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Capital D, Sound Like You?

Hopefully you had a great Christmas.

Today is a second day of festivities for a lot of families.

Well, it usually is.

Did you know that it’s not uncommon from people to chow down on anywhere from and extra 7000 to 10,000 calories in these back to back festive days 🤯

That’s a lot of decadent food to be enjoyed. Deservedly so in some cases too. Why did I have to go and say it like that?

“In some cases” 🧐

Because truth be told it’s the way things are.

Personally knowing a lot of people that are sporting a waist line that extends past their pecs/bust.

Looking like a capital D when standing sideways isn’t good.

If you’re honest it’s not the stature you’d willingly choose for yourself 🧠

People deny that how they look physically matters.

Yet if your fairy godmother was to appear and proclaim she could wave her wand and have you instantly transform your current body to something else that you desire with no effort, it’d be a struggle to find anyone that would refuse such an offer.

Of course people will say they would, yet they wouldn’t.Obviously that’s nothing more than a ‘what if’.

In the grand scheme of things it means nothing 😂

That being said, you can change how you look physically, this we know to be true and this then begs the question, why don’t you?

Moving in to 2021 it’d be nice to make it a year of the aesthetic.Focusing on our physical bodies has been demonised of late.

Slammed hard by the body positive movement that you need to love your body at any size, shape, etc.

On top of that they also proclaim you can be healthy at any weight, despite all the given evidence to the contrary ✍️

Go and take a look at yourself in the mirror.

Go now.

Take photos because for some this post-christmas picture will be the best potential one to show how much progress that can make.

You’d then look to take your next picture on the 24-12-2021 📆

What would be an entire years worth of effort, lifestyle change and transformation.

Full transparency, it won’t be easy and you need to want it.

Why you wouldn’t want to look physically more impressive than you currently do is an interesting route to explore.

Remember that you’d not be doing this for anyone else.

You’d be doing it for you.

You’d be giving your body the time, respect and attention it needs, plus when done correctly with a trainer/coach you’ll find a plethora of health & lifestyle benefits too, of that I can promise you 🤙 (best pinky emoji I can do)

In fact please answer me this – why wouldn’t you want this?

Again please be aware it’s not to be done for the respect, praise, affirmation or the validation of others, it’s done for you 🥰

That just so happens to come as a byproduct.

Go now, take that photo and begin your journey today.

Moving forwards you’d also do well to add in the following:

📕– Diary (for training, food, mood and thoughts)
👥– Hire a coach/trainer in some capacity
👫– Tell people about your goal*
🎯– Write down what this would mean to you emotionally & why
🤙– Promise yourself & one close other you’ll succeed

*This is important because some will offer support, encouragement and help, while others will hate and try to derail you. Guess what though, you need both, especially the second lot because they’re the ones that keep your fire lit and propelling you forwards 🔥

The year of 2021 will be a mess with COVID, it’s not going away.

So why not focus on something that can disappear, like that expanded waist line we mentioned earlier.

Also remember if you need help you can message with any questions or curiosities you have.

You’ll also find literally everything you need via the ‘search’ function on this page for training programs, nutrition and anything else you can think of.

Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Time to go take that photo if you haven’t.

Make sure they’re the most real you can make them, that means no posing to make yourself look slimmer or better than you do, embrace the stare you’re in, perhaps even feel a little upset about it and then go do something about it 🤗


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Body Weight Basics – Test Your MIGHT!

We all would like to think of ourselves as strong, but in what context?

Being able to lift 2x your body weight over your head is phenomenally strong, so it deadlifting 4x body weight from the floor. With strength levels like this you would assume such people could perform basic body weight movements without any issue and for multiple reps too.

Some people do not disappoint you in this aspect, but there a great many that would leave you speechless at their complete lack of body weight strength.

If we are to take the largest compound exercises most commonly used – Squat, Bench, Deadlift and Overhead Press – then convert these in to body weight alternatives with some target rep ranges how would you fair?

Squat – Box Jump 3/4 of own height & 40 Burpees

Bench – Push Up 60 reps (Male) 40 reps (Female)

Deadlift – Broad Jump your own height & perform 1 Nordic Hamstring Curl with full R.O.M

Overhead Press – Wall supported Hand Stand Push Up 10 Reps (Male) 5 (Reps Female)

It’s also worth throwing in Pull Ups (overhand grip) 20 Reps is the target for Males and 10 for Females.

*All of these reps should be performed with good form and in an unbroken fashion.

These are simple standers to meet but not many people would achieve them. I myself can’t do them all, I hit 6 reps on the handstand press up and start to lose form which shows my shoulders need some work.

I have based these number off of various different sources (military standards, gymnastic standards and people who purely train in calisthenics).

Do you think you have what it takes to hit these necessary requirements?

Test your might!



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