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Baby Weight Issues?

A touchy topic today

Baby Weight…

How much should you gain?
How quickly should you lose baby weight?
How can you get your pre-baby body back?

Those are three of the most common questions we are asked by young mums. The answers might not quite be what they want to hear but they are the honest ones.

*I expect there will be some sever hate for this post but we have been speaking to a lot of woman to gather info and this is what we found.

How much should you gain?

According to various sources (NHS included), the average weight will be between 10-12.5kg of total weight gain during pregnancy. While it might be slightly higher in some because of their build or the size of the baby there is no need to gain 3,4,5 or more stone in weight like some people do.

A sad truth is some woman will use the excuse of being pregnant and “Eating for two.” to gorge on large amounts of crap foods (sweets, cakes, crisps, biscuits etc) and put it font o their ‘cravings’… No one craves to eat a whole cake unless they are greedy and gluttonous.

Might be harsh to hear but it’s often the truth.

How quickly should you lose baby weight?

This is a very tricky question. While the majority of the weight that is lost immediately will be baby and excess fluid there will be some excess body fat accumulation (it’s only natural after all). Some woman have claimed to lose this weight within 3 months, but the average from looking through various records and speaking to woman about this subject seems to be 6-9 months to drop the weight.

Weight loss after pregnancy can be tackled just as you would with normal weight loss (weight gained from sedentary life or over eating), just make sure you’re signed off by your doctor before you undertake any exercise as differing degrees of abdominal separation will require different recovery lengths before exercise and you don’t want to injure yourself.

How can you get your pre-baby body back?

The last and most common question is a delicate one because there is no guarantee that you will get your pre-baby body back. After all, you’ve put it under a lot of stress and pushed it to it’s limits.

Some woman regain the physique they once had and others get close but are never quite the same (due to either complications, bone separations, caesareans etc), however that does not mean you won’t look good post baby.

This can be linked to question one. People who put on lots of weight unnecessarily may cause themselves more problems than those who don’t. They may also struggle to regain their ‘old bodies’ but it’s not impossible.

If you eat plenty of good quality whole foods and satisfy your cravings with what you need without binging or going overboard then the chances of looking like you once did are much higher than if you don’t.

This topic is subjective to each person but worth knowing.



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