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How many training options are there?

Fellow coaches & trainers, one for you.
How many training options are there?
A million or perhaps more, in all truth I have no idea.
You may laugh at that yet if you replace the term ‘training options’ with the word ‘workout’ you’ll soon start to see how much choice there is.
Even in knowing this though there are some key things to remember.
1 – All the people at the top (insert field) do similar things.
2 – Training is largely the same with small variations.
3 – You can’t master everything.
In our modern world because we have so much choice we get confused, our brain shuts down and leaves us very susceptible to influence.
If memory serves it’s about 9-11 things at once and we will shut down (I may be wrong on this).
So in knowing this what is the best route to take?
In my view it is this – it’s the one that doesn’t overwhelm you.
Most people just want to train for fun, to get a few results, have some social time/reprieve from life and feel a little better about themselves, that’s about it.
As such there is no need to be married to a method or compare all the different routes, you can feel free to bounce from on to another because goes what, there’s not ‘training police’.
No one cares what you do so long as you don’t disturb their way of life.
As a coach my big question is this – is it working?
A simple yes or no.
If yes, great you crack on.
If no, okay then I ask you this – are you happy even though (insert training method) isn’t not working?
Delving into why people think s they think will help us become better humans, understanding and taking the time to understand can really bring you a lot of joy in life.
People want to be understood, to be asked about their interests, passions and current ‘thing’, so ask them.
Just a little consideration to help you connect with people.

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6 Reasons why you don’t have to please everyone.

In our modern world where everyone folds faster than a poor hand at poker trying to gain a modicum of approval from the masses, here are some reasons not to bother.

Be warned, they’re quite logical and my offend the weak minded.

1 – Some people are idiots.

Yep, some people are just not worth wasting time with because they’re idiots and won’t ever get it.

2 – Pleasing everyone is far too draining.

Take away the facet of the ‘energy vampires’ of the world and you’ll still find i’s exhausting trying to make everyone happy, so just don’t bother.

3 – It often goes unappreciated.

Many these days are far too expectant, as such they feel entitled to be made to feel all warm and fuzzy.

A foolish thought, like respect and many other things we’d do well to remember that we must earn good things in this life because we’re not entitled to anything.

4 – You waste your time.

Instead of trying to gain scraps from people that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things, try focusing on helping those tho really need your valuable time.

5 – Self respect.

I’ve seen many a person sink rather low to please others, dragging down their standards, abilities and gifts to make others feel better.

Stop it, by all means bring others up and extend a helping hand, however don’t lower yourself just to make someone else feel less shit about the results of their poor life choices.

6 – Some people are idiots.

Since many forget this one it warranted a second mention.



The real number 6 –

People pleasers are just irritating humans in general and come across as desperate, don’t be one of them.

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Curious Clients – One for PT’s

What are some people really asking?

Good Morning All,

I’ve heard a lot of different questions over my years in this industry I cherish, yet there is often one commonality.

While not true for all it does apply to the large majority.

In regards to asking said questions you’ll find that a lot of people are not actually looking for an answer, or at least not an objective one.

To some they are not asking for an answer, merely for agreement in their current through process.

Confirmation bias you might call it.

I’ve spoken about this before, even did a whole section in a webinar on it, alas I feel my explanation wasn’t good enough.

As such I have three key words or sentence additives that you can listen out for to gain a quick insight in to knowing if you’ve got someone who wants to learn or not.

1 – “Okay, cool. But….”

More the word but, did you know it’s a deleting word where anything that precedes it is now considered invalid by said person who put in the ominous – ‘but’.

2 – “Right, so what if….”

While this might seem trivial it’s quite eye opening, the next time you have a conversation listen to what people are saying, truly listen and you’ll be amazed what you hear people say and realise what they actually mean.

Time for one that relates to our online world now, I have this one happen often in a group I run, same on Instagram in the comments section.

3 – No reply.

Yep, in the online world a lack of reply often means the answer you gave wasn’t the one they wanted to the question they asked, so they’ll post the same one somewhere else until they get the answer they are after.

You might be wondering what gives me such insight.

Well my friends I will tell you.

I’ve used all of the above many times in my formative years, well, the first two anyway, not so much the third one due to a teenage life without the internet.

When you begin working with clients you’ll try your best to answer their questions.

You may even find your clients as the same ones in different ways, now this can either be because you didn’t explain the answer well enough or because you’ve not given them the answer they desire.

This will be frustrating, don’t worry though.

Just keep the above in mind when working with the public.

Of course this doesn’t make them bad people or anything.

It just means they need a little more time, understanding and empathy.


