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Over the years we are involved and surrounded by fitness we learn and grow, what we perhaps once used to value is no longer a priority and if that’s the case with you then allow me to be the first to congratulate you because you’re doing what many fail to do, growing.

The old views I used to hold were centered around high volume with a low-moderate frequency, I also used to train body parts, this has changed over time.

Below is what training means to me these days and how I look at and approach building training programs.

My current approach to training is as follows:

– Mobility before stability
– Stability before strength
– Patterns develop from the ground-up/midline-out
– Strength develops more with the patterns
– More does not always equal better
…in that order.

Essentially, if you don’t have the ability to control your body/control your movement, you have no right adding strength on top of your dysfunction, there are too many people who end up injured and worse off because they rush in to things ignoring the values above.

When it comes to the movements I use, the list below is in order of LEAST importance to MOST important:

– Push
– Pull
– Squat
– Hinge
– Explosive Full-Body – Loaded – Carries Kettlebell/Barbell Snatches etc
– Various Rotary Movements – Get Ups

While you could further break each of these down to unilateral, bilateral, horizontal, and vertical, these 6 movements make up everything we do as athletes or strong healthy people. Each training program must cover all of these equally, however what you will find is that people are bias towards pushing moments – don’t be that person. Aim for a balanced ration of all exercises.

A great way to maximise your workouts is to build them with the mindset of ‘I only have 20min to workout’ if that was the case what you exercises will be more beneficial – Bicep Curls or Weighted Chin Ups?

Remember, Maximum Effort!

My current rules of Training:

– Use a limited number of “big bang” exercises (deadlifts, squats, presses; powerlifting 101)
– Lift 2-7 times a week
– Keep reps between 1-5 emphasising doubles and triples
– Keep the volume around 10 reps or 6 when using singles (that’s total reps for the exercise) – heavy reps
– Rest: 2-5 minutes between sets (practice fast and loose drills – mobility)
– Train in the 80%-95% 1RM intensity zone (always leave 1-2 reps in the tank)
– Go for a PR, single or reps, when feeling exceptionally strong but stop short of an all-out max (always back off for at least 2 weeks following)
– Vary intensity every workout
– Don’t stop strength training in comp seasons (any sport) instead reduce volume by 2/3’s to ½
-Finish your workout feeling stronger than when you started

It’s optimal to pick big bang exercises, keep the volume low but frequency high (greasing the groove), always leave one to two reps in the tank, and make sure you finish your workout feeling STRONGER than when you started.

Want some rep schemes to work towards after warming up? These will vary day to day depending on how you feel, or alternatively you can cycle them in a Heavy-Medium-Light fashion, it’s up to you.

– 3×3 (heavy)
– 5×2 (heavier)
– 2×5 (light)
– 1×10 (Light)
– 6-10×1(work up to “sort of max”)
– 5-3-2 (moderate)
– 4-3-2-1 (moderate)

There’s lots of fun to be had here and strength to be gained!

Now you can see that i have gravitated towards strength, if this is not your goal then that’s okay. It might be more body building or CV based, you will have learnt and adapted training to your own specific needs. The point of this post today is simply to show you that it’s okay to change.

There is a quote I like that sums up my thoughts on training these days:

“Perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away.”

Take a look at what you used to believe and what you believe now.


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