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A little bit of reality for y’all that the ‘health’ gurus won’t tell you

Health is only valued once it’s lost.

Chances are you’ve heard of that old cliche, and yet it’s very true.

Experience has shown that there are certain elements to our heath that we can control (most of the time) and they are as follows:

– What we put in our bodies
– How stress is dealt with
– Sleep
– Physical activity

You may find a few more here and there, yet these cause the biggest impact.

In regards to what goes into your body, this comes in the form of your nutrition, substances and all things of that nature.

Look at it this way, people choose to eat terribly, smoke and drink excessive amounts, then complain when their health is in the toilet.

Um, no, you don’t get to complain for something you willing did to yourself, it’s your fault and anyone who tells you differently isn’t helming you, they’re merely having you shift accountability and this can leads to dependence, or various logical excuses as to why you struggle.

This leads into the second point, how you deal with stress.

We can all agree life is mostly suffering and shit, yet how you choose to deal with that, be it an emotional reaction that sends you towards drugs & drink or a rational decision to perhaps take up yoga/meditation.

Stress is inevitable, however how YOU choose to react/respond to it isn’t.

Put simply, make better choices.

Of course consider your emotional needs, and everything else that needs to be considered, just don’t react instantaneously because this is one of the quickest ways to form poor coping mechanisms and terrible lifestyle habits.

The more time you give in to you animalistic, primal and childish urges the more this will have knock on effects throughout your life.

One main area this can effect is sleep.

(You can improve sleep by limiting technology before bed, black out blinds, a comfortable room temp, etc – seriously google it, there is a load of into on how to improve sleep)

You end up with a broken circadian rhythm, poor habits where you get up in the night to go and eat to emotional comfort yourself, or have a drink or a smoke or who know what else.

This all leads to excessive cortisol, basically you’re a frightened animal that is always not he run with no respite.

While the first two can take a few years to reveal their damage, poor sleep shows you its ugly side within a few days.

This in turn leads to more stress, then that goes back up the change to making more poor decisions as to what goes into your body, a truly vicious cycle.

^ Yes I literally repeated the same thing in different wording and do you know why, because it’s IMPORTANT and you need to realise it sooner rather than later.

Lastly this leads to your physical activity.

Ofter it goes on of two ways:

1 – You embrace sloth, grow fat and destroy your health
2 – You become addicted to training & destroy your health

The reason for number two not being all fluffy and worm is this – people try to use exercise (especially excessive exercise) to compensate for all of the above being shit.

I’ve seen it time and again for almost 20 years.

As much as I personally love fitness, there is a reason it’s last on this list, and that is because out of the 4 above it’s the last important.

Without optimal consumption and ingestion of items into your body you can’t perform.

Without a method of dealing with stress appropriately then adding extra stress from training will end up being more distress as opposed to the eustress that it’s meant to be.

Without adequate sleep you won’t recovery and probably end up injured, frustrated and emotionally comforting yourself through your poor choices/habits.

You see even when all of the above is shit you can still gain refuge from training and perhaps even make some progress use to the positive effect it can have in helping you adjust your habits.

Yet as mentioned above this is where things go wrong because you try and ‘out train’ your problems/shortcomings.

It’s essentially like trying to swim through wet sand.

Take a look at the big picture for a second.

See where you’re falling short and address it honestly, don’t hold anything back or better yet get someone who won’t mind hurting your feelings to give you the talk you need.

Yes it will suck, it will hurt, yet for hourlong term health it is exactly what you need.

Go back and re-read the above.

Make notes about yourself and any thoughts that spring to mind.

One sure fire way to know if something directly applies to you is this – you get pissy, offended, the hump, or whatever you want to call it.

When you have an immediate emotional reaction and you stop yourself blurting something out that often means a nerve has been hit and it has direct relevance to you and your internal (possibly external too) growth.

If you have any questions feel free to ping a comment down below of fire of a message.


