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You’re Not Alone

Body Confidence Issues…

Have you or are you plagued by them?

These issues are becoming more and more common, or at least more openly spoken about because they’re more accepted in our modern times.

    It can be hard to accept that we are not the people we once were and as a result we need to let go of certain demons that we have held onto so that we can move forwards to a better place.

Nutrition often plays a large part when it comes to body confidence issues, usually because people have come from a place (being overweight for example) and stripped out lots of foods and perhaps lost a large amount of weight in what is a less than optimal way. These people then become enamoured with fear because they don’t want to go backwards, thus developing a negative association with food. Not to mention they still seem themselves as they always did or they still have the negative words from people floating around (bullying is often common), the can’t shake the image of what they were, even if they are now what they desired to be initially.

When it comes to a negative self image we are sorry to say that there is no magic pill that we can offer. You have to find it in yourself to let go of the negative thoughts and learn to be happy for what you have achieved, even if people who once told you you weight too much and to lose weight are now saying your too thin and to gain weight, just ignore them. You must love you for who you are and be happy for yourself. Stop letting the influence of others (positive or negative) have so much hold over you, accept the positive, dismiss the negative to jealousy and never forget that how you look, what you do or what others think do not define you as a person. Be proud of your achievements.

Mental health and how it is affected is not spoken about enough in the realms of fitness, or that’s how many feel anyway. Fitness is like a pendulum, it starts one end and swings right tot he other, it’s different for everyone but just remember that it will level out eventually. This post is not to ‘cure’ this problem because it will be done differently for each individual, it’s simply want to make you aware that you’re not alone because lots of people feel the same and we understand you. The next time you feel alone, just remember you’re not and if needed you can always find someone to share your burden and listen, like me, I’m just like you :).

Stop trying to please everyone else, be selfish and be happy for you. Im the words of Ralph:

“I’m bad, and that’s good. I will never be good, and that’s not bad. There’s no one I’d rather be then me.”

Enjoy, Ross.


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