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A little lesson in effort.

Morning All,
When was the last time you really put any effort in to something?
I’m not talking about ‘kinda effort’.
The on being referred to is that which makes you so uncomfortable you don’t even want to start it because you know it’s going to be a struggle each and every time.
This is the kid of effort that changes you fundamentally as a person when you come out the other end.
A level of effort that make soy want to quit daily.
That is what I mean.
If you can’t think of the last time you experienced something like this then perhaps you’re coasting.
There can’t be peaks without valleys.
If you never have that gut wrenching dread of something you need to be doing then the chances are you’re not truly challenging yourself.
Of course this is not to say you won’t have those ‘good times’, you know the ones, where everything falls in to place and it’s all to easy.
That my friends is a peak.
You’re reaping the rewards from he fruit of your labour and because of the effort you put in, each bite of success tastes all the sweeter for it.
That is what we strive.
Many had a taste of that in it’s lowest form when they started going to the gym, lsat some weight, got hot and finally overcame a fear.
After this though people take their foot off the gas because they’re now happy, content, a cog in the machine of mediocrity, as it were.
You can spot someone of this ilk because they will get very offended by reading something like this and say arbitrary things such as:
“If you’re happy that’s what matters.”
“You shouldn’t care what anybody else thinks.”
Blah blah blah.
Mediocrity, that is what that is, big firmly in the comfort zone that sucks everyone in and won’t let them leave because if someone was to break out and start to better themselves and achieve more they’d make everyone else feel bad, and we can’t have that in our sensitive modern world.
Life is struggle.
Life is suffering.
Life is meant to be tough so that when the times are good you appreciate them so much more and become truly thankful for that which the mediocre take for granted.
No one owes you a damn thing, remember that.
So my good people who read these little rants, when was the last time you put in a real effort in to something?
The kind of effort that changed you at your core.
The kind that made you a better human.
The kind that makes life so much sweeter in the end.
I humbly ask you to leave a comment below, an honest comment, not one that you think sounds like what you should say, a comment that is what you want to say no matter how un-PC it sounds.
I look forward to reading them.

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Training, Vegeta & what is means to really break your limits

One quality that will improve your training instantly.
It’s effort.
Like, real effort.
I’m talking about that which forces the body in to a place where it has but two choices – Adapt and overcome, or lay down and die.
If there is a better way to initiate change, I have yet to hear it.
Well, that’s a tad extreme to say, there are a lot of ways to get change, however this is one that has proven itself throughout the decades.
Now training like this is not something you can do very often, it takes a hefty toll on the body.
If you undergo a solid 6 months of this you’d only need 2-3 training sessions per week, along with plenty of nutritious food and sleep.
Dear god don’t forget about sleep, it’s a precious commodity.
This style of training is hard, yet very rewarding because of all the extra time you have to do other things.
Many will not value it.
Most try it for a few weeks and always end up saying that they don’t feel like they’re doing enough and in the initial stages this might be the case because they haven’t yet broken that barrier mentally.
You know the one.
It tells us to stop, yet if you are it past that one the next screams at you to relent, keep going and you hit the wall where you will either stop or find that little something extra, something special and break through to the next level.
Very much like the attitude of Vegeta from Dragon Ball.
While Goku, being the main protagonist seem sot always get there due to creative writing, Vegeta is the real one to learn from.
He is prideful, driven and above all else hungry to catch Kakarot and even though he is devoid of the natural gifts and opportunities his rival possess and has been given, he does everything he can because he has a purpose.
Eventually he realises that he doesn’t want what Goku has, he will break his limits in his own way regardless and as a result gives everything he has.
It’s taken hundreds of episodes for him to get to this stage in his character development, however that’s what makes him worthy of respect.
Anyway, back to the point as I’ve drifted.
Put in some real effort.
This does not just mean doing more, it means doing better.
Even if you do less, do it better and with true grit, determination and gusto, give it YOUR all.

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Fear Is Good

Morning Guys,

A healthy does of fear can help you hit new GR’s (gym records) and even new PB’s (personal bests) in competition.

The idea of blocking out the nerves and ignoring them is often spoken about, with good reason too. Some people let their fear get the better of them to the point where the can’t do anything and become paralysed, but there are those few who embrace their fear and use it as fuel to push them through.

There is a fine line and balance that needs to be achieved, too achieve this state of mind will differ for every person so I can’t tell you exactly how you get in to the mindset, but I can give you a pointer from my perspective.

– Put a weight not he bar that makes you scared but hungry for it.

The saying “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” is actually a very true statement. You need to have a desire to achieve, but this desire is never more present than when you’re slightly scared.

I am not saying to go all out every session, but it would be work pushing yourself on certain lifts so that you learn how to control and embrace your fear while remaining hungry for progression.


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