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Is Food Addictive?

Some foods, while delicious, can also be very addictive, this can lead to a negative association with food as a whole and potentially lead to problems relating to obesity.

We all like cakes, biscuits, ice cream and alike, but for some people having jus the odd one or two is near impossible. Once they ave eaten one they make it their mission to eat everything they can because they often lead with the thought of “Oh well, I’ve had a few so I might as well have the rest and call this a cheat day.”.

This sort of attitude is not only bad for your waistline, it’s bad for your health too.

There is a reason that man made foods are addictive and people struggle to stop eating them once they start. It’s just as the Pringles advert said ‘Once you pop, you just can’t stop!’ now to me that sounds like something a drug user would say, not a child happily eating crisps.

When it comes to the palatability of foods, companies pay researchers, scientists, biologists and psychologists to establish what people feel is ‘just right’ thus making a food not too sweet, not too sour or salty but just right so that their brain will allow them to simply keep eating.

Certain foods are addictive because they are designed to be that way.

Yes, DESIGNED. (There is a reason they are called man made foods you know.)

Lets look at this in simple terms for a moment. What do you think you would be able to consume more of out of the following two:

1 – Apples
2 – AppleFlavoured Sweets

If you said number 2 then you get a gold star. Apple flavoured sweet will be easier to consume in large quantities for various reasons, but the main one it that they’re devoid of any fibre unlike their apple counterpart.

When people say foods there days aren’t addictive they’re wrong. Foods these days are addictive because it’s meant to be.

It’s important to enjoy yourself and have a little of what you fancy, but remember that you need to have a lot of self control not to eat more than you should. Alternatively you could just take less form the pack or even opt for a whole food instead.

Fruit is natures candy, not only is it sweet and delicious but it’s often got vitamins, minerals and other things the body needs too.



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