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Morning Guys,

If there is one thing people who decide to get fit are subjected to it’s the often a misguided Stereotype.

Stereotype by definition means a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing. I feel people who exercise battle these everyday.

If someone says they go to the gym and lift weights or run for sport what is your immediate thought about what or howl they should look?

Is it any of these:

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Paula Radcliffe or Mo Farah

The same is true for people who say they’re on a diet, images of Victoria’s Secret Models and alike spring to the majority of peoples minds.

Everyone has preconceived images of how people ‘should’ look if the pursue a specific endeavor, but it is very rare that these stereotypical images are correct or even relevant to the majority of the population. These preconceived notions are often formed on outdated information and should be ignored or the person should be educated with more relevant examples to dispel these myths.

An unfortunate side effect of stereotypes is they can put a person off their journey of health, fitness and looking better because they fear looking a certain way. To remove any doubt I would jump on the old google-monster and run a search on people who are similar in build/stature to you and seeing what they’ve naturally achieved (this won’t be too far off what you can achieve), this should dispel any uncertainties you might have.

It is true that some fit the stereotypical image that people have in their heads, but those few are the minority not the majority.

I say ignore those who label you with a stereotype. Simply smile and explain that they’re wrong before walking away proudly.


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