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Tips for Trainers: Return on Investment

Trainers will often fall to their default knowledge 9/10 times and teach people what they enjoy or find easy to coach. While there is nothing with this expanding your knowledge should be a priority and attending courses in your chosen field is a must for any hungry trainer.

Everyone enjoys attending courses that peak their own interests, if this fits in with the niche your business is based on and your style of client then that’s brilliant and feel free to attend all you desire, but if your average client ins’t interested in the same things you are then your courses could be a slight waste of your time and money.

There are a few styles of courses that often offer invaluable information, namely the following:

– Nutrition
– Biomechanics
– NLP/Psychology

Why these 3 specifically?

Those courses have very transferable knowledge that can be applied to almost any type of client and will normally improve your business, where as courses like:

– Olympic Lifting
– Sports Specific S&C
– Specialist Equipment (Bulgarian Bags, TRX, Kettlebells etc)

May not have a lot of relevance to your clients, no for lack of effectiveness, rather lack of equipment or the correct facilities to train them in, not to mention the specific goals of the clients themselves.

It’s highly encouraged that you attend courses to develop your skills, just make sure they are relevant and will offer a return on your investment. If you pay £300 for a weekend course then you will want to make £3000 from that course in the space of 1 year, unless you’re doing a course purely for your own academic masturbation.


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