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Enough or More?

Can you wing it?
Yes you can.
Morning All,
In regards to training you can wing it for the longest period of time, however you’ll reach an impasse eventually.
This will be the moment you do one of the following:
– Sustain what you have
– Take it to the next level
Either is fine.
The main difference will be how much effort, attention to detail and time you’ll be willing to devote to training.
It’s easier to maintain what you have than it is progress.
Taking things above and beyond is hard.
Soul crushingly hard.
Are you really willing to put in the gumption required?
I truly hope you are, because while it will be a struggle and you will want to quite, the result is often worth it, to be immortalised for achieving something noteworthy.
No one can take that away once you’ve achieved it.
Well, they could because, politics 😂
Best not think like that though.
Which do you want?
What you have or more?
If it is the latter then you will need to not only do the above, you will also need to have a solid plan with all the numbers you need to be hitting set out.
Give it some thought.

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Pushing your sets all the way

Working out is easy, it’s training that’s hard.
When it comes to the mental aspect of lifting weights we’d all like to think that we’re putting in the effort we require and while some certainly do, most don’t.
You can tell by the results people achieve.
Let’s take for example the classic 5×5, if you look back at its inception the idea was to either do 3-4 warm up sets where you start working towards a top set for the day, some would even do 2 top sets after 3 progressively heavier warm ups, this would actually be quite hard.
To push a set of say 5 for everything you had, with good form of course, is quite draining and very few people will ever really do it. Most will lift a weight for 5 that they could have really don for 7, maybe 8 if they’re honest.
This is one reason a lot of us don’t get the progress we really want.
I’m guilty of this that’s for sure.
Now this isn’t to say that people don’t ‘work hard’, rather it’s just pointing out that many haven’t quite grasped the concept of really pushing a set to it’s limit. if they did they’d find training say 3 days per week is more than enough to make progress, rather than their standard 6 with back to back classes and AM/PM runs.
Good old fashioned honest hard graft isn’t pleasant, it’s tough, however it’s what produces results, especially when combined with solid nutrition and plenty of recovery.
Try doing 5×5 and having 3-4 of those sets being warm ups, then really go all out on the last set, you should feel sufficiently worked, you may have one more set of 5 at that weight, if you do then go for it, however if you get it right that one hard set of 5 will be enough.
The loading might look like this:
Done, move on to the next exercise and repeat the same process.
Just something to think about.

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Get More Done.

Morning Guys,

When it comes to building muscle I have noticed that there is a distinct difference between those who do and those who don’t.

The difference?

    Work Capacity (not to mention general hard work), or for those who haven’t heard that before – How much you’re doing in a given amount of time by manipulating rest periods (this helps increase various anabolic hormones such as GH, IGF1 to name some).

One of the best ways to manipulate your work capacity if by dropping the rest in-between each set from say 60 seconds to 45 seconds, reducing the land lifted to continue to perform strict reps with maximal contraction or by the application of drop sets.

Here is an example:

– Ramp to 8RM
– Rest 60 Seconds, Reduce weight by up to7%
– Perform 8 Strict Reps
– 30 Seconds Rest
– Repeat Until From/Speed Slows or Loss of a Rep
– Reduce weight up to 7% & Continue Until Fully Fatigued

Pretty simple right?

This was a favourite of people such as Boyer Coe, Vince Gironda and others of their eras. Try it yourself, simply pick 3 exercises per muscle group, pre workout (Compound, Accessory, Isolation) and work hard.


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You’re Not Training Hard Enough…

Morning Guys,

You’re not training hard enough.

No, you’re not.

If you were then you wouldn’t be looking of rate next best program, you would be slowly and steadily making progress.

I have noticed that lots of people seem to be training much LONGER but not HARDER.

While this is only my opinion and lots will disagree, if you spend more than 45-75min in the gym then you’re not working hard enough, period.

In my opinion if you can train ‘hard’ for longer than that then you’re not training hard enough or you’re on some form of PED (steroid) because there are very few exceptions to this rule.

Why between those times?

Depending on the length or warm up you need (some people need up to 30min with all their pre mobility etc), once you’re body feels ready you start lifting and pushing yourself.

What does hard work feel like?
How should your reps feel?
How should your breathing be when running (cardio training)?

Reps –

Lets say you’re doing 6 sets of 6 reps, the first 2 sets of 6 should feel easy ish, the next two you will want to be struggling to get 6 and the last two you should only get 4, perhaps 5 reps out and those should be a struggle. This is coming close to hard work.

Alternatively you could go in with the ind set that even on your first set the 6th rep should be a fighting struggle to achieve (I like this mind set).

Cardio –

You shouldn’t be able to hold a conversation. Simple.

Too much chatter when CV training means you;re not working at the correct intensity, you should be abel to get out maybe 3-5 words or single sentences, but if you can talk almost normally then you need to be working harder.

This all sounds quite logical doesn’t it?

You’d be surprised at the amount of people who have ‘pseudo intensity’. What is it?

Pseudo Intensity is when people are working hard ish, but they often hold a lot back, this is why allows them to stay in the gym for upwards of 90min and sometimes even 3 hours.

There is a simple equation I like to remember, it goes like this:

Hard Work + Consistency = Results

Okay, there are some nuances to that but the general ethos is solid.

Now stop faffing about and go do some proper training!


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