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10 Fat Loss Faux-pas

Firstly I want to say Thank You to all of those who Read, Liked, Commented and Shared the 10 Highly Successful Habits of Fat Loss. It’s because of your support and request that I am going to write another short series on the potential pitfalls that insnare people on their fat loss journey.

With any further a-due, lets get cracking.

Faux-pas #1 – Eating When You’re Bored

People often confuse boredom with hunger. It’s a nasty habit to have because it will result in you heading towards the fridge or right to the snack draw for some sweet/savoury treats that will do nothing for your waistline.

You will find that when your mind is occupied you won’t feel hungry until your body decide to let you know via Ghrelin (think the Hunger Hormone).

So why do we eat when we become bored?

Personally I feel it stems back from early childhood. If we got bored 9/10 times our parents had 2 responses to this –

1: Go outside and play/play with your toys.
2: Eat this bag of sweets.

The first encouraged creativity, socialising and activity. The second was the easy option to get you to keep quite.

This faux-pas is easily avoided, you can even use number 8 of the 10 Highly Successful Habits of Fat Loss ( https://rossfitpt.wordpress.com/2015/05/05/the-10-habits-of-highly-successful-fat-loss-8/ ) to aid you in manoeuvring around boredom, you simply need to have a bottle of water with you (500ml is a good size) and drink it. If your body really is hungry you will find yourself searching for food within the next 20min, but if you were just bored you will soon realise the difference and learn your bodies personal signals.

Alternatively you can opt for some form of activity if you don’t fancy drinking half a litre of water, perhaps Knitting might interest you?

The main thing to take away from this post is you need to learn to listen to your body and tell the difference between real hunger and boredom.


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