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You Don’t Care, or Do You?

Are you worried what other people think?
You should be.
Not what you were expecting huh?
There is a point to this, all you need it a little faith.
We’re often told now that we shouldn’t care what other think, what hey say and so on, yet that is perhaps not the best attitude to have because it starts you off down the path of Apathy, or at best Existential Nihilism.
If we are to look at our history we will find it is one of struggle. A struggle for power, acceptance and a place among the tribe, be that at the top or bottom is up for debate however being apart of the accepted is what many want to a degree.
There is nothing wrong with this, despite what we are taught today.
We’re social creatures.
If belong didn’t matter then people wouldn’t be so quick to align themselves with a ideal, philosophy or thought, even if they claim they don’t, they do. Just look around and you’ll see it.
Being accepted is one of the highest priorities to our species and I will tell you why, it’s key to survival, or at least it was once upon a time.
If you think logically from our or perhaps even your earliest days you/we needed the help of others (childhood to adolescence), this was total dependance, this is accepted as truth, for now.
After this you started to become independent, you/we fend for ourselves entirely self sustaining until we realise that it’s not really too sustainable (for most), we seek out others (we can call this looking for a job in this time), and while we still aim to be ‘individual’ for a short time and claim not to need the group mentality, you/we secretly do, our deepest voice yearns for it, for belonging.
Give it some years and we find a place, perhaps begrudgingly, all the while claiming we’re still an individual who doesn’t care what others think and that we don’t need the group, ah the naivety of youth, I miss it so.
More time goes by and eventually we realise through maturity that we do need the group, well, most of us.
There are of course those rare exceptions who do go it alone and end up forming their own tribe, however for most that is not the case.
Where was I going with this?
Oh yea, why you should care what people think, well its because it matters even if you admit it or not, you do care because you’re human and that’s what we do.
You may also do well to realise that people will only think a certain way or see you in a particular light based on what you show them.
We are given far too much credit for our mental ability to deconstruct people, in truth all we can know about a person is what they show us through their actions, their choices, how they live and how they treat others.
Want to be held in a high regard?
Be kind, be helpful, be useful to others, be strong enough to hold your ground and have your own beliefs/views/value yet not too stubborn that you’re not willing to change them and allow growth over time when new evidence is presented to you.
Stay curious, as questions, aim to become better than you are now because despite what many say, no one is perfect as they are. We all have room for growth, that is what makes life worth anything, so to say we’re perfect as we are is to invite the void as that’s the only place perfection has a place.
If you care what other people think in a sense of pragmatism, of learning and not take it personally you’ll find you’re welcome in many a group, perhaps even as their leader.
There is nothing wrong with wanting to be accepted or liked, it’s a survival mechanism after all and one that has served us very well for a Millennium and more.
Final thought, Don’t printed to be the person you want others to think you are, actually be the person you want others to think you are, you’ll be surprised how it changes your life for the better.

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Much of a Muchness Really

Personal Trainers, Strength Coaches, Fit Pros, Instagram Fitness Personalities.

All seem invincible, yet many are just like everyone else.

Each has their own insecurities, their own body confidence issues, their own unrealistic expectations of what they should achieve.

Essentially they are human to.

It’s easy to get caught in the hype and admiration of these people, yet just like many ‘average people’ they use filters, good lighting, posing, photo shop and any other tools at their disposal to keep up appearances.

In a world where we all claim to be a non-judgemental bunch, we’re very quick to hate, bring people down at the slightest slip and pounce instantly our peers don’t keep up appearances.

All of this serves as quite the lesson, well two in fact.

1 – Professionals are people too.

2- Because they are people it means that what they have achieved is also potentially achievable to you as well.

Just because someone is currently at the peak of the mountain while you look up it doesn’t mean you can’t get there as well, remember that.

The next time you see someone with a body you lust for, take a look at the life they lead, can you do similar?

If you can then those people you see as untouchable, with unattainable look suddenly doesn’t seem to far from he realms of reality.


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They’ve got old people strength!

Morning All,

I’m sure you’ve heard terms such as ‘Farmer strong’, ‘old man strength’ or something similar.

The above used to be common place, now though not so much. The elderly now are no longer the robust and battle hardened chickens of old that the spring ones used to watch in awe. Oh no.

Sadly now most of the elderly are fragile, weak, sick and patiently waiting for the cold hand of the reaper to gently come to rest on their shoulder.

It’s a shame.

In our formative years, humans were physically active due to having no other choice. We had to lift things, carry things, hold things just tight enough as to not drop them or kill our hands so we couldn’t go fetch another.

