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Chase Performance, Not Fatigue.

Training more than once per day is possible, actually it can be incredibly beneficial and has been used by various athletic coaches for many many years. There has also been a lot of chat from well respected coaches such as Nick Mitchell, Charles Poliquin and alike about training a muscle group multiple times, with each workout being spaced 5-7days apart.

If you want to know how to write a program that will allow you to safely and effectively workout twice a day and provide you with some of the best results you’ve ever had, then I invite you to keep reading.

This is my personal philosophy towards this style of training & the secret to making this style of training work:

“Chase Performance, Not Fatigue.”

What do I mean by that?

If you were deciding to train once per day then adopting the age old principle of “I must ache or this workout has been wasted!” is not so much of an issue, however outdate it’s principles might be – though they do have a place.

Training twice or more per day will require you to leave a session feeling worked but not destroyed, pumped but not stiff, do you get my drift? It will also increase muscle protein synthesis.

Leaving your first session you should feel worked with a good pump in the muscle you were working, then after say 3-4hours you should be feeling ready to tackle the weights again for round two.

Once you undergo your second session (depending on your desired goal) the same principles will apply, the only differences would be your selection of exercise choice and their purpose – Strength might mean Heavy Sets with Low Reps in the AM followed by Medium loading and higher reps and lower sets in the PM.

Structuring two workouts in one day is not as hard as you might think, it simply requires you to hit the same muscle groups with different exercise variations, different sets, different reps and different loads. When you understand the basic principles of loading/sets & reps you will be able to plan an efficient twice daily training program.

Here is a great structure to follow:


  • 2 Compound Lifts Tops (best in jump set fashion A1 – Rest B1 – Rest – A1 )
  • 1-5 Reps
  • 10-25 Set (10×5, 12×2, 15×1 etc)
  • Rest as needed


  • 4-6 Exercise Variations (2-3 for each AM lift, these work well in traditional super sets & tri-sets)
  • 8-12 Reps
  • 4-6 Sets
  • Rest 60-90 Seconds

You can train how ever many days you have free or ideally do a 4 on 1 off rotation – Legs (anterior focus), Chest/Back, Legs (posterior focus), Shoulders/Back.

Remember, Chase Performance, Not Fatigue.


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