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The Wisdom of Yoda

What can you learn from Master Yoda that can help you make progress in the gym?

He was arguably one of the most powerful Jedi and Force users, yet he was never tempted by the dark side and I know why.

What are some of the temptations of the Dark Side?


There are lots, however they all stem from one commonality, the want/desire to become stronger in a short period of time. There are many a fallen Jedi and Sith who wanted as much power as possible, but they don’t want to wait to achieve it. Impatience is the main trait that sends many down this dark path.

This is common among people going to the gym too.

So why did I mention Master Yoda? Because he had something that many others didn’t, Time. Yoda had lots of time. When we first met him he was already well over 900 years old and by that logic he was in no rush to achieve power because he knew he had lots of time to do it. This philosophy is one that has a lot of applications to many aspect of life, typically the reason things go wrong is because we want too much too soon.

You will do well to take the same approach when training in the gym or making nutritional changes.

Have you ever been injured because of wanting to hit a heavy squat or bench when you weren’t really ready for it yet? I’m sure the answer is yes.

If you take your time and realise that while you do need to put in lots of effort and hard work you don’t need to feel pressured to achieve everything in record time. Yoda didn’t and he ended up becoming the envy of many a person. Remember that the people you look up to are where they are now because of years of hard work, not weeks or months, YEARS.

Progress takes time and you have all the time you need, take each day as a single step and always move forwards. So long as you’ve moving forwards you’re going in the right direction.



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