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Today was listed as ‘Heavy’ for Deadlifts.

I was psyched.

I was ready.

I was humbled….

Planning on getting at least 215kg, but in the end only just getting 200kg brought me back down to earth with a lightning speed.

I failed. I may indeed fail next time, but I will fail better.

After giving my performance today some thought and comparison from that of last week, there was one thing that stood out, there was noticeably less tension being generated. As many of you know the more tension you can generate means the more force you can produce, the more force you can produce the more speed you can generate, if you can generate sufficient speed against an object to overcome its static load then you will move the object.

For those who don’t know, this image might help:

Tension is like pulling back a spring with weight, you load it to the point of where it won’t take any more (It might start to shake because of all the stored tension in it), if you then release that tension you will be able generate a certain amount of force and move the weight.

F=(ma) – Force = Mass x Acceleration

In short I lost my tension.

Strength is a skill and you should practice every lift in the way you would for a 1RM, it doesn’t matter if there is 50% on the bar. Your body will remember the tension and thus be able to recreate the feeling when the weight is heavy which will make it a lot easier to lift.

Here are 3 drills to practice to help you improve your bodies connection:

1 – The Plank – Tense EVERYTHING! You should be shaking throughout.
2 – Farmers Walk/Hold – Pick up a heavy weight and hold it there.
3 – Crucifix Hold – Pick up two weights and hold them out like you’re nailed to a cross, keep them there.


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