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Time to Hit Reset.

Morning Guys,
The popularity of health and fitness has soared over the last decade.
Fitness comps are now more popular than ever as is competing in fitness based activities (CrossFit etc).
While this is all well and good you must remember that you need to take a break everyone and again, if you don’t then eventually you will run in to problems.
Here are my top 5 things everyone who enjoys their fitness should be doing to help reset the scales and achieve some balance.
1 – Get a deep tissue massage. This will help those aches and pains while breaking down and nasty scar tissue that has been forming while also improving blood flow (and nutrient) supply to your muscles. This means faster recovery and more potential progress.
2 – Reduce your volume. This can be by taking out some sets of even taking an extra day of rest, much like an extended taper phase (intensity stays consistent but volume it dramatically reduced), you can then slowly start to add it back in. You won’t lose much if anything but you’ll feel much better for a month of gentler training.
3 – Improve your bodies alkaline levels. The stress of lifting and the added protein (it increases your bodies acidity levels, if you didn’t know) will eventually lead to a decrease in performance and recovery will be slowed down. You can boast your bodies alkaline levels by eating more green veg and also adding bicarbonate of soda to shakes, smoothes or just drinking it straight.
4 – Sleep more. Try turning off all electronic bits at 9pm and get to sleep before 10pm. Between the hours of 10pm-2am is when your body resets hormonally, if you get to sleep before then you will find your recovery improves and so will your progress as well.
5 – Take a break. Seriously, take a real break and don’t lift for a week or two. Go on holiday, chill out and really let all that stress dissipate.
Bonus Tip – Add 10min of meditation each day and you will find your stress levels are easily lowered and you even start thinking faster as well.

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