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What Clients Really Want From PT

Your goal as a Personal Trainer or fitness professional is to change someones life.

Chances are you’ve got your own ideas of how is best to accomplish this, and you’re probably right.

There’s only one problem them, your clients (and potential ones) don’t see it that way.

As such it can lead to many a frustration, breakdown in communication, stagnation of change and eventually contract/agreement termination.

This is roughly what most clients want based on their initial knowledge base of PT/exercise:

  • Guidance that’s easy to follow
  • To be told what they thought is correct
  • Dramatic physical/health change without dramatic lifestyle change
  • Feeling better in themselves (usually linked to a memory of a time in their youth when they were slimmer, fitter, could eat/drink anything and not have to make any effort to stay ‘in shape’)
  • Paying once, maybe twice and getting all the results they desire

The truth is that most average people don’t really understand fitness or health.

Many think they’re the same thing, and they’re not as you know people can be very healthy (from a blood/hormonal/etc test standpoint) while not being very fit, and vice versa.

This is where in your initial consultation you want to explore what their expectation is.

How does it differ from the reality you know to be most probable?

In my experience I’ve found the dissonance to be quite large, and I’ve made the mistake of correcting people in this regard which didn’t do me any favours.

Sadly you’re going to need to blend a little of telling people what they expect/want to hear, while setting up sign posts for the future that will enable them to become truly educated and make the changes that will benefit their life for the long run.

These three questions have helped me over the years:

  1. Think of ‘one thing’ you MUST achieve from this training
  2. Why is that ‘one thing’ beneficial to you?
  3. How will it make you feel and improve your life?

This can help you create an anchor point to refer back to when instilling habit/lifestyle changes.

Now this isn’t to say their one thing might not change as they gain a deeper understanding of what truly matters to them, however you need a metaphorical ‘North Star’ to guide you.

Understanding that the average person merely wants to feel less shit than they currently do is key.

You see people rarely seek change to become a better version of themselves, despite what endless social media feeds say.

They seek change because they’ve reached a point where they feel terrible enough to do something about it.

People don’t move towards pleasure, they move away from pain.

Go and read back over what has preceded this with this perspective.

You’ll start to see that it all links to the emotional driver behind the wheel.

So in essence what a client really wants from PT is this – To be heard/understood & not feel alone.

As an average person (whatever that means) it’s pretty terrifying to approach a PT/fitness professional you know. They have an inherent fear of being judged, of not being good enough and as such will immediately put themselves down, to convince themselves it’s a mistake to change and that they don’t deserve to feel better.

Try to remember a time where you felt like this.

In fact think of what hold you back from asking for help from a professional above your current level.

Make a list of what you’d want from them.
What you’d expect/want/need to hear.
How they would make you feel.
Why you would Hire them over someone else (what would be the deciding factor).

This can help because a lot of PT’s forget to see things from the clients perspective.

Go back over the above again, and feel free to fire across any questions you may have.


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Want People to Hire You More?

As a PT/Fitness Professional you want people to pay for your services.

If like many this is a struggling area then you need what is below.

You’ll find a lot of tips, tricks and information on how to secure new clients in fitness.

All are viable and usually quite useful.

There is however one that trumps all the rest and without it you’ll always lose a potential client to someone that has it in spades.

You’d be be sat down for this.

Here is the one element crucial in securing an almost endless supply of clients:

Be likeable.

Seriously, you can be the best PT in the world, however if you’re a dick people won’t hire you.

Trust me.

I’m absolutely fucking brilliant (humble too) yet I’m a very acquired taste.

Or if we’re being blunt, a bit of a dick.

Some love this, most don’t and if you’re trying to build an impressive roster of clients then being nice, approachable, empathetic and likeable is the key.


People need to feel comfortable with you.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Try to offer genuine help and caring where you can because even if there is no immediate reward, your kindness will be paid back 10 fold in the future in some way.

Actually that’s a point worth touching on.

