan starts to fall apart or needs adapting.
Average people don’t have a plan, they try and wing it, unsuccessfully I might add.
If you can’t create a plan yourself, don’t stress, ask someone for help, get yourself a mentor/coach, in the long run it will be worth it, trust me.
If you want people to put their faith in you, you must also eb willing to put your faith in others.
3 – There is only the next mission.
Now I could have used the word goal, however goal is meek because everyone has a goal, several in fact, of which many go unachieved.
Athletes have a mission, one that is fuelled by a passion and drive that is above and beyond what many can comprehend.
They just do things because it’s just what they do.
It’s all they know.
Taking a page out of this book and developing your own indomitable spirit is something that would benefit you in a multitude of ways ranging from more conviction in your decisions to an unwavering resolve to stick with something, for better or worse.
If you take these simple lessons and apply even on to your life, you’ll be several steps ahead of a great many people, just have some faith in yourself and do it.
Bonus lesson – They know when enough is enough.
Now it would be great to think that we can overcome any limitation, any barrier, break any & all plateaus, however that is just not true, it’s a fools dream.
This also relates to being at the top too.
Even the worlds best athletes know they have limits that they will not exceed, this is where they have a large support network of coaches, mentors, friends and close family to help them see the perspectives that they might be blind to themselves.
Sometimes a dream might just not be in your grasp, however that doesn’t mean you give up entirely, you just accept that enough is enough and rather than giving up, you refocus and look towards the next mission.
You might be the one to do it all and change the world, even with such an achievement there will be a limit to how long you can stay their, int he end you will need to accept enough is enough and step down.
Just like a world champion that retires so the new blood can come through, they don’t disappear, they just change their place in the play and become the mentor/coach.
Giving up never did anyone any good, however neither did trying to achieve something that was never in their reach to begin with or holding on to a glory longer than they should.
Learn to accept what is, what isn’t and what will never be.
Smile at these things, embrace or let them go.
All glories must fade, enjoy them while you can and let go when you must.

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