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The Golden Body (Proportionally)

Sculpting a good body isn’t just about working hard in the gym, it’s also about knowing what you’re trying to achieve. The theory of the Golden Ratio has been around for quite some time, it eludes to what you’re bodies proportions should ideally be.

Examples of the Golden Ratio can be found throughout nature and has been a tool of the best artists in the world used for thousands of years. I will not go into the history and science of Phi and Golden Ratio because it would take too long, but in a nutshell it is suggested that things with a ratio of 1 to 1.618 tend to be the most pleasing to look at. Human brains are programmed to look for symmetry and balance in everything, so we can use this clearly defined mathematical constant to our advantage in sculpting a body that is pleasing to the eye.

To have this ratio become effective you first need to get as lean as possible otherwise it’s like wearing sunglasses in the cinema… Pointless. The equation works best of your leanest natural waist, wrist and knee measurements as these are fairly consistent throughout your entire life (you can use your wrist measurement for everything if you only want to do one measurement to save time).

Apart the the obvious health benefits of being leaner it also gives you the best chance at building a decent amount of lean tissue straight out of the gates. Once you have these measurements you will need the following equations:

Waist Size = your determined lean waist measurement
Shoulder Size = 1.6 x your lean waist measurement or 8 x wrist size
Chest Size = 1.3 x your lean waist measurement or 6.5 x wrist size
Arm Size = 2.5 x wrist size
Neck Size = 2.5 x wrist size
Calve Size = 2.5 x wrist size or 1.9 x ankle size
Thigh Size = 1.75 x knee size or wrist size x 4.25

From the equations above you will be able to workout what your ideal physical proportions should be, theoretically.

If we take a male with the following measurement:

Waist Size – 30 inches
Wrist Size – 6 inches
Knee Size – 14 inches

His ideal proportions would be:

Shoulders – 48 inches
Chest – 39/40 inches
Arms – 15 inches
Neck – 15 inches
Calves – 15 inches
Thigh – 24.5/25 inches

To some people those numbers might seem small but when they are laid on someone with a suitable frame (like the chap in the example) they would be aesthetically pleasing and nothing would look out of place.

It’s worth keeping in mind that it’s not only men who want to be pleasing to the eye, women desire this too and it might surprise you to find out that the golden ratio and the same equations applies to the ladies as well (or at least for those ladies who want a fit lean and athletic look).

If a lady has these measurements:

Waist size – 24 inches
Wrist size – 4

She might be expected to suit these proportions well:

Shoulders – 32 inches
Arms – 10 inches
Neck – 10 inches
Calves – 10 inches
Thigh – 16/17 inches

*Woman have naturally wider hips, this will mean they achieve an athletic hour glass figure.

Both example were taken from people with slight frames, this does not mean that everyone needs to aspire to these proportions. It’s ideal that you get YOUR own INDIVIDUAL Waist, Wrist and Knee measurements to make this apply to you.


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