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Stop, Think, Question

Why am I doing this?
A question you should ask yourself at least once per day.
Morning Guys,
The topic of mindfulness or being more aware is one that has become more popular over the years and with good reason. In the end you have to be the one to make the final decision, it all fall on you.
There are a lot of people, myself included, that have used various excuses for making what can be considered ‘poor choices’ because of external influence. Now while you might think that it was the external influence that had the final day it wasn’t, it was the person who made the choice. After all, unless someone literally has a gun to your head there is no way they can make you chose something, you have to make the choice.
Okay, let’s take a step back, the above statement is extreme but you get the point it makes. We have the faint say and while factors may influence us, we still have the last thought on it before we sign on the dotted line and make deal with the devil.
If you’re not sure what some of the factors that how sway over influence and persuasion, here are some of the key ones:
– Social Proof/Consensus (herd mentality)
– Credibility/Authority (Professional influence)
– Reciprocity (giving you something for something in return)
– Scarcity (limited availability, think concords last days)
– Fear/Shame (being different or outcast)
These are some of the ways people end up making a decision that is not always optimal or in their best interests.
If you want some more info on the deeper aspects of this topic I suggest reading the following books:
– Influence by Dr R Caldini
– The Art of Clear Thinking by Rolf Dobelli
Those books will give you a great understanding of not only psychology but also logical fallacy.
Back to the topic at hand.
Before you make a decision, ask yourself “Why am I doing this” and take a step back to think about the reasons why. Is it in your best interest, will it benefit all parties involved, is it something you want, will this make you a better person or help you grow, and so on.

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