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Thoughtless Thoughts

There is always a lot of conflicting information in the world.

Be that from points of view based on experience, or substantial evidence that goes against a persons long held beliefs.

Now there isn’t much I can teach people about mindset, not really.

Most know as much as they will ever need to know.

It doesn’t matter if they are correct in their assumption or not, as far as they care, they know enough and that’s cool.

We are not really hear to tell people what should or shouldn’t be done, if we did it takes away their responsibility or at least their need to claim responsibility for their own choice.

It’s easy to say “I did X because Y told me to.”.

This is something we do from a young age because we are conditioned to follow orders, yet ironically not he other side of the coin we are told to think, act, feel and do four ourselves, so long as it fits in with everyone else’s & the larger agenda.

Much conundrum there is.

Be kind, but not too kind you become a door mat.
Be strong, but not too strong you become cold.
Be confident, but not too confident.

The list goes on.

I’d like you to sit and just think about yourself for a second.

What do you want?

Honestly, just you, clear your mind of all the initial thoughts because the chances they are not your thoughts is very high, they are conditioned ideas & responses, they’re not your responses.

Freedom of thought, such a scary thing when you’re used to being told how to think for so long.

So I will ask again, what do YOU want?

I don’t just mean fitness related by the way.

Take some time out, away from the world and all it’s technology and just sit quietly, don’t dwell on thoughts that come in, let them come and go, eventually you will start to hear your own thoughts and not everyone else’s.


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Two ways to look after your mental health.

Physical healths popularity and importance has taken a sharp rise over the years. A lot of people are now more aware of how staying strong and conditioned is important for longevity, however there is a lag with the importance of mental health.

Keeping a strong mind is just as important as keeping a strong body, potentially more important because the body can’t live without the mind.

Let’s look at two simple ways you can immediately improve your mental strength.

1 – Learn to meditate.

You might picture a zen master sat in the arch of his pagoda, or perhaps sitting under the crashing waters of a waterfall but worry not, you don’t need to go to those extremes. Simply set aside 2-3 5-10min blocks of time each day to meditate.

People think meditation is the art of purging thought when intact it’s not, it’s about being able to see all your thoughts, slow them down, purge the negative ones and achieve a calm amongst the storm that is your mind. You won’t ever be absent of thought, merely more aware of them, or at least that’s the first steps.

As a mental image think of it like this; see each though as a car driving past, then try to slow them down to see the brand of car, then the people in the car, what they’re wearing and so on. This will help you calm your mind and learn focus. You might even find a thought you never knew you had and have an epiphany.

2 – Take a walk and surround yourself by nature.

Yep, nature. Trees, rivers, foliage, animals, the works. Getting away from the modern concrete jungles and stepping in to a place removed from it all will help you relief see undated stress. Try and have at least one walk like this every day.

Both of the above will help you reduce stress levels (lowering cortisol), this will not only help you mental health but also your physical health as well.


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