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Reflective Ramblings

You wouldn’t trust a dentist with bad teeth and poor dental hygiene 🦷
So why it is that fitness professional feel that can be in bad health and out of shape, while still getting the respect they desire is quite odd.
Same is true for people in the medical realms, the amount of people that champion good health, etc are often morbidly obese and hardly a good advert for following their own advice/recommendations.
Now don’t think this is a focused jibe at only a select few.
It’s relevant to a lot of people in a lot of professions.
Take the ‘weight loss’ coach who’ve over weight, or the strength coach that doesn’t life and the online business guru that didn’t have any hint of success in their own business.
While their outward appearance and successes are only one factor to consider, they can’t be overlooked.
Often we are the result of our habits/behaviour.
Years ago when reading the ‘One Minute Manager’ by Johnson & Blanchard, they bring up a great point in the one minute reprimand section.
The person is great, however their behaviour is less than conducive to success/productivity.
(I will grab a shot of the overall outline for this which will be todays photo).
Looking at the behaviours we NEED and them comparing them to the behaviours we HAVE can be quite eye opening.
Speaking from bitter experience of making endless mistakes I personally learned that more often than not the problem was with me.
This in tern yielded a very vigilant attitude that would seek out any and all information to see if it was purely an individual thing (in my head) or if it was shared.
More often than not it was an internal behaviour that needed to change.
At his point you hold you hand up, accept you’re the issue and then go about ascertaining the behaviours YOU need to adopt to gain the desired outcome.
Simple 👍
As such these three questions are always worth asking yourself, perhaps even asking them every day too:
1 – What behaviours are required to achieve XYZ & why?
2 – What are my current behaviours & Why?
3 – How will I change my behaviours to succeed?
Now if you’ve got many things to change, choose the most important ones that need addressing immediately.
^ Personally I love the Eisenhower Matrix for this, that’s the 4 quartered box with these over each:
Important & Urgent – Do it
Important & Not Urgent – Diarise it
Not Important & Urgent – Delegate it
Not Important & Not Urgent – Delete it
You can use this to address what needs addressing.
Behaviour change can be hard, yet speaking from the eyes of a weary fitness practitioner it’s always best to lead by example.
On this path you’ll also need to be cripplingly honest with yourself.
I’ve been doing the a lot with myself recently, especially in regards to training and attitude, what was dug up wasn’t pretty, there was some rather abounding cognitive dissonance.
Example: Training – In my ego my squat was still an easy 140kg for 10 as base strength after a couple of bad injuries and no real squatting of 3 years, the reality was not this, 110kg for 10’s is the reality.
To move forwards it needed to be accepted and behaviours changed.
It breaks your heart, really it does, yet to grow we need to do it and we need to hear such things.
More importantly though we need to action them.
Knowing what to do and acting upon it are two very different things, you see many know what to do, they will talk about it and not actually do it, they have their reasons why, yet from my own experience it was always and will probably always be because of this:
The incorrect behaviour & resistance to change.
Anyway, that is enough of my reflective rambling today.
Please do leave your thoughts below.

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Scoring points, it’s not all bad

Given the surplus time some have found themselves with, it’s the perfect opportunity to focus on some restorative work.
Training for any goal can come with its fair share of aches, pains, niggle & injuries.
Many of us will forget to focus on long term function for short term success.
True enough some pay a higher price than others, however you’d do well to reduce some of that accrued debt.
What do I mean by this?
Here is a mindset option for you to perhaps adopt once this is all over.
Training 1 Hour = -30 points
Training 10 hours a week total = 300 points cost (debt)
To pay back the debt, here is how you amass credit:
– 8 Hours Sleep (7 days per week*) = +100 points
– Optimal Nutrition (whole foods daily**) = +100 points
– Massage (any external manual therapy) = +30 points
– Meditative Practice (any for 20min) = +20 points
– Mobility/Stretching Work Daily (10min) = +10 points
*meaning 56 total hours of sleep.
**Not eating like a child, high nutrient dense food ideally
As you can see the two that carry the most points are sleep & nutrition, meaning these need to be on point daily for the week to gain you only +200 points against your debt.
However ^^ this means you need this to be on point everyday, otherwise you won’t get the full benefit.
If you do 10 hours a week then you’re still -100 in debt.
You can regain a lot of points via meditative work, mobility & flexibility work.
Say you do a total of 5 sessions a week of meditative work, that’s +100 points.
Boom, your debit is paid.
Why stop there though?
The add in another 10min daily (70min total) of stretching/mobility work and perhaps have one massage a week, meaning +100 points credit to be used or banked.
You may attribute different points to your scale, the above is just an example.
The underlying usage is this – recovery is worth more than training.
Sounds silly, however the harder you train the harder you must recover too.
You should investigate this thoroughly.

