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Correct Intensity?

Do you know what intensity is?

In short it’s the % amount of your 1RM you’re using in resistance training or the % amount of your HHR used in CV training.

The higher the percentage of your max the more intensity you’re achieving.

Pretty simple really.

To establish your 1RM is you don’t know it (therefore working from a predicted 1RM) you will need to take a weight and rep until failure.

Weight x Reps x 0.0333 + Weight = Estimated 1RM

100 x 5 x 0.0333 + 100 = 117kg (rounded up)

Now that is a predicted 1RM, you now simply multiply that number by 0.7 for 70% or 0.85 for 85% and so on.

If you want to know your target HR zones then the use of Karvonen Formula is needed.

First you will need your alleged max heart rate: 200 – Age. Then you take off your resting heart rate to leave you with yet another number, this is the number you will multiply by 0.7 and then add back in your resting heart rate to get 70% of your HRR.

This will make it easier to understand:

For example, for a 25 yr old who has a resting heart rate of 65, wanting to know his training heart rate for the intensity level 60% – 70%.

His Minimum Training Heart Rate:
220 – 25 (Age) = 195
195 – 65 (Rest. HR) = 130
130 x .60 (Min. Intensity) + 65 (Rest. HR) = 143 Beats/Minute

His Maximum Training Heart Rate:
220 – 25 (Age) = 195
195 – 65 (Rest. HR) = 130
130 x .70 (Max. Intensity) + 65 (Rest. HR) = 156 Beats/Minute

His training heart rate zone will therefore be 143-156 beats per minute.

Now you know how to set your workouts to the correct intensity you will find out if you were working hard enough or not.


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