Wanting instant recognition, reward, compensation, and/or gratification.

^^ This is toxic and very indicative of our modern world.

It’s the attitude of I scratch your back and you buy me a 7 bedroom house.

Greed is one of the most prevalent sins in our current times, as is envy, however that’s a subject for another day.

Back to the main point, be likeable.

  • Helps when and where you can
  • Share content that is good, useful & true
  • Offer kindness without the thought of rewards (because you can)
  • Listen to what people have/want to say, people need to vent so stay quiet and just listen
  • Smile genuinely
  • Don’t be a dick

Please feel free to leave any questions you have below.


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What Once Was – Old Marketing in a New Age

2 Old School Marketing Methods to Try 🧠

Typically I’d stay away from these in a modern world.

That being said, in the one that is now controlled by the current pandemic you’ll find these methods useful.

📜 – Leaflet Dropping
📍– Posters

In a digital world the equivalents to the above is as follows:

📧 – Email List
💻 – Websites (all including social media)

You’ll find the first two from the years of old can actually help build the two of today in your local demographic.

Ideally you’d want to cover the following on them:

🎯 Why/How you can help people JUST LIKE THEM
📝 A list of understandable benefits (emotionally important)
🥳 Stories of success in helping people JUST LIKE THEM
📩 Your contact info It’s really that simple.

Knowing the message you want to share is crucial.

In addition to that, knowing how to share that in the language personal to your prospective client is even more crucial, you must think like they do.

Don’t write your content/adverts for you, write it for ‘them’ 🤓

Ideally getting it across in 10 words of less is a real winner.

Much like an old vine video that lasted 10-15 seconds, that’s roughly how long you’ve got to capture people attention these days 😍

It’s also worth understanding the most impactful images too.

By this I mean which ones support your message while also being highly recognisable to people, in a sense of the problem they have and the solution you’re offering.

Example: Back Pain Problem = picture hold back in pain
Back Pain Solution = picture now pain free loving life

Simple yet conscience and to the point 🎯

Give some thought to the above.

It’s one avenue to new business that is perfect for the current situation.


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Where’s the Key?

🔒 4 Ways to Unlock Your Businesses Potential 🔓

We might be required to stay under lock & key 🔐

That doesn’t mean the same for your Business.

Good Morning,

If you search this group you’ll find a lot of pearls alluding to the steps you need to take to fortify your fitness empire.

Today will provide you with some keys 🔑

Key to elements you may not have realised were locked.

It’s up to you how or if you use them, in addition to this if you find yourself with further questions don’t hesitate to leave them below.

🗝 – Address all the things you DON’T do

Procrastination is one skill every PT seems to have already mastered, almost like a gifted ‘bonus stat’ you find in an JRPG (Japanese role play game).

Sadly though it doesn’t help your business.

In fact it leaves you kicking yourself more often than not, especially as you know what it is you’re not doing although the big question is this – do you know WHY you avoid doing it?

Answer that and you’ll unlock this element & HOW to do it.

🗝 – Establish the ONE THING people all say about you

Ideally this ‘one thing’ will be something positive.

Although if it’s not, well it can still be used to your advantage as it will often have a heavy emotional link 🖤

This means you’re able to find out how to change your approach and become better/more appealing to people.

If positive you can use it in your marketing, it might be that people say you make them feel safe, or you make exercise fun, whatever it is find it.

Make notes on how people tell you about it as their language will be essential for building rapport and connecting with more people just like them.

🗝 – Read and REPLY to all comments on your social media

This one is pretty self-explanatory, however there is a hidden gem in this too 💎

Read and reply to comments on other people’s social media.

Honestly, it’s a goldmine of hidden clients.

Take for example YouTube videos from famous/well known fitness aficionado’s, most of the time the person who uploaded the video wont be able to answer everyones questions.

This is where you step in 🦵

You don’t do it to sell something, you do it because you can and it’s often the right thing to do (helping someone that is).