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Desire, Inclusivity & More

One thing that people universally desire from any for of exercise is a result.
Now what this result is can differ, however there is still one that is sought after.
Believe it or not this is why people actually start training.
What keeps people training is them actually achieving the result, not just enjoying the training.
In my experience people always seems o enjoy their training more when they feel it’s working, doubly so when it actually works, funny that.
If you are honest with yourself how much would you really enjoy something that isn’t giving you any real benefit or providing you a satisfactory feeling/result?
Not long I’m willing to bet.
I don’t say this on a whim either.
I say it because it’s true and working with hundreds of people of the years has only proven this, despite what conventional wisdom and popular opinion may say.
When you’re getting nothing from something you won’t do it for long, and even if you enjoyed it at the start that won’t last.
One of the biggest reasons we do anything is because we want something.
The modern attitude will say this is selfish and should be shamed, yet is there really anything so wrong with wanting more or the best for yourself?
No, there isn’t.
(so long as you’re not hurting other people to achieve it)
These days we allow people to fail.
In fact we almost encourage it by saying things such as:
“You’re fine just as you are.”
“If you enjoy doing it then keep doing it.”
“Do what makes you happy.”
While on the outside they all seem like the right and good things to say, this isn’t always the case.
There are many situations where when people do what makes them happy the consequences are disastrous, same goes for not pushing people out of the comfort zone to grow and shed their shell so that they can gain a new one.
Personally I hold inclusivity in contempt for this.
You see in trying to include everyone there were two paths to take to achieve this.
1 – Bring them up to higher levels
2 – Lower the current levels to make it easier
Our modern world went for the latter and as a result it’s made a lot of people weak, both physically and mentally.
This isn’t good.
Why would you not want to bring people up?
Now there will be plenty of people who say this isn’t fair, it makes people feel bad and so on, which may indeed be the case, however life isn’t fair. Life has never been nor will ever be fair.
The easy and fair life is a pipe dream.
The sooner people realise that the better, and the more willing they are to accept that it’s okay to want to improve on what they have and strive for more the faster they’ll progress.
While it may be considered selfish to want more, that doesn’t mean it’s not a worthwhile thing to chase.
Thinking back to your own training over the years, what did you enjoy the most?
Now think about when you got the best results (or achieve a goal you really wanted), did you enjoy the training/process purely because of the training/process or was it worth it because of the reward at the end?
Share your thoughts below.

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Super secret nutrition tip to guarantee success.

Utilising this groundbreaking truth will literally change your life.
– Make concise conscious & accepting their consequences.
As adults we are free to choose our desired nutrition protocol for life. We even have the ability to change it too 😱
One thing to remember though is that whatever you decide to do there will be consequences as a result of said choice and no amount of shifting blame, ignoring logic or just ‘how good you’ve been all week’ will change that.
Listen guys, if you feel like having cake then go have cake.
It’s pretty simple.
Yet if having said cake sends you on a downward spiral (and you know it will) and you still choose to have the cake then that’s on you. Even if you say you were ‘stressed’ or ‘needed’ it or whatever, you still made the choice so you’ll have to deal with the ramifications of it.
Being a little more responsible makes for big changes.
Give it some thought.

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Beware the Company You Keep

Nutrition is a struggle for a lot of people.
The connection many have to their foods is strong.
Considering most people have a food for every situation, mood or desired feeling they’re after its easy to understand.
Try to make some adjustments, even those that will result in long term benefit and people just can’t handle it.
Like a child they pine over their treats and get pissy.
Of course you can eat, drink and otherwise consume whatever you choose if you’re an adult yet you’d do well not to expect sympathy or leeway when you start complaining about being overweight.
That my friends is the result of your choice, own it.
Now you’ll find many start to say that it’s easier for some, they don’t have that sweet tooth or what ever other bollocks will be cultivated to justify their behaviour.
True enough there can be some deep psychological reasons for addiction to foods, yet given the level of intelligence and information in our world now people know this already.
Thus is comes down to their own choice.
So you might be wandering what makes people decide to go for a different choice, the answer is simple yet not very nice.
They’ve finally reached the point where they feel bad enough about themselves to do something.
The discomfort now outweighs the small pleasurable hit they get from food.
In my experience people are more likely to move away from pain than towards pleasure.
Yet this can be hard when you’ve got an addiction.
Oh yes, many people are heavily addicted to food, or rather the feeling that food gives them.
Being the emotional creatures we are we get addicted to the feeling that we get from ‘the thing’ as opposed to getting addicted to the actual thing itself, for the most part.
If you’re genuinely not sure why you can’t make an adjustment to your nutrition then apply the following steps.
1 – Eat as normal
2 – Write down each feeling/emotion said food provides
3 – Reflect on this and make a choice
I know people will start to bitch piss and moan about life being for enjoyment blah blah blah.
Okay we get it, people like foods such as ice cream.
News flash, this is pretty much true across the board.
Decedent foods will always be sought after because that’s how we evolved, to seek out those foods that light up our senses and make us feel good, yet in our world of overly abundant amounts of them this just leads to one unfortunate outcome….
You get fat.
There I said it.
Making poor food choices multiple times over and in large quantities will lead you down he path of getting fat.
Of course how large you become will be determined by your social circle and what they consider to be acceptable.
You see peer pressure is just as prevalent amongst obese people as they say it is amongst the slim.
If you’re surrounded by the large and you’re not large then in time you will join them. They will make subtle remarks over time about you not eating enough, being small and so on.
Eventually their peer pressure leads you to obesity and poor health.
If you delve in to the social circles/backgrounds of people you’ll find the reasons for why they are the way they are.
You are the way you are because of the choices your group allows you to make because it fits in with their values, beliefs and biases.
The mythic state of being an individual is not really what people think it is.
A tough truth to hear.
Take some time to mull over this.
Look at the people around you, closest to you and see just how they’ve influenced you.
Then make a choice, stay in the place you’re in or make a change.

