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Authority or Expert?

“Are you sure about that?”
Something you would do well to ask, follow by this –
“Great, can you show me how you came to that conclusion.”
Basically you’re asking for proof/fact instead of just opinion.
However before those two can be asked there is one very important question to be asked.
Morning All,
Lately I’ve been giving some though to the information that is shared all across the inter-webs and especially who shares it.
For simplicities sake we have two main types:
Experts & Authorities.
Now while you may think they are one and the same, they’re not, in fact they couldn’t be further apart and here is why.
Experts = a person who knows almost every detail of a subject inside & out.
Authority = a person who the masses will follow and believe wha they say about said subject.
Here is an example, think make up adds (stick with it).
Let us say that a celebrity is on a TV advert talking about foundation and other make up products, while they may know some tricks of the trade they’re not an expert, they’re only an authority because they will get you to listen/buy the product.
However they couldn’t explain the details, for that you’d need the expert – the makeup artist or the creator of the makeup.
Authorities are people we think are experts, not experts. Experts are experts. – remember that.
In fitness we have a lot of authorities, especially due to Social Media, however a expert is someone you may find in the field practicing their profession or working with people to perfect their craft/understanding.
Make sense?
The next time you read, listen or speak to someone ask yourself this third question –
“Are they an expert or just an authority?”

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Fitness, Drugs & Lies, Oh My…

Everyone has something to sell and like a true patron you buy without question because you lack basic conceptual understanding.
Sorry to be the one to say it.
Actually, I’m not sorry. If anything I’m tired of seeing people fall for the same bullshit day in day out and not only that, the worst part is people are happy to do it because it fits in with societal norm and their inherent biases, along with the fact it give people excuses to fall back on.
You know the Instagram model you follow?
The one with ‘dat ass’ who competes in Bikini comps, yea her. Did you know that the Booty Plan she is selling won’t get you one like hers for several reasons:
1 – It doesn’t work due to violation of basic training principles, overload, etc
2 – Her ass is largely down to genetics and good posing (don’t you ever wonder why she only takes ass selfies from one angle all the time….)
3 – She tells you what you want to hear and you lap it up, because you’re desperate
Then we have that guy, he’s huge, ripped and all around godly, well guess what, he’s on steroids, lots and lots of steroids and has a body that you will never achieve without the same or potentially greater amounts of them and the programs/diets he sells are terrible, dangerous in fact because they are based on his workouts. So unless you’re also on the juice you’ll find yourself broken in the end.
The term ‘Fitsipration’ is meant to be a positive one however the people that now use it the most are nothing more than narcissistic salespeople who need your gratification and will sell you a false dream and like a true sheep you will follow.
It’s rare people want to help you, most only want to help themselves, sadly.
I’ve been in the industry a long time and seen a great many things that most will disbelieve instantly because they’d rather be naive than learn the truth and see their perception shattered.
The real world of fitness is filled with lies to keep up appearances and as a result it is causing people great mental distress.
I will leave you with some things to consider, you can choose to look in to their validity or ignore them, it doesn’t really matter to me, the choice is yours.
– High level athletes/competitors use drugs
– Social media is a highlight reel where people strive to one up each other to massage their ego
– Your heroes lie to you all the time to sell products and please sponsors
– You don’t know what you think you know because what you know is mostly lies
– If you want the truth you need to start looking for it, be warned though, once you find it you’ll find yourself a grumpy old person like me
Apart form those small nuances, fitness is great 🙂

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Deep for a Monday

Remember Who You Are…
Morning Guys,
Are you one of the people that has tried so hard to be an ‘individual’ that you’ve ended up being just like everyone else?
If you open one of your social media apps you will find that there are at least a handful of people on your feed that are talking about how they’ve made changes, achieve results, become a better version of them etc, all in an attempt to be different and change who they were, while ironically ending up just like all the people they used to dislike.
I’m all for people making a change, getting results and gaining self-confidence and self-worth but never at the expense of who they are as a person.
You will find that those who attempt to change their physical look to make themselves feel better mentally often end up feeling worse and unfortunately lose themselves, for lack of a better word to describe it.
These people become obsessed with their new identity and give up everything that made them an individual, that basically made them who they were. Their online image… It’s now who they are and if they were to lose it the false and fluffy reality of Facebook/Instagram Likes and virtual validation would disappear and we just can’t have that happen now, can we.
Take a moment and think back to where you started your journey and where you are now.
How have you changed?
Do you still hold your core values/beliefs/interests or are you now living as the character you created to make yourself happy for that brief moment?
It’s understandable that people mature and grow over the years but there is a difference between that and changing who you are for other people so that you will feel accepted or receive the validation you so seek. Why do you think there are a lot of people who on paper, or rather, on screen seem to have it all and be ecstatically happy yet in real life they are hounded by depression and other such alignments. Just think about that for a second.
If you have a goal I want you to work hard and achieve it, just don’t do it at the expense of losing yourself in the process. Remember that how you look will always be the least interesting thing about you.

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Now I have your attention, I have an important message for you.

You’re being LIED too.

Everyday you see the stories of ‘ 6 week success’ that companies and some individuals spout out and how you can achieve the same results, all you have to do is buy their products and you will be endowed with the knowledge you need, but sadly this is all bollocks. Lots of the photos are either photoshopped, stolen from people who have taken years to achieve their results or the results of shall we say ‘Enhancement’ (steroids).

I hate to be the one to say it, well… Actually I don’t.

If you see a head line that claims any of the following:

  • Lose X amount in X.
  • Gain an inch to your arms in X.
  • Fat Loss without exercise.
  • Pack on muscle in just X weeks.

Basically anything that sounds too good to be true usually is. I understand how desperately people want results and for things to be better/sorted but life doesn’t work that way, trust me. You should always believe half of what you see and less of what you hear.

What is seen in the clever marketing campaigns is nothing more than smoke and mirrors, like that used by the magicians of old it’s all a clever act to get you to part with your hard earned cash. But guess what, it works, again, and again…. and again.

There is no quick fix, magic pill or secret to success.

Okay, there is a secret list of things to do and I’m going to give it to you for free.



For the more dedicated and goal driven person:

  1. Set a goal.
  2. Plan out how to achieve said goal (yourself or by hiring a coach)
  3. Establish your individual caloric/dietary needs.
  4. Begin exercising (lifting weights) 2-4 times per week – Goal dependent.
  5. Begin exercising (steady state cardio) 2-5 times per week – Goal dependent.
  6. Keep multiple dairies – Training, Nutrition, Progress.
  7. Work hard and be consistent.
  8. Enjoy the journey, it’s going to be a long road. Remember this is a life style change, not a quick fix.

If that list seems confusing here is a much simpler one that will cater for the general goal of ‘look and feel better, while increasing confidence’:

  1. Eat more protein from whole foods.
  2. Eat more fibre from whole foods.
  3. Eat less refined/man made foods.
  4. Move more – Ideally 3 sessions of vigorous exercise (weights+cardio) per week should be enough.

Don’t believe everything you’re told and blindly follow like all the other sheep, be different, after all, being different is something that sets us apart from he rest of the animal kingdom.

Hard work, patience and consistency is what achieves results, not quick fixes.



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