Such things don’t go unnoticed, and if you use your PT, IG, Facebook work, Linkedin (basically your business handle), people will see that you’re helpful, nice, give good info and potentially seek you out in the future.

Honestly you’ll give a lot away for free, yet it comes back in the end.See it as free marketing on a successful platform 🤓

I will repeat though, DON’T try to sell anything, it’ll backfire.

🗝 – Show Results

Like it or not we’re in the business of changing the way people look physically 💪

You need to share these results with the world.

Along with the visual evidence you’d do well to get the story of the person so that there is more substance to it all, this builds a deep rapport and connection with people 🥰

People NEED to know that you know how to deal with someone just like them.In fact they need to know you know how to work with them (as in just them) and the stories behind the success photos do this.

People need to know you can understand them ✍️

That you’ll put up with their highs, lows, emotional baggage they bring to a session and most of all connect with them (empathy), you’d be amazed how this can truly unlock your true business potential.

 “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.” – Theodore Roosevelt 🤓

🙂 so there you have it.

This is how you can unlock new potential for your business.

Please don’t hesitate to leave any questions you have below 🤔

I’m always happy to answer them for you.


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Business, SWOT Time

Sitting down to tear your business apart is tough yet needed.

Ideally you’d want to do this at least once per quarter 🧐

Good Morning,

The term SWOT is almost as old as the hills.

💪 Strengths
🦵 Weaknesses (because everyone skips leg day)
🥅 Opportunties
👾 Threats

To apply the above you’ll need to create a matrix grip, this is a large square that you can split into four smaller squares, much like the Eisenhower Matrix.Here are some key points/questions to help you fill in each box 🤗

💪 Strengths

  • What do you do well?
  • Which unique resources/skills can you draw upon?
  • What will other people say are your strengths (& why)?

🦵 Weaknesses

  • Where can you improve?
  • Where do you have fewer resources than your competition?
  • What would other people say are your weaknesses (& why)?

🥅 Opportunties

  • How many opportunities are available to you?
  • How many trends can you use to benefit your business?
  • How can you create new business/service opportunities?

👾 Threats

  • Is anything that is an immediate threat to your business?
  • How has your competition dealt/adapt to their threats?
  • Do your weaknesses expose you to any threats?

You’ll also do well to establish what threats are perceived and which are actually prominent, this is due to people often focusing on a perceived threat (it’s not really a threat, it’s procrastination) so they can avoid dealing with the actual problem.

From here you’ll then be able to see how they can be turned into opportunities 🥅

Since today will be quite for most I’d suggest taking perhaps 5min to work on each of the above in your own SWOT.

👆 That’s only 20min in total, no excuse not to do it⏱

Write down what comes straight to your mind, once your 5min is up move on.

When you’ve completed each box, walk away from it 👣👣👣

Give yourself a few hours to let your sub-conscience ruminate 🧠

I’d go for a walk by a river or something.

Take a pen & note pad with you as ideas & solutions will come through thick and fast when you’re not actively trying to think about them, that is the beauty of transcendent thought 🤓

It would also be great for you to then share your findings below.

Remember you’ve essentially got a free resource of business mentorship here, so don’t hesitate to use if because of feeling as if you’d look stupid asking what might be an obvious question because a lot feel the same.I’m not being mean, just telling you the truth of the matter 👍

Now go fill out the above, it’s only 20min of your day and leave your findings below, then go for a walk by a river.


P.S, you can always fire me a message if you feel a question is a little too sensitive for a public forum 😊

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4 Steps to a Better Business in 2021

You’d not be considered crazy to say that 2020 has been a complete cluster f**k for business.

Especially in some specific countries where the powers that be become quite tyrannical in their approach to closing down anything they didn’t deem worthy of staying open.

This was regardless of if it was the right call or not.

Regardless of this it can’t be changed, 2020 is almost over and many are left to pick up the pieces to salvage what they can of their livelihood for the future.