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7 Calorie Sources of a Nefarious Nature.

Does this sounds familiar to you?
– You watch what you eat.
– Each day you’re diligent and control your cravings.
– This have been the way for months now, feeling proud you should.
Things have plateaued, or worse, a few lbs have crept back on.
While there are various potential reasons for this (movement efficiency, lower TDEE, GAS, etc), one of the most common is sneaky calories.
It is all too easy to over eat.
You can blame genetics, environment and even god because god wants you to stay on the lager side of life as all people of that ilk are jolly, apparently.
While potentially true, the probability is low.
As a species we are wired to seek out things that make us happy, that comfort us, the give us a ‘fix’ if we feel something is missing.
Oh yes, food is a powerful tool indeed.
“Let food be thy medicine” and all that.
It is alarmingly obvious how much it affects your health, or lack there of, its the one thing most people have in common and the majority have control over (less for dire and unfortunate circumstances).
As such here are 7 common food items that pack a rather hefty caloric punch.
Because yes, calories do matter.
1 – Peanut Butter
It’s so tasty, so moorish, so destructive to your goals if you eat an entire tub in one sitting (which is easily done)
2 – Fancy Coffees
Personally I quite like a coffee, black of course.
I often venture in to various establishments and take a look over the menu acting as if I’m going to have something different, when everyone knows I’m going for a black coffee because of habit.
Did you know a flavoured latte can be at the lowest end 250 calories in one go?
It’s not hard to have 2-3 of those a day, for some in one sitting, just let that sink in.
3 – Protein/Snack Bars
May convenience reign supreme. It will keep our bellies full, our wallets empty and our waistlines ever expanding.
Often 100-300 calories per bar, I know people like you who demolish 5+ a day with ease because they’re made to be ever so delicious.
By all means enjoy them, just don’t fall to gluttony.
4 – Smoothies
Literally the devil in blended form.
While the proposed health benefits of your Whole Foods Smoothie are enticing you may also find that a single one of these can tip the sales at around 350-500calories commonly (based on store bought ones).
Obviously enjoyable, just be mindful.
5 – That 1 Alcoholic Drink a Night
Now one drink a day may not kill you, however if you find yourself having it before 10am you might need to see someone.
The issue in this comes from the size of glass people use, and some fall in to the trap of opting for say a low-calorie Gin, 90cals per hit, as such they have 11.
Okay, maybe not 11, however at least 2-3, the can happen several days a week and maybe double on the weekend.
While this may be your way of ‘relaxing after a long day at work’ it’s not the most optimal.
6 – Office Treats (various)
Cakes, biscuits, candy canes, anything you just pick at, they can all have you racking up callers without your knowledge.
Before you say or think it, no, you don’t deserve a treat.
You give dogs treats, last time I checked you’re not a dog.
*If you are a dog and you’re reading this with 100% comprehension, please know I’m impressed.
7 – Low Calorie Foods (any)
Yea, I can’t believe I wrote that either.
This falls in the same realm as the low calorie gin mother dearest has after dealing with her darling children all day.
Typically because something is low calorie people don’t feel guilty about having it, which is great before the mob decides to set up a lynch party.
Due to not feeling guilty of their ‘less than 100 calorie snack’ people will eat serval of them, across the span of a day you can consume 3,4,5 or more of these ‘low calorie snacks’ on top of your average meals.
Worst part is people won’t track them as they don’t see them as ‘real food’
All of this leads to an excess of energy and a potential calorie surplus, and that my friends leads to weight gain.
The gain coulee be LBM or fat Mass, that will come down to things such as training, hormones, etc.
(Most end up with fat mass gain, unfortunately)
There you have it, the seven sins you didn’t know about.
I rsememrb the days where the only ones you have to worry about were Lust, Envy, Greed, Wrath, Pride, Gluttony & Sloth.
Alas, this is our modern world.
Give the above some thought and just be mindful.
If you want to have a food you enjoy then please fill your boots, if the feeling the food yields you is something you need and can’t live without then so be it, however it the long term results have lead you to a dark place mentally then you may need to consider sacrificing that which you enjoy.
Not what people want to hear I know, however it’s often what they need to hear.
You’ve got all the control, use it well 🤗

