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Time Saving 5×5

Evening Guys,

If you find yourself short on time there are plenty of ways you can get a great workout in a very short space of time, keeping with the principle of 5×5 (as spoken about in the most recent post it has the ability to be adapted very easily) you will only need 2 moves in this workout, 1 Compound 1 Isolation, on up to 2 body parts (chest/back, shoulders/lats, Bi’s/Tri’s etc).

The difference you will find with this method is that you will use your 5×5 as a working warm up, meaning the first 4 sets of 5 are working up towards your absolute 5RM, one you hit your 5RM (make sure you feel every rep and can’t possibly squeeze out anymore) progress straight to the isolation exercise and begin to rep out until failure, then drop the weight 10% and keep pushing out reps with good form until you can’t do anymore before you drop the weight again, keep going until there is nothing left.

It will look something like this if you aim to hit 2 body parts:

W/U – Overhead Press 4×5 @ 60,65,70,75
A1 – Overhead Press 1×5 @ 80kg
A2 – Lateral Raise xFail @ (starting at the heaviest weight you can manage for 8-12 reps, once you hit failure drop the weight and go again. Note the reps you achieved and the weights used)

*Minimal rest through warm up, then take 1-2min before working set, no rest after 5rep working set and 10 seconds between drops.

You will be warm from your last exercise but use the 5×5 principle as above for the opposing muscle group.

W/U 2 – Lat Pull Down 4×5 @ 60,65,70,75
B1 – Lat Pull Down 1×5@ 80kg
B2 – Reverse Fly xFail

*The notes above apply here too.

This workout won’t take long to do but it will save you time in the gym, sometimes the best workouts you do don’t require much time.

There you have it, another way you can use 5×5.


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