Moving forwards you ought to expect more of the same.

Use 2020 as a spring board and valuable piece of hindsight that can provide you with some foresight for the new year.

These 4 steps will help you establish the best way for your business to take on 2021.

1 – Ask fellow businesses that continued to trade how they adapted to allow this.

2 – Ask the customers that continued to utilise why they did by finding what was of immersible value.

3 – Ask about what benefits came from what they found valuable (same for the business owners and their adaptions, find what was vault,e the benefits and why).

4 – Write down why your service will be seen as beneficial/valuable and highly important (a priority) to your audience/customers in 2021. Aim to do this in 50 words or less.

You’ll find a lot will start the year by telling people about all the features their services offer.

While this isn’t a bad idea, they’d be more effective at conveying your message when described as benefits that are not only valuable but also emotionally important.

Remember a service is the SOLUTION to a clients PROBLEM.

As an example:

Problem > Stubborn body fat gained in 2020 lockdown
Solution > A service to help the client lose this gained body fat and keep it off.

You can see the problem & solution are not that exciting emotionally, they have no hook or call to action.

This is where you start, from here you need to write in a way that speaks to the heart as well as the mind.

Problem > HaveCOVID calories ended up settling around your waist & got you avoid reflective surfaces?
Agitate Problem & Hint Solution > Your spare tyre doesn’t need to be a permenat fixture (regardless of age).
Solution > Within 6 months you can regain your confidence while also learning how to enjoy life more.
Call to Action > Be one of 6 people by applying ‘here’ with your reasons why you deserve a limited space.

Hopefully you’ll have a better time writing an emotional an heartfelt series of sentences.

Sadly my own approach is more direct and evokes a different kind of emotion (think tough love).

Take some time to speak to all the people that have also supported you in this troubling year and gain their wisdom, thoughts and feelings as to the best way to connect with people moving in to 2021.


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Fitness Fall Out 2020

The fitness industry has been through a tough time in 2020.

You may be aware of how many have lost clients, facilities and in some unfortunate cases there entire business/livelihood.

Despite this being devastating there are people out there that still think the UK wide Lockdown was a good idea, sadly I’m not one of them due to far reaching impacts it has and will continue to have beyond 2020.

The high streets are all but vanquished.

Stores are closing left right and centre, people are struggling to pay mortgages and lord only knows how many will be teetering on the edge of sanity.

For something seemingly so innocuous life has truly been changed forever.

You’re likely to find people shifting towards an online business model whereby they now have to fight for attention among a sea of fell fit-pro’s thrashing around trying to keep their heads above water.

Sadly this situation i a tricky one because the second you try to be pragmatic and look beyond the fear mongering that has occurred people get emotional.

Regardless what’s done is done and all you can hope for is the foresight to plan ahead and survive.

Currently you’ll find this is what most are offering:

  • Zoom Classes
  • Online Coaching (this is actually template writing for programs, very actually coach)
  • Plug & Play Programs
  • Products – Various

All viable methods for generating income, yet when so many will be fighting for the same slice of business pie you’re going to need to stand out.

How can you do this when everyone is offering the exact same thing?

Well, one option is to literally say that you’re offering the exact same as everyone else and proceed to explain why you’re 100x better than your competition.

Another option is to have higher prices, POA (price on application) or perhaps limit what you’re offering to only one full service/product whereby the audience has two payment options:

1 – Pay Monthly – $500
2 – Pay Several Months Upfront – $350 when 2+ months purchased

You’ll find the second option encourages people to go for at least two to three months upfront, and the only difference is the cost, the level of service will be exactly the same, and when they ask about the reason for the discount you can say it’s because of ‘commitment’.

Face to face training is still around, and a lot of people still want & value that service, so that might be your exclusive speciality thus avoiding line entirely.

You can apply the ‘two stage’ pricing option from above for the face to face and even group training.

