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The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Fat Loss

I hope you had a good bank holiday weekend, the weather might not have been great but at least it gave you a nice long weekend. I trust it was filled with a couple of cheeky beverages?

Be sure to drink plenty of water, otherwise you might feel worse for wear today.

Today you will learn habit number 8.

However, before we move on lets take a look at the first 7 habits to refresh your memory after the long weekend.

1 – They Write Things Down.
2 – They Say No.
3 – They Don’t Listen to Every Single Opinion.
4 – They Use Common Sense.
5 – They Make Their Own Meals.
6 – They Avoid Looking RIGHT At Snacks.
7 – They Eat More Protein & Fibre.

Now you’ve remembered all of the habits so far, let move on.

Habit Number 8: They Drink Plenty of Water.

A behaviour so simple it would almost seems important as breathing. Ok, it’s perhaps one step down from breathing but drinking enough water is pretty high o the list of priorities.

Getting enough water helps them avoid unnecessary calories form other drinks.

There is a slight misconception surrounding ‘fluid’ intake. Lots of people will get in plenty of fluids from a wide array of sources (sugary drinks, caffeine laden beverages, alcohol and dairy based products), but while their fluid intake might be adequate or even exceeding wha they need each day, their water consumption is drastically low.

It is no secret that drinking water has a multitude of health benefits (increased metabolism, better mental focus and many more), not to mention it is also better for your skin. Making sure you drink enough water also has the benefit of reducing the amount of calories you have in a day, this is because not only of increased satiety but also the fact that a lot of people favourite drinks often contain upwards of 350calories PER DRINK (very damaging for your waist line).

Getting enough water helps them avoid unnecessary calories form other drinks.

Does this mean you should never have anything else but water?

Of course not, that wold just be silly and not to mention very antisocial. In work/home environments opting for water should always be your first choice, if you are out on a business meeting and water might seem out of place you can move towards flavoured teas (green is always good), if you’re out of an evening make a sensible choice. Perhaps one glass of wine or one beer won’t do you much harm, but necking 6 or more will leave you with not only a hangover, but possibly some extra pounds too.

Water is your friend, for every 25kg of bodyweight aim to drink a minimum of 1 litre, if you exercises too add in another litre for each hour you’re training.

A 75 kg male who does one hour of training a day will be looking to get it 4 litres of water.

Simple really :).


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