We were strong, durable, happier perhaps?

Manual labour and the necessity of having to be physical made us many things and also gave us an appreciation for the times of rest.

Thinking back to those days there was not so much restriction on food and a lot less of “That food is bad for you,” simply because people ate to fuel their needs during the day and perhaps a couple of nibbles for enjoyment.

Obviously we’ve become a very advanced species and truly achieved some great things, yet in gaining all of these ‘things’ did we lose something precious, something soon to be completely forgotten and lost to time?

All this being said, we live in a glorious age.

Still though, there is a set of valuable lessons you can learn from yesteryear.

– Move daily
– Pick things up, carry them
– Repeated bouts give you a high baseline strength level
– Be thankful for what you now have, your predecessors didn’t have it as easy


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5 Reasons people need a framework to succeed –

1 – Most don’t know what they need to do and as such need it clearly signposted

2 – It helps people feel less pressure, basically they can blame the structure for failure rather than themselves

3 – Things such as accountability and more responsibility become easier to administer

4 – Recorded data makes for a great confidence booster to show them how far they’ve come

5 – It teaches them how to achieve success on their own

Now there are those rare people who don’t need a framework to make their own success, if you’re one of them then we’ll see each other at the top. If that’s not you it’s not a problem, just ask for help and it will be yours.

Short & simple today.


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The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Fat Loss

We are quickly getting through the 10 Habits of Highly Successful Fat Loss.

Today is number 7!

Will it be the lucky one that helps you make that all important change?

Let’s find out.

With the weekend starting tomorrow there will be endless temptations for the extra beer or perhaps skipping the gym and there’s nothing wrong with that, but in sticking with tradition here are the first 6 to help you stay focused:

1 – They Write Things Down.
2 – They Say No.
3 – They Don’t Listen to Every Single Opinion.
4 – They Use Common Sense.
5 – They Make Their Own Meals.
6 – They Avoid Looking RIGHT At Snacks.

Habit Number 7: They Eat More Protein & Fibre.

This crucial habit moves away fro mthe psychological aspect and highlights one of the physiological traits they possess that aids in their continued success.

Apart from some of the obvious benefits of eating more protein and fibre being:

1. Greater muscle mass and lean tissue.
2. Less belly fat.
3. Greater strength gains from training.
4. Better bone density and less risk of osteoporosis.
5. Better brain function.
6. Better Digestive (Gut) Health.
7. Lower Blood Pressure.
8. Better sleep.
9. Stronger tendons and faster recovery from injury.

They both provide this last and most important benefit:

10. Less hunger and lower calorie intake.

Otherwise known as Satiety.

They also help in your bodies hormonal regulation of Insulin and although both will have an effect in spiking insulin, when combined the spike won’t be as high and it will allow you to control your appetite more, thus resulting in more promoted fat loss.

The majority of people don’t eat enough protein, but almost everyone fails to eat enough fibre.

To get the optimal amount of protein per day take your weight in LBS and multiply it by 0.8 to get your desired grams for the day. As for fibre you will want at least 10-12.5% of your total carbohydrates intake to be of the fibrous variety.

So for every 10g of carbs 1-1.25g should be fibre.


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The 10 Habits of Highly Successful Fat Loss

1 – They Write Things Down.
2 – They Say No.
3 – They Don’t Listen to Every Single Opinion

Three down, Seven to go.

It’s worth remembering that these habits have not been concocted from scientific data, or broad scale hypothesis, but from the experience of those people like you who have achieved their fat loss goals.


Shall we continue?

Habit 4: They Use Common Sense.

This might seem a little obvious, but the best things often are.

I have found that over time those who are successful in their journey towards fat loss have a great amount of common sense, which seems to be quite rare actually.

When it comes to food shopping for example they will go about it much like you or me. They wander up and down the isles browsing what the store has to offer, but there is one key difference, they are not dissuaded from walking in to the vegetable section by the cleverly placed POS (point of sale) directly in their eye line.

They will get what they need, not what the want.

The same goes for eating out. That is not to say that their most treasured indulgences are sacrificed, far from it. Instead they will have just enough to make them feel satisfied and not gorge just because they can. This is what helps accumulate the caloric deficit over time and achieves sustainable fat loss.

They are by no means restricted, merely exercising more self control than those who fail to achieve.

The next time you’re faced with a decision take a moment and think “Common sense would say that having this one piece of cake will not derail my fat loss goal, however eating the entire cake like I want to will… Ok just one slice it is then.”.

We all know what we need to do, but very few of us actually do what we know.


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