When using the $500 per month or $350 for multiple month sign up in 1-2-1 or group work the service is still the same, the only difference if the number of people.

Think of it this way, if 4 people get 4months upfront at $350 per month ($1300 total), they only pay $350 each.

I know that seems like easy maths and it was meant to be, double that to 8 people for the same length of time and it’s $175 per person for 4 months of training, that is a bargain in anyones eyes, especially in these tough finical times.

You’ve got a lot of options really.

What will separate you from the rest is a clear direction you wish to go and taking action today.


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It’s only Fitness, right?

Fitness is more than just fitness.

It’s a lifestyle choice, and not one everyone can live well.

As with all choices of life fitness comes with many extremes, pitfalls and dark places.

Today you’ll find 3 of those that have entrapped many.

You see knowing these will give you the opportunity to recognise them early on and provide the opportunity to take decisive action to help prevent them from taking hold.

🔒– Locked in Routine

Consistency is king for success in a great many things, however what is often missed is that consistency is fluid and able to change, unlike routine.

Routine on the other tend to be rigid and locked in place.

You can easily tell if someone is shackled by theirs, you simply put them in a situation whereby they need to adapt or change and watch for their reaction.

Often it’ll be panic, frustration and perhaps ager that they can’t do things just as they like them.

This is a dangerous place to get stuck in.

Simply because it means you’ll end up doing what you’ve always done and then look back one day to realise you’ve stayed in the same place because of that choice.

🤩 – Starry-eyed expectations

Sometimes being surrounded by those that seem like gods among men can be the excuse you need to hold back and never progress, because you’re not ever going to be as good as ‘they’ are.

While surrounding yourself with people several stages ahead of you is a great idea, they can’t be too far ahead.

It’s like money bars, you need some to be easily in reach, others that make you stretch and a few that make you take a risk and really swing for it.

Yet when the next bar is too far away you won’t even attempt to grab it because you know it’s not plausible, as such you stay hanging where you are.

By all means have your idols, just remember they’re not your rivals.

👺– Becoming the Mask

A lot take up whatever form of fitness they do for the reason of betterment.

To feel better, look better, interact in life better and so on.

It’s not uncommon for many to end up becoming their fitness persona while casting off everything that made them a unique individual before.

You’ll see it on social media, people are basic AF.

They all have the same poses, the same content, the same messages and are all apart of the hive mind known as ‘deep insecurity that needs constant reassurance & validation’.

By all means embrace the better you (in a fitness sense), just don’t be too quite to make it the only thing about you.


Have you experienced any of these, or perhaps some of the other shadows have crept into your life.

Please do share your experiences below.


