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Budget Bulking

Morning Guys,

Bulking on a budget has long been something overcome by many, it just requires some careful food choices and the avoidance of reliance on protein supplements.

*Shakes will become useful, but if you can afford shakes, you can afford real food.

Here are my top foods for bulking on a budget:
– Eggs
– Chicken
– Tuna
– White Fish
– Oats
– Cereals (cron flakes in particular)
– Vegetables
– Rice
– Potatoes
– Rice Cakes
– Beans
– Nuts
– Milk (essentially any dairy products)
– Turkey Mince (basically any mince)
– Eggs again.

As you can see from the short list above you can pretty get a variety of foods while shopping on a budget. Though the list is only really there to prove a point, and that point is this; STOP BEING LAZY!

True budget might be a limiting factor, but you an still eat very well while pulling in the purse strings. With all the shops like pound land, Aldi etc you have no excuse for not getting enough food.

*Sit down and write out what you send you monthly wages on each month using these two categories: Necessary & Unnecessary, you will soon see how much money you’re wasting on things you don’t need.

The same is true for Fat Loss. The main foods you need for fat loss are as follows:

– Meat
– Veg

That’s pretty much it. If you can’t afford those on budget then perhaps becoming a hunter gatherer is the best option for you.


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