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Why choose health when you can choose sickness instead?

If 2017 didn’t go the way you’d hoped, don’t worry, 2018 won’t be that different.

We are creatures of habit, unfortunately.

Some may even call us lazy.

Think about it for a second, there are plenty of less than optimal things people willingly choose to continue doing each day (for what ever reason), things such as smoking, drinking, drugs, binge eating, crossing the road without looking, telling their significant other they’re wrong, the list of things people do that are hazardous to their heath just goes on and on, yet the repeat their patters everyday.

Do you repeat yours?

If you do, this shouldn’t be a cause for concern, is should just be acceptance that you have a choice to make and you’re making it.

Now except for truly extenuating circumstances, most of the things that happen to us are of consequence related to our choices, be those immediate or delayed.

Take eating terribly for example.

This is something people do willingly because the risk-reward is worthy it currently. Give it perhaps 10 years and they may find they’ve pilled on 5+ stone, this might be enough for some to decide that they’ve not made the best choices in life and start to implement small yet sustainable habit/lifestyle changes to lead a more fulfilling life.

On the other hand some will go the other way and fall in to the group that say “Sod it, no point in changing now.’. This may eventually result in a medical issue – heart problem, diabetes etc – however it’s something they’re willing to have happen and thankfully because of the great advancements in medical care it can be managed and their poor quality of life sustained.

Could you imagine if medical help was only give to those who lead a mostly optimal life in terms of their lifestyle habits?

What a change that would be.

Sweet treats would be just that, treats had on rare occasions, not a staple ‘food’ of daily life. Then there would  be the amount people smoke, geez that could even be a relic of a forgotten past.

Sadly though this will  never happen and as such is moot point at best.

That said, I want you to give it some thought. Think about what you’re doing to yourself, supposing that you were not born with or unfortunately become afflicted by a serious medical condition and had the ability to leads a healthy, active life and just thought you’d rather slop around, get fat, become increasingly more unhealthy and slowly destroy yourself one day at a time.

Okay, that is quite harsh, however it’s true for many people.

Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to work with people who through no choice of their own have had a very hard life, rife will illness, poor health and much more, yet they make the best choices they can to get the best out of their life and optimise what little healthy they have. Then there’s you, smashing 2 bottles of cola a day while finishing of a pac of 20 super-kings over a nice Dominos.

Remember you don’t have to change your life, you don’t have to value your health, you don’t even have to care what others think about you and how you live your life, what I would urge though is to think about those who didn’t get the healthy start you did and the fact that you’re choosing sickness over wellness.

Go on, think about it long and hard.

Many don’t value their heath until it’s gone, please don’t be one of them.



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The secret that all fat loss diets don’t want you to know

Diets, there’s certainly a lot of them, especially of the weight loss variety.
Carb Cycling
The Blood of Your Enemies
Intermittent Fasting
And many many more
You’ll find a lot of them actually work to some degree and the reason for that is typically one that all have in common.
A calorie deficit.
The main factor in shifting weight downwards on the scales is being in a calorie deficit, or negative energy balance, you’ll find this can be achieved via a purely nutritional deficit or a combination of nutrition and training.
If you do aim to mix training (weight lifting) and nutrition to create a good deficit you’ll find that you get a better result, this is because your body will now have an inherent need to maintain muscle and strength while shifting fat, meaning you’ll achieve that ‘toned’ look that is wanted.
If you’re in a deficit you will become lighter, that’s just how the body works, even if you’re eating ‘bad foods’, while food choice is important for health reasons, a deficit is a deficit, you can technically each jelly beans and toast and shift weight, provide you’re in a deficit, however I’d advise eating more whole foods, unless you don’t care for your heath, your choice.
Nothing fancy today, just a few words on how to shift the excess and those words are, caloric deficit (or negative energy balance for the science nerds).

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