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Musings of Lockdown

Nutrition can be tricky at the best of times, in the current state of the world a lot are struggling to make good choices food wise.
While the reasons can be many, these are the common ones:
– Boredom
– Coping Mechanism
– Lack of Control
While some will get offended, others will seek to be educated in the above and for good reason.
You see the more we know the better our chances of success, whatever that means to you.
Stating the obvious here; no one would willingly choose to be morbidly obese, in poor health and happy about it.
When someone says that is their choice and they are happy it really just doesn’t make a lot of sense, chances are it’s something they’ve now learned to say to protect themselves from feeling ashamed.
Shame is quite interesting.
No one wants to feel it and will go to some extreme lengths to achieve a safe space where no shame can get them, that’s a topic for another day though.
Nutriton, or what we need to do in regards to it as an average person can be broken down as follows:
1 – Eat according to our TDEE needs (loss, gain, maintain)
2 – Consume non-processed foods (high nutrient density)
3 – Drink plenty of clear water
When people get bored they ignore numbers 1 & 2 by going after foods that will spike a rise in dopamine, these are usually high in refined carbohydrates and lack nutritional value.
Perhaps great for energy if you’re high active, otherwise they’re just empty calories that people want be they’re bored and need cheering up.
Coping mechanisms often blow 1,2 & 3 out of the water.
People won’t care about their choices of foods or beverage, they just want to ‘feel’ something and will use whatever they can to achieve that feeling.
This is the most dangerous because it is linked to a persons emotions are they won’t want to let that go, simply because when they feel the world is against them they can always good back to food or alcohol for their reprieve, not a good place to be in.
Lastly, lacking control, this can also effect 1,2 or 3 simply because there is no ‘off switch’ and little thought given to longer term consequences of what is consumed.
People are often aware they lack control, it’s a simple case that they just don’t care enough to do something about it.
Reading the above it’s not uncommon for people to feel attacked when these are addressed, often this will prompt one to ask –
“Why do you feel that way?”
So many times we are told to leave people alone to make their own choices.
Yet the same people that say this are the hypocrites that preach helming everyone with their problems etc etc.
The world only care when it needs to or has direct effects that compromise ‘insert persons’ life, otherwise they’ll be a roaring fan for all that is good paying lip service to it, with 0% chance of ever acting on their words.
People generally are very hollow these days.
As such nutrition is something that reveals a lot about a person and the place their in.
Even those who are ‘impeccable’ often do it because it gives them the mens elf absolute control over something, yet they then fall into that realm of neurotic and obsessive (coping mechanism), speaking from personal experience on that one.
What does nutrition mean to you on a personal level, meaning is it something simply to sustain life and you’re quite indifferent or is that more in it for you?
Taking some time in this lockdown to be 100% honest with yourself about why you walk the nutritional path you do can be quite revealing.
As such I will share my musing on this:
‘Simple means for a simple person, not afraid to eat what is enjoyed and won’t allow oneself to over eat because of the deeply intrenched fear of becoming obese.’
Yep, the last part is what really keeps my own nutrition fairly consistent.
The pain of being in such dire straits from being excessively overweight is a pain that doesn’t need to be, nor wants to ever be experienced again.
We can be anything we choose in this life, so why not be better than we used to be.
^ Something that stuck with me from childhood, being the skinny fat kid that got bullied n’all.
You should investigate this thoroughly.

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Skipping & Strength – V1

Nothing fancy needed, just yourself a skipping rope & ideally somewhere to do pull ups.

You’ll be working on 5min intervals with 2.5min rest.

The interval is as follows:

10 seconds work – 20 seconds rest > 5min

Here is how it is applied –

Session 1 – W/U+C/D 5min each

A1 – Skipping 10(sprint)/20(slow skip – recover) x5min
Rest 2.5min
B1 – Pull Up 10sec (pull ups)/ 20sec (rest) x5min
Rest 2.5min
A1 – Skipping 10(sprint)/20(slow skip – recover) x5min
Rest 2.5min
B1 – Pull Up 10sec (pull ups)/ 20sec (rest) x5min
Rest 2.5min

Session 2 – W/U+C/D 5min each

A1 – Skipping 10(sprint)/20(slow skip – recover) x5min
Rest 2.5min
B1 – Push Up 10sec (pull ups)/ 20sec (rest) x5min
Rest 2.5min
A1 – Skipping 10(sprint)/20(slow skip – recover) x5min
Rest 2.5min
B1 – Push Up 10sec (pull ups)/ 20sec (rest) x5min
Rest 2.5min

Session 3 – W/U+C/D 5min each

A1 – Skipping 10(sprint)/20(slow skip – recover) x5min
Rest 2.5min
B1 – Squats 10sec (pull ups)/ 20sec (rest) x5min
Rest 2.5min
A1 – Skipping 10(sprint)/20(slow skip – recover) x5min
Rest 2.5min
B1 – Squats 10sec (pull ups)/ 20sec (rest) x5min
Rest 2.5min

Easy peasy.

The Pull/Push/Squat variation can be changed each time, so pistols, single arm push ups, towel pull ups and so on.

A quick 30min that you can also perform multiple times per day.


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